Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #101 – Chapter on Attainment

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The conversation covers various verses of the Quran and their meaning, including finding the love, faith, and faith in experiencing reality. The speakers emphasize the importance of pursuing demonstration of one's knowledge and faith to achieve success and measure success. The concept of "has been rewarded" is discussed, and the speakers stress the importance of learning from past lessons and following master's paths to discover one's flaws and inner hearts. The use of visual elements in shaping one's life is also highlighted.

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I'm about to proceed.

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Today inshallah we will have the chapter attainment or rujuta, I'm sorry.

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And in fact we will talk about and hola

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and so on. So Station Number 96 or number two chapter Station Number 96

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in Minnesota in

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a book that was written by Alan Melville, how are we Stations of the travelers?

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Number one we died in the 481 after hedger.

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So the chief said here,

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attainment or head will dude, Station Number 96. A lot of luck a lavas agenda will correct Quran is met with Jude sorry hon pmol. They are suppiler he added a letter for Hema,

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Hema for the law. And a lot of mighty explicitly explicitly spoke of the name of Jude.

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In the Quran. He said we'll find the love forgiving and merciful and that's in sort of the nessa they would have found the law.

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Very Accepting of repentance, and merciful, that's also sort of thickness, but finds a law before him.

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had to say no to the line. Then he said Oh, it says in Surah and Nora until he comes to it, the Neeraj until he comes to it, he doesn't find that to be anything but finds Allah.

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So this is basically as usual mentioning verse here when he mentioned three different verses of the Quran.

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To say that the the name of Jude was actually mentioned in the Quran. And simply here in this ad, it simply talks about finding the law. It simply talks about finding the law, or finding a lot to have such an such quality

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Rockman, Farah, Toba, etc, to find the law to have these qualities

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or to find a loss.

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So the cfn says I will do a small little buffer be happy to say, well, what's more literati man

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will do there's a name for the attainment of the reality of a matter that refers to three meanings, which is a name for the attainment

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of the reality of a matter and it refers to three meanings.

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If you remember, what Jude comes up from the same root, as what which we discussed in stage in station 66. Station 66, was the station on what and we translated the word as excellency because we said that this is usually how it is translated.

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But we did say that although what is about the job, the spiritual Joel to the to find the causes of a spiritual rapture,

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that, that the person finds the consequence to their dedication, devotion, about their worship and the record and so on. We said that it is not limited to ecstasy, but it could actually be grief. And it depends on the qualities that will dominate the most prominent attributes of God, the attributes of majesty, the attributes of beauty, sort of the attributes of God are dominant and your feeling, then you'll find

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a basis basically that that joy in that ecstasy, but if the attributes of majesty are more dominant than you would have

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and how fun husband, so, it was, will be different set of feelings concern and fear and grief and so on.

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But it comes from the same root which is whether they're to find

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the attitude is a higher station obviously, as a moment, how do we put it here, you know, Station Number 96, verses 66 and it is the highest nation according also to the majority of the Masters according to the majority of the Masters will do it as a higher station than was in fact I feel that words the belongs more to

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the States, because it is it is a state that you find. It is about finding those spirit spiritual imports versus it will do it which is attainment actualization. At

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The end of the road, it's the actualization of faith, it's to really find God

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it is not finding the spiritual imports

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that result from your devotion and worship, it is to really find the God and

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Hello, so in my data set, he gives a very telling parable of will dude, he says that when you look for treasure, you know, someone

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Tada, which means salt or pursue the treasure, so, cassava, he, so he basically saw the path to it,

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or took the path to it, that's a seeker taking the path to the treasure. And then

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once either he was a he would be too, because we do this not simply to reach it

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was Allah means to Richard, to arrive at that.

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And that is

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and was that was this connection, to be connected to God, and also the story to God and was less to be connected to God. So that is also what I was, they are still not as high as well, dude. He says if you get if you want the treasure, and then you seek the treasure, and then you arrive person.

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And then only if you're able to possess it and take it home, is when you have

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attained that. That is what you would do is only when you're able to possess it and take it home.

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So that is the parable that he's given. When you are when you are looking for a treasure

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or toxin

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mock Lubich mclubbe is that which is pursued your pursuit that which is pursued and the same and thought about. He who

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is sincere in his pursuit will find his goal.

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So we'll do this one, refer be happy to say we'll do this and aim for the attainment of the reality of a matter and it refers to three meanings, what do how we'll do the enemy ladhani yocto masahisa Hatem question affected happy,

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versus the attainment of the knowledge means

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knowledge from us, the knowledge that comes to us from God, the knowledge that is bestowed on the heart, not the tongue or the intellect, the knowledge that is beneficial is the knowledge that comes to us directly from a loss of autodialer. And as we said, so many times the hallmark of this knowledge being good being from Allah, not from the shaitan is it complements the knowledge of Sharia, it does not replace it is not a substitute. It is not an alternative knowledge. It is complimentary, meaning it will allow you to discover more about the you know the wisdom of the Sharia the head or the benefits or the jewels and pearls that you find in the Quran and the Sunnah,

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it will open up your heart to finding more of those benefits. And certainly

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people are not the same people was on a person could read a hadith and extract one or two benefits and another one can extract 200 from the same hobbies. Certainly, this is about the capacity, the potency the potential that they have and that is to a great extent from Allah allow your limo como la and fear Allah loud teach you so

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what do I do the admin letter need first is the attainment of the ladonia knowledge

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yocto so that concludes the minute the manassa demonstrative I'm sorry, concludes the demonstrative knowledge Pisa Hatem ketchup and happy act by the authentic divine disclosure to you concludes demonstrative knowledge demonstrative knowledge, you know it is the difference between experience and faith and faith by by pursuit persuasion. demonstrative knowledge. They always philosophers always are into demonstrative knowledge the monster proves proves that you can demonstrate proves proves that you can demonstrate or that you could

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To speak of

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hand, the shack says here, that these proofs and this type of knowledge is an inferior type of knowledge, the knowledge that can be demonstrated the intellect, the knowledge of the intellect, that can be demonstrated the knowledge of Buddha, he, you know, the inductance, the signs, the proofs, etc, all of this knowledge is the inferior knowledge, because true true certainty will be attained will be acquired, when you have divine disclosures and that is the great extent true that is the difference between

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si and honey and tasting honey.

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Is that really the extent true, some people could be very well versed in

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their knowledge of God and how to prove the existence of God and the greatness of God and so on and so forth.

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Or they can talk about the you know, divine attributes, for instance.

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And they can has one of them

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about the, you know, the different

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debaters over the divine attributes, like when they disagree over the zoo, Allah subhanaw taala, descending to the lower heaven,

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the debate over this the whole day, and then they all go to sleep, and they don't actually rise to pray, whether they believe that his rock medicines or he the sense that all of them go to sleep and the

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other one is waiting for him or his refusal.

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But, so, that is the difference between

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Okay, Sofitel

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and the knowledge of showerhead demonstrative knowledge. So these are two different things, the knowledge,

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the knowledge of Akasha, the authentic divine disclosure would be knowledge that will truly move you that will truly transform you. This is the transformative knowledge.

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Then the gf talks about the second type of will Jude.

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The first was will do that and Mila Dhoni, the attainment of the latonia knowledge and the second is we'll do that how to do the I in my patreon on Alicia

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Fanny will do don't have to do deinen on Patreon on

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the second is the real attainment of the real a type of attainment that is independent of the signposts a type of attainment that is independent of the signposts and as we said before, because when you find a lost pinata when you reach your destination, you don't need the signposts anymore to find your destination.

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So that is the second type of attainment the real attainment of the real which is a hawk which is a law, a type of attainment that is independent of the signposts were 32 Judo Nakama Makelele Ross mildewed v hubristic Rockefeller Willie, the third is the attainment of the station of the fading of the attainment by submersion into the antecedents.

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Check wants to say here, the third is the attainment of the station of the fading of the attainment, it is that in the fading of the attainment

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because eventually This is the third phase, what does he usually talk about in the third phase, he talks about, he talks about self annihilation. Now, if you have dissolved, if you have dissolved, completely dissolved and reached that level of complete self annihilation, will there be an entertainer and an attained there is no attainder and attained anymore.

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They call this Anthony in a year, which is duality. Certainly, this is one of the people of uprightness karma, he is not a unionist in the sense of ontological union, he does not, you know,

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mean that in the extra mented reality, there are no

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just there is no creation and creator anymore. And there is no line of demarcation or line of separation between the creator and the creation. Certainly some people could interpret what he said to mean that and certainly many people did and

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Chef Rahim Allah is considered by the elderly to be one of them, and he is not one of them.

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Based on everything we know about his car, and based on everything we know about his legacy is certainly not one of them.

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But what what the text says here could actually, you know, that's the problem of brevity. And that's the problem of symbolism is that your words could be interpreted in so many different directions. So when he's speaking here about

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losing your will, dude, he meant he means to say, losing your self. So once you have lost yourself, you lose your job,

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your your attainment of the Divine, you lose it

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into your feed into your submersion into his antecedents. So he wants you to again, travel back in time, and there were no creatures and there was the creator, God, the eternal, that is elderly, as well as his antecedents.

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You travel back, and you capture that moment, and you hold on to it. And you let it subsume you, that that moment that you're capturing that moment of his idea, his antecedents when he was and nothing else was of the of these creatures or these creations.

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So you capture those you hold on to it. And if you hold on to it, would there be any DNA here, where there be a seeker and a sought, entertainer and attained and there is there is none. And that is the point that he wants you to that is where he was where he wants you to be in that third phase, that complete self annihilation. And as we said, it is very, very possible based on everything we know about the shape and the legacy of the shape and you know, how fit he was in his arcade and how hungry he was in his flat pattern is worship and his eyebrow, then his Ahmed and all of his man also has trials that he's been subject to during his time, we are certain that what that means is all in

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the realm of mental conceptions, not in the realm of ontological realities, that she does not want to say ontologically there is no creator and creation, that she does not want to say that you know, that we subsist in a line that sense of lewd or divided dwelling, or union or any of that, absolutely not, that she is talking still about mental conceptions. And it is very possible to understand what he said to mean that it is when you lose sense of yourself to the extent that you don't exist anymore

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in your perception, and your mental conception, not in the extra mental, outside ontological reality.

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But as we said before,

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the benefit of learning this and the benefit of learning the different stations, although sometimes they overlap, and sometimes they are similar, is that we

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know the Messiah, the masters of this path, shine light on different regions in our in the fools, different reasons and our hearts, and we want to follow them when they shine that light. Certainly, we're holding on to the Quran and the Sunnah, we're holding on to the example a role model of the first community.

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We're being careful we're watching in our steps, but we want to follow them when they shine the light on these different regions of our hearts and our inner fools.

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So that we can

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discover ourselves and discover our flaws, and do deep cleaning of our hearts and are in the fools because there are hidden crevices that you will not be able to reach. Unless you listen to the masters of the past who have walked the walk before and they are they can point to those hidden areas in our nerves. Only then we will be able to do the deep cleaning of our hearts. Coco

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Chanel Alonso Africa today.