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In this moment, on this moment of your death, you will be punished with the other that is everlasting. You and I have come to the law who are solid in our faith, who are fulfilling of our father who are practicing with our sadhana. We have great hope.

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What is his occupation? Why did they call him Abu Dhabi via refinery, what is confetti? What was his occupation?

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He was an armor maker, you know, armor, the soldiers, they wear armor. In particular LFR is the helmet that a person wears to battle. Because the head is the most important thing that needs to be protected is still far when you make is the farm you're asking a lot to do what?

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To protect you from what from your self.

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And the mistakes you make, unknowingly is still far it's not just Oh ALLAH forgive me is still far is all Allah protect me from myself and the mistakes I make knowingly that system fall and therefore the Prophet teaches us after a bad day, after Salah the Prophet would say Salaam Alaikum Salaam I would say I sell federal law stole federal law, I stole federal law and you say why is the profit making stuff or why does he teach us that we were doing them as we were praying? We were doing our Salah. Why are we saying yourself in law because in your soul and your mind was the sister she's praying

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the biryani

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i think i the heat is too high. You know the brother, he thinking oh, you know tomorrow traffic is going to be too much to get to work. I have to leave early, right? He's in salata last but his brain is in his accounts in his books in this and that. So therefore our self love self love self love to do what? Allah protect us on our shoulders. Oh Allah forgive us from these distractions that we have in life. Tell that

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which is always linked to so far they're always linked together. The Prophet says and so Hey, hello Buhari in a tube Illa. He has done Pharaoh who video me extra means of a Nomura every day and every night every single day of his life. Mohammed sighs Allah, he says I make Toba and I make is still for more than 70 times a day.

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What is the difference between television instead for television is the thing you know you do wrong. Something you know, I said this I did this. I know I made a mistake. So therefore I have to add to Illallah I have to come back in repentance to Allah because I know I did. It is still far is for the things that we do not know but we also must come back to Allah. Listen to this fear. Inspiring Hadith. In Sahih. Muslim the prophet SAW Selim

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a Roger later killer move in kalama a person may speak one word

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la UT La Habana and pay no attention to its significance. Not think it's something that's significant or have a or it's not, it's not a big thing, just something I said. law you have Allah the individual does not think it is of any consequences significance for our behalf. We even now, but that word that sentence that statement is what pulls them into the fire word.

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Chateau de la Honda, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, I sell them. Our mother, my mother, your mother in faith. Me Nina. Aisha radiallahu anha one day she saw another one of the wives of the Prophet Sophia. In a situation that was a little bit humorous.

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So she says to the Prophet rasulillah

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ella Sophia, look at Sophia has wahaca we can look what she's doing this or this. That's all she said.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his face became angry. And he turned to arch and he said that's all she said. Look at Sophia. Look how she learned this this or this? The Prophet says to her yeah Isha in necky. cruelty Kelly man, you said one word. Low musi jets FEMA in barella message. If I was to be dipped in the ocean, it would pollute it.

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Word, nothing. I didn't think it's anything big look at Sophia, right? Toba. And it's still far, it's the farthest the things that we don't pay attention to. They're the mundane things that have become evil characteristics, in our habits in our life, things that we say things that we do that are wrong, but we may not be as aware of them. The Prophet actually tells us that he fears for us seems affirming that even sins that creep upon us more silently than the footstep of an end.

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you're unaware. So that is still far, and that is Toba? A terrible word you barely ma'am and never we he says Toba is compulsory mean couldn't be Masia. So really, however cabiria it is a requirement for every error a person makes that they have identified as an error, whether it's a major or a minor scene.

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If a person makes a mistake, there are three ways of clearing it.

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A well in a clown in mafia to stop you know something's wrong stop. Second and nethermost Allah, Allah to have sincere regrets in one's heart that is measurable only by Allah subhanho wa Taala. To have regrets for having committed in the authentic hadith narrated by the magnitude or maybe the prophets I send them says and Nether mu Toba sincere regret is the essence of repentance. Third, allows Allah o de la vida to have a sincere intention never to make that mistake again intention. Now I want to just pause for one second.

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One of the ideologies of the deviant sects in Islam, the hawala extremists, is their ideology that if a person makes a mistake, and repents from it, if they do that mistake again, their first repentance is not accepted. Now, that is not the ideology of the Muslim, as a Muslim, my our belief in the law, the belief trust was when the prophets I send them if you make a mistake, repent and are sincere in your repentance to Allah. Even if years later, weeks later, months later, you make that mistake, again, your initial repentance if it was sincere, and if it was true with a law, it is forgiven, even if you were to make that mistake, again, could you imagine if every time you did

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something wrong, and repented and did it again, it would keep adding up. None of us would have any security and that part of the ideology, it's what makes people label other people Catholic. They look at someone and they say no, no, this person he doesn't pray. Okay, he doesn't pray.

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We told him to pray. The person might be lazy. The person might be, you know, honestly, he's a singer. He believes in Allah believes in his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but couldn't wake up professional, didn't wake up professional. Now, if you say, okay, make Toba the person and then the next morning he forgets or doesn't wake up or is lazy again, that that person continues to have that it is not from the ideology, or the belief of any sooner. So that's a very important statement about Toba. If you repent to Allah, and stop committing the sin, and intend

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not to make it again, even if you make it again, Allah has initially forgiven you.

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But more important is what if you do a sin that involves other people, these three things are about scenes between you and Allah. But what if I, you know, here I am in Mumbai, I'm leaving tomorrow night. Just say I see something I like I like the brothers watch. The brother goes to make his will boo puts the watch and I take it and I go to Perth, Australia. And years later, I stuck through Allah. Oh, Allah forgive me. Now, I don't know who the brother is. I don't know if he's now living somewhere. How am I going to find him in Mumbai? So what do I do? How do I fix an injustice inflicted upon someone else? If I am I able to return it, I must. If I'm able to return it, if

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you've taken something and you know how to return it to the individual, you must return it. Even if you do it in a sneaky way. Put it in the post, put it under their door in the middle of the night, whatever. They don't have to know it was you. But if you can never identify them, it's very rare that you're going to find them again. The amount or the value of that item

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You must donate it in charity on behalf of that individual. Now, if they meet up with you, all of a sudden I'm doing college. And I'm in Mecca. And I, you know, I took the brother's watch, it's maybe 10,000 rupees, and I gave it in charity, I made repentance. And in, I've given it, and then he meets me in front of the Blackstone, he says, Ah, you took my watch.

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I say, brother I already gave charity. He goes, No, and what my watch what must I do? To give him the amount that is fitting for his watch? So even if you give the charity, you still owe that person, right? So that is terrible, and that is so far shook.

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Are we thankful to Allah? Like, are we truly thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, for the neomed that we have? For many of us, we have a great deal more blessings and benefits than others. You know, you might be sitting here, the person sitting next to you might be less fortunate than you.

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And Allah has honored you and bless you in a way that maybe others might not have been.

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And those of you who who are with us here may be more fortunate than those outdoors. Right? The fortune that we have, it's not because of yourself. It's not anything you do yourself. Do you really think that Bill Gates, you know, the owner of Microsoft, is so much more smart than Jabra him that he can make $1 billion a month? Because he's that much more smart. And I cannot. It's not brains or intelligence? Or is he really that skilled, that he deserves a billion dollars a month? That's how much his skill is worth? No. What is it it is? risk. It could have been Bill Gates, it could have been bill Richards it could have been Yahoo, Brahim, it could have been anyone. But Allah chose to

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give risk to whom this person just like you sitting in front of me now a lot chose to give you a certain amount of was. So you are fortunate. And as fortune is for you from Allah subhanho wa Taala, it might be more or less than others. It is not by anything you do. It's not by your skills or your smarts or your enset nothing. It is Allah has given you a certain defined amount of risk. You cannot increase it or decrease it more than what Allah has written. But what Allah asks of you is shook thankfulness. I'll give you an example. in Perth, there's a freeway. Now, it might be a difficult example for you to understand here in Mumbai. Because your roads, you travel 20 kilometers an hour,

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right? When I'm talking about a freeway, I mean, like, there's no cars around you. You know, it's open road. And I'm on the Tonkin highway, and it's a bridge that's over at the Swan River in Perth. And there's no emergency lanes, right. So if you're in trouble, you got to keep going until the end of the bridge. And it was late at night. And I was driving home, I would just myself, my wife and the kids were at home, maybe 11 o'clock at night, I can't remember where I was or what I was doing. And normally I don't wear contact lenses. Normally I don't. But on that day, it was very sunny, and I put on my sunglasses. So I was wearing you know the little plastic contact lenses. And I was out

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all day and the contact lenses were in my eyes 1314 hours. And usually you shouldn't wear them more than eight to 10 hours. So they began to get itchy and dry. So I'm driving. And I touched my left eye

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and see everyone they know you know if you wear contact lenses how much you need them. And I didn't have my glasses with me in the car, I left them at home, put the context I'm going to be home.

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Touch my eye, the lens falls out.

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And of course I'm traveling 120 columns, no, I'll say 100 kilometers. That's the speed limit. But I was going more traveling the speed limit because we're being recorded.

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And we arrive I come to this bridge, I lose that lens.

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And all of a sudden your depth perception changes. So I'm trying to drive with one eye, you know.

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And at the same time, I'm trying to make sure that the lens that immediates on my shoulder. I don't want it to fall in the dark. Where am I going to find it.

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And I make it off the bridge handling that six kilometers.

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And I turn on the light and I'm looking tearing the car apart. Where is this little piece of plastic. And so Pamela I find it and it's got hair

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on it and dirt on it, and I want to kiss it, you know, it's this little piece of plastic is so important to me to get home, I still have 30 kilometers to go. And it didn't matter to me I infection or not, I just shoved it in my eye.

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And voila, at that moment, it dawned on me. So Panama, you know, it's not even something it's not even my own eyes. It's not It's not even my own self. It's not even the creation that I am. And look at how thankful we are to what Allah has given us. That little piece of plastic became, you know, almost like life and death. traveling at that speed at that time in the night. How am I going to get home?

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How often do we thank Allah Subhana Allah for the gamma that we have? And I'm talking about the miracle of a little piece of plastic.

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What about the Namah of movement? The name of health, the name of well, the name of success, the name of Eman?

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You know, look at a time the people who are involved in the ship who don't know a loss of Hannah was Allah the name of faith.

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House how faithful are we for what we have? and therefore you hear these words of the prophets I send them narrated by Imam Muslim Listen to these words of the Prophet he says law yet the holy Jenna has

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not a single person will enter Jenna paradise because they have done good deeds. You cannot worship Allah enough. You cannot fast enough make saw that enough. do enough good deeds in your life to earn Jenna, you'll never be able to come on the Day of Judgment. You come before a law and you say

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I'm here.

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Where are my keys? You know, I know there's a home in there somewhere.

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Yeah, Honey, I'm ready.

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Oh, look, look, here's my book. Look Sala.

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So yeah, so it's all there.

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What about your health? What about the nierman? Do you actually worship Allah okay? Is your for that let's just look at solar. If your solar enough to cover the gamut of your eyes and hearing just your eyes sight and hearing,

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movement and mobility. Just saw that? Is it enough? These five daily prayers that will allow

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your children you if your child falls ill sick.

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The first thing or law or law or law or law or law or law.

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You have your child Well, for 10 years, now they fall sick.

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And now you say Oh Allah Oh Allah Oh Allah Oh Allah Oh Allah Where were you? 10 years of prosperity? Where is the shook?

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Listen to the Prophet of Allah new.

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Why does new main to Allah Allah destroy all these disbelieving people?

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He says to them first your says yeah, call my people listen to me, is Stubblefield or Beckham

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turn to Allah ask him for protection and help. Ask him to protect you from yourself from the scenes you're making stuff in order back home. Uncle Sam alaikum kamagra Allah will bring the heavens and open them open them with rain and Baraka upon you.

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When you did come be unwavering within and because of your faith in the law, he will give you wealth and children. Why am I lacking Jenna in my area alaikum and Hara, Allah will make gardens for you reverse for you everything you want. Is stone Pharaoh back home.

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Be thankful to Allah, let in Chicago tune. The Aziza nechama tells you in the Quran, if you continuously are thankful to me, I will increase you in what you already have shook thankfulness to Allah is three ways. The first important part of shook his recognition of the Nehemiah is to recognize you've been given a lot tells the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the end of surah Baja, Allah tells the Prophet well I'm happy that I met you in a beaker, the Hadith. Therefore, when others question you are where you are with others declare to everyone around you, then Yama you have been given by Allah subhana wa Tada. Nowadays you meet a brother, sisters, they

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meet each other. How are you sister Ayesha? How are you, brother ultimate

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Right, all of us

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leave it to Allah, Allah, Allah will help.

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Do you know where we get this tradition? You know, you know how we say in sha Allah and and hamdulillah Where do you get this tradition of Alhamdulillah

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the use of the Sahaba when they would come to one another kafer Hi Luca, how is your condition today? When the person said Al Hamdulillah he was making what do I sing? Oh

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how do we say it now? In the negative? Like they were saying it you know so how do they used to have one date for the whole day? How are you handling nah I have a date

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we come now we have everything

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the car you know it's the tire

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it means more errors I don't know I'll check it out.

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Right shook recognize the as the Prophet Allah tells you that'll Sula and maybe not material because

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therefore declare a loss in the AMA to others. What amount of gamma do then we have to begin to declare? Meaning like, Is it the number or Alhamdulillah I got married okay everyone I got married what is the gamma that then you have to tell others? Listen to the prophets. I send them he says

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a limb when Matt Barrett if you've been given shelter, and a cool drink to drink, snack,

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a blessing from Allah Subhana Allah recognize a laws favor upon us.

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Second, to use what we have in his obedience, to use what we have in his obedience. To be thankful to allow your heart if you if you have strength and health, use it in the capacity that is asked for by Allah obey Allah with it. And do not use your ability and the Nehemiah in the disobedience of Allah. If you have wealth, use it for Allah if you do not be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala do not use your Nana in that which opposes Allah and His messenger Muhammad wa sallam third way of showing shook is to be in the assistance of others. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was profound in this in how he showed others comfort. Even though himself he needed to be comforted.

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People would come to the Prophet dice element, he'd be wearing clothing. It was his only shirt, the only one he owned. And as he's walking in the street of Medina, a person comes and pulls the shirt from the shoulder of the prophets. I send them in such a harsh manner that it caused the Prophet shoulder to bruise

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and the Prophet turns around. He says, What do you want? The man says, I want your clothes. I want your shirt yellow Subala and the Sahaba they come to this meme. They say you know Muhammad, I send them never does anyone ask him except he gives? Why do you have to ask the Prophet? It's the only shirt he has? And the man says no, I want it.

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So the Prophet knocks on the door of Saudi Arabia of either one of the people of Medina of the unsought and he says, Can I borrow something to wear?

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and sat says yes, you're also law here you can wear this. The Prophet takes off his own clothes borrows clothes to put on and gives the men his shirt off his back.

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After the men receives it, he says to the Prophet, Allah He Allah Salama, I only took the shirt so that I can be buried in it, so that when I die, my Kevin will be this clothing of Muhammad Sallallahu. So all of the Sahaba who were then telling them why that's a good idea.

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Why didn't I think of this?

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shook thankfulness be in the service of others. This is to that extreme Ayesha and ns and in Myanmar, all of the Sahaba when they would be asked about the Prophet, they would say one of his distinguishing characteristics, lamb use a lampshade in the alpha never was he asked for anything except he gave it anything. He was giving Salalah Hollywood seldom and that is a way of being thankful to Allah

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