Surah Al-Insaan Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Nouman Ali Khan


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Quran Week, Kuala Lumpur

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Hey everyone it's so cool to be back in KL again I've been coming here so many years doing many many story nights but this week this time I'm sharing a little insight with all these incredible people

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okay, let's begin. Oh the below him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim nothing but amazing awesome it's amazing incredible power to you just unbelievable. Amazing. Are you opening and mind opening?

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When I then you said anything.

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Minute daddy lamea che med school

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in now for now Kunal, you said I mean not all 13 am shajing nebith Eddie he fragile now who sent me I'm personally Euro.

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So Allah will start to surah in a really special way. He's going to make an argument about how irrelevant you and I have been through most of the universe's existence

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he says believers will have photos as normal

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doses the appetizer,

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what is the main course

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this is Allah's way of saying even the things that he has described are just the beginning.

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But it's a it's opened up a whole world of looking at certain sun, it feels like I discovered this surah for the first time. So it was really, really amazing. You know, I just love the way he you know how he dives into each word and each idea and it's a whole world in just a word. And it's just amazing, you know, like, we never actually stopped to think about that, and how the doubler itself is is guidance for the heart, And subhanAllah it actually does unlock the heart. And that's one of the things that I that I've felt so far in this meeting is my hope is that all of you that aren't even able to attend a Quran week are able to join these reflections because all of this work is

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actually getting posted on the in a TV. So to react was completed sort of tour. And now we'll hamdulillah SOTL inside and slowly but surely all of these are going up on Vienna TV. I want you to join this study and I want you to benefit from the work that myself and my team are doing so that you can also contemplate the Quran. In this way. I can locate in some article or

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