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The First Ghazwah & Sariyyah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah last lesson, we discussed the spiritual training that the Prophet gave the Sahaba. Now we're up to the first, Surya and first Osmo.

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Then we're going to look at the main hedge of the kuffar and the hypocritical actions, then the raid on apostrophe and caravan.

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And this led to the battle, but

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now they've already built like tanks to vertical logic to the lifestyle. So there wasn't a real need for physical training. However, the profile is sort of slim, gave them training where

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they needed a sense. So where there were some deficiencies, the profit focused on that, and among them was endurance. So he goes on to swim, and there's other ahaadeeth where he focused on archery and horse riding. In fact, that's a hadith where the Prophet encouraged swimming, horse riding in archery.

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Now, the scholars commented on these three sports in particular and derive some wisdoms very

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I call these the suddenness sports, the double s, what do you learn from swimming, it teaches you when life is drowning you, you're being overwhelmed by things, try to keep your head above water.

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As for horse riding, it teaches you balance and it teaches you to keep things under control. So when life is hectic, also control that beast in your life, like you're controlling that horse. And as for archery, it's teaching you to focus and concentrate on your

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goals in life, have goals, you aim at them. But also, when you fire an arrow, you don't actually fire directly at it, you actually aim a little bit higher. So it's teaching us make your goals high. So don't just have goals and focus on them and focus on reaching them, but also make the goals high in life and ask an archer that I should tell you that because by the time it hits, what will happen due to gravity, it might actually dip a little bit. So those are some of the wisdoms behind this hadith on a civil

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war Rami orocobre high, those are the three sports. So that's the training and that's why we said it wasn't any logical for the profile, so to speak to tell them look yellow, do some laps around and mustard the number one you wouldn't see that it was a habit doing laps like literally soldiers will do laps in an army. So they weren't that wasn't the case. However, the Prophet would focus on those areas that where there was some deficiency there. As for the first city, and first was well, now they both commonly translated as expositional battle however, the difference the city was when the Prophet sallallaahu slim delegated others to fight or the first where was when he are the sorts of

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simple That's the difference. I repeat, Gaza was when he was in fought with the army. But I said he was when he delegated others. They said he Yeah, he delegated others. That's one difference was were also took part cirino. Also, another difference was that the word city came from Sears. In fact, it has the same letters sorry, yeah. And since now what Sears secrecy drew a secret. So therefore it's a hardware. It's a raid done in secrecy. So what they will do was they will travel at night and high during the day. That's another main difference between Roswell and Syria.

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The first was where was called hospital

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was between the two armies went out however, the Sahaba didn't meet the enemy. So the profile is a little slim and the Sahaba went out to fight. However, they did not actually meet the enemy. Therefore no fighting occurred maybe because they were just too chicken to meet Rasul Allah and the Sahaba falls on the receiving end. Yeah, I'd be too.

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As for the first year.

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The first video was sent out with 60 Mahajan on foot, and that would walk at night, and sleep or hide during the day. And they exchanged arrows in this first set here. But no one was killed. In fact, the first fire was sad even if it was cos he was the first to fire an arrow in the path of Allah in the form of the profiler. So too slow and fast. He would always say this afterwards, I was the first fire in arrow fi civitella. So that honor was given to Saudi Arabia we were cos. So he gets full stars right in on the shoulders, full status for him.

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And the wisdoms behind the sariah that's plural for Syria are many. Number one to establish a military presence because in tribals

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societies we cleanse, were taken advantage of. So that's number one, to establish a military presence, a presence of force, a presence of power, that's number one. Number two, among the purposes of the sariah was to win over tribes and establish alliances. When you earn their respect, you get their allegiance. So it was to win them over and to establish alliances and in the beginning, this was when alliances were allowed. And then afterwards, of course, we find different artcam were revealed. Number three, among the wisdoms behind this Soraya is that they were used for economical reasons, because they were rated and the wolf was taken from the fall. So it was for

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economical reasons, because in the beginning, the Medina and state was wasn't as wealthy was still very weak, because it just started off. So in the beginning, it was used for economic reasons. And number four, was used for training purposes. For the larger, the wet and the larger fighting, because these were just merely raids, basically attack and withdraw, attack and withdraw. So it was used for training,

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missions, and how to ambush that we use them to learn the area, get to know the tribes and the sariah will not known or even done by koresh. So really, it was the Muslims who actually established the concept of saraya. So this was not done by flourish. And first, the Muslims are benefiting greatly, as we said, well, they do. They will learn mission side missions, how to ambush they'll get to know the area, they'll get to know the surrounding tribes. So this was an advantage to the Muslim. So when they actually did fight in jihad against the kuffaar that were experienced. So those were the four reasons among many, behind the suraiya, which is plural for Syria, these expeditions,

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these raids done by the Sahaba.

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Now many has a wet and sariah occurred during the first two years. And among them was the Syria of Abdullah new Josh.

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And this is one of the Samurai that led to the Battle of others along with the raid on apostrophe and caravan. By the way, if you're wondering what was he called a ninja Hush, Jasmine's a donkey, back then there was a compliment, because a donkey is hardworking, very patient, and you can load it up smack it hit it takes him home. So it was actually considered a hard working beast. Even today, some of the Arab sailors working like a dash doesn't stop doesn't stop doesn't stop. So it's an animal of endurance. So back then, the name jazz was a compliment just like cattle but back then, one of the Tiburon was called Cal Bay.

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And also one of the Sahaba was called Daniel kalbi. The hare al kalbi, because the dog was a an animal that represented loyalty, even today, who is the man's best friend, the dog. In fact, the scholars of dream interpretation have stated that if you see a dog in your dream that's not vicious, but rather friendly, that's actually a good dream represents loyalty. But if you see a dog that's vicious, and attacking you, then it could mean a great lawn and Gene position. Perhaps in your own house, you have to be careful what type of dog you see. But of course, refer to the other map for those dream interpretations. And don't go to anyone if you remember, we discussed in court and the

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dream of Yusuf Ali Salaam and replicated said, Do not narrate your dreams to just anyone based on the Hadith. Roja allegedly toil.

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The dream is attached to the leg of the bird, man lamb to about as long as hasn't been interpreted further up the road was caught. Once it's interpreted, it takes place it happens. So don't narrate your dream to an imbecile who just who basically interpreted as he wishes, because if he says it wrong, guess what it could happen. So make sure you write your dreams to people of knowledge and people you trust. So the first study that led to the Battle of better was serviette, Abdullah and Josh. Now what was it called the study at Abdullah and Josh because he was the one leading it sent. What happened? The profile is similar to celeb.

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He gave Abdullah just specific instructions to read a caravan that was between a Thor F and Mecca. So Abdullah and Joshua, some of the Sahaba they go out to read it. They find this caravan and it is lightly guarded only for individuals. Now there was a problem. They couldn't read it. Why? Because they were in the sacred month of Rajab. Rajab. And this is one of the sacred months where you're not allowed to find. Now it was the last day of the sacred month. You say okay, what's the big deal? What are that wait one more day and we'll be shaba and I can fight. But if they wait one more day, where will this caravan reach Mecca? Are you allowed to find Mecca? Mo or what else would they have?

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reinforcements. So it's double trouble. You're going to be fighting in Mecca, which is how ramita towards cold and haram and unless you do harm and

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The conferma have reinforcements so it's a further predicament. So they made sure and they thought you know what let's attack now even though it was robbed the sacred month. So they attack as we said was lightly guarded is only four of the prefer. One of them is killed by the nail and

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one flees he goes back and rushes to his people in Mecca. And they take two as prisoners of war. So now they take this caravan and they drive it back to Medina and they enter they extremely happy, we got this caravan, we've got prisoners, Allahu Akbar.

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news came back to the salon, they fought and they attacked in the sacred month. Rasulullah was unhappy. And he refused to take this caravan. And he refused to take the prisoners alone. You can imagine how I must feel now that all this work. And profit is an app. He said I didn't tell you to fight in the sacred month.

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And by then the kuffaar had received news of what the Muslims have done. So what did they do? They blew it out of proportion. They milked it to its limits and took advantage of the situation who have made these people more hammering these people. They're fighting in the sacred month. They're taking us as prisoners, and they're killing and they're causing corruption in the land. These people are terrorists.

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Exactly what today I said. See, the man has mentioned among the objectives, they made a big deal out of it. It was like front page news on all major news outlets like it was the biggest crime and calamity in history.

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What have they been doing for the last 13 years? These godfather of courage? What have they been doing? All of a sudden a value human life? All of a sudden, so proud of love? What are we doing for the last 13 years they've been killing, massacring torturing persecuting boycotting the Muslims. Now one of them is killed, they blow it out of proportion and then make the Muslims as though they are the biggest terrorist exactly what today

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they made this huge deal about the Sydney seizures remember three people that got killed? One of them was the government. Yet in the same week, the Peshawar attacks in Pakistan were 133 children died. massacred. Yet no live news coverage like the Sydney stage. No canceling of TV programs like the Sydney stage. No simultaneous news broadcasting like the Sydney stage, no community outrage like the Sydney stage.

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But you see, no, it seems that only non Muslim Lives Matter. Along with Stan. And then if you were to calculate the difference between that the Sydney siege to the deaths in Iraq, 1.5 million deaths alone alone. It's a 500,000% difference. But you don't have anywhere near the same response. Now, first of all, say now wait a minute. Of course, there was live news coverage and canceling of TV programs and simultaneous news broadcasting because it happened in Sydney. What are you gonna expect when you happen in Pakistan? You don't expect that to happen here. However, when Paris attacks occurred, recently, exactly the same thing. Simultaneous news broadcasting, live news coverage,

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cancellation of TV programs, once again, why? Because it's the Muslims who are reporting Allahu Akbar, same thing that made this huge deal. As if this is the man has have covered, hypocritical actions, that basically when the Muslims do something wrong, they blow it out of proportion. So they're waiting for the Muslims to slip up. They're waiting for that. And then when they do, they'll do exactly what the kuffaar of yesterday did. Because Cofer is a management the brothers doesn't change. All that changes are the names just about labeling, insulting, mocking, and trying to ruin the reputation of Islam. That's what it's about. Back then they labeled the Sahaba with you know,

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being crazy the following a madman sorcery magic today. It's terrorism. That's it. It's all about smearing the reputation of others literally. That's all they do Label Label Label. So they did it back then they think they're not going to do it today.

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So now the kuffaar didn't just make a big deal out of it. Now also, the profile is such someone's upset. So a lot has been revealed. As you

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can imagine, now they must feel really bad. Well, so we're gonna say. So I'll reveal Daya to 17. From sootel. bacala. Yes, Luna Ganesh. Rom is created in fi they ask you your soul about fighting in the sacred month, because the Sahaba were approaching the messenger saying it also a way that the fight now in the second month because of what happened. So last thing they asked you about fighting in the sacred month, what does the law say?

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roofie Kabir

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Allah says fighting it is Kabir. It's big. It's a big deal. In other words, what the Sahaba did was wrong. So the Sahaba must be feeling really bad. Now Allah said it's big. It's a big deal. But then what does Allah say? Well, so don't answer vilella laku from b1 masjidul, how Rami was Roger le human who act varanda law, however preventing people from Islam and this believing in Allah

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Driving people out of Mecca. That's worse a cabal. It's a greater deal than what the pilot did a lot put it in perspective, teaching us what we need to do. 2015 present day 21st century when the kuffaar jump on the Muslims, like it's been happening every time. Every time a person who's a Muslim may do something committed action. When fitna to act borromean and cotton. Allah says, and fitna, here it should

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polytheism, ascribing Palestine Allah is Akbar was greater than killing. Yeah, what the Muslims did was wrong. But what the kuffar are doing, and have done is much worse, much worse. So a lot of put things in perspective. And you my brothers do the same when the kuffaar want to point their fingers at what the Muslims do. This is bad, this is wrong. This is terrorism. Yeah, but what you people have been doing? Is that not terrorism, the kuffaar have killed over 70 million people in the last century alone. 70 million. So my dear brothers are lost teaching us Amanda just even if what the Muslims do is wrong, even if even if we can't say self defense, what the kuffaar do is greater on a

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much larger scale, their level of evil is 10 times worse, if not more than what the Muslims are very important. And first, we can see once again, the importance of CLR not just the best stories by teaching us practical examples and how we can apply these Ayah today. Yeah, what the Sahaba did was wrong. What Muslims may do today is wrong. They may kill unjustly and might happen. Yes, however, what the kuffar do is on a much larger scale, remember that so next time a person asked you condemn, condemn say, how about you condemn? habit was always asked, condemning, and why should I condemn something that I never even did? Why should I apologize for a crime I never even committed? That's

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the other extreme. Yeah. Apologize. Roger, nothing. in a court of law, that apology, literally doesn't hold up for anything, because I didn't even commit the crime. In fact, in your court of law, your system, I would have to apologize because I didn't do it. But according to their logic, no, you have to. Sure.

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Exactly. I said, even if you did, what am I gonna do? Sure. I have a you apologize for the 1.5 million Iraqis were dead and counting. How about you apologize for all the people of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Burma, Philistine, Chechnya, and the list goes on in the Muslim land. But unfortunately, today, Muslim blood is cheap. Actually, I take it back with some buddies become worthless now. We're not asking them to be Muslims. We're just asking them to be humans. Just be human.

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That's all we're asking them. So look at this area, and we'll like this a cave timely now in Syria, but also what's happening around the world. Timely use this in your doubt. So my dear brothers next time they want to basically lay waste to the Muslims and insult them and attack the religion and the integrity use this ayah. So even if at times we can't justify what the Muslims do, they do something wrong. It does happen because Muslims are not perfect. But Islam is a big difference. Islam is perfect, but not the Muslims are. So when the Muslims do something wrong, put it in perspective. Tell them yeah, sure, I'm Muslim. I've done something wrong. But it can never ever equate the level

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of violence evil, barbarity, killing and massacres, that your people your allies and the West have been engaging in for the last century. They've been dropping bombs since Alanna is when and now even bats an island.

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After this, the profile is sort of slammed his idea to reveal he ended up taking the caravan and he took the prisoners. Now there was a ransom for those two prisoners and the fourth Haider. So they were released. So whenever we went back, and one of them stayed What did he say? Yeah, we're only become Muslim. Mashallah. So he stayed because hollows you know, I want to become Muslim. So he was taken as a prisoner, but he saw how Islam was and it wasn't as the media was making other Muslims to be. So he loved it. And that's what we said, Remember, one of the purposes of jihad asked everyone to force them to accept Islam, but so they can listen to the message. Why? Because Islam is now an

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authority, it's ruling them, it's governing them. So not so they can everyone be forced to accept that the No, that's not accepted, but rather, so people can be subjected to listening to the message. And when they hear the Dow, you know, this sounds interesting, I'm going to accept it, as opposed to when Islam is not an authority, and it's not taken seriously. That's why one of the purposes of jihad so people can take it seriously and listen to the message. So this non Muslim was under the authority of the Muslims. Yeah. So he had to listen. So after listening, he liked it and accepted with hamdulillah. So we've discussed the training dysuria manager before. And now we're

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going to look at the second part that led to the battle above it, and that was the raid on apostrophe and caravan. Soon after ossola conducts a census. Basically the count the heads of the Muslims, the Muslim men, who have the requirement of fighting rumor those five requirements we discussed

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Number came back to 1500 strong. So the Sahaba said holla Solo Solo we shouldn't fear being overtaken, we shouldn't fear anymore. Let's go and fight. The profile is slim he is of a caravan being sent from Mecca to Syria. And this caravan has merchandise and the goods was the caravan. I was a fan. And they had a lot of the wealth of the Mahajan. So the profile is sort of slim gets this Intel. And he immediately musters up some of the Sahaba so they can go and read it.

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And he told him, whoever has the camera and weapons, let them come with us. Now, some of those officers yet also law, our camels and horses on the upper part of Medina, by the time we get it will be a day. He said, No, we have to leave now. Why? So they can intercept it? Would it be too late by then? So some of the Sahaba came along, but they didn't have all their weapons and they didn't have their horses? So due to that limited timeframe, the profile is sort of STEM could only gather How many?

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Around 300? Yes, 300 plus some number, say 373 19. And that work days, those were the numbers for the Battle of but

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why only small we said they weren't expecting to fight. In fact, they wanted to read what

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caravana Abu Sufyan and that was guarded around 40 men. So they were thinking we're going to only be up against 4300 248 we got this piece of cake. But we're going to see what happened which actually led to the Battle of other.

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So the profile is what receives news and he leaves immediately with this small number. Because I didn't have time to prepare.

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I was a fan. He was a leader of his people. And he was wise he was alert. He was on the ball. He was always on guard. And he would constantly send his spies and he's meant to retrieve news and Intel outpost again reaches the area of better, which is approximately 150 kilometers from El Medina. He reaches that area. And in better what was the

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wills motor wills. And that's important because when you see the Battle of other other Sahaba did with those wills.

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There was a lot of wills in butters. So he sees some men drawing some water from one of those wills. So he approaches him he says have you seen anyone foreign? Anyone strange, someone you don't recognize around here? I said, Yeah, we saw two men over there in this area. He goes Thank you very much. He goes over to that area, and he notices some camel manure. So he picks it up, and he crushes it in his hand. He realizes that it had crushed date seeds. That is the animal feed of Almudena. So he realized the companions are slower here. And what they did, they were there they spotted I was here and I rushed back to inform rahula of that location. So they went to total Sula, go to better

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that's where I was to fairness. So what does he do? He's on the ball he's a little carries intelligence was he had expertise in military so he then sent an urgent letter he sends one of his companions and friends by the name of Bom Bom and the ferry. Bom Bom What an interesting Bom Bom is the is the servant or one of the men of Wooster fan he rushes into Mecca with an urgent message to the people especially Abidjan. Bom Bom le Fadi enters in a scene that just by seeing him, it will cause terror and fear in your heart. What does he do? He rushes into the center of the valley.

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He jumps off his camel, he cuts his nose off, he turns a saddle upside down, he rips his shirt and he screams on the top of his lungs. Oh, people have got H O people have the crush, the caravan, the caravan, your goods and merchandise are at risk and under threat by Mohammed and his people. I don't think you can save them. Help Help. That was sounding the alarm to cut off the nose of your camel to turn this upside down to rip your shirt. When you see that. That was enough to say this is something bigs happening. So Quraysh now he this news. They mobilize an army

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to go and protect this caravan

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go back to Abu Sufyan. He was on the ball. He realized us harbor Mohammed in Salalah Salama here, they're gonna come back very soon. So he changes course. He reroutes. He goes along the coastal route to Syria. So he ends up evading the profile Islamism and the Sahaba. So because he did that, he sends a letter to Abuja, look, go back, go back. You've come out to protect your caravan, your merchandise your goods, however Allah has saved them is what he wrote in his third Allah save them go back. There's no need to fight or double Johnson. No way. We're not going to show that we wake. He said we're going to go to bed. And we're going to stay there for three days and three nights.

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We're going to drink wine soda our camels eat, we'll party on

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Night and get out slave girls to sing for us to him was all about show arrogance showpony right all show as you'll see soon no go that's all you wanted to do we wanted to show off so he says no one are going back out of the villa and he's probably going to wish actually he does wish now that he did go back the proper alley sort of slab now on the wait about that he he's a what happened the apostrophe and invaded him and now they've missed out on the caravan and now they're going to face an army

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three times its size but it's another size it you know it's an army you got news Intel, he makes sure to with us harder. What do you think should we fight? Should we not Should we go back? What should we do? And I showed you that I suppose humbleness that he would have showed up with this. So habit that's a tree later. The one who isn't domineering, and just orders people know rather who's humble enough and takes advice from everyone, even if there may be lower than them and status. Just as when a man Allison did for Alberto Dyson, the bird literally a bird, taking advice from a bird. When you want to insult someone, you say bird brain. True. He took advice from a bird. Look at his

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humbleness today, man.

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He makes sure he stands up there also with you. Let's go and find out ascends up your soul with you Let's fight.

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But then the dad stands up and if the muscle generates, he said, If I had the whole world of gold, I would have given it away and ransom it just to be the one who said the word of mouth dad. What did he say?

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So don't wreck it. On read it. He said our messenger, go forth with what Allah has commanded you. We're not going to be like the companions of masa who said, You and your Lord go and fight. We're going to remain here. I said, No, we're going to go with you, your Salah, we're going to fight ahead of you behind you on your right and on your left. Even if you take us to the seas, we're going to march into the ocean to you. Russell was face lit up and you can imagine so have Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that really energizes the Hobbit and carries all of them and they decided to call us we are going to go and fight. So the profile is too slow. I was extremely happy with this news. And

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he saw that the Sahaba were willing to go and literally the whole way not to back out at the last minute some people that all pumped up there on demand steroids. And then when you know times get tough and rough out of their back, and now it's not really what I signed up for. Because it was I was worried because I last saw agree to protect him. Yeah.

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But maybe perhaps they thought protect the men and Medina. But now they are sort of Almudena wanted to say and hamdulillah were true to their word.

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Now all the Sahaba were willing, I think all of them were willing, not all of them were willing, why? They were reluctant, because they weren't prepared. Sure. They only thought, right. I care about a 40 men. Now when you're not ready for something and something else comes up, then you're not really willing, you know, you know, you're reluctant because you're not prepared so they weren't prepared physically, as we said and have all the weapons they didn't have the horses, as you're going to see in the back to the benefit of the Muslims only had two horses. Imagine that two horses amongst 300 and they weren't really mentally true. Legend I told you, Shabaab you have your exam

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tonight in the term exam right now. So I'm not doing this. I'm gonna complain to Alyosha cabana. I'm not doing it. I refuse. I'm not ready. So when you're not ready, mentally, you're not going to go ahead, you're gonna be reluctant so they weren't ready.

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However, however, Allah didn't reveal that yet. quotevalet completado kuruvilla calm fighting has been prescribed upon you Although you dislike it. Not that they dislike the command of Allah and likely say I'm not going to accept it note. Allah is referring to theta naturally to the soul is disliked people it's part of our human nature to avoid confrontation we don't like fighting we don't like to see blood then warfare etc. This is how the soul is naturally wants to avoid also being in difficult situations people want the easy life. That's what it means. However, Allah says what I said a crochet

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you may dislike something that is better for you. This error comes in the context of jihad. You may dislike jihad, but it is better for you. martyrdom fie sybilla. And if not, then even in this world, it's victory. So one of the future you they get victory now or if you get killed, martyrdom is still a win, win win. That's for the believer. And after that spiritual training from Roswell law, is the need for physical training. As Bob said, The Great Mujahid How do you defeat an enemy meaning the Muslim How do you defeat an enemy who looks into the barrel of your shotgun and sees paradise?

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That's the Muslim that you're the godfather of against the believers. I look into the barrel that carefree shotgun and I see john

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I see to hold is right there, right there. with Hannah. Look. The profile is such a slam gathers intelligence.

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He and abubaker go out and they meet an old man, this old man and want to check him out. They want to see what he knows. They asked him about the

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We're about to have kurush. But they're also asking about the whereabouts of Mohammed. Why, why the resort asked him about the whereabouts of himself. secrecy don't reveal his identity because it's war. And he wants to.

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Yes, he wants to ensure that what this man is saying is truthful, what he's saying is valid. It's correct, because if you can pinpoint the location of Mohammed and his men, then surely you can pinpoint the location. Of course, you see the wisdom of Rasulullah amazing tactic in warfare, although he had no prior military experience upon law, so we asked him, Do you know the whereabouts of Quraysh? And Mohammed is man, the man says, I'm not gonna do anything until you tell me who you are.

00:30:43--> 00:31:20

Rosa, okay. I will tell you who I am on the condition that you tell me where these two armies are. He says this for that. He said, Yes, he is okay. That man seems like a canary. He says, I've been told that Mohammed and his men were in such and such location. And if my calculations are correct, they'll be in this location. So the Prophet said, Okay, this guy is telling the truth because that's exactly where we are is okay as for Qureshi is are being given word that they are in such and such location, now they are in this location that the Prophet said, you know, thank you very much. He took this very valuable piece of information. Then the man said, Hey, you have to tell us who you

00:31:20--> 00:31:25

are. The profile is slow to slam said nanomachine. We are from water, and he walks off

00:31:27--> 00:32:08

the mountain thinking water from water now that was used as an expression to refer to the waters meaning the wells, the lakes, the rivers of particular countries. So it's asking the waters from Iraq, the wells from Syria, what are you referring to? Now the profile is a little slim Ted We are from water, but it didn't lie, did he? Because Allah said and sort of the MBA is 30 words a minute, Michael Shane, hi. We've made every level every living thing from water. We have been created from water, us as humans and animals. In fact, every little thing is, every living thing is, and this is something that science has proven on the recently prophet knew this. Unfortunately, music isn't the

00:32:08--> 00:32:36

Quran, sort of lambay 30. So he wasn't lying. So the Prophet rushed away quickly. Why so the man wouldn't keep interrogating him and asking you more questions to investigate the matter. The Prophet didn't want to lie and that shows you as he was truly a saw different. I mean, even though lying in jihad, to deceive the enemy is allowed, yet aucilla would not lie. Even in jab, Allahu Akbar. So, the prophet gets his intelligence Sania Hamza very wise doesn't lie because he's a soldier called me.

00:32:38--> 00:32:44

Soon after, the prophet Allah is far too slim center, Oleanna Zubaydah to scout the area and to see if I can get any more info.

00:32:46--> 00:33:07

They find a servant from koresh. This man is one of the servants of crush they bring him back to la sala also was praying. Okay, let's interrogate him. He's not beating him up. Who you from where you're from? I from Christ bang the building him literally. Tell us what you know, but also atmosphere and they can't tell you about apples again. Let's stop building him. Okay, where is he? I don't know.

00:33:09--> 00:33:11

Where are you from? I'm from Korea. So stop building him again.

00:33:12--> 00:33:25

Tell us about our city and they stopped building him. What do you know about Sofia? Where is he? I don't know. Where are you from? We're from keep on going. real soon. I was praying. He finishes the prayer. He goes stop building him for status.

00:33:27--> 00:33:38

Stop beating him up. And I see something that also law forbade to beat up the prisoners. He said, when he speaks the truth, you beat him out when he lies. You leave him alone.

00:33:40--> 00:33:47

Literally, he's speaking the truth. Johnny, I'm from Croatia, both him. And I'll tell you what I was feeling is is lying. Why? Because

00:33:48--> 00:34:04

he's lying. And I let him go. Because no, let him go. I'll talk to him. So I'd also target him. What does he do? He toys him up and he bought him as well. You know, he asked him questions. He says Where are you from? I'm from koresh. Okay, guys beat him up.

00:34:06--> 00:34:32

He doesn't beat him. He says how many in this army of crush? He says are no caffeine. Probably gonna get built in next. I don't know. Is it caffeine a lot and the word caffeine can mean a lot. Too many I can't count basically. So look at the Prophet wisdom and he shows you his expertise in military although he had no prior training. He says how many candles? Do they slaughter a day?

00:34:33--> 00:34:33

What would

00:34:36--> 00:34:38

you How would that give you the size?

00:34:39--> 00:35:00

How much? How much they consuming of meat on a daily basis? In other words, how many mouths they're feeding. The man says one day last sold 10 camels the next day they'll sorta nine camels. The Prophet turns to the Sahaba. He said they are between 900 and 1000. Wow. Look at that. Wisdom. A lot of that gave him as we said he had no prior military experience.

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

And training, but he was a mastermind in Jihad and warfare. This is from Way of Allah azza wa jal. So he knew now the number and exactly there were approximately 950 So between 900 and 1000 strong and as we said this shows the prophets expertise in warfare, although he had no prior military training, the Sahaba you just over 300 in the neck that says 317 Some say 319. Animal him over 300 just over animals from the Sunnah of Rasulullah to have banners in Jihad also, this is from his sooner he had banners of war. So you have two black banners and one white banner. The two black banners were being carried by and mohajir on end, and on Sol Ali was carrying the one on the side of

00:35:42--> 00:35:55

the module and one of the unsold for their side. And the white banner was held by Mousavi mermaid he was the one carrying it. So this was from the Sunnah of the Prophet it seemed to have been is what else was from so named war.

00:35:56--> 00:36:36

The war cry I sent the battle cry the motto the slogan among them was Emmett Emmett, destroy, destroy Kill Kill in the time of the raise of masala Khattab for over a decade, the Wars of the apostates and also in the time will say limit where Mohammed Mohammed because the defending the honor and integrity of Ross was probably because the advocates masala the False Prophet right when Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed making dua to the Prophet now let's go for well, Mohammed. And imagine seeing that the Sahaba with flags war cries battle cries, what would that do? There's two things fi in the hearts of the number one What else?

00:36:38--> 00:36:53

encouragement for the Sahaba you can imagine all them screaming, fighting with their banners are low, but What a sight with a long turbans at the back and their swords, and wait till we get to the battle about how the golfer described the Muslims, they're looking at him. And these guys are

00:36:55--> 00:36:59

literally, I don't wanna say it, but these guys are terrified.

00:37:00--> 00:37:01

These guys are terrified.

00:37:04--> 00:37:05


00:37:06--> 00:37:08

we're gonna get to that in a moment.

00:37:09--> 00:37:10

After edit that one

00:37:15--> 00:37:19

basically in a Jessa indepence, right. That's what they had.

00:37:20--> 00:37:57

And they had two horses, two horses, but they had 70 camels which they shared amongst them 70 so that's approximately three. So however to one camel, and that was tough. It was difficult. So with Rasul Allah share his camel is sure with humbleness, that's the proper listener to select. Now I'm a prophet and the messenger. I get to write what all of you walk beneath me now wasn't like that. It's not to say that that's what the Sahaba loved him so much. He was approachable. He wasn't this intimidating figure, as many leaders of a community are at times you find people are intimidated, that won't even go up to them and ask them anything very intimidated. No, be approachable, Happy

00:37:57--> 00:38:34

rasilla was extremely approachable and extremely liked so much. So the Sahaba had no problem confessing their sins. That's how comfortable they felt with him. Yeah, rasulillah as an eight I committed in APA hiddenly purify me and if we commit Zina, we be even tried to tell our own blood brother, were our best mate. They feel so comfortable to say to us will be approachable Chevelle. Don't be intimidating, don't be harsh in your character. Be soft with the people. Look how humble he was. And that's what the Sahaba they didn't just see him as a prophet and messenger. They saw him as a father figure as a friend as a teacher as everything. So he was that everything for the Sahaba.

00:38:34--> 00:39:14

And that's why it's been mentioned. So hello, Mohammed, if you remember the early lessons of Sierra, so help normal. He was an international negotiator. And he was sent by Quraysh to negotiate with Ross law. If you remember, he was like the mastermind and the ace in the hall of college. Don't worry. So he's onto it. He's going to negotiate and get us back a great deal. So he goes to see how the Sahaba were which was London negotiate, and it comes back to report what happens right What's the news? He said, I visited the Roman Emperor, the Persian king, and then the Joshi I visited the leaders of the world, but by Allah no one loves and respects the leader more than the Sahaba love

00:39:14--> 00:39:54

and respect Mohammed Salah lesson no one. He said he was was he was performing will do and the Sahaba were they trying to catch the water dropping from his bosom buddy. That's how much the Sahaba loved the Messenger of Allah. He said Do as you want. These are people who never give up the man never give up the leader. That's even a cafe recognize this. Even till today the kuffaar recognize the Muslims love the Prophet so much. And that is with shallow knowledge. Right despite the shallow knowledge that we have of Rasul Allah and I like the Sahaba imagine we learn more about ossola how much more would we love him? That's why it's very important to learn about the profiler to slim any

00:39:54--> 00:39:57

sealer to increase that love in your heart so you can honor him more.

00:39:58--> 00:40:00

So now the profile is so to speak.

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

goes in advance, they ready to fight, they stop at a location and have bad people move there one of the Sahaba he asked us hula messenger of Allah stopping here. Is this a command from Allah? Or is this a mere opinion of warfare tactics? Look at his questioning what did he say?

00:40:22--> 00:40:29

If it's from a lawyer, why I'm not gonna question we're happy, or just an opinion processor, it's an opinion. So he said,

00:40:30--> 00:40:58

if you don't mind, I have an opinion as well. This isn't a place to stop. But rather, we should advance and take over the world of better take them all. Why? So while we are fighting, we have water available to us with a cough I have nothing. Professor rotondo Eva, this is an excellent ID. So they did that they advanced, intubated, willing to better and it took over the world. Remember, I said the world's remember that for later. And it gets better what they do with the walls. And then we'll see when we take the butter butter probably next week.

00:40:59--> 00:41:20

So now, they're there. They've taken they've got the first year to show the coupon. We're not scared. They're there. And this is the night before the Battle of the Prophet Elisa to slam Caesar dream about what's going to happen. What happens in his stream to you next week. So panicle shadow and now you'll learn to just have one or two Bulik