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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the success and failure of individuals, including those considered successful and successful in their communities. It touches on the importance of avoiding accusations and avoiding false accusations, as well as the responsibility of children in therapy and bringing people together to avoid racism. The segment emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and apologizing for past mistakes, as well as the negative impact of abandoning someone and not wanting to meet them. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a program called "verrucosa."
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See La Romana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been Ambia even more silly. Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to sleep on cathedra cathedra from Abbado.

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My dear brothers and sisters, with Eli dalla

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we are looking at the criteria of success and failure. And as I mentioned in the last

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session, and the last lecture criteria based on the assessment and based on the standard and the framework set by the judge, not by anyone else, because that's the only thing which matters, I can consider myself to be a highly successful person. But whether I am actually successful or not, will depend on what Allah subhanaw taala decides, and ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive me, and to decide that my life is and was successful, but I have no control over that. I mean, I can try my best but I am not the deciding authority is not the deciding person. My opinion does not matter. And exactly the same thing can be said about anybody on the face of the earth, that their opinion about

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themselves does not matter. What matters is Allah subhanaw taala della della whose judgment in their case,

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now, also listen to Salem, I continue.

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Our hora de la who narrated that Rasulillah Salam Salam said, Beware of suspicious, for suspicion is the greatest false falsehood. Beware of suspicion, because his vision is the greatest falsehood. Do not try to find fault with each other. Do not spy on one another. Do not vie with one another. Meaning don't race with one another for the dunya do not envy one another. Meaning Don't be jealous of one another. And do not be angry with one another and do not turn away from one another and be slaves of Allah, Allah to Allah, brothers to one another. As you have been enjoyed.

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And you continue continued, a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim, he does him know wrong, nor does he let him down. Nor does he despise him. Fear of Allah is here fear of Allah is here. Fear of Allah is here. And he geladeira Lu and he's Allah Hi salaam pointed to his blessed chest. And then he said, It is evil enough that a Muslim should look down on his brother, for every Muslim is sacred to one another, his blood, his honor, and his property. Allah does not look at your body or your voms

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all your deeds, but he looks at your hearts. And this is in Bukhari and Muslim.

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Let's see this beautiful advice of resources and a man of God this is exactly in keeping with what the Quran says also says otherwise you're not allowed to listen to just Cecil law says do not become justice. Do not become spies and don't don't seek out and don't have suspicion and don't seek out the

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faults of other people. So and exactly the same thing then celibacy or whatever or the Allah who reports that also Allah is Allah, Allah you are you. So Selim, he said, Beware of suspicion. You know, suspicion is such an evil, evil, evil thing.

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Because there is no defense against it.

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How many marriages go,

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go bad, because the wife suspects the husband or the husband suspects the wife, there is no way that he or she can fight against that because the suspicion is in the mind of the suspect. I don't have this other word, but so invent it. The suspicion is in the mind of the one who suspects right. There is no there is no grounds for this. This is the person who suspects finds and manufactures the old girls and everything that the person they are suspecting does without any men sometimes may not even be without even awareness, they don't even know or they are not doing whatever they are doing or saying for a particular reason. This is just normal natural behavior, but the person suspecting

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reads meaning into it, meaning that does not exist.

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There is no there is no cure for this, except for the person who's suspecting to accept their fault and to make history far and sober and say

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I am very sorry I have done some great evil. Maybe they may not even be need to say that to the person you are suspecting because they may not even know that you are suspecting them. But if they didn't know from your behavior, then you should also apologize to them and say I'm extremely sorry. This is my fault I should not have done it. But anywhere now I make is the fall I make Toba and I seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala for having suspected you because there is no reason I should not have suspected you this something that they must do.

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And there is no cure for this never ever so don't don't go don't go into this lead leave it all off monitor.

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If there is something which is openly happening in front of you with evidence that this thing is something which is evil that stop it, then talk about that stop it but don't keep on suspecting it's a very very horrible

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horrible thing and as soon as I said I'm sitting in this goodwill Hadith in Bukhari Muslim he said for suspicion is the greatest falsehood he said this is lying this is a falsehood because what you are suspecting does not exist then he said Do not try to find fault with with one another and this is one of the biggest evils This is one of the biggest evils This is one of the biggest illnesses This is a cancer in our Muslim society

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that we have gotten the creepy masala will have a check ECG grind on them is easier to

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take our cam ECG Allah by LASIK Yeah, good to see you Brian. Are you able to Pablo Lana? I said why don't do

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multifocal Ivanova is there is this, we think that it's our purpose Allah is great, that's to find what with others, no one has heard me saying the exact opposite. He said do not find fault with with one another for you one another. Even if you see a 40 meter something which is not harming anybody leave it alone, it's not your problem, the person you're you're looking at is not in your custody, right. And if it is somebody in your custody, for example, if it is your son, your daughter or something like that, and apart from your children, nobody else is in your custody. That sense is we are not responsible for therapy of anyone except your own personal children. So if all if you are a

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teacher, then your students if that is the case, and speak to that individual, directly and do that in a very nice way. And and don't don't make that into an issue.

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Today we find what with everything, every single thing we find fault with and people really become very hesitant then they become afraid to say anything or do anything because they know that the 20 eyes which are watching and they don't care you can do good for 100 years and nobody will say one word to think about what kind of miserable hearts are of these people

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said you have not thanked Allah unless you're attacking the person but they will never thank you and

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saying something good to somebody praising somebody directly to their face. And I did that to so many of us I have not one.

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What is prohibited is flattery, which is lying.

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Right exaggerating in praise, but saying something directly to the person.

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I sort of did this.

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He said to oversee this other law he said to the whole congregation. He said I have fulfilled everybody's rights except the rights of a worker and the right and our workers rights and my debt to our worker Allah subhanaw taala will fill it out of the law. No, this is what I wish I wasn't upset. And he said it in a congregation to the face of others.

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Who says that you are not supposed to say something good to somebody or praise somebody to their face. What is private it is flattery. To say to somebody owes what Allah you are the greatest animal in the world you are the great the wisest person in the world. You are the blah blah blah. This is this is flattery is private. But who says if somebody does something good and to say hamdulillah Masha Allah may Allah bless you May Allah help you You're such a wonderful brother. You're such a wonderful sister. You are so helpful you are so this your so that this is recommended. This is what we should do because this is what brings us closer together.

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A problem is the whole deed. We have misunderstood the deed and people who are who tell us these things. They're misunderstood.

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So let me start as I was saying, do not find what was going on one level right? leave people alone let them do let him let them make a mistake Allah America is not for review will forgive them and if he doesn't forgive him, that is between them and Allah subhanaw taala you Who are you don't get into this. Do not find fault with one another do not spy on one another. Do not vie with one another you know this racing for for the dunya buying racing or or

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trying to excel each other in Diem. In Salah

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Windecker in charity in memorizing Quran and doing good deeds 100 This is a good thing,

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an hour of the land used to always try to vie with our workers for the land in this context. But the point is that doing that for the dunya this is just because it's all over, trying to keep up with the Joneses, as they say, and you know, we're trying all sorts of we got to get his car, look at his dress, look at his hat, look at the look at that, look at this, and then try to do that, this is a dirty game, do not do that, then do not envy one another. And we in this context is is required in the context of jealousy. Meaning that you see something, somebody something good with somebody, and you really wish bad for them. You wish that oh, if this person has a nice house, well, you know, I

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hope he's I wish his house falls down or he's got a nice car, I hope, I hope he crashes in that he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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He will not say that is only what but that is that is what's in the heart. You want evil for that person who do do not like to see that person doing well. If somebody is popular, and your thing is you feel jealous, you feel bad about that, oh, this person popularity should drop. And if for whatever reason the population popularity drops, you rejoice. You're very happy. This is a this is a despicable, miserable horrible thing. If that is in your heart, clean your heart, clean your heart, if that is in your heart, your heart got garbage in it, clean your heart, right, do not envy one another and do not be angry with one another in the sense of Okay, so if somebody does something

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stupid and you get angry, that's it that you express the anger in a positive way, carrying the person get out of it, walk away, then move on. Don't carry that.

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Carrying this anger in your heart is like holding a live coal in your hand. It burns only when nobody else, forgive people for God's sake, forgive people do not carry that Angular one. And there is a sunset do not turn away from one another. Somebody says alarm you do not say

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You don't meet you know, you don't meet people. You don't talk to people. Because or you don't talk to somebody because you imagine that they did something something bad to

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all of these things, divide all of these things, take hearts away from each other. There is another term said do not do that be slaves of Allah.

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Be what Allah brothers to one another. As you have been enjoyed

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Allah of our donors that told us very clearly, in the moment we Laura, and

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Mary, the believers are brothers one.

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Usually you're buying a house and he said, Bring together Ricans reconcile between each other.

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If they if people are divided, if people have differences of opinion, if people have something, you know, in that context, bring them together.

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And then use that as an observer, a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. Now, this is a statement A Muslim is a brother almost and then as soon as a result is describing what is the meaning of that. When you say a Muslim is the brother of Muslim Muslim, what does it mean? He says, See the silly things, what he

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pointed out, number one, he does ignore all

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that he does not do anything wrong, so wrong for him, he does not have him in any way by word or the second one, he nor does he let him down meaning that if he promises to do something for him, he does it

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he will not let him down. And third one is not as he despise Him, He does not look down upon him.

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This is a such a again, one of the many

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you know horrible things that we have picked up I don't know from where but this is another thing we look down on each other.

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May Allah forgive us in our in the Indian subcontinent, our all of us.

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Our, our scholars, and some of those names are considered to be one of some of the greatest scholars of the subcontinent. They are the ones who instituted who created a caste system on the basis of the Hindu caste system into the Muslim community.

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We have all the names we know all the names. And doesn't I'm not just basically I'm just not mentioning them here because I don't want even mention the names of people who brought something from the Hindu caste system which is an evil, evil evil thing it is the worst form of racism and discrimination in the world that can ever exist. And the and these Alama these Muslim scholars imported that into Islam and they created a three tier caste system. I should have. I should have an audible

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I can even do this they call people up the Muslims

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In a delay when

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those who exist need to make us the foreign Toba and those who died date

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do not despise one another. And then there is a subset fear of Allah is here fear of Allah is here fear of Allah is here, and if any any pointed to his blessed chest

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and then he said it is evil enough that a Muslim should look down on his brother

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for every Muslim is sacred to one another.

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In India there are masajid which do not allow

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Muslims from the so called arvel cast to come and pray in the masjid

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who is responsible for this? Who is going to answer dollars rather for this?

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In this lesson as a lesson did not bring the caste system anybody who says Lila illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah is a Muslim, and he or she is equal to every single other Muslim in the context of iman, that person is equal to any other Muslim on the face of the earth from the day they enter Islam to the last day. There is no caste system in Islam, there is no one who is superior, on on inferior on the basis of their birth, there will be the first individual who said I am superior, the basis of my birth was Shaytan was the bliss and he got consigned to jahannam for ever.

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That is what Islam thinks about the caste system. This is the Islamic perspective on a caste system or on racism, which images that anyone who considers themselves to be superior to somebody else on the basis of race

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on the basis of caste is from the from the children and from the friends of shaitan and if they do not miss the foreign tama, they will be with them,

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they will be with him

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how tragic it is that in Islam,

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and this exists only in India is a coordinate India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

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Nowhere else

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we have other forms of caste system. In the in the in the whole of the Middle East we have we have this nationalism, which is another huge huge, huge evil the sorceress villain came to remove.

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And he and he wiped out all tribalism and nationalism that existed among the Arabs.

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But one or they went back to it so fast. They went backwards so fast.

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brothers, sisters, believe me, we will not see the end of the difficulties that we are facing in this life until we get rid of these evils from our heart.

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I'm not saying this. I'm saying this. He pointed out to these things. And he said these things are evil.

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Well, that's right Allah have

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mercy on us and forgive us and give us Tofik to change ourselves before we face him. And then we have to answer for what we did

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in another Hadees, in Abu Dhabi and deal with the from from Amory ministry from his father and from his grandfather also said he is not us. He is not of us, who has no compassion for our little ones, and does not honor our older people.

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I repeat, the original film said he is not of us. He is not of us. He is not from among us, the one who has no compassion for our little ones meaning compassion for children, and does not honor our old one does not honor the adult.

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These are basic fundamental manners that we are supposed to teach our children and see. This looks to me as if it is absent. How many times have I have you been in a masjid and I have seen this I'm talking about Muslims because this is supposed to be the best place in the world right now. It's the best place of the month. How many times have I seen people young people come into the masjid their elderly people sitting there they will not.

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They will not greet them.

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Even though they know

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even those this will they see every day. They will not go to the Wednesday Serravalle

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how many times I've seen where an elderly person who's happy, who's having difficulty with walking and so on is arthritis or whatever comes into the lodge who picks up a chair which he has difficulty picking up and he is dragging it on the cupboard because he doesn't have the strength to pick it up. And there are a whole bunch of young Muslim males who are sitting there who have been who've been spending their time in the gym pumping iron and he's got big muscles

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have very tight T shirts to do to expose them to the world. But not one will get up and help the old man with the chair what good what is the use of your muscles?

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What will you do?

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Push up the earth when you are in your in your cover what will you

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please understand these are basic fundamental manners to be respectful to the to the older people to be kind and compassionate to children

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very very

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tragic. There is a complete breakdown in our society and I'm so sorry to say that the Muslim society is not exempt from this is a complete breakdown of values and ethics and morals and and and basic fundamental manners. It begins with Salam Salam came to Medina Abdullah bin salam ala vellano says I went there and the people were asking him give us advice and he said spread salaam salaam greet people feed the hungry

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maintain the ties of family of the ram of the womb and stand and pray in the night when the world is sleeping and people are sleeping and Allah subhanaw taala will make the path make your path to Jannah easy and with Salah and with with sickle

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it's as simple as that

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starts with Salah this was the reason I'm did not say first and in the night and break and then he didn't say Salama do Nissan first

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salon first.

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My brothers sisters very very important for us to change ourselves. And Jabara Delano said that also Lazaro Salam said, If one makes excuses to his brother, but he does not excuse him or accept his apology, he is as sinful as the one who takes an unjust tax. I repeat, and this is in binary Jabara de la narrated from rasool Allah is Allah Salah, we said if one makes excuses to his brother,

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meaning that if this person does something wrong, or did not fulfill his, his promise or whatever, he has an excuse. And so what you know, this is the reason happens or, and he expects his brother to accept this excuse, but when

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it is the turn of the brother, if something goes wrong, he does not excuse him. And even if the person says, Look, I'm sorry, I could not do this. He does not accept the apology. And then this person who does not excuse it, or does not accept the apology is as sinful as the one who takes an unjust tax. Now, what is the thing about unjust acts, the person who takes and unjust acts is sinful before Allah subhanaw taala and that person will have to give it back on the Day of Judgment because he has taken this unjust tax.

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Right? So

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what's gonna happen on that day? Think about this.

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Forgive people, forgive people forgive people forgive me.

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Because we need forgiveness. We need forgiveness in this dunya and we need ALLAH SubhanA wa eternus forgiveness on the Day of Judgment. When we meet Allah subhanaw taala another beautiful Hadith for our boy, you will in Saudi Arabia Allah Nora salasar Salim said it is not right for a man to abandon his brother for more than three days.

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In other hand, these individuals themselves avoid all Muslim abandons another Muslim man or woman, if he abandons his brother or his sister or she abandons her sister for more than three days and they die, then this person will go to Johanna.

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This person will go to Johanna will be in the hellfire. Why? Because they abandon their brother or sister or mother 3d What's the meaning of and meaning that when the person says Allah will not reply, you reply, you are angry with them, you discard them, you reject them, you you

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chuck them out of your life. Now you might say well, you know, what about people ask me this question. I think it's a reasonable question. They say what about somebody who's so toxic that every time you meet them is a it's a ordeal it's horrible. And this person is full of all kinds of now for example, people are addicted to reverse every time we eat them. This person is doing some believeth on somebody or the other is this person is bad slandering or bad talking somebody or the other so you don't want to meet them? What about salespeople? See abandoning the not abandoning does not mean that you have to meet them every day or you know you're you're the greatest friend and you are going

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to sit and spend the whole life with them No, it just means that you don't leave them completely as in this yes alarm you don't reply and things like just as long as you're saying that article while he was alive and so on. And that's it that enough, this is enough. This is enough. There are nobody is compelling you

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Who to

00:25:02--> 00:25:07

interact with or to engage with people who are negative minded in that context.

00:25:09--> 00:25:30

But don't leave it don't leave somebody you get angry with somebody, you don't talk to them you don't reply to them and so on so forth. It's I will never forgive this person. And you know, not just days months past years past you don't talk to one another. I know cases are brothers or legs in that day when they own blood brothers are like this is a double crime It's haram haram.

00:25:31--> 00:25:46

One is the admiration for a Muslim brother to a Muslim brother. The other one is the relationship of the womb is your own brother solid sick. This is the old system for God's sake. If you if you if you leave if you abandon or leave them, you are consigning yourself well

00:25:47--> 00:25:48

why not do that?

00:25:49--> 00:26:00

Why do you want to do that? And as I said, you don't have if your brother or sister is toxic if it's somebody that you really think that they are engaged in trying to hug you the dog but don't Don't

00:26:01--> 00:26:05

you know, get that close to them but salaam verrucosa What is wrong with us?

00:26:07--> 00:26:34

Very, very seldom our Muslim society is riddled with this kind of thing. So please, do not do that. Avoid one side or the landlord. The the host sellers when he came to a Molina he says in that number, Salah salem said it is not right for a man to abandon his brother for more than three days and I said this and I said if a person if one Muslim abandons his brother or sister for more than three days and days, they will go to John.

00:26:36--> 00:26:39

The last one that I want to talk to here and inshallah

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let's see last one from Alameda dam. Bien. Bien muy bien. Madikeri Rasul Allah says, When a man, when a person loves

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his brother, he should tell him that he loves him. See the beauty of this thing, he must say, Oh, I love you, I love you, my brother, I love you, my sister, I love you for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in this in another

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case, but don't make it sound as if you know, if it wasn't for the sake that I that I had to love you for the sake of others around that I would not have loved us. That is not the meaning of that. Right? So

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don't don't make it seem as if I love you only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala if it wasn't for that, I would not love you. That's not the meaning. The meaning is that I love you for the sake of others rather than means I love you very much. And I asked him not to reward me and you for this love 100. So the reason I sort of said in the Saudis in which is in Abu Dhabi, and Timothy, whenever he loves his brother, he should tell him that he loves it. And there are so many such incidents and how beautiful are those incidents?

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Where Salam

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mentioned to the Sahaba, right, he mentioned was the sahaba. That like, like, for example, mod bingeable

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said to him, he said, Oh my god, I love it. He said, Oh, why they love you.

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Think about it.

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Somebody sent me this beautiful thing. My brother, Abdullah Suji from South Africa. He sent me this wonderful thing and he said how do they feel? How did they feel? That's the beautiful thing. He said, I wonder how bad bingeable Or Delano felt when he heard as well as saying that by Allah I most certainly love you.

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Medieval, the young savvy, he was a

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special student of Rosa Salem. He was he became one of the Alama of the sahaba. One of the scholars of the Saba. Let me send them this this person, whoever may Allah bless them. They wrote a notable thing that I wonder how my bingeable Delano felt when he heard Rasulillah Salam sang Yamaha by Allah, I most certainly love you. And how did Ultra live near Barcelona de la fields, when as soon as insulin embraced him and said and said, Oh Allah, teach him the book. Teach him the Quran? Or what did I leave in Italian law, no fields. When he heard of sorrows in the film say, Tomorrow I will definitely hand the banner to a man who loves Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger and whom

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and His messenger also loved. And then the next day he found that he was doing and how would it have been a father Delano field when he fully supplied the army heading to the book and the Surah Surah seven says nothing that was banned does after today who would ever harm him?

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Or how did our muzzle actually feel when the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam said to him

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If you would have only seen me, yeah, I will was when I was listening to your recitation yesterday. And he was reciting Quran in Salah and themselves and I was standing behind him, and he loved the recitation of Abu Musab, actually. And how did I say vinyasa he has? How would it been a save beanie Aziz on the Alonso? How did he feel when only the patch of hair that was sort of wiped on his head remain black when the remainder of his hair hair turned white due to old age? And What emotions did the unsavoury experience when the soil was on a subject to them? If all the people were to go one way? And if the answer were to take another, I would choose the part of the answer.

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this is such a such a beautiful

00:30:56--> 00:31:42

thing that, you know is meaning that I am very, very beloved. So what emotion did the answer experience when? And also, as I said, I'm sent to them if all people were doing one way, and the answer were to take another I will choose the path of the unset or how did the unsolved feel when wrestlers and asylum spoke about them saying the sign of belief is love for unsolved, and the sign of hypocrisy is to feel animosity towards them. And what were the feelings of acidic Adela know when the messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said, If I were to take somebody as a Helene as my closest friend, I would have taken Abu Bakr with the Alana as my closest friend. And how did Aisha said this

00:31:42--> 00:32:14

or the Alana field when the SOLAS Salam replied unhesitatingly with her name. When asked, who was the most beloved person to him? I was the last that asked him Arizona who is the most beloved to iteration? How did you feel when she heard that? And what were the feelings of beloved Minerva? Are they allowed? I know when Rosaura Santa salem said to all Billa tell me about the deed in which you place most hope, because I have heard the sound of your shoes in front of me in Jannah.

00:32:15--> 00:32:58

And my beloved used to pray to regatta unofficial after he made will look like the hereafter will know how did Armando Katara Delano feel when he sought permission to enter in the house or with a seller and he told the person and he SallAllahu sallam said to the person at the door and this was citizen biller is allow him to enter and give him the glad tidings and give him the good news of of Jannah let him come and tell him that he is from the people of Ghana. Now how did all the Sahaba Ridwan Lai LA when main field when seeing Rosaura Salah Salem, morning and evening? How did you see how did they feel seeing him? And I add to this how did they feel standing behind him and listening

00:32:58--> 00:33:22

to his recitation of the Quran? And how are we going to feel when we see in the akhira, the Messenger of Allah, the Rasul of Allah salAllahu Salam, and he says to us, you are my brothers, for whom I have cried in my anticipation to meet and you are my brothers, who have believed in me without ever seeing me. And this is a beautiful Hadees of also salaam where he,

00:33:24--> 00:33:45

when he said this, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those people who are mentioned in this hadith, and who are mentioned here, not her these were mentioned nearby or rather the person whoever it is, may Allah bless them, who wrote this beautiful piece? Was Allah Allah Allah. Allah He was.

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Was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh