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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Islam is for All Mankind by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.


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The importance of showing one's love for Islam is emphasized in the culture of the church, including the importance of carrying out one's responsibilities and respecting the Prophet. It is also emphasized that learning the church's values and embracing Islam is essential for everyone. The church values honesty and loyalty to their Prophet.

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announced Billahi min surely and fusina was a man in

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the law who followed the law. One minute a little fella ha de la, la la la la de la sharika wa shadow, Muhammad Abdul Rasul

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Allah de mano de la Hakata Kati Morton in Muslim on a mavado. In a circle, Hades kita Bella or hiral. hadI had been Muhammad in Samba while he while he was sahbihi wa sallam, or Sharon morinaga said to her, Hakuna Matata VEDA colavita Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hello, brother and sister in Islam, Islam is for everybody. Islam is not a religion belong to any particular race or nation. Most of the verses in the Quran that was revealed in Makkah, always begin with a yohanna, to remind us that this religion is for all mankind, and Allah call upon every one of us, not only the Arab or Muslim, but to all mankind.

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Now to understand the spirit of this teaching of Islam, that Islam is for all mankind, we must refer to throttle which we all come from. Yeah, yohannes in alakina, comienza.

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What Michelle Obama called the elite are in a kurama, calm and Dumbo in namaha, alumina Kabir, Allah set in the Quran, all mankind. Indeed, we Allah as a creator, created all of you found one male and one female, there is from Adam and Eve, the father of all mankind. Now when you talk about

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Lita araku, to get to know each other, I like the prophet in his time, he's an Arab, he stayed among the pagans, he know what they're doing, what kind of god they're worshipping. He speak the language

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Alhamdulillah when he started his mission,

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is not that difficult, because he know how to relate

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the religion with their life with their culture. Because if we don't understand Islam properly, it's very difficult for us to do that to other people. Because when you call people to Islam, you must know what are you calling?

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Islam, Islam according to your own understanding, the Indian way of understanding Islam, the Chinese way of understanding Islam, the Arab rays of sun is no you should call people to the Islam that allowing you to call to Allah say, Oh, he left Siberia. How people to the way of Allah, Allah Sebelius sabirah. Baker, to the way of your love, not to your way not to my way. This is very important, a lot of people who tried to get involved in Dawa but they are not sure by themselves. What is the message that they want to deliver to other people?

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So some of them you can see people calling people to Islam, by innocent they want people to follow their tradition? No.

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We must call people purely to the way of Allah not to our way with Oh, Elizabeth Lee, Rebecca, remember, Allah say, call people to the way of your life not you're we're on my way.

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And the way of Allah is what is written the Quran and what is being taught by prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now it's not easy for you to make that what if you don't accept that every one of us is like a family. We are all children of Adam. Now if you start to judge people, are you a coffee? You are this believer, you are confirmed. That is very difficult for you to call them to Islam, because you have passed judgment on them. This way in the early period of Islam the Prophet hardly call your coffee Yamanashi even the voices is there later on when the beginning the proper OCR call me. Yeah, I yohannes all mankind, all my people.

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You want them to feel that? No, they are all part of Islam. You want them to know that we are no stranger to all of you. We are like a big family. Only Allah give guidance to us. And Allah did not give guidance to you yet. So you do not know the truth. So now we know the truth is our duty to share with you. You must have the sharing and

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caring and loving Spirit then only you can start to do your Tao

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you know that the prophets of Allah one day when he was calling people to Islam people still go against him the people don't understand people do not want to change people so involved in the culture in the tradition we know tradition diehard something even the among the Muslim today i'm sure even in this country know a lot of Muslims still hold on to their own culture and tradition even is contradict with a teacher Islam. Why because they are so used to it.

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But as a Muslim, even you're so used to it, you gotta sacrifice it for the sake of Allah. Because you must show to Allah you love him

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and why you can do that. You will free yourself from all this culture and tradition, then inshallah you can start your mission. Because you start to have good feeling to other people. That how the prophets he always called people to Islam. And when the angel came to him and he when the time if the call people to Islam, they throw stones at the Prophet and the Prophet, Allah Subhan. Allah summon the angel of the mountain that is surrounded the towers tie, to see the prophet and seek permission from the foot whether the Prophet one the whole people have been destroyed, will be destroyed by a lot. But the prophecy in the lamb

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in the lamb obasan wala kin por estar en ora,

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Allah dad called me if I ignore him lately when they came to the province asked his permission to destroy the people die, because they have tortured they have to stone the prophet or the prophecy. I am not sent by Allah to bring destruction on this earth.

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But I am sent by our as a savior, a caller,

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and to bring love and mercy to everyone. Now these people of our age who go against me, the prophet

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is not set very angry. Of course, he feels

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that he has no bad feeling towards them. He pity them he left them. He said, Oh Allah. If these people who throw stones at me today, it because they do not know who am I

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make them Muslim, give them guidance, if they can't be a Muslim, give guidance to the children to their offspring, or to their grandchildren. You see, the prophets also have a vision.

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He had the vision that Islam is not just today is also for the future.

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Now the Prophet is the best example. To do that. Or you must have the feeling First, the love towards fellow mankind. I don't care what color he is, I don't care what from what group of people society he is. As long as he is human. He is one of our fellow brother, children or whether we are like a big family.

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If he is bad is our duty to help him to be good. If he's ignorant, we got to educate him. That's how they come in. And the best that one is to do that one belhar to action, not just by word.

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show people that you are caring and loving person.

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Show them that you love them. When they need your help you are there for them. When you seek advice, you're always there to help them to to give them some advice, some guidance. You must show them that you can, if he's hungry, fit him first.

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If he's sick, try to give him some medication. Show him that you are here to help him to overcome this problem. Then tell him that I do not just care for you for this world. But I also care for you about your next world. Your Life After Death

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is important. You must have that kind of feeling. But if you just ignore them when they need your help, and then you start to say your company slump isn't as good region. People is not going to respond to this call. There is why Allah subhanho wa Taala see

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Walter cominco Martin yet the owner lol clear.

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Way more like Bill Murray and how Nana makawao like a homophone

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if you want to be a successful group of people,

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they must be among you all Muslim brothers and sister, a group, a unit

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will come in Come on among you. What do you understand by this word among you? Meaning there must be a people among the normal, the public and Muslim who are called the public to Islam.

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They must be among the teachers, Muslim teacher, you got Muslim who are teachers and you got teachers who are not yet Muslim. You must have a group of teachers who are Muslim who will do that work to the group.

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To one Muslim, you must have a group of Muslim doctors who do that.

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to a doctor when not yet Muslim, you must have a group of Muslim politician or leader who call the other group who are not Muslim politician, to Islam. That mean the color of Islam must come from all angles. Then insha Allah, the call of Islam will be considered as a complete con,

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a call from all angles for everybody, not only for the poor, for the layman, but also for everybody. In a time of profit when a profit is a leader, he called upon the other leader to Islam.

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The businessman will call other businessmen to Islam, to their business ethic, to show them how to the Muslim to business, they're very honest, they're very sincere, all is making that our belhar Now we know that by nature all of us was born fitrah whether you are Buddhist, Indian, Christian, everybody is born as a Muslim.

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koulamallah You let Alessandra clean when pure is the environment and our parents who have made us to become who they like us to be. But we come to a time we have the freedom now to act to choose what is good, what is not good for us. This is the important time we all Muslims should get themselves to try to reach out to all these people. The Chinese are given example. They are very simple people. A lot of Chinese before a Taoism, and then part of Taoism, they mix up with Buddhism. And some of them become Christians. But they are not really people who understand that then they just follow the tradition and the flow. Now if we know how to tell them what is Islam, show that the

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beauty of Islam, show them their Islam is for them. And it's a simple religion. It's not a complicated religion is a straightforward religion. shiratama starteam I believe that easily. They will accept whether they become a Muslim or not, that is not our duty, Allah escapee Daya to whom he like, but our duty is to convey the message but you cannot convey the message if you don't care for them. If you don't love them, if you don't worry about their future,

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no, this is very important because all the time the most infeed is not belong to me. It's mine. I don't share with other people. There's where you are wrong. Islam does not belong to belong to Allah, and you are just a trustee. You are the Kira oma the best oma, why? Allah

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Tamura, Tamura villamartin hona animoca you are the best oma among all the mankind because you have a responsibility. This is the only oma among all the Omar that Allah give us the responsibility like a prophet, we are not prophet like to carry out the mission of the prophet to convey the message of Islam. So if you are Muslim, if you don't reach out to other people, you know Islam is right and they are doing the wrong thing and you do not try your best to correct them to let them now you will be responsible in the sight of Allah because our co workers Erica Jana, Matan wasa de takuna Shahada, Allah knows where Kunal Rasul Allah.

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And Allah have made us this oma, the best oma, as the oma wasa.

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You are the witness for all the people that survived around you. If they don't come to Islam because of your doing, because you do not convey the message to them. You are going to be responsible in the sight of Allah in your mouth to my fellow brother and sister. And Tao is not only an obligation for men, no.

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Because Allah said what mommy known while mommy that

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the believers male and believers, woman, they are like, companion, they help each other in calling people to Islam, in prayer. In fasting in Zakat, they work together hand by hand, the woman will call other women who are not yet Muslim to Islam.

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If you are an engineer, you call your engineer friend to be a Muslim. It's easy because you're in the same level.

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But of course to do that work is better you understand their culture, their lifestyle.

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Like in my country, I'm a Chinese so it's easy for me to talk to my Chinese people, because I understand that and they understand me and I know how to relate with them about their culture

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and know how to tell them where they went.

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Because I know about the dean, I know about their life and their belief, but majority of the Muslim do not know. They don't care to know. Because they don't feel that they got to do that work to them. The thing is, okay, I'm a Muslim, I pray five times a day. Okay? Tell us. No, I'm the best now go to Paradise. It's not just like that fellow brother and sister in Islam. You must remember that a lot of people die.

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Without knowing what is Islam.

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I share with you because my father died without knowing what is Islam. I came to Islam only when I was 19 in 1968.

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But before that, hardly people talk about Islam. I know I didn't come to Islam because the Muslim come and talk to me about Islam. I have a lot of Muslim friends. But none of the share with me about their faith, they don't care.

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None of them tell me about Islam.

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Because this is what happened among the Ahmadis oma, they have failed a lot. They have failed Prophet Mohammed sanathana. Because the two have come to them and they keep it

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they do not shave either. So it's high time for us to remember, if you want to be the best oma that Allah has given us Quantum caroma You must carry out your responsibility to be a die.

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Anybody can be a dying.

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If you are not good in talking to the public, you are not a speaker, a motivator is okay. But you are a good teacher, you show your commitment. You teach your students who are not yet Muslim, also show them that you care for them. You really want them to learn. And you see them through your teaching you show them the Islamic character, when the time of prayer, you pray you excuse yourself, sooner or later, they will love you. They know that you are a good teacher, whatever you say means a lot to them. If you are a businessman, then you should try to show your character as a businessman. You should show them that you are a man of your word. You're very honest in doing business with

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them, you do not cheat and lie to them. And you show that you are a man of your word. When you say that we are going to give you this service, you give them the best service.

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Now they will trust you. Anything to do with that business, they are going to deal with you because they know that they can trust you. This is called that our behalf not only by word through your action, by Islam, when you do business they want you to do is not only today, they want their business to carry on forever until you die.

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And it's important to be honest, that's why the prophet SAW Salam have four very important character for us to follow. Number one is civic.

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Civic mean he's a man of his word. He never lie he never cheat. What is black is better is white is what if this is all stock he said this is all stock. If the new stock he said this is new stock, he never lie,

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because the Muslim and are supposed to lie.

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Number two, a man. He's a man that you can trust. You can trust if if anything. If he did business with you, you don't have to worry you can sleep in peace, because he will never betray you.

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And people know that Mohammed bin Abdullah, even they do not accept him as a prophet. They know that he is a man of his word. And he is a trustworthy man. That's why he's been called as a mean. From very young he has been known as amin and the Prophet also have the character of public means sharing he don't keep it to himself. anything good he like to share with other people is not like us. We are very selfish. We are selfish with our Deen we don't call people to Islam we want to go to Paradise by ourself is very wrong. If you know that if you become a believer, you die a Muslim go to Paradise, that you should invite more people to go to Paradise is important.

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You want everybody to go to Paradise with you. In the same time the Prophet has fatahna fatahna mean wisdom, wisdom in he know

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he know how to talk to people, when to talk to people.

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And Ali rhodiola, who is a

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Li Colima, calm makalah, Colima Calma calm,

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what is wisdom is a wisdom is every word there is a place and every place there is a word to apply.

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You can just use any word in any place you cannot because any place there is a particular page a particular word to use to be used to be applied. This is very important you must use your wisdom. When you talk to the Buddhist you must know how to talk to the Buddhist, even a talk to a free thinker you must know how to talk to the free thinker. Even to talk to the Christian you must know how to talk to them. You must honor them first respect them, because that's what they know you don't condemn them. You don't attack them. Islam do not allow you to attack on Islam say call them Your Way of Allah Udo

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Li Sabina Rebecca Villa heck ma ma ma ma il Hashanah wa jal home Villa de aza co people that the way of a ma

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Yeah. Bill hikmah with all the wisdom, what is wisdom

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is up to us to understand what is Islam the Prophet emphasized wisdom component no what is wisdom? Now when you talk to people, you don't start to condemn them, you know, call them kindness, worship the God who have created all of us. Come let us be together like a big family. We are no stranger. Don't keep on judging them. You have coffee, you are infidel. Don't do that to them. It is very important. And one more little Hassan

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shoe than the best word that you can use. That's where the most when you want to talk to people, they always think they always make sure that the word they use is the password.

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That's where the profits are some emphasize again, from Anaconda you may know Nabila Yamanaka folly yaku kyron. Alia Smith, who ever believe in Allah in the hereafter? If you want to say anything, make sure that what he wants to sell is something good.

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If not, is better for them. Keep him silent. You must remember our column is a courage Amina Gina duckula. Gina, what is a courage Amina listen the closet

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any word that you see that come from your heart insha Allah, it penetrate to the heart of the listeners. But if your work is just from your tongue, and your lip, it will enter the ear and you can work from the other ear.

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So we want to call people to Islam not because of any other thing but for the sake of Allah is something from our heart. We do it for the sake of Allah because we love them. We care for them. Show them the good values that Islam have taught us. showed them that when we do everything, when to do it together like a family you see the Muslim community. When they pray, they pray Gemma when they eat, they eat together in a big place and then show them you see that we are like one unit. We don't care what color you become. Whether you're black or white, whether you're poor or we we can sit together, we can eat in the same place. We can stand side to side when we pray. This is the beauty

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of Islam. By doing that people will love Islam.

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When people love Islam is easy for them to come to Islam. This is what we need to do now. To be a good believer. What you have to do fellow brother and sister. Make sure do we have the loving, sharing and caring feeling. And Allah bless all of us inshallah, if we spread the word of Allah, Allah is going to give us a lot of reward. May Allah blesses me Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed I shadow Allah Allah

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wa to Bullitt Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.