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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying to a cause of prayer during the Friday prayer, even if the person on the phone is speaking. They explain that the hookah is not supposed to be used, but rather the mom should say, hey, don't talk too much. The reward for praying is greatly diminished, but it is important to inform others of the names of people who are attending the prayer.
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Buddy come on to like what a cat two wishing everyone a happy and blessed Friday. Actually, today I want to speak to you about some of the etiquettes of attending the Friday prayer. Now I used to assume that most people actually know this stuff. But I've come to the realization that a lot of people don't. So if your hands for the first time, good and also pass this along, educate other people as well. First thing when we enter the masjid on the day of Friday or any day really, but especially on the day of Friday, the very first thing we do is we pray to a cause of prayer. And this applies even if the Imam is speaking, even if the hookah is going on. It doesn't matter, you

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still pray those two two kinds of prayer. Actually, in the time that he was delivering the product during the football man walked into Michigan sat down and asked him specifically told him to stand up and to pray to work as a prayer and this is what is known as the heylia tool. Masjid. Second thing, we're not supposed to talk at all actually, we're not supposed to fidget when I was talking, I supposed to do anything. The only exception to this is if the mom speaks to you. If the mom speaks to you, you can reply but other than that you don't even like you know, sometimes people are sitting there and like their friend or their boy walks in and they'll give him set arms or shake their hand

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or whatever, even though you're not supposed to get to the point where the process I'm told us that even if someone's talking and you tell them like Hey, don't talk even that is considered like idle speech, meaning that's not what you're not supposed to do that. Also you're not supposed to like step over people's let's say you walk in, you're like, oh, there's room in the front and then you like walk over people to get there. You're not supposed to do that. The only exception to this is that if there's no other point inshallah Tada, our Juma prayer, the Friday prayer, the bulk of the reward lies and listening to the hook, but not just the prayer itself. Some people just show up for

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the prayer, detox. And I'm told us that the angels sit at the doors of the machine writing down names of people who are attending the Friday prayer, and then they stop writing the names down when the Imam starts to hook up. Not to say that you don't get rewarded, but our reward is seriously diminished. If we don't hear the football or the less we hear of the hotbed, the less reward we get for the Friday prayer analyst knows best Those are just a couple points. Like I said, pass it along, educate other people and call it out. I think a lot of people come to gym, they're not not aware of this stuff to let him know. Also, I'm doing more YouTube videos these days, recording like raw vlogs

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and stuff like that. So check out some more content on my channel, and I will talk to you later on what I'm talking about.

Some must-know etiquette’s of attending the Friday prayers.

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