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Ismail Kamdar
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Islamic Self-help was founded by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar in April 2015. It was established as a platform to help Muslims gain knowledge that can assist them in personal development through Self-Help articles, books and courses.

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar began his study of Islam at the age of thirteen. He has been actively involved in Islamic work since the age of sixteen.

He has completed a seven-year Alim course in 2007 and a BA in Islamic Studies from IOU in 2014. He served as a lecturer and faculty manager at IOU from February 2010 until October 2020. He currently works as a research manager at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research.

Over the past decade, Shaykh Ismail has served as a school teacher and administrator in multiple schools in South Africa and India. He has also delivered lectures and workshops in many locations locally and abroad, and appeared on many Radio Stations across the country. He has also served as a Radio Presenter at Radio Al-Ansaar for several years, until November 2016.

In 2011, Shaykh Ismail discovered the importance of personal development and noticed a lack of Islamic literature dedicated to this field. After consuming dozens of books and courses on the topic, he decided to start this blog. The focus of this blog is articles and books related to the field of Islamic Self Help.

Shaykh Ismail is the author of Having Fun the Halal Way: Entertainment in Islam, Getting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide to Time Management, Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence, and Homeschooling 101, among other titles.

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