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Hussain Yee
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Hello brother and sister in Islam, I'm your brother in Islam

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hussaini elecard in Malaysia, in the hamdulillah nama who wanna start who want to stick a few announcements we lemon Cerulean fusina Jose Molina De La La La La La MaMa youth little fella ha de la shadow Allah in the in the MA wahoo la sharika. Why shadow Mohammed Abdullah, who were a Zulu abajo May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, Shadow His mercy upon us and forgive all our sins. Today inshallah we are going to share with you a topic that is important for all Muslims, is about Islam, the means understood religion, Islam, is a religion that belongs to Allah because Allah says it in Edina and Omar al Islam. Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. Islam does not belong

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to me doesn't belong to you. Now this is the first thing that we must understand. Number one, what is Islam? The meaning of Islam

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is total submission to Almighty Allah. Number one, number two, Islam means peace.

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And number three, Islam means security.

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That means if anybody accept Islam, his life is secure here in dunya. And also will be secure in akhira. mean the security that Islam provide us is not only for dunya, but also for Al Qaeda. That means for here after, now, after we understand that Islam is a religion belong to Allah, why there is so many people outside

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is always having negative feeling and thoughts about Islam, because they don't understand what Islam and I don't blame them. Because we as Muslim, or so called born Muslim don't even understand Islam. Now you must remember, Islam doesn't belong to you or me, it belongs to Allah.

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Meaning is important for every one of us to differentiate Islam

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and Muslim, I am a Muslim. Every brother and sisters are watching this. You are a Muslim, Muslim, we accept Islam.

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Not Islam. Follow us. We follow Islam. There's a lot of difference between the people and the teaching.

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When people say anything negative about the Muslim, we just got to bear it. We got to listen, because what they say maybe correct, maybe true, because we are not perfect. Sometimes we show a bad example. But if anybody's criticize Islam, we cannot just keep quiet.

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Because Islam is the perfect religion of Allah. There is nothing wrong with Islam. If there is something wrong is the Muslim. Yeah, is to be blamed not Islam. So don't let anybody Miss interpret Islam and Muslim. You can say to anybody who who condemned Muslims may be Muslim at the bat, and they are good. But don't allow anybody to criticize Islam. And I became a Muslim. The same thing my family, they don't understand Islam yet. The same goes to me. I don't understand Islam, though. Because I'm new to Islam. But I'm very blessed that Allah give me hidayah that I do not come to Islam, because of the people because of the Muslim, none of the Muslim communities now, but a lucky

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me he died to come to Islam. True, my little initiative to look for the truth.

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If I become a Muslim, because of the people, I may just leave Islam because the people that are the Muslim sometimes show very, very bad example. But I got to admit that in a Muslim you must be true to yourself and true to others.

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But when people criticize Islam, I will never allow that.

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Because as a brother, sister, I mean to the people who are Muslim, even say the Muslim is bad. I can agree with you. No big deal. But if you want to criticize Islam as a no I won't allow you to do so. Have you understand Islam? Have you read the Quran? Have you read the saying of the Prophet? If you read the Quran, you will never

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precess Islam

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so now you must understand between Islam and Muslim so you don't call yourself I am Islam No.

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You cannot say I am Islam you say I am a Muslim, what color in any Muslim correct? You say I am Islam you are wrong. Islam belong to Allah is a religion you, you are just a follower.

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That is number one. Number two is very important for us to differentiate between race and religion. Sometimes it becomes so complicated, something a lot of people who don't understand Islam, they always relate Islam with the Arabs. This is also wrong.

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In my country, maybe they will relate Islam with Malay also is not correct. Or maybe in India, Pakistan, you relate Islam with the Indian or late Islam with the turkeys you Turkey. And you read Islam with the

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Pakistani is not

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a race is a race.

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Allah is the one who create all races. He is it was a Anakin shoe oboe wakaba Allah is Allah who make this into a nation and tribe. So all nation belong to Allah. Whether you are Chinese or Indian, whether you're white or colored, all of us came from one God, Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you must remember the history

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before Islam, Arabs, they are pagans, they are mostly kin. They worship idols. Now the Arab, they become Muslim. They become Muslim, they enter to Islam. That is correct. Malay and Islam. That is correct.

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Indian enter Islam that is correct. Chinese enter Islam that is correct. But don't make Islam become an Arab religion. That is wrong. Don't make Islam like a Malay religion that is wrong. Or Indian or Pakistani or Turkish, not. Because Islam belongs to Allah, we can follow Islam, Islam don't follow us. So you must make sure you understand the difference between number one, Islam and Muslim number two, between race and religion.

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Because we are confused, when we are confused, you make other people confused.

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I know being a Muslim, I have been a Muslim for more than 30 years already.

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I know how confused sometime the people who are not yet Muslim.

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But it's our duty to make them understand. If you don't make it under understand, then you don't blame them

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when they have negative thoughts to Islam, but you are to be blamed.

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That's why we are here to remind each other the Miss under stood religion on Islam is because we do not present Islam correctly. And because of our culture again,

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make people more confused.

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There are people may think that when you become a Muslim, you must dress like the Arab. No, the prophet Nelson, you should dress like me. The Prophet said just cover your aura. How you want to cover your aura. It's up to you. As long as you cover you are

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beautiful Islam is open for everybody can a Chinese become a Muslim? and grasp Chinese dress? Chinese costume? Why not as long as COVID era?

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Can an Indian who become a Muslim? keep his tradition and dress like the Indian costume as long as there's nothing wrong with the material is how you cover yourself.

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If you say Oh to be a good one same, you must dress like the era of Buddha Buddha also dress like them. Why is it different?

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What is important is not how you dress. But is You must come away or give another example. When a person become a Muslim. Do you think that he must only eat with his bare hand?

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Yeah, the prophet said it is your right hand. The Prophet never say you must eat with your bare hand. You can use chopsticks. You cannot use spoon or smoke No. As long as you're right. The prophesy lotta colobus shimma

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shimma don't eat don't drink with your left. But with your right for English shake Tanya kuwayama Mishima, Becca shaitan. Eat and drink with the left hand.

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As long as you use the right there's no pressure

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But there are times people, I encounter people who say that if you eat with chopsticks, that mean you are a co founder.

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Now, how can we say that?

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Because Chinese and Indian or Malay or Arab or Allah's creation, amongst women, it was the left alsina Tico. Anwar niku with a sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, I met you speak different language, and different color,

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all the color, the different culture, the different length is allows creation. Amongst it.

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He never said that, when you become Muslim, you cannot speak English you can speak them or you cannot speak Chinese is a language that Allah create only when you pray to Allah in Salah. What, then allow one year to talk to him in the language that he chose, that is in Arabic, but other language still belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The same go to any culture that do not contradict Islam, is been accepted by Islam as Islamic culture not only must follow the Arabic culture only Islamic No, even the Arabic culture it contradict, you must stay away. There's one time in the Arabs tradition. They if they got a baby girl, they prefer the birth the baby girl alive, but that there

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is the custom, the custom cannot be applied anymore. There is an Islamic by any culture that do not contribute. You're welcome to show us how beautiful Islam is. Islam cater for everybody. Islamic culture is multi culture because it's for everybody. We cannot say that Oh, you must follow the Indian way, the Pakistani way, believe it or not, you follow the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also one ad that people always miss understood Islam. When we talk about Islamic law example. People used to relate to this is Mohammedan law. No.

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Please never say the Islamic law is Mohammedan law. Because he will sit Mohammedan law that means you are talking about that the Divine Law is something that Prophet Muhammad, who created it from Allah, the law is not belong to Allah is a divine law, not man made law.

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That's why we are so different compared with other laws, because other law keep on changing because it's not divine. It belongs the human human is the one who come up with this regulation and ruled by Islamic law. It belonged to Allah from day one, from the time of the Prophet until today until the future, until the day of judgment, the law of Allah will never change and don't favor anybody. It applies to everybody. And nobody is above law in Islam.

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Even the Prophet family, he said to Fatima, or the Allahu Allah, or my daughter, if you break any rule in Islam, our act accordingly.

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If you steal example, out of your hand, the law applies to everybody. You don't have just kind of law in this world today. And there's no law that can protect us. And that can give us security except the Divine Law. When you implement the Divine Law, you will feel so secure and so safe. I give you a little example. Maybe all of us have been to the Middle East, especially to Makkah and Medina, these two sacred Holy Land of the Muslim.

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If you are that you will witness when the traders when they people who have their goods being sold. When a prayer of time, or the time prayer comes in, they just take a piece of cloth and cover it. They don't have to close the shop totally and lock up like what we always do in our own country. We fear so many things in our country. Why? Because we don't follow the Divine Law. We don't feel secure, even we put all the alarm we lock this lock here and there still we feel not safe. You never see that people still any car in the Middle East, especially in my comedy den. So everybody walk with peace.

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Anybody can just slip somewhere with peace because the Divine Law protect you. And the divine law will give you security. Now if anybody said Islamic law is Mohammedan law that is wrong. Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah. his duty is to to convey the message of Allah to mankind to tell people to do and the dawn

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And the Islamic law is not just for Muslim fellow brothers and sisters, even we think that Islamic law only for us again we are wrong. Why?

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There's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran shaeffer Ramadan, Zilla Quran, leanness, Eva Bina demeanor Hooda, one Furqan. When you talk about Islamic law, you are talking about what is stated in the Quran.

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Not in any other books. But in the book of Allah, the do's and don'ts. Everything is in the book of Allah when you talk about Islamic law and allowance it in the month of Ramadan that just passed us is a man that Allah revealed the revelation or an for who for me only

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for the Arabs only know Allah say, who the Lena, for all mankind.

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For you and me, I am a Muslim is for me, people who are not yet Muslim, they are also welcome to follow the law.

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I give you another example. We

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example in my country, we are Malaysian. We have been colonized by the British, the British have left us we have our independence. But the Chinese the Malay the Indian in our country is falling host law. They are following the British law.

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It's not our law, but we can follow Why? Because we are used to it. We have been educated in that way.

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Now Islamic law also is applied for everybody. It's not only for me for everybody, when people understand what is Islamic law.

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They will never never say the Islamic law is not practical, is not fair. They will find pure justice in the Islamic law. But it is so sad

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to say that a lot of Muslims are not prepared to accept even the Islamic law.

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But I would like to call once again and remind myself when you talk about Islamic law. Don't be confused. And don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about the government know the Islamic law start from yourself. He didn't start from the authority No. Is that from yours? How do they Islamic law been implemented in the time of Prophet? He didn't start with a country? Is that from every individual? If you have problem? How do you solve your problem?

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Maybe you go to somebody and ask for advice. You go to the court? Have you asked Allah and prophet to solve your problem? Have you ever when you encounter any problem, you come to a vet to Allah open the book of Allah? And look at the way the Prophet has shown us how to solve your problem? No.

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So how can you blame anybody? Then yourself? I always remind myself the Ayat of Allah that Allah Azza wa mala Mia Bhima and Rama alayka human coffee run like a human zali men follow a common fallacy called

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Who am I whoever do not

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follow the Islamic law. Then he is a kafir he is a wrongdoers. He is a Pharisee this obedient. These do not apply only to the authority he applied to every individual. It applies to you apply to me.

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That's what Allah says in Tana, fishy ferodo illallah wa Sula. If you have any dispute, this agreement in any meta

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fee, in any method,

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refer back to the book of Allah and the teacher and the prophet to solve your problem. Now, how many of us, obey the commands of Allah? Now? What is it again, don't

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be confused. And don't think that I am saying that, oh, we must reinforce No, you reinforce within yourself. When you have any of those domestic problems with your wife, or your husband, how do you solve your problem?

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Do you solve your problem? Is it I think I'm right and the house was? I think I'm right. Then the husband will use his veto. The man is always right. Is it boss is always right. Who's his boss is always right.

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Along they will say that we see that. Who is always right is Allah.

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Fully Allah, nobody will go wrong.

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We follow Allah that means I'm not fooling anybody, both party humbleness and follow Allah. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala free

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Mine is by saying, yeah you hola Xena Amano la

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vida de la hora su de la. in Omaha Semyon Ali,

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are you who claim that you believe in Allah, we claim that we believe in Allah. Allah do not first false force us to believe in, but we say I believe in Allah Alhamdulillah.

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And Allah say last demo, that mean you are not supposed to put the saying of anybody the opinion of anybody hit of a last word, and the saying of Prophet Muhammad Salah you cannot do that.

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Meaning, if you believe in Allah, the creator, the all knowing the all seeing, then you should go back to him first. Once you go back to other people, why must you entertain the opinion of somebody to solve your problem? Why not you go back to our ask Allah to help you by following what Allah say in the Quran, then you are not fooling anybody. You don't have to feel bad. Oh, I always lose to my husband. Oh, my husband said, No, I always lose to my wife, then people will sit there I'm under the Queen control No, both party must humble themselves, and put a last word and the stitching on the profit in front of us. That's what allows it lead to demo. Bayonetta. Hitler, he was never never put

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any opinion anything of anybody, a hit from the saying of Allah, and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, he was a brother and sister, Allah Who created us he knows our problem more than ourselves. He knows our future. Why not? You'll go back to him, please. I would like to call upon every one of us starting from yourself, then your immediate family. If you have any problem, don't bring this problem to the court. Solve it within yourself with a family.

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Because you either Hakeem to yourself, you cannot say what can I do? You can do something.

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You can stop yourself from doing something that is haram. You can do what is wajib upon you. You don't have to wait somebody to come and tell you don't do this. Don't do that. Allah has informed me what to do and what not to do.

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Simple as that.

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But what is happening today, because the confusion between ourselves.

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And sometimes we known, we know that men meet law more than Islamic law.

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know we tend to follow other people's rules then to follow the Islamic rule.

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I don't blame you because no been.

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I mean, being human, we are not perfect. And then we have not been reminded to do so. Give me another example. If you're doing business among Muslim, you have some problem?

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Why can you solve your problem? Islamic come back

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and see what allows it what the prophet say about this. You have domestic problem example. Why not? You sit down and see what Allah said, What is the best for us to do now,

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by doing that fellow brother and sister, I personally believe what Allah says, is true what the prophets say is the best. If you don't do that, brothers and sisters, you make yourself very confused. Because you say you are Muslim, but you don't follow the Islamic law.

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You say that you are a believer, but you put your cultural and custom ahead from Islam. There's a lot of confusion in the Muslim ummah. I gave you one last example, the confusion that always took place

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into marriage,

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and not a Muslim today.

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They know that Islam does not forbid you to marry anybody as long as it's a Muslim.

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Or she is a Muslim. But we are so particular. Sometimes if Allah had predestined your son married to a non Indian or Pakistani background, from other arrays, where the Chinese were the Malay. Now you're not feeling very comfortable now. Because you are only comfortable with your own race.

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Raise the spirit of Islam. Allah, Amina, Aqua, or believer is like a family. Where's your spirit?

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So in Shama, we believe that if you come back to Islam,

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the way of Allah the Prophet, you will never create any misunderstanding

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about Islam to yourself, and you will never create any misunderstanding into Islam to the people who are not yet Muslim. So brother and sister once again, I would like to call you with the call of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam return

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Back to the Quran and the guidance of Prophet Muhammad Samarra Salah what biLlahi Tofurky? We'll upgrade that one. And then hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah who morbihan deca eyeshadow ilaha illa Anta istockphoto kawakubo A Salaam Wa Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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