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Ramadan – Task Zero – Set Your Objectives for Ramadan

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Omer El-Hamdoon

Channel: Omer El-Hamdoon

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato. I hope you're all doing well I hope the first day of Ramadan is going well for you as well. And

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I also hope that you've listened to you've watched the video and listened to the audio. And and if you've done so then you've already learned that one of the most important things for us to try and do in the beginning of Ramadan is to set our intention and make it clear as sincere to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so the first task for today, which really sets everything off for Ramadan is to, I want you to be able to write down at least three things that you want to achieve in Ramadan. So go ahead, stop this video, go and get a piece of paper and pen and come back.

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I'll give you a little bit of a pause.

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If you haven't got the paper, go and get the paper, I know you you're still watching, you need to go get a paper and pen. And when you get that paper and pen, it can be a notebook. I know some of you might like to use your phones, but I prefer that you write this down piece of paper, there's a special thing about holding a pen. There's the whole there's a whole concept of the LM tool, obviously a tool for writing. So I think that's much better when you're actually writing with your own hands. If you are going to use your phone then obviously that's an alternative that you can use but I prefer that you get a pen. Now that you've got the pen first task for today I'll move on the

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first is to write down three things that you want to achieve through what is your intention rather in aroma one. So I've already mentioned a lot of them in the video and in the audio. So just go ahead and write those three things that you want to achieve in Sharla and that's going to set the scene inshallah for the coming days. See you tomorrow for the next reminder and the next task Samadhi