Yasir Qadhi – The Fiqh of Salah #13 – Salat Al-Witr

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The term "IT" in serata is used for a whole package of serata, including a whole winter, season, and year. The speakers discuss the importance of "IT" in various religious practices, including religion, and stress the significance of praying with the exception of others. The discussion touches on Easter celebrations and their cultural and political significance, with a brief advertisement for a new video about the Easter month.
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the second absorber Sunny, I'll Witter the second absorber Thani. The second category is the solid elevator. The solid alligator walk to Houma Bay, Nosferatu, Nisha Well, Fajr and the timing of Witter is between the solid of Russia and the salah of Fajr, between Russia and Fajr. What this means, therefore, is that Witter can be prayed at any time after the timing of Russia, not after you pray Russia. So when you're traveling, and you pray Maghrib and Isha early,

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then according to our author, you're not allowed to pray with her.

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Because why not?

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Is not Aisha timing it? Okay. And this is one opinion and the other opinion is that whenever you pray, shut up until Fajr and inshallah Umbra wash or whatever you do, but according to the our author, according to our textbook, the timing of winter is after the timing of Russia, not after you pray Russia. So if you happen to pray Russia early, you're not allowed to pray with it because the timing of winter is independent of when you pray to Russia. It is after the timing of Russia up until the timing of Fudger. Now, Witter. One of the big confusions when it comes to serata Witter is that

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people get confused what exactly is witted, and the books of Hadith and the books of fake seem to use them interchangeably with salata, tahajjud and salata, Lael, and the fact of the matter is, the salah to the waiter, in some ahaadeeth It implies tahajjud

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so for example, our processor and said, Oh to your Al Quran, pray the winter or people of the Quran. And the meaning of pray the winter in this hadith is praise Allah to 200 So he called Witter 202 100 Witter.

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Okay. And hadith of Abu Hurayrah that the prophets are some commanded me to pray Witter before I go to sleep.

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And the meaning of witted here as well is the tahajjud that Abu Hurayrah in his early years was not in the habit of waking up at the end of the night for tagit. So he would pray tahajjud before he went to sleep, and he would pray the whole tahajjud and then finish with Witter, and then he will go to sleep. So he called tahajjud with it. Why is tahajjud called Witter, because, in total 200 would be odd or even

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odd. And it is finished by Suratul. Witter. So some ahaadeeth mentioned WITR as being synonymous with tahajjud. And that is valid and that's correct.

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And sometimes the term WITR is used exclusively for the concluding bit of salata, tahajjud which can be independent of tagit. Is that clear? The concluding will odd number of records, which can be independent of Salah tahajjud, sometimes the Hadith, and the books are filled to use Witter, and they mean, the separate prayer so in our tarawih we pray eight records and then the Imam stands and says Salah to Twitter, and then he prays a separate prayer okay. So right now, even Kodama is talking about the separate winter not the full

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sorry, excuse me, right now it will Kodama is talking about the total winter which is the tahajjud however, some books are filled some books are filled when they say Salah to Twitter, they mean separate from the Hajj. So you need to understand and this is confusing because the same term Witten is used for both prayers why? Because you finish 200 with the winter and the perfect winter occurs when

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after 200 Okay, so because of this, because of this books of fake and books of Hadith sometimes use them interchangeably. And this is why it is confusing to the beginning student that when the Hadith says witted, what does it mean? When the fifth book says witted? What does it mean? You need to understand by context you need to stand by

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context and a hadith sometimes do use Witter to imply only the ending so for example and it is mentioned in your own text that our prophets of salaam said Salah to Lady methanol, methanol, that praying at night is to to then when you think it's about to be Fudger pray the waiter.

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So here even the Profit System he is using within and what sense?

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Separate sense? Separate sense. Okay.

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We're getting there.

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So the point being that the term Witter is sometimes used for the whole package of tahajjud and the concluding and sometimes it is used for only the separate with the salah. And which author uses it and which Hadith uses when you need to basically scratch the surface a little bit and understand so

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even Kodama says what are called LU Raka. Work Thoreau, who Hedda Shara will Danelle Kamal. Sarah betta slim attain. Okay. Well, yeah, Kuru, two fatalities about the rocker. So, the least number of regard for winter is one Urraca

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and the most is 11.

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And the lease that will be considered perfect is three that is divided by two to Slim's, ie a Scheffer with two to one. Okay, so it will Kodama mentions that. If somebody were to just pray one Raka. It will constitute a type of Witter.

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And this is the bare minimum of Witter because where do we get this from? Because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told that companion that the night prayer is to to and when you think it's about to be done, then finish it with the one waiter.

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So by itself, so this is an explicit Hadith that the one who's praying to her Jude is praying tu tu tu tu tu, then one is just he thinks is about to be budget, he is allowed to pray, one to conclude all of that. Nonetheless, this praying one is not considered to be Kamal, it is considered to be shortchanging is considered to be very lazy. You're not sinful, you can't be sinful. It's not fought in the first place. And again, this is the humbly Shafi and Maliki all the 100 Thieves know that witted is indeed wajib in their meta, right, but the other three do not have it as as obligatory. And they have many evidences, by the way. And I quoted some of them the other time that you are not

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sinful, even for abandoning the terracotta Fajr you're not sinful, but as even Muhammad said, I don't think any movement can give up Witter, like how can any movement not pray with it? Okay, so the one who has Iman here, he's not saying like the cafe, but like Eman has a positive characteristic, ie Islam, Imam Hassan, right. How can anybody who's like not a facet? How can anybody who's a little bit of taco in his heart, how can that person not pray, Witter, and in fact, according to some math hubs, the one who does not pray with him, his testimony will not be accepted in the court because he's not trustworthy. Like his Eman is so low, you're not going to accept his

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testimony. Now, that's a bit harsh, maybe but in any case is the point is that we should not trivialize and I need to mention a point here that

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was mentioned to me by one of my own teachers shortly to humble on that photo, excuse me, that he said sometimes knowledge backfires on the one who learns it. And that when he learns that a habit of his that he was regularly doing is Sunnah and not wajib he might abandon that habit even though it was his regular habit. And for his case, it was better for him to remain ignorant in that case,

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because the knowledge did not benefit him.

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So the knowledge is supposed to benefit and the minute that is not benefiting then ignorance would have been better, which means you haven't understood the benefit of knowledge here. Okay. And this is a classic pointer that every student of knowledge a lot of times so for example, once you find out the one witness, okay, so if you want to jump on this immediately, and tonight, Hollis for the rest of your life, one rock I waited, so then you lost the purpose of gaining knowledge. Okay. The point is to understand, technically speaking, legally speaking, one rock out of Witter would be Jah is, but it is not recommended. In fact, as he himself said at the Del Kamal Salah, the minimum of

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having a perfect with it is three and Alhamdulillah. This is the norm that Muslims understand right around the globe. All the medina hub, they understand the three is

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what Twitter is, okay, but one is John is an it is not ideal, and you are not because you're going to be somewhat deficient, but it will be considered to be acceptable in the eyes of the Sharia. So, what I call the hoorah will occur who who Hedda Ashura and the most is 11. The most is 11. And this is based on the hadith of Artesia that she said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never prayed more than 11 rakaat at night, okay, he never prayed more than 11 rakaat at night. And this is the habit that we as well do here and many other massage that the total that we pray is 11 record, okay, so two to two, and then we pray the three with 2222 and we pray the three with it. And it is

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also narrated at the process and prayed for four and three, so four with one teslim and then four with another slim and then three, and it is even narrated at once he prayed all eight, with one to slim, and then three. So in tahajjud and in Korean were laid and in Tarawa, and we said many many many times tahajjud and Pamela and tarawih are the same thing except that in Ramadan we will call tahajjud Torah we

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Okay, so to help Jude and pm Malay and tarawih are the same concept. But there's some minor if they laugh and that is that not after change and that is that, especially in Ramadan, aim will lay is sunnah to do in JAMA.

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That's the only difference is that clear? In Ramadan tahajjud or Korean Mala and same thing to her gentle clamor late. It becomes sunnah outside of Ramadan. It is sunnah to pray individual.

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And you are allowed to pray together

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tahajjud so if tonight we want to do tahajjud here in NYC and we announced 3am We're going to have to hit you This is completely jazz, nothing wrong. But the Sunnah is what you pray by yourself. Whereas in Ramadan, the Sunnah or the more encouraged thing to do for tahajjud is to pray it in GEMA and we then call it

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tarawih. Okay, we then call it Salah to Tarawa, this is the only difference otherwise, all of the Hadith about tahajjud and crown valerian Witter, they apply to basically the same concept, and that is the prayer between Fudger sorry, between Russia and Fajr. Okay, between Russia and Fajr. So, the least number of recart is one the most is 11. And the lease that will be considered perfect is three divided by two, that seems now this is the humbly madhhab. Of course, the Hanafi is the opposite of this.

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The humbly madhhab says that it is mcru It is not nice, it's not recommended to pray Witter with one Tasneem and you sit down in the second and then you stand up without the slim. Why? Because they say you then make it look like Muslim.

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And there are traditions where the Profit System said don't make with the like mockery.

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Now the Hanafis don't view these traditions as authentic and then they say three Rakhine should have the to just sit in the middle. So they will make it like mother that's the humble Hanafi madhhab no problem, whoever follows it, they may follow it for the humbleness and the majority even the window should not be like multigrip which should be a separate characteristic as Milgrim and therefore he explicitly says that he should have three record with Tutor Slim's. So you say that a sleeve, which is how we usually do it here at MIT. And it is also allowed to have three raka with one to slim, and this is authentically narrated as well. So what we learn is that the night prayer of the Prophet

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system was varied, it was not the same. And in fact, in this his benefit in that some variety makes you concentrate and makes you think differently as well. Okay, so sometimes it'll be four, four, sometimes two to two, sometimes all eight. So this would, it's a little bit of variety makes your mind more concentrating in the solid that you are doing. And according to the hammer, the madhhab Waiapu to 3030 BARDA record, and he does pollute dry oil for note in the third record, after the record, he does so that's a local note or note after the record and the third record. Now, do note is the subject of quite a lot of afterlife amongst the muda hip and each Madhava has his own its own

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understanding. And I mentioned that the issue of the alkaloids before many times and the Shaffir is have hundreds wanted to have gone

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which, after fajr sorry in the Fajr, Salah and the Fajr of the second raka are the Hanafi are shocked at this every Salat al Fajr in a Shafi masjid, they will have a minute it is common to have clued in Salah till Fudger in the Arab world, okay in Egypt they do it. So the first thing they do it, they do it like every Fajr

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in the masjid and in theory as well how long is the 100?

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Just like just a law Medina human headache, they just like that. Okay

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he doesn't and budget in budget. So the Maliki madhhab. The Maliki might have has rewired so he's probably the following the one that says at Fajr time. Okay, the Shaffir is he's Maliki the Shah. In my husband, Shafi the Sharper Image hub says federal salah they don't have it in the with the crude. They don't have it in Witter. The Hanafis and humble is they have it when in winter. The Hanafis and humble is a habit in the solitude Witter okay and the Hanafis have it before the record

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and the humble is have it after the record. So, in reality, all formats have their own interpretations of gurus and whichever you follow Inshallah, it is fine. And we are sticking with the tech. So, we say that the humble Event Hub says that it is in the third record of the whole node of the winter after the record, okay. Me personally, I am generally a humbly, but at times when I find the evidence to be stronger, I personally follow another position and then who knows my position is that that note is not linked with any Salah and rather it is linked with circumstances. And so, you do note in any Salah because of something happening in the OMA and it is not a regular

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So, the prophet system would not regularly make quote

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he would not regularly make kudos rather he would make connotes when something happened. So, and this is I have to be honest, it is a sunnah that unfortunately is abandoned, it is true. So we should make quote right now for our brothers and philosophy. Okay, we should make quotes every few weeks for Syria like this, this would be so now this is an my and if you look at the Sierra as well, when we did it, after the incident of

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the the massacre that took place of Malta and the other massacres that took place the process it did hold for one month. Okay. So although it is not linked with a prayer so the medina had looked at these a hadith and they said, Oh, he did gluten budget, we'll make it in future. Oh, he did. But the reality is he wasn't regularly praying. nonetheless. Whoever wants to do Knut regularly that is fine. And a number of a number of dramas are mentioned of them as the famous one Aloma unnecessary Nocona when a study gonna start, we go on to why they want to talk on Matoba karate quinone article Sarah cola who

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the screw cola anak Furukawa clam I took this was mentioned in a hadith. This this was mentioned in the Hadith. And the other one that was along Medina if you've been headed wifing of human affraid whatever learner the mentor will lead to a bad enough female athlete. This is also mentioned in another Hadith, and what we hear in Ramadan. The regular do is that the Imam myself and others give actually most of them are cut and pasted from a hadith. And that's why we say it regularly because it is from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nonetheless, whoever is following the madhhab so they will then do connote after the third raka sorry Yeah, after the third raka after

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the record of the third record, okay, so this is the second category of the five categories of the total what prayers okay number one was raw Tip number two is a lot to do with it

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me Mr. Healy, doll Seanie any one just show

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me what to fill

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fields for we

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