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So that was Sarah mala glad to be Avada and lava in our second

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solo party with alum, Sharon said to her,

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we are going to take a break distribute from our usual series of lectures on the quality of Islam in the country and the description of Islam to discuss something else.

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Most of us should be aware of what's going on in France at the moment and the situation of the Muslims in many countries where Islamophobia is rampant. And so today, inshallah, I just want to share a few words. The first good part about addressing the topic of why we as Muslims have such deep feelings, when people insult our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam important to understand the religious and psychological side of it. And in the second Goodbye, inshallah, we are going to take a look at what is the proper way to channel these feelings? Because they are people who channel these feelings in a wrong way, it causes more problems for the

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right, so these are the two topics we're going to look at today.

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Why do we have the strong reaction? And what is the correct way of dealing with it? But before we do that, you know, some people may see but this is happening in France, and we live in South Africa. We don't have that Islamophobia. We don't have a government or we have has corrupt or as anti Islamic as the government of that land. So why should this bother us? Why is this relevant to us? And there are a couple of reasons why it is relevant to us. Number one, we are one woman. Whatever happens anywhere in the world, it should affect us. We should feel for our brothers and sisters in other countries who are facing problems that we don't face. You know, sometimes I get questions like a

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sister emailed me and said, she wears niqab. She lives in Paris. What must you do to change? taqueria Nika, since you move to another land, and have to find a way to answer in a way that's practical and beneficial for her and her family, right? So we may be living in other countries, but other people's problems do impact our lives in ways that we don't know. The second thing in a way that affects us is that we, as South Africans, shouldn't take for granted the privileges that Allah has given us in this country. But we are protected from Islamophobia. We have the most freedom of religion, from any majority non Muslim land in the world, you will not get this level of freedom of

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religion that we experienced in South Africa almost anywhere else, not even in most western countries. Right. So we shouldn't take this for granted. And if we take this for granted, Allah can take it away from us in the blink of an eye.

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So we should be appreciative of this and use this position to help those who are in more difficult situations. And across the globe, the oma is facing a lot of difficult situations, whether it is countries like China, where Muslims are being actively and openly oppressed in ways that people say will never happen again, with his places like America, where there is this genuine fear that something really bad is about to happen, when he places like France will be seen Islamophobia becoming national policy, and people's organizations getting closed down. The Muslims have reasons. And well of course, it is places like Palestine, which is slowly disappearing off the map and being

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replaced in a parking state. They have problems facing the oma all over the world. And these are our problems, because this is our models. Now one of the issues that people raise about this is why are you Muslim, so sensitive? And this is the question they ask is just a joke, is just a cartoon. It's just a movie. Why can't you take a joke. And the response to this is that we have a deep love for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that I don't think anybody else can understand, like the love that we have for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's something that doesn't really exist in any other society on earth today. Because what happened in the West over the past 340 years, is that

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they slowly have been losing all religiosity to a level that if somebody insults Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. The average Christian takes the as a joke, the average Muslim feels. Why? Because we remain, perhaps the only nation on Earth that still has this deep love, for truly love to love something for all of them being the only ones who actually take religion seriously.

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is the concept of love itself. When you take a look at the world today, you you'll notice that the Western world, the only type of love they ever talk about is the romantic love. And it can't seem to understand anything else. No, we talk about loving your wisdom rather,

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it can understand this. I mean, another guy, you can only think of that in one way around when you understand the two Muslim Brothers can love each other for the sake of Allah. We talk about, you know, the fact that people love children, they immediately go to the most perverted of ideas, because that's the only way the minds work today, not understanding that you get this love for children that is natural, and that is part of wanting good for children, loving them to be Muslim, loving them to love Islam, loving them to be happy, you don't see them. Likewise, when we have this level of loss of our province, our love of the Odia and our love of the religion, and I love it, I

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love this is something that people just don't understand. Because this love has disappeared from most communities in the world. It has disappeared to a level that they don't even feel anything when they own religion or insulted.

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So people ask us why. Why do you feel this so much? Why do you feel so angry? When somebody insults your prophet slaughter your Salah, what is our response? Our response is very simple.

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We love our Prophet somalisa in a way that nobody else on earth can understand.

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He is the person who love sin, with guidance mankind, he is the one who cried at night for us and pray for us and for us.

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Without even meeting us, He is the one who Allah loves. That alone is reason enough to love him. Allah loves him. So we love him. More than that he is the greatest human being to ever love. You know, the same people, they love the celebrities. You know, the lovely celebrities and some people they end up doing some celebrity that they love, our love for photographs or some reason a level that they cannot understand. It's it's way beyond the level of love they have for the celebrities. And so this love is real. And the anger that comes with this love is real. Because if someone insults somebody that you love,

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your natural reaction, if you are going to be angry, you are going to be upset. And this anger and this feeling upset is a sign of the man is a sign of the man if you feel disgusted, if you feel hurt, if you feel angry, you feel upset because someone is insulting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam This is a sign of demand. The prophets the voice of had stated that none of us are true believers until we love him more than our families and more than our own selves. The same person who is pushing for insulting the prophets. launius gets angry when the president of another country in Saudi,

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right so the Nobody must speak bad about you. But you can speak bad about our Prophet sallahu wa sallam, when we love the prophets, also more than we love ourselves, and just like we don't like people to speak bad and walk us in and make the other two statements about us more than that. We don't allow for anyone to do that about our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the bigger question here is, what do we do with this feeling? What do we do with this emotion? How do we channel this love and this anger in a way that is productive, and that we will discuss next inshallah. 101 191 there was Salatu was salam, O Allah, Vandana be Avada Ahmad.

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When it comes to our emotions and our actions, we have to understand it as wisdom, there is a difference in what we feel and what we do. We are not a nation that just reacts based on emotion. We get angry, we don't just do things. We look at the muscle, the benefits and harms. We look at the Sharia, we look at the laws, we look at a variety of factors. And then we take a course of action that is most just most fair and most productive. This is what our religion teaches us in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There were many people who insulted him. There were many people who mocked him, and he dealt with each of them in different ways. He dealt with them in

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different ways based on the place based on the time based on the law based on the Muslim. For example.

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We have to Haley when

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the spokesperson of the Quraysh who used to insult the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Makkah, when he was captured

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The Battle of Verdun. And our regular army wanted to remove his two front teeth. So he never speaks bad about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Again, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did not allow it. So hey would later convert to Islam and become a spokesperson for Islam. Khalid even Walid, who led armies against Islam, those armies killed Muslims Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam he uses his intelligence and says ways highly an intelligent man like him should recognize that Islam is the truth. And eventually he converted to Islam and become sort of Allah. On the other hand, the way people in Medina who insulted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and were

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executed for it.

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They were different approaches seeking different people. And we're not going to just, you know, on one hand, you have the extremist movements, who just all about bloodshed, on the other hand, kind of want to hide the truth and see, there is no such thing you know, we have a law in our religion, that in in Muslim men, in Muslim government after fair trial, can pass the law to execute someone who has insulted the Prophet service. And this is part of our religion. And we should not deny that this is part of our religion. But this is done in a Muslim land, through a judge in a way that is fair. And just after hearing both sides of the story, and after making sure that all of the evidence has been

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established. It's not something that can be done by anyone anywhere in the world.

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Any reaction that we take to a crime or a sin, or a problem that somebody else is doing has to be both legal and beneficial, legal, not just within the scope of the Sharia, but within the law of the land.

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And this is very important part of following the Sharia is to follow the laws of your land, as long as not having to do something. And so Muslims must keep this in my angle, what I'm saying now, we're not going to reach the people he needs to reach because the extremists who carry out wrong actions, they don't attend the Juma purpose, right? Are they going to listen to the drum of purpose, or when they hear people giving him a quote was like this the issue we are all sellers, right? So it's not going to reach him but this is for our own benefit. And as a reminder, whoever Allah sufferance they have ensured this will reach them, that this is not our only chance. We do not go about killing

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people. We do not go about taking the law into our own hands. When you do so you are just compounding the problem. Right? You have these people saying Islamic violence, someone reacts for being violent, PCCW Islamic violence, somebody reacts by being violent, and the cycle continues and continues. Where does it stop? So what can we do? As I said, we have the right to be banked. We have the right to be upset, we have the right to defend the honor of consumers, Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but we must do all of these things in a way that is both legal and productive. So there are some things that we can do. Number one, speak up, speak up, tell people that this is wrong. Tell

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people who will not stand for this, how people you don't have the right to do this. We call this freedom of speech. This is not enough. This is purposely trying to antagonize a quarter of the world's population. That is not freedom of speech, you will allow it for smaller populations, you wouldn't allow us to insult people of other religions and other denominations. Don't allow it towards Muslims as well. Right? Speaker number two, if you can take some kind of legal action, take some kind of legal action, whether it is signing a petition with sending a letter to the ambassador, whatever it is, it is something you can do do it. Number three people ask me about things like

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economical boys, should we boycott the products? And I would say you can. It's not logic. You can't force somebody else to do it. And this is a problem we have in our community, we think is all or nothing. I should be boycotting something. You want everybody in our community to boycott a movie stop boycotting people. Right. So we take something that's supposed to be an action against the enemies of Islam, and we use it to split up the Muslims. Right? How many of us walk into wisdom stores? Is that shouting at people for having finished production? They sell shells, which they brought bought months ago? And what do you want him to do? Just throw those things away and make a

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loss. And we have to think more realistically about how you're approaching boycotting anyone, whether it's Israel or France is perfectly permissible. And if you know that, it's going to have an impact. Go ahead and do it. If you know it's going to make a difference. Go ahead and do it. But you can't make it watch it. You can't force it on the next person. You can't bully people into doing it. Each person should do what they think is best for as long as it is both legal and productive. So this is my response and this is my answer. If anyone asked what do we do people are insulting the Prophet. sallallahu wasallam people are attacking Islam. Why?

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Can we do number one represent or sudo la solo longboarding was allowing me to be a role model of Islam so that people don't learn Islam from these cartoons and his comics and his vulgar images, he learned Islam from you, from how you live your life. Number two, speak up, speak up and defend this religion with your words. Number three, take any kind of legal action and cut out number four, if you think a boycott is going to help, go ahead and do it. But don't try and force the others because it is there is nothing in our shadow here that allows us to force these things on others, right? It's a personal choice. And each person should take whichever party team is best for defending the

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honor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I want to end with a reminder to each and every one of us that our life is a test. Right life is a test. It's never going to be easy. There's always going to be someone out there attacking Islam, with the modern term for it is Islamophobia. Shake under hachimura recently termed a better term for including lahab ism, behaving like a Buddha. Why? Cuz it's not something new. There's certainly in the West. I would love this. I would Jehovah's Witness and throughout history, the Crusaders, the Christians of Europe, the Mongols, many, many other people that construct history. It's not something new. They will always be a group of people

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trying to antagonize the Muslims trying to upset the Muslims trying to hurt the Muslims, we must remain firm once they want to stop him, we must represent it in the best of ways. We must make sure that whatever actions we do are beneficial for the government. And that in our response, we do not have become any further. May Allah help us May Allah protect the Muslims across the globe, may he end this Islamophobia in our lifetime media restore power and dignity and honor to this woman. Many give this woman such power that he can end all of the political problems happening across the globe. And may He free all the Muslims who are suffering, whether it is in prisons when he's in China when

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he is in Israel, wherever it is in the world that most of the suffering is free. The image

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of Africa has an hour in our Dharma Dharma proper the hub as wodgina was reacting to diagun which under Obama superhydrophobicity

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was phenomenal.