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Love #11 – Who decides the MahrDower?

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Fatima Barkatulla

Channel: Fatima Barkatulla


Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. So the next question is who decides the mirror? Okay, well, generally it's the woman side that decides the matter, right? If the bride has a particular request, she should put that, obviously, she should discuss it with a father with a Willie.

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The well, he might have another suggestion. And it's definitely worth taking that on board. Because sometimes when you're a young person getting married, you might not really consider all the important aspects, you know, so it's important for,

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for it to be a discussion on the woman side, I guess. But generally speaking, you know, the, the bright side of the family will put forward

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what they think the marriage should be.

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And then the the male side or the husband side will or the husband himself, the prospective spouse himself will either say yes, or we'll maybe try to negotiate that. Right.

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So it's a negotiation in that sense, but, yeah, pretty much it is the woman side who get to put forward what the merit is. And then obviously, it's a case of

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are people willing to accept that amount?

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You might need to change it based on that right?