Lies Everywhere, have you notice

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There is a very famous speaker. I'm not gonna mention his name, but he says the John is the television screen. The dad is the TV. And he gives good arguments with the jealous one night. The TV is one screen by I'm going to get rid of my brain and say, Okay, I agree with you. He said, Why is he called it the gel? Because he lies all the time. What do you see from TV lies all the time. Everything lies, news, lies, commercial lies. The sandwich in the commercial.

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The things fall in slow motion. The lettuce is sweating the tomatoes kitten, and it's spinning when you bite. It's like the guy who just stepped on it with his foot and gave it to like when the big one and the lettuces. Why No. Then the Hadith says that the gel enters every household and the TVs in every household. Sounds good.

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And if that's all I knew about the John Colet, the guy makes sense by it, but what's our rule? All of the signs have to fit. Okay. The Hadith also says that the judge has a right eye and his eye Muslim images is the right eye and it's protruding like a grape. It had he says that on his forehead. It says Kapha not Sony. The hadith says that the gel cannot enter Mecca and Medina is their tea is or their TV sets in Mecca and Medina. Yeah, the Hadith mentions that the gel will cut a young man in half. Do they make a TV that does not? If they do don't buy it?