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AI: Summary © The "by the way" movement, which aims to encourage people to speak out against police brutality and racism, is discussed in a series of segments covering various topics including the historical and cultural context of the "by the way" movement, the "by the way" movement, and the use of the "has" sign in the Bible to indicate a belief that a child speaking in thecradle is unusual and should be spoken of. The use of past tense in English to convey information about Islam sub shots, body language, and past tense in English to describe actions during the nighttime is emphasized, along with suggestions for addressing social media. The importance of individuals becoming recipients of the message of Islam is also emphasized.
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Surah Al salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdu lillahi wa SR and the whole Uk filmyzila Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri Allahu Allah And Pharaoh now and finally habima antenna, was it in a maniac edema beshara The surgery was silly Emory. Melissa many of our colleagues are visiting a man or visit any element or visit Allahumma salli ala madrugada who Sarah has not either sheeta Salah Welcome to another episode of embracing Quran as we explore Subramaniam

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said the ETS be here, Omaha tamiu Maria Maria ceram she's had a child now. And she's also rejuvenated a little bit through having the dates that Allah Subhana Allah had provided for her and drinking the water that Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed to gush from below her.

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And now she is starting to rejuvenate and going back to her people, Allah subhana wa tada says, For added to be, she brought the child Lisa, Lisa, from a woman who only had that middle she brought the child to her her, you know, her family and her people at large datamine who, as she was carrying it, they intern,

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they replied to her auto Yeah, Maria laka, the GTA and for the year, they replied to her and said that all Marian you have done something extremely, extremely evil, right? You've done something very suspicious, you've done something, which is we're not really sure about what you have done, right? Perhaps it was something How long? That's what they're envisioning in their minds. And remember earlier on, she had also said that she was afraid of this Scarlet. Yeah, late any mid to cabella. Haha. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the c&c. She said that I had wished that I had died prior to this event of having a child. And I had been forgotten in the in the time, right, couldn't walk into an

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SEM and see and I was basically a forgotten individual that nobody really cared about. Why? Because she was afraid that they're going to start accusing her. And they're going to start poking fun at her chase study specifically. And that's exactly what they did. They started to say, yeah, I'm already I'm already I'm locked by the GTC and you've done something very, very evil. And they didn't stop at that. Now they started to poke fun, even at her family members, you know, because sometimes when people do something evil, people don't just stop at their evil, for by accusing them specifically, they start going to the family members as well. And they say, Well, you know, what,

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what type of a family does she come from? What type of family does he come from, and so on, and so forth. So that's exactly what they did. They didn't stop at her. They started to say Yo, Dr. Harun Oh, sister of Harun, who's heroin.

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Heroin is either How do Nani Salaam, the brother of Musashi Sarah, or he is Harun a person from the time of, of medium and he set out from the Israelites or he's an actual blood brother of medium. So in the first scenario, if you were to be hard on it, Sarah, then she would be from the progeny of heroin, or she would be that from the progeny. One of the progeny is off shooting from heroin, right? Or, that's the first possibility. And the second possibility, as we said, is that it has he happens to be a person from the Israelites. And this person to them by the name of huddling was known to be not a chaste person, an evil person, a wretched and wicked individual. So they started

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to say you used to wear your hijab and you used to do all these different things that used to take a veal up between us and yourself. So you can go worship a lot, and seclusion with a lion. Now you've become Otaru. Now you've become the sister like in terms of behavior and attitude of this person by the name of huddle. Or last but not least, that Harun is literally her blood brother. And this blood brother of hers was known to be a pious person as well. So they started to say your brother is that way, and you are going down this direction. And that happens in our times as well. When you see a person who was really pious, and then the children of that person, they start to do some evil.

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People start to say, Well, you know what the Father is like this, and he's doing all these things and teaching the world or he's praying salah and he can't even take care of his kids. The reality is that people do not, shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of other people, so long as there's no negligence involved, meaning a child to a father may go a totally different direction, good or bad. A father may be evil, someone who drinks me a lot present, preserve and protect all of us. I mean, I don't mean someone who does all sorts of evil, but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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blesses the child to go another direction. Similarly, the son might be or the daughter might be, you know, very pious, but the father happens. They might become evil but the fathers and and the parents in general happen to be very pious. So we're not supposed to be accusing one another because of people who we are related to. Right. There's no guilt by association or letters utilizing latos law that a person shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of another. Yeah, Dr. Harun Oh,

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oh, sister of heroin.

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So now we know the three possibilities. And I think this is in reference to how are you sir I'm Allahu Allah. Yeah, Dr. Harun Makana, abou Kimura, so in your father was not an emerald. So your father was not a very, you know, evil person. Right? Well, not Ghana, tomoki Bahia and your mother was not a filthy woman as well. Your mother was not an unchaste woman your mother was not a prostitute your mother was not in dude, it didn't go down that direction we know your mother to be a very chaste woman we know your father to be a good person we know all of your family members, your even though your brother to be a good person, right?

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And as we said, Brother meaning relative, right? So we know all of your relatives to be great people from centuries old till today as well. And then you go down this direction. Now remember the test of money your money so that is what that she's been silenced. She's been told to stay quiet. She can't speak right now. And that's what makes the test really difficult because people are accusing you left right center center. And you can't say anything in defense for yourself. Right? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala told Maria Maria said I'm what he told her through Juanita Lee said I'm sorry, my daughter, you know, I mean, and especially I hadn't sakuni Nina Manny Solman Fallon Okay, Lima

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Yeomans here, that if you were to see any human being period, male or female relatives, not so you know, black, brown, yellow, whatever, if you see any human beings period.

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At that moment, what do you say in the NFL today, Ronnie Solomon. I have vowed for a law I've taken an oath for a law man the Most Merciful settlement a fast IE fast from speaking meaning I will not be speaking I'll maintain silence. Phelan Oaken Lima, Leona insia. And because of that, I'm not going to be speaking to anyone all day

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today, and also as I continue, so Allah subhanho wa Taala had commanded her to maintain a fast from speaking meaning abstinence from speaking and she was doing just that. And so when they came to our they started seeing saying all these things to her, she didn't respond back. Allah subhana wa Tada, says, Charlotte in a, so she simply pointed towards the child for Charlotte, LA. She pointed towards Lisa Lisa.

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They replied back to her gay friend Kelly movement, Ghana, Matthew sabia, how are we to speak to someone who happens to be in a in a cradle? How are we to speak to a child that's still a baby sobia and he's still a baby. We can't we can't speak to someone like that, right? That's an impossibility. So notice that they themselves are admitting to the fact that that's an absolute impossibility. Okay.

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And the reason why Allah subhanaw taala had them do this. It's just the nature of human needs to talk to the child. And they'll tell you immediately, immediately, you'll say, what is this child? We're in development, right?

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But Allah subhanaw taala allowed them to say that first Why?

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when they have already said this, when they've already verbalized this, when they've clearly already said this, now, when the child speaks, it will be more of a sign than if you were to directly speak because they could say, well, you know, we've seen other kids speak to what we've even though they haven't, but you know, sometimes the stick bar, the arrogance of people goes really, really far. But over here, they already admitted to the fact that we cannot speak to a child that is in a coma that is in the cradle, because he's so young, he was sabi. And Allah subhanho wa Taala just did that, that exact thing. And some narrations have it that recently said, um, was was suckling. At that

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moment, literally, he was feeding from her mother from his mother. And as he was feeding suddenly, when, when Mary O'Malley, Sam pointed towards Risa, Risa, he stopped suckling, you stopped drinking milk, and then he came in he turned, and he sort of reclined and he, at that moment, he started speaking and he said all in the law. What did recently said um, say, please join us in the second part of this episode as we continue the story of mediocrity set up just like qumulo Helen was set on Monday barakato

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sudo hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Hamden. UEFI Navajo, Merci de sol Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah He or Marian along the Illumina and federal now when Tara was either a maniac Mr Mishra, sorry, by silly Emily melissani Hokulea Welcome back to your viewers as we continue to discuss soilless medium, Allah subhanho wa Taala said now, quoting the Salah Salem as is still in the cradle, Allah subhanho wa Taala has been in the habit of Allah, I am but a slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a child who is speaking to people who are grownups who are shocked at this particular behavior of the child because they already said, How are we to speak to a child who happens to still be in a great cradle, right? And he's saying Karla in the habit of law,

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I am but a slave of Allah subhana wa tada dannielle kita Buddha, Allah, Nina BIA, he gave me the book and he ended up making me a prophet as well. Okay. And one of the things that you notice over here is that the first thing that

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he said he said, I'm started off with in this particular recommendation, or in this particular statement that he made, literally, his inauguration statement, if you please, is that he is the abbot of Allah subhanaw taala, right. Because even though he is being allowed to speak, so that may be a sign for the chastity of the mother, right? But he doesn't talk about the chastity of the mother. Why? Because there is a greater problem involved over here. And that is the problem of the Israelites going away from the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So when Allah subhana wa tada allows Risa and a Salaam to speak that speech in and of itself for my child in a cradle that in and

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of itself is a sign that there's a lot of unusual fears over here, so back off and stop accusing her that in and of itself is enough. But now that they already know through that sign that a child speaking in the cradle, this is no normal birth, clearly right. Now that they already are aware of that and they should be if he's speaking in the cradle, that's something unusual, they haven't seen that they have already attested that. That that doesn't normally happen. Right? If this is unusual, they should back off but what Allah subhanho wa Taala allows reset to speak with is the greater problem and that is that they're worshiping other than Allah Subhana Allah so he says in the

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Iberdrola I am but a slave of Allah. Daniel kitabi gave me the book, he hasn't gotten the book yet is a baby stone. Right? He will eventually get the book, but because the cover of a law the decree of Allah subhana wa tada when Allah subhanho wa Taala has decided something, it occurs definitely, even if it's going to be after 10 1520 years. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a warning of the fact that this will happen, we have to rest assured that this will happen. And that goes for all of the prophecies that the messengers all along where it was sent and gave us as well. Right? Many times you see certain prophecies within the sunova Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. In our in

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our times, some people they start to say, well, this, you know, this looks too awkward. This looks like something that will never happen. This looks almost impossible. This this this this this, this looks like it's a movie or something right? Especially the events that will happen towards the end of times, we say no if it's authentically reported from our sort of law, and we have something to you know, that is clearly mentioned in this from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We accept it because we know that one I am the one in Hawaii. He doesn't speak from desires rather in Hawaii loa Ewha, rather, is just a revelation coming to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from

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Allah azza wa jal and that is the case with this baby literally he a baby has enough submission that sometimes other people do not have. He knows that Allah Subhana Allah has decreed that Allah will make him a messenger This is something that we use told. So as he's still a baby sing.

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Danielle Kitab in the past tense, he's given me the book, as in he will give it to me because but because he's sure so sure. He uses the past tense, right? And we do that sometimes. Sometimes, like someone is asking person is asking Person B for something right? Can I have your car for the night? And as of yet the night hasn't come?

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Right. And the person just wants to make them be rest assured that you will get it inshallah Tada.

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So we say in English sometimes Consider it done, right? Or it's done by itself. That's a past tense. You don't say it's done. But you say okay, I will do that. I'll give it to you. But over here, Lisa, Lisa

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is speaking in the past tense because he's not sure of the fact that he'll get the book. Danielle Kitab. He gave me the book while you're learning. And same goes for Jelani nebbia, as well, that he made me a prophet, as in he will make me a prophet but because he's so sure of the decree and the divine decision of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he uses the past tense while you are learning Mubarak.

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And he made me Mubarak as well. You see, my dear brother, my dear sister, the thing is that, first, we have to attain the ability to convey the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala the messengers, because of the purity that Allah Subhana Allah saw within their hearts, Allah subhanho wa Taala and they're each they have their own personal, you know, their efforts that they made to try to purify themselves by seclusion, such an act such as the case of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam and such as the case of medium Ali Salaam as well, and such as the case of many of the prophets, so by their own efforts, or just by the purity upon which they were created, as well. So

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when we attain that purity, that is when we we can become recipients of the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala to deliver that knowledge onwards, but a we have to gain purity and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to stay in Hari Hara for a long period of time. And that's why when the first revelation came and then set out on why the why he stopped the profits a little longer, it was seldom used to continue to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, one of the first revelations, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was told what Yeah, you had a Muslim woman later in LA Caleta almost a min

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old person who has been wrapped in a cloak go and stand up the night except a portion of it and also

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different portions of that night. The point is Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that go and worship during the nighttime. Okay, so as he's worshiping during the nighttime, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is purifying himself to become a recipient for more wine so he can transmit that knowledge onwards. Similarly recently Salaam, he says in the Abdullah, I am a slave of Allah, that worship and and servitude to Allah allowed him to get what are dannielle kita that allowed him to get the book was your Allah Nina Vidya and that allowed him to also becoming a prophet and after this entire circle of prophethood, the book and

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worship even before that occurred, that's when he said what Gianni Moroccan and he's made me a robotic person. I bless that person, the scholars, they said they said, more aluminosilicate that Allah subhana wa Jalla made him a person who teach the people goodness, while there are many mubaraka in America to enable Salat

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala made me mubaraka a namaqua wherever I was, that's a powerful statement. A lot made me robotic wherever I was. You see when we actually work towards being recipient of the Divine height that comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right, when we actually work towards being recipient for the openings from Allah subhana wa Tada, then we become Mubarak then we become blessing wherever we are. And that's the true sign of a person who Allah subhana wa tada has chosen for this message that in every situation in any situation, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes him about, right, Allah subhana wa tada makes him bless it. And the way to do that is to be patient, you know,

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in our times because of all sorts of media outlets that we have social media and so on and so forth. People are always just ready to to give, give give, even if they haven't attained anything. And the scholars they say that a believer is like a tree

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and Allah subhana wa tada says, This is no Quran as well. methadone Kadima, tiempo de Botton Casa de campo de vos, no hobbiton

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toty akula, Kula murabaha that the example of a pure word is like the example of a pure tree. Also, wasabi can it's firmly rooted within the ground will follow through houses summer, and it's and its branches. branches are towering within the heavens, right. And that's because a tree takes a long time for it to grow. Once it finally grows, it's able to produce that fruit and grant that fruit to humanity. Similarly, when a person is patient in receiving the knowledge and receiving the information that he will be disseminating to people to try to correct if he's patient in that process. Allah subhana wa tada allows the person to tower further and grant further and he makes him

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such that at akula cola is near a beer that it grants its fruits at every single moment by the leave of our Lord. And that's why his early salami said the same thing. He said why Jelani Mubarak and Allah made me Mubarak, Allah maybe bless it a namaqualand wherever I was, and whenever I was also named the salaat. And he also granted me that we'll see ya, he granted me the will. He granted me he commissioned me to do what to praise Allah was the cat and also

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To give the cat Madden to hire, so long as I live, that was there we'll see have a loss of Hannah, what's the other 270 million, that was the CEO of Allah Subhana Allah, the will of Allah, for me, the you know the recommendation of Allah, the binding recommendation of Allah subhana wa tada Teresa alayhis salam as well. And that is that he prays to Allah, and that is that he gives a cat as well. You see, a salaat is the best thing about that when it comes to what when it comes to a bad doctor. But anyway, when it comes to the acts of worship would happen to be done by the body. And as the cat is the the amount, and the God is the, the, it's the right that Allah subhanho wa Taala is placed

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upon wealth. So Allah subhanho wa Taala collected within this was a year, and within this recommendation between two different types of worship, the worship, which happens to be a worship by the body, and also the worship, which happens to be worshipped by the money, and so on and so forth, we're not going to hear so long as I live. So that shows us that, that our soul art and the God are actually pillars or are actually, you know, shut out or signposts within other religions as well. And we're not the first religion who had received these, these two particular acts of worship. The only difference however, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala had made a lot different between different

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religions, meaning that some of them had more. Some of them had more prayers to pray, some of them had less prayers to pray and so on and so forth. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he, after after conversing with Allah subhana wa Taala in the journey of Salaam, Raj, he was granted for his own mother does Omar prays five daily prayers are asked Allah subhana wa tada to strengthen us to do that. I mean, Bernie

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Madoff to hide so long as I remained, and so long as I'm alive, Allah Subhana Allah continues and he says, What about non duality, and also Babylon duality? And I am Bob.

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I happen to be pious and beautiful to my mother as well. Now the question is Why did recently set up single out his mother and he did not mention his father. And why did he say bumble bee while he did it specifically as opposed to the Father What am jadrolinija bought on shafia That and more be in the line Tara will continue to discuss in the subsequent Episode gerakan below seven for listening. Awesome Allahu Allah,

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Allah, Allah He also have been ajmeri was guru, Gita de Maria.

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De that mean, Li

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