Mufti Menk – Is It Coming Home?

Mufti Menk
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I'm going to try this live session after a long, long time. And I pray that Allah Almighty grant us goodness and acceptance, that question is the question of the hour. Is it coming home? Is what coming home? Well, they're talking about the European Cup Subhanallah, the European Cup? Is it coming home? The question, meaning is it going to come to the UK? Well, I want to tell you probably, it probably will, bugs. But the lesson that we have to learn from football is something tremendous. Imagine the amount of effort people put in to the game. They never give up. I believe they've never won the European Cup, you can correct me if I'm wrong. And I

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also believe that they've only ever won the World Cup 55 years back, but they've never given up How's that? They've never given up? Mashallah. So for 55 years, and even more, they keep going, trying, participating, again, with full hope that they're going to win, and they haven't won. So panela. Imagine the dedication, I'm a Muslim, Mashallah, I'm not so into football at all. But it really amazes me how much of effort and energy dedication, how convinced the other, we're going to do it the next time, we're going to do it the next time, we're going to do it the next time and they have not done it. So with us, we lose hope with smaller matters in a smaller period of time, shorter

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period of time. So a shorter period of time, we lose hope. But these guys, for a much bigger thing. They've continued for years and years. And they've just said no, it's going to happen next time they lose, they come back, no, we're going to go back, they lose, they come back, no, we're gonna go back 55 years. In fact, like I said, they've never won the European Cup. So panela. So with me, I'm never going to give up when I want to achieve something, especially the pleasure of Allah, I'm not going to give up. If I made a mistake once and I didn't manage to do it. I'm going to get up on my feet, go back and try again, go back and try again, remember shape funds on the other side when it comes

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to us and sin. And we must make sure that we don't give up even if you've led an entire life far away losing all the time, you will definitely win when it comes to the end by the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you continue to genuinely and sincerely try Subhan Allah,

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someone saying England is achieved, it's not a matter of being achieved. It's the dedication, they keep going back, we keep going back and for your information, it's probably going to come home to hand Allah. In a few hours time, we're going to find out where it's going to be, and I have a feeling it's gonna come home. But like I say, I'm not here for that. I'm here to tell you that Subhanallah it's such a great lesson. I sit and I look at the people and they they train every other day, they train every season, they keep themselves fit. They are so excited when they're selected to be in the team. What about us, the seasons past we still sending we haven't made an effort in the

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right direction. These people make an effort on the ball and how they kick it and how they pass it on how they dribble it and how they score gold and so on. Because that's life. And that's the kind of love for them. That's what it is for the players and whoever else Mashallah for you and I don't we want gentlemen to fit those. Well, I II, the effort we put into other things, sometimes is embarrassing. If we haven't put in a great effort in the boron in trying to obey the commands of Allah in becoming a better person in doing the right thing. Remember, when there is a football match, you cannot do what you want. You have to make sure that you follow the rules. And you can't

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say, well, who set these rules I'm free. You know, I'm supposed to be doing what I want. You have to be in a specific place. You have to kick the ball in a specific direction. You cannot question the fathers of football because whoever invented it, they say, well, that's the game play to get out. You know, Subhanallah we still question Allah when it comes to our lives. And Allah says, You're supposed to lead your life within a certain parameter. You're supposed to be moving in a certain direction. Don't go to the side. Don't go backwards. That's how it should be. Now my brothers and sisters, I've learned a great lesson every time I watch the football fans, it seems those football

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fans don't even know how to kick a ball in most cases, but they get more excited than the guys who are kicking the ball. Can you imagine? Subhanallah so it's a great lesson for all of us, my brothers, my sisters.

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They may win in Sharla. And probably they will. And I think I think they probably deserved the win after so many years, you know, the dedication, the trial, you will achieve magette that whoever is going to work hard, will definitely get the results at some point. But the question is, how much of effort do you put in what you believe in? Do you give up, others haven't given up for something basic for years on end, and guess what they're on the brink of it, and they probably gonna come with it. How much have you put in terms of ethics, in that, which is going to take you two gentlemen, for those, you know, sometimes online, we see people making an effort to learn the songs, but they

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haven't learned the art to learn the moves of the dance, but they haven't known the moves of Salah Subhanallah, you don't know how to do recuerde and sujood properly, you don't know how to sit in Salah or even how to stand or what to do. But you know, every move and you can make all the videos of, of how to move to this tune and that chain and this song and that song and what to do first and what to do next. And everyone gets together and they group together and they do it. All I'm saying is have you made an effort? Have you made an effort? So Panama in the right direction? Do you do you know? Now that you know so many songs and so much? What do you know of the plan? Have you memorized

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a bit of it make an effort in that direction? Now Allah subhanho wa Taala goodness, I know there is a bit of an echo. Perhaps Like I said, I haven't been lying for a long, long time. here right? With this live session. I pray that

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What should I say? I'm praying that who wins? Well, I pray that the winner wins Mashallah.

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You know, they say Who do you support them? I say always support the winners. But May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah make it easy for everyone. So who do you think is going to win here? I see most of the people here are saying England's going to win. And some are saying perhaps

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Italy is going to win, I think more of England than need to be here. Someone says I'm the winner. Some panel not Look, everyone seems to be supporting England. So from those on my channel here seems like the majority are England supporters. Well, I guess if I were speaking in italiana maybe then perhaps I might have more people supporting Italy. Let's keep living living. Shall we speak English after all right? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. Perhaps you guys can let me know what the score is when it does happen. And

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I pray that you have not misunderstood the lesson that I have drawn from what we've said today. And how never to give up. No matter how many times you've lost to shape on. You need to keep getting up, try again. We're going to do better. You lose to shape and again get up do your Toba repent, do your STL file, turn back to Allah start afresh, and keep on starting afresh, even if it means for 55 years or more, keep on starting afresh the day you give up, it will never come home. But if you keep on going one day, you will find that's why the professor says a person could be in the wrong track for 70 years and right at the end, they literally came home so they actually did the right thing and

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they managed to win over a plan and they would go to generally prefer those so May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless you all. I hope it was refreshing. Just a few hours before this match. And I pray that the lesson is greater, you know, like we say we show so much enthusiasm for these things. It's okay, it's okay on condition that you don't

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compromise. what you stand for by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of your deen in terms of your faith, your beliefs, in terms of what you know is going to be helping you may Allah bless you all.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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