Intermarriage between Muslims and People of the Book

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On behalf of the audience here today, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Donna and earlier your son Farid and the organizer for bringing us this enlightened lecture. And I'm very happy to see you today in person. And I Marsh. also believe in what you say about peace and harmony. And I think today's topic about women's rights and Universal Brotherhood is very timely. Yeah, and correct me if I'm wrong, I just want to there are so many things which I agree with you, I suppose the main essence is what you say in the beginning, you know, should we adherence of the major faiths religion in this world, if we are the learner one, that means we truly understand the essence of the

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origin spirit of all the major religions, then we will come to a common point, where be it what terminologies to use, whether it's a God is Allah is a Dharma, or it actually, in essence, it actually meant the one and only. Right. So if we could agree that then interfaith dialogue would actually open the way for peace and harmony, and there would not be any. So things like you know, differentiation, but more of diversity in harmony. Yeah. And I think what am I,

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by the way, my name is Richard, I'm an executive recruiter. For me, although I'm born a Buddhist, but I study Islam. And I mean, if someone say, I'm a Muslim, I'm very proud of it. And if someone say I'm a Christian, I'm probably as well because my favorite verse in the Quran is, in my era was 48, I think it's very clear that you don't what is more important is the good work that we do. Right? It's not so much.

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Because if God has taught us a single people, right, that's why he made us a lot of religion. Right? But he just wanted to try us and tested and wanted to give us but actually all our ultimate goals are go back to God. And if there's any differences, like we have today, if you refer back to the scriptures, whether it's the Koran or whether it's the Bible, or whether it's the sutras in Buddhism or whether it's the way the US, we will find that actually

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refers to the same thing that you mentioned earlier. I have to question which is related. First is regards the woman's right. I think about interfaith marriage. Actually,

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if from the Koran correct me if I'm wrong, I think what it was is my Ada was five, where he stated that lawful to you in marriage, actually the believers or the chase woman of the people the book, right. But of course, that will depend on whether you take the literal interpretation, or you take the Tafseer Makkah city I did recently, America city, if you take the literal, of course, some people would actually come to the conclusion, which is actually upheld by many of the majority of the Muslim government today, right? states that the Muslim man is allowed to marry women of the people, but not vice versa, right, because if literally, he states only the Chinese woman never say

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they chase men, right? If you look literal approach, but if you look at the Cassidy approach, which is the spirit of the law, and just know you're talking about the quality of the woman, and we know that we have to look at the language of the day, because those days, like we mentioned, mankind, mankind refers to both men and women, just the same thing we mentioned chair men, it actually can be a woman. That's why today, we rather use humankind and chairperson. So and because of the culture that they have that time, most time is addressed to the male by the men, the women as well. So if we were to interpret in that way, it would also suggest or men to say that actually, the women should

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be allowed to marry the man of the people, though. So now the contention is what is the definition of people the book, right, so the, of course, a lot of Garmin, including in Malaysia here, I suppose. They take the quite strict interpretation, so much so that they claim there's no such thing as a pure people on the boat, but I would like to lighten your confidence in a sense that we find the common the common ground, so commonalities, right in the sense that it's this is a book I will give it to you afterwards. Right. This is a book by razorsharp SME scholars under the common ground initiative by Prince Jordan. And our is actually contains a lot of proof from the Quranic verses,

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for example, 8719, which actually

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conclude that

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religion like Buddhism is also considered people out to vote. So my question is that in light of all these things, and also to remember the question, I've got a question, of course to question got it short, and the moderator said, if it two sentences is the question longer than that becomes a speech. Okay, so sorry.

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For two questions I've asked mainly dealing with married people.

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of the book. So reminders chapter five was number five and regarding can Buddhists because the people of the Book correct two questions okay, so okay

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okay I just got one more question No no no no no number one is the women Muslim women in light of the truth of the Quran

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should be allowed to marry understood that I got the question No need everybody remember Mary's mashallah Very good. Okay, thank you very much.

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Okay. And before the question you made a statement I'll come in after bouncer. Before you give the two questions you asked. You made some statements. I'll comment that after the if the answer to it even that I remember. Okay, okay. Thank you very much. Let me do a question that the Quran says reminder chapter five, verse number five, that lawful for you on this day is the food of the LA Kitab and the woman of the LA Kitab watched. So based on this, a Muslim man can marry a chaste woman from de la kita. But why is in the vice versa not allowed? His interpretation is many a diamond word is used Chairman it includes even woman can the chairwoman when you say mankind, it means humankind.

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Quran in Arabic language is the same when they say for man. Many times most of the times is included but not always.

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But not always. For example, if I say as a doctor that a woman give birth to a child it for men it's not man.

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Many times man includes women, but not always. Similarly in the Arabic grammar when you know the gist Yeah, you are nurse Nasod actually male, but when I translate or human kindness so in Arabic also it's the same when the male is referred to female is included, but not always. And that you come to know by the context

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in this was it does say lawful for you to marry a woman of the LA kitab. So women never include man in Arabic never.

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When I say for men, it no includes man, when I say man, it can include woman do you understand?

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Do you understand or not? When I say man, many times it can include woman but when I say a woman It can never include man

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even in English language, when I say Chairwoman, timing to Chairman No, when I say Chairman can be chairperson when I say mankind can be human can when I say a woman will be men right.

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Now, that means,

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even in English language, when I say woman, a man will never be included. When I say man, many times women included though in the woman the man is there W O Ma N in writing man is included in woman but not in meaning.

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When you write w m n man is included in the woman theoretically but not practically the same in Arabic, whenever the gender male is used, many times it includes both but never ever when female is used man is included coming now coming to the point, what is the reason? So your logic cannot be applied in any language? Neither English, neither Arabic with HIV those hopefully. Okay, now coming to the logic, you have to ask me why? And I'll give you the answer.

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The reason is,

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first of all, I differ with the majority of the scholars on the statement about women allowed that we'll discuss later, I'll come to your main point why men are allowed to marry a woman alligator but why not a Muslim woman allowed? The reason is that when a man marries a woman, the woman leaves the house and comes to the man's house. Normally,

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if you marry la Kitab, with Jews and Christians, the Christian believes in all the profit from Adam. Up to Jesus peace be upon him, we tell the Christian you believe in more that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon and we have Muslims cannot degrade any prophet of the Christians. What we say from Adam no i But I'm more than I that Jesus we believe in all peace be upon them all. We say believe in one more. So the woman who comes from the Christian family to the Muslim family, she's not hurt she has to believe in additional profit. If a Jewish comes, she believed in all the Prophet Romanum being the only Moses peace be upon him.

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We believe in

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two more Jesus and vomiting the abundant it's easy now if I take the vice versa if a Muslim woman goes to a Christian man's home that Christian doesn't believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him though he should have gone to the Bible does not so when she goes to a Christian house, she will be insulted.

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You understand? I understand your point. Dr.

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Mansour yet okay. Okay. Okay. Carry on. Sorry. Yeah.

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So here because of that, if a Muslim woman goes, she will not be allowed to follow Islam.

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So that's the reason one way is allowed for LH

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Double meant to come with allowed but for a Muslim woman to go is not allowed. I further disagree with the majority of the scholars. This was of the Quran or from either chapter five verse number five says lawful for you the food of delegates, and the woman of the LA Kitab wa modest. But there's one more verse in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two verse 221. He says that you cannot marry an idolatrous

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until she believes a believing woman, even if she's a born woman is much better than idolatry. Even if she follows you, she may be a beauty queen. She may be the richest woman in the world, she may be the most beautiful woman in the world to marry. A slave woman who's a believer who's a Muslim, is far superior to marry an idolatrous, even if she allows you and there was continues that do not marry an idolater until he believes a slave man who's a Muslim is a believer is far superior to idolater. Even if he allows you he may be the most handsome man in the world. He may be the richest man in the world, a slave man who's a believer is far superior.

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This is a verse of the Quran. Now one more verse of the Quran of Surah Majda chapter number five was number 72 says, let up kufra Xena Carlu they are in Cuf. Those who say that Jesus son of Mary is Allah.

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Now the Gulf. So one verse of the Quran says you can marry from the LA Kitab who are modest one verse of the Quran so you cannot marry those who do cough those who do Sheikh another was on the Quran says reminders are Profibus sound rules mp3 that they are in goof. Those who say, Gee the son of Mary is Almighty God. Based on this you cannot marry a la Kitab girl who says that Jesus is God.

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Who can you marry? Nonsense giving Salah Al Imran Chapter three verse Psalm 110 QUINTON Kira on Medina Frigidly NAS that Maroondah Bill Murphy with Ilona animal care, Nabila. It says that oh a Muslim, they are the best of people of all for mankind, and join what is good and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. And there was continues, well, Amina al Kitab, la Cana tidal lagoon, minimal more Minister Ahmed farcical if the people of the book had faith, it would have been better for them among the LA Kitab there are some who are believers who are more men walk cellml Faster cool, but the majority of ASIC people are transgressor so far into me, they cannot be a

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contradiction in the Quran. When the Quran says you can marry women from the LA Kitab one mercy you cannot marry those who do Sheikh for so they partner with GOD one was said that those who say Jesus is God.

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But one was says there are among la kita who are more men that meet today there are certain Christians therefore Unitarian, not Trinitarian majority of the Christian that Trinitarian they believe in Triune God which is not allowed in Quran, Vallarta Colusa don't say Trinity in Ohio. Lakota deserves probably better for you. Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 131. According to me, you can only married those chase girls, who are dudes and Christian who don't do * who don't believe Jesus is God and believe in one true God. Not any Mary Sheila, anyone. So I differ with the majority. Because I'm a student of comparative religion. No majority of the scholars who

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you can marry any girl from alligator, I said, No, you can only marry that alligator who's a moment. Otherwise there will be a contradiction. So I believe only those la Kitab those girls, those women who believe in one God, and don't believe Jesus is God. So based on that I differ and either told you does allow a man to marry a la kita who believe in one God, but does not allow the vice versa because that girl when she goes to a Christian or Jewish house, the prophet mama Salah Salem will be degraded, they don't believe in it. So how can you continue? You can continue having a weaker one tire of a tractor and one awful bicycle. Come into your question that you posed earlier, that I'm

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happy to say I'm muslim, I'm happy to say I'm a Christian. It sounds good. But for a person who has knowledge, it sounds contradictory.

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Even I said, if Christian means following the teachings of Jesus Christ, I am more Christian and the Christian themselves. But normal terminology of Christian means a person who worships Christ.

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The normal terminology majority of the Christians they say that Jesus is God. So you say I'm a Muslim, I'm a Christian, it contradicts the moment you say Jesus is what you can't be a Muslim. So that's the reason when you use words. If you know what does it mean, if you say Christian mean following teaching the fact that we are Muslim only. But if you say Christian means a person who worship Christ, you can never be a Muslim. You can't say I've got 10 rupees. And then tomorrow, you will say that I've got more than 100 rupees. I'm an arrogant spirit. I believe he says sorry. That means you're not like a normal Christian. Very good. Then if you do

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What a Muslim I can accept you.

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Very good, that that even when you do comparative religion, I'm very careful when I say, I'm a Hindu, geographically, I'm a Hindu. At the same time I see if you can do the personal regular worship. I'm not a Hindu, I make it clear. I don't try and butter everyone you want to save a few zero Muslim. Muslim means a person who submits evil to God who believe there is one God who believe that God has got no image who does not believe in idol worship, and who believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger. Better? Do you believe there's one God? Yes. Do you believe God has got no image? Yes. Do you believe it worship is wrong? Yes. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the

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last and final messenger? I mean, according to the Quran is that so? Yes, I believe in that standpoint, I believe ALLAH, so if you believe

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that God is one.

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And if you believe it, worship is wrong. And if you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, then you're a Muslim, then you qualify to be a Muslim.

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You can become more and more practicing later on. But if you agree with the basic, these two things are basic required for a person to enter Islam. After that, the other practices will come slowly and slowly. So if you agree there is one God, and if you say, I love worship is wrong. And if you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, you are a Muslim. And then I agree with you when you said that Jesus is not God, then I surely agree with you that you can be qualified to call a Muslim. That that is what I meant when I say

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I can be a good Christian, for

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me, when I'm with you to be a good Christian.

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Man, that is why I take the trouble to go into some background just to clarify that, you know, we have to encourage everyone to go back to their original spirit and have these other religious texts whether or not the majority of what the followers

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pay incorrectly. I agree with the majority not always right. I agree with you. You have to follow the Scripture, not the church. Yeah, brother. Now what you said in English that I'm a Muslim. Would you like to say it in Arabic?

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No. Would you like to sell in Arabic that there's one God and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God now, I think are just a word or words or profiterez Ramadan? He says very, Professor Tariq Ramadan. Ramadan. Yeah, I happen to attend one every session. I think he said, Well, correctly, he said he has no problem with Islam, but only some Muslim. He has no problem with other religious texts, no Bible or sutras or Vedas in original form, just like you say, right, believe in a 101. God by the followers, the majority of them right now. Correct. Same thing. I'm not here to defend the Muslims, every community of black sheep. I'm here to talk about Islam. And when you want to follow

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Islam, don't look at the Muslim look at the Quran. Yes, I'm asking you that once you believe there is one God and you believe that idol worship is wrong. And you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God. This is basically to gain entry into the school

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entry into the school first and then you may become second, third, fourth later on what I'm asking you would you like to admit yourself to the school of Islam that night? Based on verse 48, my Ada, I think Allah or God has made it so clear that this is not his will, you know, he's like, if I so we'll make you a single people, but that's not his plan. So in other words, those beds and

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that was the Quran if we wanted you could have made everyone believe then where is the best? If the teacher says if I want I can pass everyone that no one will study. So Allah is telling for him to make everyone believe it's very easy, but because this is the test either quoted the verse also removed chapter six, either Muslim or to Allah the helical matava is Allah was Kay did that and life to test which have is good indeed, if he makes everyone believe that very the test, he's already created that creation, the angels, the angels always follow Almighty God, but the human beings with giving a free will if they follow Allah's commandment, they are superior to dangerous if after free

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will to disobey then they will lower than angels in this aspect, I would rather interpret this passage as differentiation between the people of the book and the machinery coons. Let me say idly I haven't gone through your second question the people of the world. Okay, your question of people who haven't come to it yet? Yeah, that's the second question. And so the first question, and I've given comments on can What do you spoke before asking the question, but people haven't come to it yet. Okay, can I can I just sum on two common points that we share in common? Number one, I think you agree that most of the time, if not all the time, when Quran or any other texts that we see you

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know, in those

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So culture, language culture, even today, when you talk about a man, it will also include the women. Right? With the answer I gave, you know, brother. Yeah. Same question. Did you forget? No, no, no, no, no.

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When you say woman, the man is not included. I mean,

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allow me to go a little bit further. I'm gonna answer your second question. You're asking me a third question, because the moderator told one question at a time first to give a speech, which I had to comment on, then your first question then your second question I've done answered the second question. You're asking me third question.

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Don't get me wrong.

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But the moderator said one question at a time go beyond the queue. I will answer your second question. I would love to answer I'll be here. Even if everyone goes I'll be here. I promise you.

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I will not live by the first question. Can I have to answer the second question of yours? Oh, but don't you want the answer for that? Oh, are the Buddhist la Kitab

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I have not answered that. Did you get the answer?

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Okay. Okay. I can understand your standpoint. Given the answer, can you understand Can you read my mind? Great, do

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I have not started a mind zone elite?

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That is referring to the first answer that I gave to my first question. So you have spoken so I think I know what you said because all the audience know what you said. The first time the second answer whatever given because the first answer I beg to differ in certain areas. So can you allow me to give my viewpoints

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Yeah, to the queue? I love at the end of the queue. I'll give the second answer then go beyond the queue I would love but then there are about 70,000 10,000 people here 4000 in the auditorium 6000 outside. So you can go beyond that you also give the answer to your second question. The second question you pose that can we consider the Buddha's to be la Khattab? La Kitab in Arabic means people have the book. Kitab means Book. Kitab also means Revelation. It can be people of the Revelation. In that way even we have a book, even the Muslim daily Kitab but the terminology used in the Quran, Allah Kitab specifically refers to Jews and Christian and owners. La Kitabi the word

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meaning people of the book but in context of the Quran, it only refers to Jews and Christians we have many prophets. But when the Quran says oh Prophet, tell your wives and the believer who made mean only one prophet, Prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him. So if you know the language, you can understand that when the Quran says oh Prophet do this, it is only referring to the last and final prophet Muhammad and not the earlier prophets. Similarly, la Kitab means people have the book even Muslim that people have the book.

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In, in definition, but when Quran says Allah Gita does not refer to Muslims, it only refers to Jews and Christians. So at the time of the Prophet this idiom, Ali Kitab was only used for Jews and Christians. No one is there are many other people who have got revelation. There are many other religions which I've got book but in the Quran, it refers to only Jews and Christians. No one is it very clear cut, if you know if you because if you read the commentary by our letter Prof. Kushan Kumar, forget about common ground talking about the text. I'm talking about the texture depends on how you interpret it depends how you interpret whether you're

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using the interpretation of the Quran, if you say, Yeah, la Kitab come to comment on that with all Muslim come to comment them what does it mean? If I say you can marry a woman from de la Kitab le Cuddapah Muslim law so that means you cannot marry a man from Le Kitab man a Muslim also. So that the reason if I use your logic there will be contradiction in the Quran. So we'll come into your following I don't know the commentary should match with the text of the Quran. If the comment it doesn't match with the texture of the Quran and gives you a different meaning you reject that commentary? This is my answer for the next question. You can go beyond the pupil if I if I go just

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lastly, please