The Role Of Fathers in Homeschooling

Ismail Kamdar


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The speaker discusses the role of father as a teacher in homeschooling children, and how it depends on the family's culture and availability of homeschooling children. He suggests that the father should take care of his children at home, share the teaching load with his wife, and organized family field trips to study together. He also mentions that children are learning from their parents and that homeschooling is a natural activity for children.

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So one of the questions I get asked quite often is about fathers. How should fathers get involved? Should they get involved? what role can fathers play in homeschooling their children. And again, this depends from family to family. I know in most families, the mother is in charge of the homeschooling mean for practical reasons. The father is a way at work during the daytime, the mother is at home with the children. So it works out more convenient that she handles the schooling and also because in general, women are better at teaching than men. That's not to

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put specific skills or specific genders. But that's just the natural ratings of that, in general, women are better at teaching their men. And

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not that many men excel at being able to have the patience and the nurturing nature to teach their own children. But having said that, I do know a few fathers who homeschool their children, myself included, the person who convinced me to homeschool my children is a homeschooler himself. And he does it through Skype, he's away at work, and he Skyped his children and teaches them during the daytime. And he does it very well. So what can afford to do to assist with the home schooling of their children? Well,

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firstly, if you work from home like I do, or you have flexible work hours, or you spend a large portion of your day at home, or with your children, then try to get involved in the homeschooling try to share the teaching load with the mother. so that it becomes know a joint task that you'll do together. If that's not possible, because maybe you work out of the home, you outside the home for eight to 10 hours a day, you come home at night, you're tired. So it's not possible for you to be actively involved in homeschooling. And there's quite a few other ways that you can support your wife. In homeschooling children. One of the ways is to take care of the kids at night and give your

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wife a break. Because the entire day she's with them teaching them she needs one or two hours to herself at night, to take care of herself. So you can assist in that way, you know, binder resources.

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And then there are certain things which you as the Father will have to teach your children which they aren't going to learn from anyone else. So for example, I think it's very important for fathers to teach their children what kind of work they do and why they do it, and the different kinds of options that are available to them when they grow up in terms of work in business, money and financial related skills. If you are in charge of the finances of your house, show your children, how you did them, learn from you how to manage their finances, how to handle money,

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fixing things around the house, you know, when you're doing it, get your children involved, let them learn from you physically how to fix things. So basically, you don't have to be a teacher to teach these things to your children. You just need to involve them, you know, take them to work with you one day, let him watch you fix something, let him see how you balance your books and work out your budget. Let them be involved in your life. Some fathers are very cut off from the children to such an extent that some children don't even know what work their fathers do. This is a really sad situation. You want to have a close relationship with them at the end of the day, they're going to

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learn from you, especially your sons are going to learn from you masculinity, what it means to be a man to be a real man. How do men behave around their families in the workplace, etc, you're the one who's going to have to teach this to them. So whether you are active teacher in your child's life or not a father plays a very important role in the lives of the children. And these are some of the things that you are going to have to teach him in some way or another. Otherwise you're not preparing them adequately for this world. So the things that are important part of the life of a manor house, these are things you're going to have to teach your son and the things you have to

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teach your daughters and as I said, if you have the ability to work from home or to be flexible with your work hours and you're patient and you have some teaching skills, then try to share the teaching load with your wife. One more thing you can do as a father is organized family field trips and overseas trips or vacations where you can travel the world or travel the country together and study together and learn together about the places you're visiting. This is something the father can organize during the leave and during weekends. And that will also play an active role in your children's education.