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The Establishment of the Muslim Army

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah about

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we said when the profile is so too slim first enter that Medina. There were four projects that he first initiated. What were they

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establishment of the masjid Good. Then brotherhood.

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covenant? Yes.

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Then the Muslim army, however army wouldn't be the most precise translation or what more be militia militia, basically what's a militia? When you have civilians who basically muster up the strength, whatever they can, and then they fight so it wasn't like a professional army, which had, you know, millions of Durham's and dinars, you know, backing from the government. No, it wasn't like that. So that did basically muster up what they could from the civilians, or didn't have professionals I call the media. So more militia, right. So we left off by discussing and Walla Walla Baba, the Brotherhood, that's very important. And that's really part of the third

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project that the profile is little slim started. And that was the covenant. So we're going to look at the covenant today.

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And then the establishment of the Muslim army or militia.

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As for the covenant on

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page 229, from the green silk nectar book,

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you can find the details there. PAGE 229. Talks, the actual heading is the charter of Islamic Alliance. Basically, the profile is set to slam wanted to ensure and Willa and Bara was solid among the Muslims, in other words, allegiance to the believers and this allegiance from the disbelievers. That's what unbelievable about his love of the Muslims, Allah and His Messenger, and of course hatred to ship and its people. So among the things that Prophet list Roger slam would say, and, you know, to instill this Weller in the believers hard work, of course, famous Hadith that we know of today, such as you will not intergender until you all believe, and you will not truly believe until

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you love each other. Sharona inform you of something if that if you would say it or spread it, your your love would increase amongst you and what was it, the selam so spread the Salaam to those you know, those who don't know, another Hadith is smiling in the face of your brother is Sadako. Another Hadith Sadako is even any offering to help your brother with his bags, luggage, right small things like that increased brotherhood. So these are among the ways the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will try to increase the wealth amongst the believers. And of course, the covenant was there to ensure the borrower was there as well. In other words, if you read I'm not gonna mention every single point

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of this covenant, you can read it and then the pact on the next page. Also, it mentions about blood money and that a believer should not side with a disbeliever against his brother. And if a believer is killed, the blood money is how it's paid. And if a disbeliever is killed, these are among the conditions that were stipulated in the covenant. So I'm not going to spend too much time on that you can just read the notes on page 229. Under the heading of charter of Islamic Alliance, I wanted to go now and discuss the establishment of the Muslim army or militia, for lack of better words, and this is in the sealed necta

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under the heading the Prophet on the battlefield,

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first and foremost, let's look at the stages for jihad.

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But before we do that, what is Jihad? Jihad came from the Arabic word

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and what it means to strive to struggle. So jihad is a wide concept of struggling and that can include struggle with your wealth, struggle with

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units striving, with

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your soul striving on the battlefield, right? So it's the word jihad is a wide term but Qatar is a part of jihad to the Qatar is the fighting right? So that's what we're going to refer to here we say Jihad now referring to the title, otherwise the striving on the battlefield, literally. So it will claim mentions in the title mad, and this is an amazing book of sealer. What is that the most commonly translated?

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Correct provisions for the hereafter? amazing book Bible claim. It's a book of what

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What is it cielo? I just said, Yeah, let's check in your attention spent slowly dwindling away.

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It's been a long night. Zazzle mad, amazing book. It's a book of Syrah like none other usually find books of sirach. chronological that's what we're doing right. We take events and timeline. However, his approach was a totally different one. He basically takes you on a personal journey of the

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Life of the profile is so too slim on a daily basis how he was in the home, how he was with his family, what he'd have for breakfast 48 at night, what would he do in the evenings? How would he sleep, his clothing, his army, his military, his weapons, right all those things. So it's a personal life personal journey in the daily life of the messenger amazing. And what's amazing is how we all fit together man, and I've got it at home.

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It's around five six volumes. He said that I love to fish so far. It is I love to I read it I love to make commentary on it. Five Six volumes of

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Allahu Akbar was mentioned have one bidding manager from his memory without a book or from his own personal library ignore him and he said I wrote it as we said if you suffer on a journey journey, my dear brothers Camelback that's tough on a comfortable SUV air conditioning Hi Alex right. Camelback from Bay to knock this to Mecca. No five star hotel on the way either. And Campbell's a very difficult beast to deal with right you just look at it wrong way or spit in your face.

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It no claims he allow an amazing book. I mean, you have to get this book my role has been translated. It's called Zed mad provisions for the hereafter. I think in the English translation. I don't have it. But I think it's probably maybe 678 maybe nine volumes, although Ireland and will him he mentioned in the demand because the book of zero. We mentioned here, he said there were four stages for jihad.

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First ganim huruma it was heroin wouldn't heroin came from how long? What's that mean? prevalent good.

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And this was meant primarily for the most part we know in Mecca was good capital yet yet is here right to restrain other words, be patient.

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They weren't allowed to fight because if they were to fight there, what would happen? They'll get slaughtered on mass all of them, Islam will be destroyed, there is no point. So when you're in a position of weakness, you have to use wisdom, wisdom here is not to fly.

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When he said can ama Dune and be here, then it was Macedon. Athena to give permission to other words it was permissible

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depending on the situation, so it wasn't obligatory wasn't instructed or encouraged. It was permissible.

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Then it became what?

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Jani? Yes, more Ghana more on vehement better Alcatel was more from amor what's a command? So as commanded or instructed you could say both the correct

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limb and better ability to whoever force whoever started fighting sorry, whoever initiated in other words, what type of fighting was this?

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Yes, sir. It was defensive. Yes. Good.

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Some more on V Lika Fatima chicane, and then it was instructed and commanded to all the kuffaar In other words, go fight them or fat Jamia? Even if they didn't initiate so what was that top of your head be not defensive? offensive, so commanded and instructed but this time, all of them? I don't want to assume law would go and initiate was with the Romans and the Persians. Yeah, they didn't attack them, Medina, he initiated so offensive. Is that offensive Jihad? There sure is.

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what are the objectives of this? Right? It's not just to smash them all and kill every single woman, child and non combatant.

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No, combatants, only those who are hindering the message fighting Islam. So the objectives of fighting What are they this six so I don't think we're gonna have time to actually mention all six now. So next week is Sharla. What will do?

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What are the objectives of jihad, it's not just a fight every single person and kill them all, but rather There are six objectives. We're going to mention them while still empathy, shallow mentioned them next week in detail among them, so people can enter into the realm of Islam. Not necessarily be a Muslim, but into the rule of Islam. Right. So to remove injustice and oppression and things like this are mentioned those next week inshallah. So panic, a little more panic, a shadow and Mr. Furukawa to me