Maryam The Chosen 02 – What You Should Never Forget to Ask Allah

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The acceptance of Islam's actions by Allah Subhanaw taala is a key aspect of their acceptance, as they are recognized as the ones who are being recognized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acceptance and growth in worship, as well as forgiveness and reward for actions. The speakers stress the importance of not being caught in a cycle of Yo'lls and not wanting to be worshiped.

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You call it muratore moron out of being mean to like mafi baloney more how long fat tail Bell linen knee in Mecca and that's me Oh Lolly

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when the wife of Emraan said love beginning adulthood aka Matthew Bethenny Maha my Lord I have offered you what is in my womb in your service Fatah Bellman Nice. So except for me two words so profound, so important, she says except from me in Atlanta semicolon, you are the All Hearing the all seeing so except for me except for me acceptance is the crucial ingredient to any action that many times we don't pay attention to. She's not just concerned with the action. It's a great action you're offering your child you're giving away your child in the service of Allah subhanaw taala. But no matter how great she's asking Allah to accept, and that unlocks for us the attitude of the

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righteous in every time in every place. We got to go back many many years but one of her ancestors, Ibrahim, I didn't set up and ismail when they're building the Kaaba, what are they saying? What if your father you brought him on kawaii the middle bait when Ibrahim and is married? Or when Ibrahim is raising the foundation of the house and is married What are they saying the company in Atlanta Samuel Eileen, they're saying My Lord except from us in Atlanta semi you are the are hearing and you are the All Knowing they're both concluding both prayers. The one of mediums mother and the one of Ibrahim and dismay. They're both concluding with the same two names of Allah subhanaw taala. You are

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SME and you are Aleem, it means the All Knowing you're the one who knows our effort. You're the one who knows our sincerity you're you're the one who knows why we're doing this, but at the same time, there's the All Hearing translated as they'll hearing but a Semia doesn't just mean the one who hears everything summer doesn't just mean to hear it also means to accept and hence the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us that when you get up from recording you say Samia Allah halimun Hamidah Allah accepts from those who praise him It doesn't mean Allah hears those who praise Him. Allah hears everyone and the Prophet cellulitis and likewise, he used to seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa

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Taala mean do you smell from a dua that is not accepted? It doesn't mean that that's not heard, every drought is heard by Allah subhanaw taala. And so they're asking Allah by His name SME to accept from him, and the set of us to ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to accept from them Ramadan, six months after the month had passed, so for six months, they'd be making dua to Allah subhanaw taala to allow them to experience on Milan, and then they fast and pray and experienced Ramadan. And then after that they spend the next six months, not just relying on the fact that they fasted Ramadan, but asking the last Japan OData to accept it, maybe thought about the line, he said, be

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more concerned with the action being accepted than you are concerned with the action being performed. So what does that look like? It means that you care about the excellence that's done in an action, you care about doing it properly, in a way that Allah Subhana Allah loves, you don't cut corners, sometimes you might go to a program that's Islamic, it might even be a Dawa program, it might even be and you go there and you see things that are clearly haram being done. But the reason why it's done and Allah Subhana Allah knows best, maybe they thought that this will you know, entice more people to come and this will this will make people more people enjoy the program more. But

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what's the goal is the goal to be accepted by Allah subhanaw taala. And so how can you get an action accepted by Allah subhana data if you do that which is displeasing? When a person is concerned is acceptance, then they're more concerned with Allah Subhana Allah accepting their effort than they are with people accepting their invitation, the prophets of Allah it was sent him said, Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah accepts charity, and he accepts it. I'm paraphrasing the Hadith, but the prophets of Allah India is sending them says that a morsel of food becomes like the size of the mountain of food. And so you can imagine if a person donated what's equal to a bite of food, not

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even an entire sandwich is just a bite of food. So from going to calculate that that's like 50 cents, it's not even $1. And if you go to a fundraiser and you drop 50 cents on the table, nobody is going to take bait Allahu Akbar, you're not going to get they're not going to stop the entire fundraiser, start making the offer you and making the offer for your children and making the offer your grant like you're not gonna get that on that 50 cent donation. But if it was sincere to Allah subhanaw taala then What is Allah going to do? Allah is going to take that 50 cents, he's going to take that quarter, he's going to take that nickel, he's going to take whatever it is, and Allah

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subhanaw taala is going to grow it and grow it and grow it until it becomes like the mountain. And so that event that had some sort of held on mechanisms and all this type of stuff, because they wanted instead of 10 people to be

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There are 100 people to be there. Guess what, if Allah subhanaw taala had accepted Allah subhanaw taala it would bless your reward so much so that it would have been like 1000 people were there, Allah Subhana Allah continues to accept and to grow. So a person becomes more concerned about their action being accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala then that action being done, then the action being done. So what are the conditions for an accepted action? Number one, that it's done for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that there is no other audience. It's not done for reshares likes

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duets, nothing is only done for Allah subhanaw taala number two is compliance, that a person follows the Sunnah of the messenger. So Elijah said, Look, because any act of worship that is introduced to this religion will be rejected. And so you have to ask yourself, if it is something that I'm doing for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, it's an act of worship. Is it something that the Prophet salallahu Salam did? Now? Are there signs of acceptance? Are there science? Well, at the end of the day, we don't know if Allah accepts any of our actions. There's no neon sign. The province of lightsome isn't alive to tell us that Allah accepted this from you or what have you. had been there a lot of

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Delano, the famous Companion of the Prophet saw the lights and he said if I knew that Allah accepted one action of mine, it would make me more happy than anything else because in the Maya tackable Allahu

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Allah only accepts from the people of Taqwa. But are there things that we hope inshallah to hide are indications of an action being accepted? Yes. Firstly, just comfort happiness when the action is completed that sense of tranquility. You know, even Taymiyah Rahim Allah He said that if you feel like after you do something, you just kind of feel contentment you feel happiness, you feel tranquility. He says that in Charlotte, that is an indication of your action being accepted because a ROB Bucha cool. Allah subhanho wa Taala is appreciative. And so when you do something and Allah accepts it, Allah Subhana Allah will reward you in the dunya and that reward may come in the form of

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that tranquility and happiness number two, being able to ascend to better qualities of worship continuing to grow, continue to become better, and so your Ramadan is accepted not by relapsing superhard on the day of Eid, but Ramadan is accepted by continuing to read Quran after Ramadan it's by continuing to pray after Ramadan by continuing to give charity after Ramadan by continuing to have those relationships after Ramadan, those good relationships that are created at the end of the day, no matter how varied our professions are in this world, our occupation for while we're here is the same and that is to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And so we all need to make sure that we

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continue to become better in our worship of Allah subhana wa that everyday Imam and no he has at the beginning of his famous collection of Hadith Hidalgo sleight of hand. Right at the beginning his introduction he quotes his verse of poetry by Edna Joseph so he says in the minister 40 acquirement Mughal mistake Hello, my number one was the karma Mao aka who for whom feasts are holding water. Okay, cool. Llama kata. Scholten, Navarro Farah Oh Surah makan of E for stock photo. It says from the elite are people who from the day they woke never slept. And from the moment they stood pursued the track, always ascending always higher. Every time they completed a level they look back and seek

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forgiveness for what they see of shortcomings all day like like people who they're on their mission to Allah subhanaw taala. But every time they get to a station that's higher, they look back. And they're seeking forgiveness for how they used to worship Allah before. You know that person who never prayed feathered before, then they start praying budget, but they're praying budget at 8am After the sunrise, but they're praying budget. And then they get to a point where they are always praying budget on time. And so now they're seeking forgiveness for the times where they used to pray for a little late. And then they might get to a point where they're always praying for get in the

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masjid. So now they're looking back at the years where they were printing budget at home, that are a guy and they're seeking forgiveness for not praying in the masjid. Right. So they are always as they're ascending in their spirituality, they're looking back at their former acts of worship, and they're seeking forgiveness for what they see of deficiencies, but that's always going to happen because we're never going to reach a point where we are worshipping Allah Subhana Allah as he deserves to be worshipped. And that brings us to the Third Indication of acceptance of action that you see the insignificance of your action. If no team says every time you witness the reality of

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Allah as Lordship, and the reality of his right to be worshipped, and the more you know Allah, and know yourself, it becomes clear to you that whatever you offer, whatever you have, whatever your catalog is your inventory of acts of worship, it's not what the true King deserves, even if you were to come with all of the actions of every human being ever and all of the jinn. So he says you fear His punishment and realize that Allah subhanaw taala only accepts you from his grace and his benevolence and his generosity, and he only rewards you because of his grace has done

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EuroCity in his benevolence, so you only see the greatness of Allah you never see the greatness of what you offer him.