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Salam aleikum, hello watercolour.

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As you may have noticed, maybe the numbers have decreased a little bit. And this is the case of Ramadan. SubhanAllah. It's like a roller coaster, you know, towards the beginning of Ramadan, the message that packed towards the middle is we see a dip, and then during the last 10 nights and then a spike. So this is maybe it's a sunnah, but it is not sooner from the time of US allies, maybe Canadian sooner or whatnot, as closer together. So the chef is over here today. He just completed solid lock man. So three souls, I think for a little bit of Saba at the very end, they're gonna cover they've covered Lachman. He's into such that now, after such that exam and has that little bit

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of seven. I'm going to only going to cover three soils and Chava. Today, I'm going to cover solid flockmen solid subject, and a little bit of salt hazard as well. Solid document. So the document and solid asserts that they are Mickey swans, and they are from an Muthoni solid lochmaddy 34 altogether, so essentially a 38. So hazard is a metal you saw with regard to South Lachman, we call up man as solid.

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About phobia.

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It's about

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tarbiyah of our children. Look, man, it goes about this. Oh, talks about this man. Look, man, was he a prophet? According to the consensus of the scholars, Lachman was not a prophet, not a messenger. He was a hacky. He was a man who was righteous man that used to live at the time of the road, and he said a kind of hacky use. He used to be called Lachman and hacking. And what is hacking hacking comes from checkmates in although affic math in Arabic, meaning wisdom of wise, Hatim wise. Checkmat means wisdom. What is the meaning or what is the definition of hikma?

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And hikma I'll call the lady and Barry Philomath Canada again Barry Allen managing learning and you know, saying the right words at the right time,

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at the right place,

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being wise when to talk and what not to talk when to act and what not to act. So look man, and he sat down he was wise and then he was teaching his kid this beautiful, you know, concept. The first thing was that he was teaching him about children of Allah Xhosa. Oh yeah. When a and you will see in this area as in the Surah. He repeats saying you know, whenever he calls his son, you're gonna you're gonna Yeah. Oh, my beloved son. Oh, my beloved son. Oh, my beloved son. This is Yeah, and it's one of the beautiful, maybe it's wisdom when you want to give NASA admiration to your son to your daughter to your loved ones. You know try to hug them try to come close to them try to befriend

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them. He wasn't any good at it shows that he was compassionate with his child. Yeah, when he learned to shake Camila the first and foremost don't associate in on Eliza and then he's teaching him about the power of Allah the

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Japanese kind of habit even further. Further professor what is Officer Malik Oh, yeah, Teddy Alma. This is amazing. Oh my son. If it's if it's a great as small as a mustard seed, if it's under a rock, it's if it's be it in the heavens or in the in the in the earth. Allah can bring it forth and open holes about it. So you cannot hide. You can run like I said last time, but you cannot lie. So he's teaching him about the power of Allah is notion. The product of Allah assertion that he is teaching about sada is teaching him about parents is teaching him you know, the kindness of the parents is teaching him about manners about HELOC about moral conduct. So much so that he is

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teaching them about how to speak and how to walk not in a loud voice was building some of the work that he called admin salting in uncover assaultive assault on hmil

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So beautiful advice, please go back and read the source. And then Allah subhana wa Tada talks about the enemy of Allah azza wa jal associate, I tell you a quick story, which happened avoider, I think was That was my soul. He saw a dream in his dream. He saw multiple modes so he asked him, How long am I going to live?

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And then that man did this or that person in his dream that this five so he woke up asking the scholars I saw his dream the Angel of Death telling me you know, five is that means we're going to be five days. I'm gonna give you five years I'm gonna be five months so they're gonna say no, you're gonna be five months over say five years

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until he spoke or he entered the item, the CHE the Mufti

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Abu Hanifa. Omar, he says, Five means Allah

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Are there only five there's five things that only Allah has to know about. This is at the end of sort of man in Namaha. Count with me five things nobody will know about them except Allah has chosen five things number one, in the end of Swakopmund in number hando. It was ALLAH knows when is the center? When is the hour the Day of Judgment? That's number one. Only Allah would know that

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the love behind our animals, well units zero because he's the one who sends down the rain. He knows where and how or where or when the rain would be. Yes, they have forecasts. They may be wrong. They need to be right. Allah subhana wa Tada is the only one who knows where and when and how much rain it will pour if it's if it's going to be number two. Number three, well, yeah, and it will mess with our hand and he knows that when she's in the womb.

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Male Female, not Allah mudra doctors, they have signs that it is only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that. That's number three. What mattered enough soon mad that xe Bovada will monitor the

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entire mood, no soul shall know what they go into Earth tomorrow, and no soul shall know where they're going to die.

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Find things on their last version was about that sort of document. So what this says that a name that speaks about the solar as such that the solar teaches us about submission to Allah subhana wa Jai. And I think just the sake of this luck that we're going to pray right now which would be searched, I think say right. So this is a decision that would be the search that means the prostration. It talks about submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala in Ma Ba ba attina alladhina either local Be humble sutra that those who believe in our science, those who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala when they are mentioned or the names of Allah or when the signs of Allah as I

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mentioned, how sutra that they go into frustration, Allah Allah subhana wa Taala pleases the Sahaba and he says with regard to the to the companions of the Prophet ISIS them that the Jaffa, Zhu Mandela mother Raja, going out of the home half of

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the teacher fashionable, they are there forsaking the baths, they're turning it switching between the sides at night when they're sleeping, they just want to wake up and pray and supplicate to Allah subhanho wa Taala you may say when is the last time that they had a good night's sleep? The Sahaba maybe they never had a good night's sleep nor the Prophet Muhammad died they would sleep and then at the same time they just want to get up Is it time for sudo Is it time for the or is it time for Salah is it time that the Jaffa is you know I didn't my budget yet.

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So that is amazing. So I talked for about the last I'm sorry, 47 minutes, and I'm doing good. Almost sorta is the solar of the conference. It happened in Medina. Those of you who've been to Medina

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you may have visited the trench. The Trench the government of Saudi Arabia, they have covered it but it still exists from the battle of the Confederates the bottom of the trench when Quraysh and Papa Han and Bengals lay and then operate under the hood. They come for the rich they they gather up against the Muslims they were 10,000 versus 3000. So the idea of Solomon in Paris Oh, I should have asked you that question. Was the name of the sahabi who

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so he said Did you hear what he said? He says I know not because of you. Or not because I studied

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to one 911 one from him. Anyways, right? So none of that is a word Where's it from? 730 see

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Are you in it?

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From Persia settlement and fallacy from Paris? You know, they came up with an idea that the Arabs did not know at the time to build a trench. Do you know how long was the trench How big was the trench? The Trench was 5544 meters more than five kilometres long. 3.33 point 23 meters deep and four point 63 meters wide. And the Prophet Muhammad T 1000s are hobbies he split them it here learn about the the managerial skills of the Prophet Muhammad as a center split in the Sahaba not just all to get the bill that he split them into groups and then he had quality assurance he was going around making sure that managerial skills of the Prophet Mohammed has a certain about this battle

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eventually did they win the battle? Who won the battle named the Muslims did Allah send the angels in form of the wind came blue the tents they ran away the equation and the Muslims they want that that's it Cindy, this is why it's called brothers and sisters in

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I that will change your life. Ready for it?

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No gun and I that will change your life verse number 56 from soldats

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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Allah How am Allah He got the whole your salon owner Nabil yeah

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man oh

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yeah I you

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know Ali, swallow Allah He was a new test Lima Allah and His angels they send salutations of a prophet Muhammad or you who believe sent salutations of a prophet of Allah

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sanitation but our whole new cat when he came to the zoo one he told me other sort of Ma I stand up at night and I pray at night how much time should I concentrate on making solid dishes upon you the promises the more the better? The way he says

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the third the promises that's good but the more the better half of the nitrile urgency and that makes a lot of money the promises that's good, the more the better. It will be since y'all so much says spend the whole night my pm all making assault upon you that Prophet Muhammad told him Eden you found them to call you are you are you.

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You call them have your sister be forgiven? Well you should look and then your your your distress, your stress or depression shall be alleviated through the Salafi mosque

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you go into difficulties and maybe you need some some you have some hardship, whatever the hardship is a slot and then maybe you're sick. And then maybe you need a job or whatever you need from ALLAH SubhanA wa Dannah keep on making Salam o Allah rasool Allah His salatu salam Allahu Masada, Allah wa us will probably do Allah Masha Allah Muhammad Ali Mohamed chama Selita anybody to bring the camera Majid Allah Who abetik Adam, in some of

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the blame for the Adam in the chemical machine. Baraka Luffy comes up