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Khalid Yasin


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AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of being committed to Islam and not giving up on one's own values. They also emphasize the need for everyone to be open-minded and honest in their practices to avoid negative consequences. The challenges faced by Muslims living in the West and the importance of learning from history are discussed, along with the need to be patient and changeable in order to achieve Islam.
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face and places are not made for them. And most messages anyway.

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Those are the places the see the potato chip bags and gum and candy and baby diapers and stuff all in the back. There's domestic

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toilets inside the masjid, the places where the Muslims make wounds in the places of the Sahara.

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If you think that people in the West who are accustomed to organization, sterilization, if you think that people in the West are going to come to the masjid, and think that this is a beautiful place that represents a beautiful religion, you are wrong.

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They will not say to you, because they don't want to embarrass you.

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But they do say to me, because I'm a new Muslim, and they feel they can talk. And they asked me all the time,

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what is going on with these people?

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A priest took his Shahada here in London.

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And he came to a Masjid. And after he went to that Master, he told me said, Listen, I do believe in Islam. But I don't think this is the right people.

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Because the masjid is supposed to be cleaner than a church. And it's not.

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We're giving the wrong message Muslims.

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Narrow mindedness of other cultures. We're narrow minded. We don't take the time we live in in Europe. But we haven't taken the time to understand European culture. We follow it.

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That part of it that pleases us based on our self interest, but we don't take the time to understand their culture, or to speak their language correctly. So that understanding their culture and speaking their language, we will be able to transfer Islam to them easily. That's because we're hung up on ourselves.

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We're hung up on ourselves, and it's not Islam we're hung up on is Muslim. And there's a difference between Islam and Muslim and that's why Muslims themselves are being treated the way they're being treated. It's not Islam being treated that way. The attacks is not made on Islam, it's made on Muslims.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala permits it.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala helps those that help his religion, not those who call themselves Muslims.

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Without the values and the traditions of the Kaffirs. We wear their clothes, we eat their foods, we follow their designs, we watch their movies, we go to the air, we do everything and we are conditioned, even in this university. You're not conditioned to get a degree and to service land when you leave here, you're conditioned to earn as much money as you can and to get as much pleasure out of it as you can and not to serve Islam.

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It is only your commitment to this Deen and the level of your Eman that is going to change that conditioning. And you need to understand that before you leave this university, don't fool yourself that you're going to become a electrical engineer.

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And you're going to do something for Islam. If you didn't make a decision to do something for Islam before you left this university, you're not gonna do anything, you're not gonna throw an egg.

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You're not gonna throw a pie in a pie fight.

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You're fooling yourselves.

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You have to be committed right now.

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You have to be accountable and disciplined right now. You have to be displaying the behavior, the characteristics, and the attitude of a Muslim right now. Because if you don't do at least four years, you're not going to do the next four years that when that money starts coming in.

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Don't fool yourself, that enemy has already conquered you.

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The Muslims, they are just, these are just a few of the faces and features of the enemy within which if we are honest and objective represent an equal or greater danger to Islam and the Muslims. by discussing these characteristics, I'm not blaming or criticizing, rather, I am identifying illness and the Muslim body of which I am a part of.

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And I'm doing exactly what a physician or psychiatrists should do when he or she examines his patient that is make an assessment or diagnosis. And then after that suggest a treatment plan.

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Each one of us needs to be open minded, honest and self critical. In order to suppress and arrest this enemy within us. We need to take action against this enemy before we can effectively rally ourselves against any external enemy.

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Dear brothers and sisters, the Muslims who live in the West have to appreciate the special favors and privileges of which they have been given. What are they? We've been given some

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political, economic and religious freedom,

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social, political, economic and religious freedom that is unparalleled.

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your grandmother's and your grandfather's your mother's and your father's, or wherever you immigrated from, did not afford you the same social, political, economic and religious freedoms. And you have to be honest about that. That's why you decided to stay here and not go back.

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Secondly, you have been given you and I personal, cultural, educational and recreational liberties and privileges that you cannot get anywhere else that makes us more responsible than other Muslims, because those who are given much are expected to do more.

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Do Muslims, we have a special set of circumstances and responsibilities as Muslims living in the West. There are many challenges facing us, the major one is a morality, corruption,

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distorting the Islamic message.

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materialism, opposition, prejudice and social absorption, we have a responsibility to personify and

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offer good and attractive behavior in order to teach and preach Islam as it is.

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We have to compete for influence and power. That means compete with whether the law gave you for influence and power, we have the right to do that. And a responsibility to do that, to distinguish ourselves. And we honor and in order to give honor to the Dean of a law, we have a responsibility to develop the spirit and the resources of igniting the flame of dour to be organized and to give a dynamic approach to the message of Islam.

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Now brothers and sisters, I

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understand that McGriff is five minutes away.

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But initially, I was asked to speak from 430.

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So if there was some time in adjustments made, that wasn't my fault.

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I was also told that I should speak about 45 minutes and then after that 15 minutes for a lecture, I have spoken 40 minutes.

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So if I spoke another five minutes, that would be the time of the lecture.

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15 minutes, questions and answers is only appropriate.

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Five minutes, I don't know what you can ask. But I've delivered my lecture in 40 minutes as opposed to 45. That's the best that I could do. Because I wrote my lecture.

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I try not to speak from the top of my head, I try to use some kind of order. So that I do it within the time frame that I've been given. So I would ask the organizers of the lecture that if they really want some appropriate questions and answers to be given that they should extend the question answer period, either 10 minutes, let the people who need to make Whoo, go make boo boo. And let the questions be asked, or we should have a question and answer period after the salon. Now, I don't know whether you have the time to do that, whether it's appropriate to do that. But I think that I have probably set forward some issues that need to be questioned or explained. And I would like to

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do so. But I don't know how it's going to be fair to do that in five minutes. What do you suggest? Well, the topic

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10 minutes.

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I think that that was also told that there would be a separate question and answer period for sisters. later on. Did you mention that brother?

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to time what we lost is that we have a general question last session for everybody who requested any sisters who do not want to ask questions.

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Please use the question sheets that are being provided and write down there.

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I seem to see that there was like a lounge with some red chairs off of the lobby out here, isn't it?

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Well, after the salon, is it possible maybe that I can sit in that lounge and people who may want to ask questions that we can't ask them these 10 minutes that we could come they could come to that that lounge

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Shall we? Okay, I think I would suggest that since it's 10 minutes involved, we might not be able to write things down and pass them forward. If there are some questions, just show your hand. I'll recognize you. I didn't speak about Osama bin Laden.

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I didn't speak about the World Trade Center. I didn't speak about September 11. I didn't speak about the Taliban.

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So if you got questions like that, I will not answer them. Although in another setting, I have my own subjective position about that.

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But if you want to ask a question about what I spoke about, I'll be more than glad to do that. But I will not entertain answers. Meaning that if you have an answer to what I said, I don't think that's fair. You have to get your own podium and print your own flyers.

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So I'll take it first from the sisters. If there's some sisters, you can write them down and send them forward, send them forward. Now take your lecture. Meanwhile, there's a brother right there in the back there. Yes.

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The brothers question was how do we get recognized by the government? How do we bring some kind of attention to them about actions which they are doing that we feel strongly about and so forth, and so on? What do we do about that? Well, as he brothers, it's a painful

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But if you study the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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This is our paradigm, the brother used that word paradigm, study the sealer. And you find out that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, wasallam, always told his companions to be patient, be patient.

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Don't be sporadic. Don't follow your Hauer most of the time. When impatience takes place takes precedent, you're gonna have chaos, and you're gonna have more problems.

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So I say let's start with the zero. Number one. If we're not organized under leadership,

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individually, what is it that we can do?

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What are we gonna do if we're not organized on the leadership? So first of all, I would tell the brothers, especially the younger men, be patient, discipline yourself and commit yourselves to Islamic study.

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And under the discipline of Islamic study of a scholar, or a student of a scholar, study the Quranic procedures, study the son of the Prophet of Islam, and follow the advice of those who know better than you know.

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If you show me a group of young men who want to do something, I'll show you a fool a group of fools.