The Real Role Model #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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Basically, the role model is defined by the television, it's by the camera. So the people they get that stage are the actors and actresses, they're the musicians and so on and so forth. So you look at our children and our generation, it's like a whole nation of people are being raised up that this is the role model. Now, back in the olden days, if you take out television out of the picture, then who are the role models, those are people who are actively involved in the community, people who are you know, doing good things in the community, that's the person that they see everywhere, because you don't see actors and actresses everywhere. You see the the leaders in the community hand say

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when I was growing up, somebody was a role model for me were like the older youth, the older boys in the community who were doing activities in the local masjid. And I was able to, you know, absorb from that. But if I was to go to a Muslim kid today, and say, who's your role model?

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You know, it's going to be Wolverine is going to be Spider Man. It's going to be something like that.