Nouman Ali Khan – Hope in Surah Az-Zumar

Nouman Ali Khan
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inna who who will have for him what and he will in Arabi como se moolah what enable in Arabi como se moolah human cuddly and yet to come from Milan saloon what Toby Salama de la la camara become men calmly Ania to como la de

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la to Sharon. Misha de Sabri were silly Emily Wagner, appdata Missoni Yahoo co de la Martha Bittner and multi Villa ilaha illAllah por la Miranda Mina Latina Amano, Amina solly had what I was hoping, whatever so the sub, I mean, you're behind. I mean, as we approach the conclusion of this incredible month, all of us are wondering if the worship is good enough, and that Allah will excuse the laziness that we had in our prayers. And in getting up in the morning and really paying attention and making the dog that we were supposed to make, there are feelings of accomplishment. And at the same time, there are feelings of regret that we didn't make the most use of our time. And every one

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of us has those feelings. Nobody's above anybody else in this and the only Allah knows where we stand. So our appearances and the fact that I'm standing here and talking to you, and you're sitting in the audience, listening to me doesn't put me in a better position than you, all of us stand in the same place in front of a lot of women. And this is something that we all have to be concerned about. But at the same time, we have something in our Deen, that is unique that I want to share with you as we are get saying goodbye to this month that I think is of paramount importance. And that is our understanding of forgiveness. One of the great incentives of this month is that every single day

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of this month is an incentive to earn a less forgiveness and have a fresh start in our life. That is one of the great incentives one of the great gifts of this month. And every Muslim is supposed to be cognizant of the fact especially in these last few days, that every single one of these days may be the day that your your sleep will be wiped clean, slate will be wiped clean. All of the bad that we may have done is no longer counted and we get to have a fresh start. We are as good as someone who was just born. We are just as good. If we can take advantage of these few days that are left and especially these few nights that are left. We're supposed to have that attitude. But at the same

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time, at the same time they'll put on is full of descriptions of people that get punished or on is full of descriptions of Johanna Peron is full of descriptions of people that are corrupt. That whose good deeds aren't

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accepted, you know, their their deeds get seized on judgment day who stand up on judgment day and they're even in shock. There are Muslims that are talking about on Judgement Day. And so little Hadid that are in shock because they were standing in the company of believers walking towards genda and all of a sudden a wall got dropped. And they say I'm not gonna come work with you guys. Were supposed to be together and they say no, no, no, you're not with us. They are the people that are heading towards MSA Bella. Bella, Bella kinako. Gentlemen for Sakamoto busto, Mahabharata Kuma, Amani, Hector de la, Bella. Hello. Oh, that's incredibly scary. I had the people who are on the

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other side of the wall, walk into genda say, yeah, you used to be with us. But you put yourselves in fitna. You didn't take take the deen series without a bus dome and you used to put things off. You used to say I will change. I'll get out of the Haram business. I'll stop doing this bad thing that I'm doing. I'll start taking prayer more seriously, but you kept putting it off afterwards afterwards. Let me just have a little bit more fun when the summer's over then I'll get serious after you know, after this comes after my kids get married, then I'll get out of the hot on business, whatever it may be whatever excuse you had you kept putting it off. Those people say to

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the people in the back. Yeah, we pray together. We used to live in the same neighborhood we said Salaam to each other. We help each other and even. But you know you put yourselves in fitna. What are birthstone Hatoyama? Well, first of all, and your false hopes, diluted you your false hopes, diluted you they deceived you? What does that mean? You thought that after all the stuff that you're doing, and you make a little bit of dirt on the side, or some prayers on the side is good enough. And you thought you're just gonna walk into genda? Like Allah says, the whole agenda, you assume you're gonna walk right into agenda, you got diluted by that kind of thinking? heptad law until the

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decision of a law came? Well, how about

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the one who is really good at deceiving did a number on you, he deceived you good. You were completely confident that gender is guaranteed to you. Those are the IR that are also there in the Quran. And they're pretty scary. So when we're in this month of seeking of us forgiveness, how do we how do we become people that are delusional? How do we know for sure that we're heading in the right direction that we're actually seeking Allah's forgiveness? And on the one hand, if you read those kinds of IR totally, you'll become completely depressed? Like nothing I do is good enough. I don't know if I'm on the right side of the wall or the wrong side of the wall on judgment day. I don't

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know if my forgiveness is genuine or artificial? I don't know. So how am I supposed to know one of the places in the Quran that so many Allah have talked about so many great thinkers of the Quran with a doubling of the Koran have talked about that say that the subject matter of earning unless forgiveness is comprehensively covered, the entire philosophy of forgiveness of Islam is comprehensively covered in one place, it's sort of to zoom up to 39 Sutra. And I want to share some things from that for myself. And for all of you. Like I said, in the beginning of this football, this is for all of us, just because I'm the one sharing these ideas with you doesn't mean I'm above

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it. And I've already been guaranteed something that you haven't, we're all in the same place. Allah azza wa jal talks about those who speak on behalf of Islam. And he says women actually who column women that are in Allah, well, I mean, I saw the hand corner in the middle muslimeen, who could be better in speech than someone who calls people to Allah, and does good deeds himself. In other words, he's not above action himself, he can't just be all talk, he has to take action himself, look kinda in any minute muslimeen. And he openly declares I'm among the Muslims, which means two things, one that he's proud to be Muslim, and to that he doesn't consider himself above other Muslims, that

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he considers themselves, you know, so we're all in this together, folks, all of us are in this together, nobody's in a higher position than anybody else before a large xojo. In this world, at least, and only Allah will know where we stand on Judgement Day. And Allah knows now to where our hearts stand. So this passage that I want to share with you begins with hope. And that's important, because our Deen begins with hope it doesn't begin with threats. It doesn't begin with warning, even though my thought about it because a lot of you like the predominant message that you have been exposed to since childhood is that Islam is full of threats, that our Deen is full of threat, you do

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this and Allah will get you from childhood, your parents might be telling you, you do harm. Allah is gonna punish you for that. And there's punishment of this and that kind of punishment is random and that kind of punishment agenda. Where does this begin call? The messenger is told to say all you tell them and this call is really important too, because it was critical for Muslims to hear the message of hope from their messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam and carrying on that Sunnah. We don't just get hope from the book, we get hope from those who carry on the legacy of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you and I carriers of that legacy are supposed to be people that give

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other people hope that's carried inside that coil. Julio Abadi, alladhina asafo Allah and fusi him

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I say to them, my slaves, my my servants, my slaves that have gone against themselves. It's rough in Arabic means to cross the border to go beyond what you should have. If you eat too much and you're you feel like the food is up to your throat, you've got to throw off in eating, you ate too much. If you spend too much on something that you shouldn't have spent too much on, you've done it so often spending. If you take revenge, somebody slapped you slap them 10 times you've done this often taking revenge, it's so obvious to go overboard. Allah says my slaves who have gone overboard against themselves. They've done things more than they should have in so many aspects. And Allah didn't say

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it's rough in what is this a slot filled man it says this law filled column. Is this a slot in lafleur? What What is this a slot in? What is this excess in and um, I didn't highlight it because there are so many things where excessive in you could be excessively lazy, you could be excessively angry, you could be excessively greedy, you could be you know, any number of things, any number of things. And the law says any of you that have gone overboard against their own selves. And that's the other thing. That's the irony of this ayah Allah could have just said yeah, by the end, Athena, the ovenable, the ones who sin you know, those who have earned evil deeds, he said, a slot for Allah

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and forcing him. What that suggests is Seraph is when someone wants more for themselves. And because you want more for yourself, you think that it's going to give you some kind of gain, and Allah gives the reality of the ayah he says asafo Allah and foresee him not Lee unfussy him. He says you've gone overboard against yourself, not for yourself. You were thinking that you went and you cross the line, because it was something for you. But the reality of it is every time you did it was against you, Allah and fusi him lattakia tuna Rahmatullah if you admit it to the fact and I've admitted to the fact that we've gone overboard in some things. we've crossed the line in some things that Allah

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says, Don't you cut hope off? Don't you know, this is definitely a Saku note. This is extreme depression, extreme depression, and what are we learning here? That sins? bad deeds, they make you depressed? They make you feel like Yeah, I was not gonna forgive me. Now. I'm pretty messed up. You know, what's the point of even seeking forgiveness if you know what I'm doing? You know, the kind of stuff I'm up to. You don't want to know, bro. I'm bad. And then at that point, you just say what's what's even the point of seeking forgiveness. And Allah knows that that feeling comes with those kinds of evil deeds. And a person just says, I can't even worry about forgiveness anymore. I mean,

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the people who are good, they tried to make a stepfather and stuff I I'm involved in way too much. And I don't see myself getting out anytime soon. Allah says la doctrina. Tomorrow, Mattila, don't cut yourself off. Don't lose hope. Don't become completely depressed from the loving mercy and care of Allah. Allah didn't stop loving you. Allah didn't stop caring about you. Allah doesn't is not no longer interested in showing you mercy. That's not the case. That is not the case. You start telling yourself all legends wants to punish me, I guess. No, that's you. I didn't say that. You said that. Allah never says in Quran he wants to punish you. He says the opposite. My father loves you as I

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become what am I gonna get out of punishing you? Why would he want to punish you? That's literally what he says. You know, one of the most incredible Hadith I read recently, that completely changed my view on things. I shared this with you before too, that allows bill all of us a home agenda. All of every human being Muslim, non Muslim, you name it, every one of us has been built a home agenda waiting for us and a family waiting for us. And some have interpreted that family to mean is guaranteed you and your family gender already. Just some people don't want to go. Some people just don't want to go. And there is going to be a lot of empty properties in general. When people go and

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Allah says about those properties, they will be given inheritance to the believers who like a homeowner very soon, they're gonna be handed in inheritance to the believers. For all those people who didn't want to enjoy the agenda and their families. Allah says in Quran Allah Xena has zero and for sama Liam yo malkia Murthy people who lost themselves and their families on Judgement Day. How do you lose your family on judgment day because the family was waiting the family was there a good life for you was there so long as he says in these is in the LA hospitals Uber Jamia, please listen to these if with open ears and take advantage of Ramadan what's left for you for yourself for your

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fat for your family's sake. In the La Jolla, Luba Jamia, Allah will forgive all sins all together. And it's the miracle of crime one of the great gifts of four other lessons Zulu and that's it didn't say say yet, because he had a bigger sense lubar lesser than that. And if you ever see him even cover the small ones actually the negation of the lesser includes the negation of the bigger. Like if Allah said Allah will forgive your big sins, that would mean that he will leave the small sins. He says I'll even take care of your smallest sins. I will why

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Your sleep so clean there won't be even a little stain. Everything will be gone Jimmy on all of them altogether. In the who who are looking for him no doubt about it. He He's the only one that is excessively forgiving. He's excessively forgiving and he's always always loving, always merciful, always carrying. This is the first message that was supposed to be given about forgiveness. Allah is ready to forgive everything.

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Allah is ready to forgive everything. Allah is ready to start use for fresh completely new but that is not the only thing someone just reads this ayah and thinks this is the message of the IR no no no no no. Look the the alarm of the commandments continue. So the next is the way to read it is called Eva da da da da da da unfussy him an EVO in Arabic calm it's like that it's not what that means is my slaves now that you know I won't forgive everything and come back to me come back to your master.

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That's the part two of this message the discussion on forgiveness is not done yet. Come back to him. He says I'm ready to forgive you but I my forgiveness isn't free you have to do something to earn it. Come back to me and even without a B comb. Turn your hearts back to your master you know told by an Arabic can be literal to doba can be of the heart to turn back to a love of physically a person turning back is also a form of Toba Inaba is only for the heart. The word Inaba is used in Arabic When you the heart turns back to Allah. So Allah says, where's your heart? What what are you obsessed with? What do you so distracted by? Turn back to your master? He's ready to forgive you.

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Well as the moolah who and then he says, Now that your heart has given up to me, and it's come back to me, then give yourselves up before him. Be in Islam, submit yourself be ready to obey was the moolah who will complete and yet the akula as

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the for punishment comes to you, then you won't be helped. Now Allah mentions punishment. So it's not like the I don't have punishment in them. They do. But where did they begin? They began with the offer. Look, I'm ready to forgive everything. There's not going to be any punishment on you. But if you want it, you better turn back to me. And you better give yourself up before me. And you better do this quick. You better not think you have time, you better not be from the kinds of people that are told on Judgment, take care of bus storm, you thought you have lots of time, so you could put it off. You know, it's like the few might not have a hard time. Like you put it off at one time every

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now and again. And that sort of thing. Don't be like those people unless as we get to it men, probably this man is called minetta Jean, right before punishment comes to you. I am telling you the punishment is not far it is near. And if you're thinking of Judgment Day, some people think judgment is so far away, right? in the home, you're gonna hope that they think it's so far away. When or who could even Allah says we see that it's close. But for each one of us, when are we going to go? Are we even going to see the day over eat? Who knows? Who knows when we're leaving? Who knows what Allah has written for the for the angel of death? Who knows if we're gonna make it to the parking lot? Who

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knows? None of us know that. And when we go mad Mata pocket karma tiama. to whoever goes whoever died this the AMA began. You don't have to wait for Yeoman kiama the J dear resurrection for your karma. It's just a matter of a split second. And when the angel comes, he's not gonna say Oh, I'm sorry, you have a meeting at five o'clock. Let me come back. It's not gonna be like that. It's when we're gonna go we're gonna go and there's not gonna be any delay. So Allah says, Don't put this off. Don't put off your heart turning back to me and submitting yourself. Well, an evil will be Kumasi moolah who, by the way, the beauty of this in our religion

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is that if one decides that they're going to turn back to Allah sitting in a hotel, they haven't even done anything yet. They haven't actually physically changed anything about their lifestyle. They haven't changed anything about the way they earned their money, or the way they behaved. They just made an intention in their heart, they're going to be a different person. And as they were leaving, or before they could even enjoy seeing their family again a light decides to take them, they are forgiven. They're clean. They came back to a lot. That's good enough. I used to know this man's how to land in New York City, there was a machetes, very big massages in Manhattan 96th

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Street, one of the biggest massages, and across from it is a really giant like apartment complex. And there's a Hindu man who lived there. And the machine has been there for decades. And he used to go walk by and here because they give the athon on the mic. So used to hear this around and you know, listen to it all the time. 96 year old, came into my shoes and said I'm ready to be Muslim 96 years old, took the Shahada the next two two days later, he passed away 96 years of schicke 96 years of law. But then he comes back to a lie is good enough. All of it is wiped clean. All of the evil deeds have been turned into good deeds for him. Under the law, he finally Roger home. There is the

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mercy of Allah. This is the love of

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Have a love for someone that before they go a lot, let's then come back to him. Well, I need to in order to become this not just a message for non Muslims, it's for you and me. We have to come back to a lot. And it's not just for you know, oh, no, I'm talking to those who think you're who are really liberal or progressive or whatever. I'm not talking to the religious people in the audience. You know, the sisters with the hijabs and the brothers with the beards, no, no, this is all of us. You know, Allah is not going to look at our faces on Judgement Day. Allah is going to look at what's inside our hearts. Just because we look and we act, you know, in a way that looks more religious

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than somebody else doesn't mean we're in a better position that's known to a lot well enable in order to be conversely moolah who mean to kumada.

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But who the commandments continue? Those of you that were insane, what w x Anima de la la Kumara becomes so beautiful. Allah says follow the best of what has been given to you the best of what was sent down to you what in the world does that mean? It means the Quran, there were revelations sent before but the best of whatever has been sent to humanity is Allah zbook. Nothing can be better than this. Why don't you follow it? Elia is telling us in this passage, that the people who want to come back to him the road to come back to him is his book and following it, and you can't follow a map that you don't understand. How do you follow a map and you don't know what the directions are? You

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and I have to have a direct relationship with this book. If you've been ignoring this book, then these I author for you, you and I want forgiveness, then we want a direct connection with the Quran recited try to understand what it's saying. Genuinely turned to a lion say Allah helped me understand this book. I'm reading a translation I don't understand. Help me understand its explanation. Tell me what you What do you mean? You're gonna make learning Arabic easy for me so I can connect with your book. I will alone make it easy for you. It's not like he won't. This is an open invitation to all of humanity. He said he'll make it easy he did. I can't make that easy for

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you. A lokhandwala Katya samancor analytically. We make Quran easy, he says, and he didn't say the Arab. He made it easy for the Arabs. They made it easy for all humanity. That's his promise. Show him some it's some genuine incentive, some motivation on your side that you're ready, that you want to come back and you'll see that the doors start opening from him. What who Oksana Mozilla in a coma Rebecca, follow the best of what has been sent. Meaning you could never have received a better but message better advice better counsel then this book. When a Muslim has a direct relationship with this book, they always have someone to give them advice. They always have someone to put their heart

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at ease. You open up any page of Quran and start reading reading you'll find you'll find ease and comfort. You start making Salah with who you are and recite the words of Allah and you will find solutions that you didn't imagine will come to you through the words of ALLAH is timeless and it's constantly applicable. There's one book that is always applicable literally, I mean I back in my college I did an experiment with a friend of mine as I hey man, we keep saying Koran is guidance let's do an experiment. Every time we have a problem let's just open randomly a page of Quran and start reading see if we find a solution. We did this for like a couple of months. And so had a

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lovely chair every day. I found this I had this problem and this is the I found and I wasn't looking for it I just was reading Karina just came out and this was a less solution for me. You know, this was a less advice for me so how to light so beautiful thing. This is what it's supposed to be this is the best and most beautiful thing that could be could have been given to us, you know, mean company and then says what to do SLM on Xena illiquidity Kumar are becoming company and yet the acuminata Belton want to notice before punishment comes to you all of a sudden, and you won't even realize in other words, people who know about the word of Allah, and they still don't care to turn

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to it.

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Then punishment will come. Because the Allah gave them the door, look, I want to forgive you, here's the book, take it, you don't take it, then you can't blame a life for them. So the next few are out there about people who have misconceptions about forgiveness. This was the actual understanding of forgiveness. This is the road you're supposed to take, Allah is ready to forgive. If you're ready to take steps back from your life of your excess in your life of sin. You want to make a turn and come back to him and follow the revelation that is the best of all revelation, you want to follow it then the doors are open, then you should be filled with hope. When we allow make all of us worthy of his

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forgiveness. But on the other hand, then Allah says if one punishment comes all of a sudden, and by the way, all of this was plural, the artwork plural. You know what that means that the community is being told to get their act together, that we're supposed to encourage each other to get closer to Allah that we're not supposed to leave each other behind. But there's a day coming and when that day comes, there will be no community we will all be individuals, we will all be saying enough's enough see myself myself. We will know what to do.

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won't be any family together. You know, we traveled together as a family we get all in the car together. We go every week we traveled together, not on that journey. Everybody's traveling alone. You're not going to be standing next to your family. It's not going to be like that. And on that day now the earth are all singular. So the person says, and Tokuda enough sahasra alhama philosophy Fijian Bella, we're in good to lemon Asahi, these are so relevant. Well I get some emails from people that have issues and I'm like so proud of Allah. And it's not a it's not a problem that has changed for a millennium and a half. There will be a kind of person who says oh my god, yeah ha

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serata the RTL at the end we couldn't even turn it into a Yeah, because it is closer to a smile. The guy because of his car ah ha and because of his husband he's not even supposed to be able to pronounce the yeah oh, what regret I have What have I done this is what he's saying. Yeah, has a lotta allama forgot to Fijian Bella that I kept falling short of what I was expected to do in Allah's presence in the laws company. Let me help you understand what this is saying. Allah said in the beginning you people keep doing excess you people go keep going overboard. And the only thing you do less than expected is what Allah wants you to do. That's called the fleet to fall short of

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expectations. And this guy says man I kept falling short of my expectations right in the last company and what does that mean right in the last company he jumped in the Quran says was Saki been jumped the guy sitting next to you. Jump is right in unless company you were you were close to a machine. You used to come sit next to other Muslims listen to advice from a large book. You used to listen to Quran being recited. You had family members that try to give you advice and all of them. Were giving you closeness to Allah, the closeness to Allah. First of all, Allah Himself is nearby in the curry. And second of all those who reminded you of Allah, you kept pushing them off, man, let me

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do what I'm doing. Okay, stop telling me what to do. Stop giving me I don't need your advice. I'm good enough. I'm good. I don't need the sermon right here. This guy says What have I done? How come I fell short. I could have done it. And then he gives the reason. Young people Please listen, he gives the reason why he fell short. He says what income to lemon assassinating. I used to be from the people that kid around. I thought all of it was a joke. I used to just whatever.

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That was my attitude towards advice. Literally, se. I didn't care. You know, there are people who lose hope and unless forgiveness, this ayah goes a step further. It's telling us about people who don't even care about forgiveness. They think it's a joke. forgiveness for what? Oh, yeah, Judgment Day. Yeah, sure. It wasn't even a serious thing for them. And the guy standing on judgment day screaming out. Yeah, how could I have taken this? Not Seriously, why was this a joke to me? And then the second category of person otaku? No and Allah ha ha Danny. The second category of person says Oh, if only Allah guided me. It's Allah Allah. In fact, if he guided me, look into me I would have

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been I would have been from the people of taqwa. Allah decided that I should be a party animal. Allah decided I shouldn't pray. Allah decided I should be lazy. Allah decided I should have an anger problem. It's not my fault. It's his fault. That's what he's saying on Judgment. Day two. He was a liar in this world and a liar and the next. You keep putting things on the law. Like it's a less fault. Like, you know, you're not at fault. So panela you never do that for anybody else. Somebody cuts you off on the road. You say it's unless fault. Oh, that guy doesn't know how to drive should be more responsible. If you've got a ticket. Why you blame him and you don't blame yourself? You

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know, somebody, you go to the grocery store and you you know, you, you're paying and the cash register person doesn't give you a change back. They owe you $10 back they don't give it back to you. Hey, where's my $10? She does he says to you Well, that's Alice's fault. A lot decided you shouldn't get 10 you're not gonna excuse me It's your fault. Give me my $10 you would you know how to make other people responsible for what they do. But when he comes to yourself, you say no, no, no, a lot decided I should do bad things. Really, you hypocrite?

00:29:11 --> 00:29:21

This is how you're going to be this is the excuse you're gonna hide behind and he's still saying it on Judgment I would have been looked at if Allah guided me. Allah decided not to guide me this is all predestination otaku.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:59

No and nanny Karla and or he when he sees the punishment, he says okay, okay, okay. Okay, fine. It is my fault. I admit, when he sees the punishment, if you just give me a second chance, though, under the camera, if I had a second chance for akuna Minal boxing in high would be from not just Muslim, not just movement. I will be from the mazzini What is the definition of a Moxon? You worship Allah as though you can see him now? Good. He sees punishment. He goes out worship Allah as though I see the punishment. I'll have it, son. I'm ready. Y'all let you send me back. I'm gonna be so good. I'm just ready to change now. Just Just one more chance. You know, you're not

00:30:00 --> 00:30:27

You give me a chance. These are the people that talk these are the excuses they make because they had false understandings of what it means to be forgiven. And what is his response to all of them as I conclude my hope bah bah bah No no no. On the contrary, the first guy that says oh my god, I fell short I'm so sorry. Yeah, you're sorry is not good enough. The second guy that says Oh, if allowed only guided me I would have been okay unless says yeah, that's not gonna fly here. Bella.

00:30:29 --> 00:31:11

Yeah, life you just give me a second chance. I'm, uh, I'm gonna be good this time. I got you. I'm gonna take care of business. This time. I'm gonna take it very seriously. It's not going to be a joking matter to me. Now. Allah says no. At that time is over. I gave you a message that I will forgive everything and you didn't care. You kicked it to the curb. You spit at that invitation. You thought it was a joke. That's your fault. That's your fault. Allah says Bella Khadija atka iottie My IOD came to you. And it's the singular. You know what that means? The revelation came to a lawsuit of loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam, or arm came to him and through him. It came to every one of you

00:31:11 --> 00:31:37

individually. Allah says jotka Tikka Tikka Tikka tikka, my God came to you and to you and to you and to you. And it's not even a katka it says cha cha means coming from a long distance. I said my Quran from the seventh heaven. I sent it with a legion of angels, to the final messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who bled so you can recycle on one day.

00:31:38 --> 00:32:18

people died so we can recycle on one day. People sacrifice their lives so that one day will people will be saying that Allah and be opening this book and reciting the fact that those are came to you for web Ha. And you thought all of them were alive. You ignored them was stuck Berta and you were filled with arrogance. You were arrogant to my message and my book, you didn't ignore that message that came to you from all that distance. This is who you were, know what contaminant? caffeine, you were a disbeliever. All along, you could turn to a line cry that day, all you want. This is the understanding of forgiveness, the art of Allah have come to all of us. This is the month we

00:32:18 --> 00:32:58

celebrate revelation. This is the month we get to say, yeah, Allah, my eyes have come up, your eyes have come to me, they've come to every one of us, and we are not going to be arrogant to them. We're not going to ignore them. We're going to take them seriously. Fix your relationship with the Koran this month, so that you can keep it going when this month is over. Be from the people I pray, I'm from those people. And you're from those people, that Allah makes it easier for us to get closer to the Koran closer and as the days go by. And then laziness never hits us. And now we're able to instill this love of this gift that Allah gave to every single one of us that were able to instill

00:32:58 --> 00:33:36

this gift and and an awareness and an appreciation of that gift into our children. That we're supposed to give them that enthusiasm that love. You know, how happy your child gets when you get them a video game. Have you seen the look on their face? Eight is coming. When we're gonna give them toys. We've seen the look on their face, how screaming and excited they are. That's called for in Arabic. Allah says about the Quran fabby donica. For who because of this Quran, they should be overwhelmed with happiness. Where's the happiness? Where's the happiness with the Quran? Well, how are we people that Allah the messenger would call sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah. And people have

00:33:36 --> 00:33:38

got on people of Quran.

00:33:39 --> 00:34:17

Where is that? This is the time to fix it. Don't wait till tomorrow. Don't wait till tonight. Become people of the Quran become people that come closer to Allah and truly earn his forgiveness and take the invitation that he's offering. May Allah azzawajal make all of us worthy of his forgiveness, His love and His mercy. May Allah azza wa jal enter all of us and our children and our our parents and our ancestors into his paradise may Lara's origin forgive all the mistakes of all the Muslims and mail now his origin except all of the fasting and all of the worship, even the ones that were that was full of mistakes and full of laziness. May Allah azzawajal accept all of it and make us of those

00:34:17 --> 00:34:24

that are standing in under his shade on judgment day. barakallahu li walakum for Anil Hakim bonnafon. He will be with us

Khutbah –  “Hope in Surah Az-Zumar” by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

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