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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Lord of sustaining Illa Allah who none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala all our sada or lpm are forcing us to shoot I will call out our dependencies to Allah alone and exclusively, none has the right to be worshipped but him also lots of Allah to forgive us for our transgressions and our sins. we sinned against Allah by night and by day and had he taken stock of what we have done, we would surely have suffered tremendously but out of his mercy He forgives us so Allah, may Allah so Allah forgive us this past week since and it is Juma via reason for this week and next week sins to be forgiven. And we ask

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Allah subhanaw taala to send our love our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions to the home of Mohammed Salah May Allah make easy for this oma, the difficulty and tribulation that we are in Allah subhanaw taala. Grant has goodness in this dunya and in the Akira Ameen will hamdulillah. We continue with our series on the diseases of the heart. And today in sha Allah, the disease that we will talk about, sometimes some of the diseases, some of the issues we discussed, we shy to say that it affects you know, we don't want to make a generalization and say all of us suffer from it. But this particular

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disease, attachment and love for the dunya it is by the nature of insulin, that we are born with this disease, that by our nature, we are materialistic, and we strive and we want to materialism and if we allow that disease to grow, if we allow that disease to to increase, it overtakes our heart, and if we look at the age we live in the resources it the every nation was tested with a specific kind of fitness and the fitness of my oma will be wealth will be the dunia will be the love for wealth, and we live in a time. And we all know this. We live in a time we never before in the history of mankind have we seen the extent of materialism and the extent of inequality between the

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rich and poor. The age we're living in, is perhaps the worst of the worst of times in terms of materialism, and this disease is rampant, this disease is destroying this dunya and literally physically destroying the dunya in terms of pollution and corruption. And with without generalization generalizing too much, it is safe to say that all of us who are yet we learn, we suffer from this disease in some way or another loss of time to protect us. So Allah subhanaw taala says in the agenda of the zenith Allah, Lena Bella whom you know, Armada, Allah Subhana says, I deliberately placed in this earth beautiful things I made this earth and adornment, something that

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will speak to you enough, something that will attract you Lena Bella home so that it may teach mankind, which of you will do the best of your deeds, who of you will pass through this dunya in the best possible way, or who will be caught up with the dunya and the enjoyment? So Allah says, This is the reason why you are here. And the reason why Allah created you this way, Allah made you to love wealth, and he put wealth in front of you, so that you can overpower your neffs.

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So the question is, am I attached to the dunya? And we like we did last week, we gave a few symptoms. If you need to diagnose yourself now, you need to look at these questions and ask, yes, I am overly attached to the dounia Oh, no, Alhamdulillah I am free of attachments to the dunya to a certain degree. Ask yourself, what do you think about all day? If you take your 24 hours? How much of it spent on what what stresses you the most? What aspect of your life consumes you the most your time, your thoughts, your energy, your efforts? What are the things that are priority? And we may say Islam is my priority? My priority? But in reality, what does our actions and our hearts what

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does our hearts focus on? In the 24 hours of the day that we are the Let's ask yourself that question, what preoccupies our time. What do we think about you know, sort of a good indication, you know, Subhanallah when Sora comes that's when the neffs shaytan tries his best to put all the other things besides Allah on our mind. They say when you forget something makes Allah because then shaytan will busy you by trying to remember you lost the keys. So what do we think about in our sada is it Allah subhana wa Taala or something else? What the * is from Allah, what keeps us up at night? What do we dream about in the night? What do we sit and fantasize about? What are the things

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that make our mind busy? What are the things that cause us to cry or to be upset?

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What things makes us shed a tear? We love to cry and over what did you cry? Was it over what you see happening to the Muslim Ummah in Syria and Palestine? Or because of something that personal material loss that you suffered that may broke your heart? What what? What are your biggest fears? What is the things that make you angry? And the things that give you pain? Are these were those things are your priorities? Those things which your emotional Your heart is attached? Those are the priorities in your life? What are you spending your day working towards? And how much is enough? When do you say, well, Hamdulillah, I'm working towards a goal, I've achieved it. And I'm enough, if I told you,

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what amount of money do you need to say, well, hamdulillah now, because most of us who say we have to work and our work is a means to an end. And the wealth that we do is just to see to our needs a little Hamdulillah, then we'll focus on the priority. So how much is enough? When do we draw the line in the sand and say, I need so much and that will be it. And then I can focus on the priority. And if you don't have a number, then you are continuously chasing after something you will never achieve.

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It is not wrong as we say our Sharia is not a communist Sharia that says that you should deprive yourself of wealth completely, nothing wrong to be wealthy, nothing wrong to own wealth. But when the dunya owns you, when it's a problem, nothing wrong to possess the dunya. But when the Petunia possesses you, then it's a problem. When it's a problem, Allah nerissa salam says, if the son of Adam had two values of gold, he would not be satisfied and he would want a third and nothing he would wish for a third value of gold, and nothing can fool the belly of Adam, nothing can stop, go against our desire, nothing will quench our desire except that meaning only when we die and go to

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the cupboard. Will we now realize and we will get to the point that so oh my goodness, I'd waste my time. And it will never be enough that we will continuously strive hard year in year out decade in decade out. For what? For what? And sometimes we're young we look at that, you know, some old people will say spinal this guy he's got such a huge bank account yet he's first in the office and is lost at night. What do you still work for? You? Are you a millionaire, multi, multiple multi millionaire, you have your homes and your wealth and your property? Why do you still come into work? What is it that you're chasing after? When is it enough? And the answer is if you don't control your neffs, it

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will never be enough. There is never enough of the dunya you'd want more and more and more and it will never end. And we spoke about this area this beautiful area before we are lost behind no data summarizes our entire lives and unless is the general the normal person who just goes on with his life without checking himself will follow through these stages. He will go Allah says Allah will know that animal hides the dunya that the worldly life begins by play that you're consumed by playing with toys like a child a child, they don't Yeah, they attachment is playing with toys and playing with games. They focus on that for the children. And then as they grow older level amusement

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teenage games, playing with you know, cards and going out and these fun of wasting time in a turn in terms of your teenage years adolescent years was enough. When you focus and prioritize the most important thing is looking good. being attractive to to the opposite *, and boasting what to hold on to one another and to boast and compete with the cathode. And while you're allowed to work, night and day, spend all your effort on acquiring wealth and children and working for your children so that they can have a better life.

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Like the example that Alex is the example of rain that falls on a on a plant that grows and then he dies and then he dies. your entire life will go through these stages, playing games, being a teenager being amusement working on your physical outwardly appearance, competing with one another, boasting with one another who has the biggest bank account whose children are the best who can have the best and then you die.

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And then you die. So what was the point of your life? What were you fighting? What were you working towards? What was the end goal the objective ultimate casseroles is competition in this world. It diverts you competing to get as much of the dunya as you want. It diverts you had to macabre until you visit the grave. When that rat race will in then you'll realize no one was a winner. Everyone was losing

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color. So for that I'm going to make a lesson for that time when we into the cupboard we will be we will realize them else's lien I promise you you will realize what was the point of this.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us that this dunya will trap us and will keep us blind and it will take all our attention and our focus until

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It is too late. And the danger liquid danger when Allah says when you become attached to the dunia look at the danger Allah says, cooling, cooling can.

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Cooling can come

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as well to come to come that if your father's your parents and your children and your brothers and your spouses and your family

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and your wealth that you accumulate what the gelatin does Shona casada and your and your business, the fear of decline, when my sakeena dodona and the beautiful homes that you love to spend time in a hub, in a criminal law, he wore a suit he was he had visibility. If your parents and your children and your business and your wealth and your homes is more beloved is a bigger priority to you if you love these things are more than Allah any sort of soul and jihad in his path working in a spot for a boss who didn't wait had to lobby me to wait and see what Allah will do. Allah doesn't give an answer what He will punish what the punishment is. I will just wait and see what I will do. Wait and

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see what else do I have to confess to him not guide a miss a people that come at Fisk upon Allah and Allah mentioned is wrong to love your children. No, it's good. Your parents is good. You your wives your business Hello money, it's good. These are hard things to be attached to. And you develop these if these attachments become too much, then watch out what I will do to you. So what if your heart is attached to something haram? We're here to learn. And as we sit here to Allah say what is scary about this ayah or what doesn't say I will do this to Xyz Allah just just wait and see what I shall do. And the result Salaam explains that dunya that excessive materialism that exists of attachment

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to the dunya is the reasons for collective ruin. We look at our own man we sell my children, we can do nothing in spite of our numbers. In spite of our knowledge, in spite of the wealth that we have. We are unable to change this world. Why and absences in this hide if he sees the Omaha gene, you may be afflicted with five things Allah forbid that you should live to see them. If five things happen. There'll be five consequences. Number one, if Zina and fornication and adultery becomes widespread, then expect to see diseases that was not prevalent in your time of your parents. aids our parents didn't know these things. And when you see Xena increase, then expect and wait to see diseases that

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were not being the types of your forefathers. Number two, we will start cheating in terms of your business you steal your by stolen property, you cheat on measures and scales. You try to lie and you try to outdo one another to get a quick buck. then realize this never happens except that Allah sins feminine and rulers to oppress you. The minute you deal in harmony, you earn her money you spend her money, Allah will bring about famine and sin the rulers that are corrupt to rule over you that when you withhold Zakat, number three, when you don't give charity when you withhold Zakat charity, Allah withholds that are we living in drought? And Neville says, Allah would have not since the rain if

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not for the animals, the only reason Allah still has mercy is because of the animals. But if he really took us to account for the, the the weakness in giving Zakah and charity, Allah would have stopped the rain altogether, that the minute we break our covenant and our allegiance with Allah and is that our soul, the minute we go against Sharia, then realize this never happened except that Allah seems an enemy of external enemies to overpower you and to an end possessed by take you by force. And lastly, if the leaders do not rule according to the book of Allah, then realize Allah will make your money your people into groups and factions and they will fight one another

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each and every one of these five things that he says I feel for you Oh my god, you should live in a time like that. We see our Salah We live in a time like that all five of those things we have lived to see them all five of those things we have lived to see them

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collective ruin we know this famous Hadith whenever he says who says that the time will come with the the nations of the world will gather around the Muslim lands and they will take from it like animals eating from from a bowl this one will take this candy this one will take okay we draw a line here you take the side I think that side as hobbyists, vinyl is lotsa lamb with this V because we are weak and few in number. He will say rather on that day you will be many but you will be like the phone on the sea on the river, meaning you are so much but you have no value, no strings, and Allah will remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies. That and he will make you weaker Allah

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will make the enemies be bold to attack you don't be afraid of you and you will be fearful of them and you'll be weak. Why or messenger of Allah because you love

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The dunya too much, and you hate this,

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when that happens, then expect these things to happen. Now this was in situ Sahaba, close to in whose mission was about to be complete, when the land sort of default to Islam and certain territory start to sin Zakah and sort of the same charity to Medina, because the Sahaba lived, we know extreme poverty. And we received a huge, a huge amount of

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huge amount of tax from Bahrain and Sahaba. And out to see this, this wealth for them, it was, you know, they never experienced this. And also, Selim said, By Allah, I do not fear poverty and starvation overtaking you, I don't fear that you'll be poor. But I fear that you will have abundant wealth at your disposal, as that been at the disposal of nations before you, you will then become extremely greedy in accumulating this wealth, just as the previous nations had done. This greed will cause you ruin and destruction just says it could ruin destruction, the people before you. Let me say, I don't feel poverty for you, I fear the abundance of the dunya. And once you in the dunya

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trap, you won't get out until you will be destroyed.

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The resources Watch out for greed, because the people before you, they will destroy it because of it. It is because of greed that they became miserly. They didn't spend in the path of Allah. And just because of greed that they both broke the ties of kinship Subhanallah my father dies, brother takes her arm, she, he doesn't care that his brother and his sister will never speak to him, so long as I can get the house of the car. He doesn't care how we teach him, he cheats, which people that breaks the ties, so long as I'm one, a few would end up in my bank account. And greed led them to commit sin. So they committed the worst of sins, they didn't care where the money comes from, who

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died in the process, 50, then I can kill you because my 50 grand in my pocket is worth more than your life, the father of your kids smile, the time we live in and say Now listen, if you look at a person that is greedy, and is possessed with obtaining the dunya, that will lie, this man is not rich, but rather is a slave. Because whatever the dunya goes, he will go that he is bound by the dounia like a slave, he will do it till 9808 he will wake up and he will go and he will push even when he's old, he will wake up and he will do that follow that dunya non stop until he dies. So who is really the rich man and who is the poor man who is the slave? What is the cure? Well, hamdulillah

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the other diseases we spoke about was something you had to fight in your knifes Yes, you must fight your next year. But this is a tangible way of curing yourself. There's something very, very easy, simply put your hand in your pocket and put something in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is the medicine for your hearts. And the more you do so and the more you give, the more you give. And the more benefit you see that your wealth gives you. Not in the dunya. But you see prosperity from your wealth. When hamdulillah you find that Allah will kill your heart, more and more and more. And this will also and we'll talk about the benefits of spending. It's not just that it kills you

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have greediness and miserliness and attachment to the dunya. Either kills will come. So lots of analysis alphacool merasakan aku Minh, and Allah says and spend all of that which I gave you, but unknown to you, which I will take from you eventually, I will take it back in any case, so spend of that not all of it. What else equal mimma of that, not all of it, some of it, something of it.

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circa two and a half percent vanilla to an office in Allah saying spin that which I have given you, part of it before that should come to you. And you should say Oh, my Rob, if when medical mode comes in, all of us will say this. Oh, my Rob, just give me a little moment. Just five minutes. You're allowed to do an EFT five minutes. I'll do that EFT. And I should then give in largely in charity, and I should be of those who do good deeds, Nabeel sallam, when he realized that he was on his last he gathered all these physicians, and he found he had seven coins like 70 then, and he was so upset with himself. He said, I will I stand before you, Allah, and I had seven coins in my pocket before I

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passed away. And he insisted on his family Don't treat me they will secretly want to help you seek first, distribute these seven coins. So hello, we should, you know, use when we die our wealth we shouldn't leave our children and destitute and to not to and to give all your wealth in charity. And also the problem that we need to give a hoot about the time other people are giving all their wealth away and charity. We never have to give a goodbye like that. But it is something that the pious people feared that I still died with something in my position, something which made the I have more than I needed. I have more than I actually needed. I spent so much time to get that. And Allah gave

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it to me and I couldn't even spend it. That's a type of a type of extravagance. So lots of answers. Bell to thirunal hayata dunia will Earth here too.

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I grew up a car, that you spend your self buzzing in preferring the life of the dounia. And you forget, and you leave off the Acura, which is better, and it will last you longer. And this is really one of the ways one of the remedies to materialism. The scholar gives a beautiful example. He says, you know, you have a child and the child only wants to see a single, this toy racing car. And eventually, when you give that child his hearts attached to it, he plays with, he loves it. But the minute he sees the real thing, he forgets about the toy, and he'll be focused on I want the real car now. So our problem is we've been focused on the fake life and forgetting the real life, we haven't

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spent enough time thinking about my place, my policy agenda, my wealth in general, my investment in the future, we've been so busy with the side effect of this dunya. And we haven't even thought about the real life. And when we start and it's about liquid liquid is remembering the reflection and reminding us of that which you know, we could we are reminding you of something you already know. But we need those reminders. We need to check ourselves and say viola, I am going to die one day. What do I have I prepared for myself in the you know, what is when I speak to myself first what is my position with Allah subhanaw taala that that is going to last forever. This that I'm going to

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spend my life acquiring will eventually leave me I will lose it. I will end up in the cupboard like everybody else. So the focusing on the Acura re aligns your priorities. That's why the man who is blessed, but he gets a terminal illness before he passes away, you would find these life changes why his priorities now are in line. I know what's the point? Why will he go to work? So if he knows I've only got three months to live, why would he still what what he himself will the latest of dunia when he knows I'm only going to spend three months here and all of us we don't know if we even have three months. Allah grant us that reminder. So Allah subhanaw taala says lantana Mira, you will not attain

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righteousness and piety had to FICO Mima to hipbone until you start spending of that which you love, Allah says he doesn't deny that you love the dunya Allah says, I know you love it, I know your hearts attached to it. But when you take it out against yourself, and you put it in the towel, or you give it to someone and say, this person needs it more than me, even though it hurts me inside to do it. Allah says, I give you bid that is piety. You did it why for my sake, you will attain better Who am I to belong to Omar to mention in for in the lobby he and him and don't ever worry because whatever you give in the path of Allah, Allah says I know and I'm keeping a record and I'm keeping

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track of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they say that when you sort of this way to think about it when you spin, it's like you're challenging Allah. Allah I am generous and you can't outdo Allah and goodness. So if you give Allah subhana wa tada needs to outdo you and He will give you something bitter.

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So if you spend, Allah gives you number one with a beard, it will give you righteousness, it will clean your heart for a man alpha or whoever gives an S duck we're about to give an taqwa is to fear whoever gives and is fearful and conscious of Allah or subject of interest and he believes in the good things. First of all, yes, sir. How are you sir, I will make smooth for him the path of goodness in the dunya and we will make his life easy in this dunya and in the era. Give and don't worry about what will come in the future. Allah will make that path easy. He will open the doors and he will protect you from calamity and he will take care of you just you give an F taqwa.

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Allah says Mandela Euclid Lacan Hasina. I love this I was mainly Mandela, Euclid Lacan, hudsonalpha dari fula, who often kathira La Ilaha Illa. Allah says, who will give me alone? Who would give a lot a loan? Meaning what if you give in charity, Allah says you will get it back. I'm not going to keep it you giving it to me as an investment. And Allah

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has enough for you dari fula who so that he will double it over and over and over give one and I will give you much more back in return, you will not regret this investment analyzing what we do we observe and align any case he says, I take and I give. I can take if I want and I can give as I please. So I ultimately the one who's going to increase your music and take away your music. If you know this is the man that your salary depends on and he makes a request of you. spouse, you're gonna say that your boss asks you, can you do this favor for me? You know, your salary depends on this man. What are you going to say spinal. Allah says I'm going to give you your music and I'm going to

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take away your music. So if I asked you to give something else in the path of Allah, you're going to say no to me, will lie to john and you still going to come back to me ultimately?

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Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala does not tell us to spend everything, but to give something of what will ultimately be taken from you. In any case, you me, and that's what Allah says, What would the only female attack Allah who da da, da. So seek with the wealth that I've given you overseas, the wealth I've given you is a resource, it's an asset for what to get, attain the hero, use that wealth to attain the hero, what happens on a sea bottom in adonia, but also do not forget your portion of the world, the life of the dunya, that these are our portion, you need to take care of your family and taking care of your family is part of charity. But when is it enough? When what is

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the difference between needs, and one swinney's things extravagant, when is the too much another I have lots of answers sudo sudo, su assura. Allah says that I give in measure, well, Bill makadi, I give everyone a measured portion. And if I were to exceed that measure, you would have committed corruption and facade in destroy you and ruined you out of my mercy. I've kept you away from certain things of the dunya.

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And as we mentioned in the previous lectures, if you look at where we are, in terms of the scale, we are the highest level on the dunya in terms of on the higher levels, majority of the world live in poverty. We if you haven't hamdulillah over 1000 Rand a month that your salary that's above the global average you're earning above means Allah gave you more than he gave the others and something to worry about something to worry about.

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When Allah sins calamity to people, it's either to, to rectify, stay committed, essentially punishes them. And Allah says, I send you the small calamities to avert the big calamities, but the real danger, the real punishment, is when you turn away, then Allah says, Then he opens the doors of goodness for you. And he does any let you have whatever you want, so you have no reason to turn back to him, then he takes you, meaning when you die, that is when he punishes. That's one of the worst kinds of punishment. And if we find ourselves living in Hyde and Baraka and goodness, without doing anything with that wealth, without giving sugar for that wealth, then it's a problem when our wealth

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is going to be a burden for us and we will have to account for every Rand earned every year and used every day and not used.

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Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, no social man who understood the balance, Abu hanifa mala, the father of thick those who share theory, whenever you look at Abu hanifa, that Abu hanifa is the father or the man who started Mashallah, the great scholar, perhaps, you know, they said, if you could bring any scholar back to life, it will be between Abu hanifa and Mr. Buhari, one of these two men, we bring back insha Allah. So in Abu hanifa, wasn't only this great scholar, but he was an extremely wealthy man, he was a very good business person because he was intelligent. But he understood that owning wealth and being owned by it was two different things and isn't a story about he was giving a

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lecture and someone that

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your ships are burning. And he paused for a while, and he said, Hamdulillah, and he continued to teach. And then the man came back afterwards, the sheer Alhamdulillah your ships are fine, nothing wrong with it. And he posed Abu hanifa pose and he says Alhamdulillah and he continued to teach. So they asked him after the class, what was this all about? He said, you know, while when I heard about my ships burning, I checked my heart, and I didn't find any disturbance in it. And I said, hamdulillah I'm not attached to it. I'm still teaching, I don't mind continuing to teach, whatever happens may happen. And when they told me my ships were fine, and I'm grateful for that. I didn't

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find also my life changed overnight or anything, you know, inside of me changed. I was still contented. So what I'm realizing is that hamdulillah Allah, my heart is not attached to this dunya when it comes to it goes, I will still be fine, I'll still be okay. And he hamdulillah He said it was not for the ships, but it was for his heart, the status of his heart.

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So the visa is the most enviable person, the person you should really not have said and, and hate, but to admire, to aspire to be like the person you should aspire of my friends, let me have my friends, is a believer with little property, who finds pleasure in his Salah who performs the worship of his Lord well, and he obeys Allah, even in secret, who is obscure among people. He doesn't see that the big shot he doesn't stand out, was not pointed out by people. And he's contented with what he has. He is just what hamdulillah Masha Allah, he's happy. And he says the face in the crowd, and what he does in secret and privately and he obeys Allah in His commands. This

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person, His heart is okay. And obviously you should envy that man, not the man who's standing on top and everybody looks at, but this is the kind of man you should aspire to be like, happy with what provisions he has big or small, and he obeys Allah in secret and in public. Now, Visa Salam tells us this beautiful Hadith richness is not achieved.

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by the amount of wealth, a wealthy person will not be measured by the bank balance. But rather richness is the happiness of the soul report in Bukhari and Muslim, that you can spend your life acquiring millions and billions. And you can have those millions and billions and still not be happy. And you can have almost nothing and be happy that so what hamdulillah I have my health, I have my family, I have my spouse and my children, I can wake up and I can sleep and I'm at ease and I'm at peace, what hamdulillah that is the base that you will get really, that extra wealth is not going to ever meet up to the joy you feel with your kids, or the joy you feel with your health. If

00:30:41 --> 00:31:24

you are ill doesn't matter how much someone said, you know, I'm, I'm dying, I'm terminally ill, we don't feel bad. You've got billions in the bank. And he said, What benefit is that to me? So the things that we have for free that Allah has given us the things that are most valuable to us. And when we realize that it brings the contentment in the heart, it gives us a trigger to Allah. So what do we do with that? The heart that is sound? At the very least he says what hamdulillah at the very least he says, Allah Allah, proverbially, I said, hand, the beta person, he says, How can I use this wealth? How can I use that which I have to get me closer to Allah subhanaw taala, to bring me closer

00:31:24 --> 00:32:11

to Allah subhanaw taala. And this had these resources. He's not a believer, who is who fills the stomach while his neighbor is hungry, who has everything he is all his needs are met, and his extra needs are met, his desires are met, he has more than he needs, while other people are suffering and struggling and dying. What kind of Eman is that? When you see people on the TV dying of starvation, and we have so much to eat so, so much, and we still want more, and we still not contented? What does that say about us inside? Just to give you a comparison, how we spend our money 15,000 Rand, you can take your family on a week holiday? Well, hamdullah good. But oh, you can build a house for

00:32:11 --> 00:32:36

someone in Africa. This is a one of the I was checking one of these, you know these agencies, you can build a house for an entire family for 15,000 or 15,000. rent? Or you could go for holiday? What are your needs? And what are your priorities for 10,000. And you can buy the latest cell phone, the latest watch or the latest gadgets? Or you can buy a well for an entire village to drink to make to make solar with?

00:32:37 --> 00:32:50

Which one would you prefer 6000 and you can buy the latest TV that is Xbox or 6000 Rand you can pay for the expenses of a bread factory in Syria that will feed 1000s of people with 30,000 loaves of bread for the

00:32:51 --> 00:33:33

6000 and then you can actually pay for that bread factory for the day the expenses. So one of these websites African Muslim agency, Muslim hands Islamic Relief, one of them is on the show. How can you still swallow when you go to the shop and you buy that gadget? Think about what someone is being forgotten. Someone else could have gotten buried for the day 30,000 loaves of bread, that's the value. And then we leave that thing to stand in play it once a week, once a month, twice a year's final 1500 days where you have to build concert tickets which is hard on her on parents taking kids to those things without any any feel any secret opinion haram totally Haram. But we spend easily one

00:33:33 --> 00:34:17

and a half 1000 Rand you can spin a month the running cost of a Masjid to 300 people making Sala Juma at least making Who do you pay that? We said in our lecture, that the reward of the sooner fudger the reward of sooner budget, the toorak as a budget is better than the dunya and all it contains What about the federal budget What about Juma in Jamaica? And you paid for those four demands because you paid the running costs of the masjid. Or you could have listened to a concert, which actually brought you punishment 750 your DSTV subscription, you can sponsor an orphans, living feeding medical for a month. If you pay that. And we all in this boat. We should all think about

00:34:17 --> 00:34:41

this. We pay that we have deprived an orphan of a life 500 Rand wife and husband goes to split five and then that 500 Rand could feed I'm shocked when I saw this on I think Muslim hands they said they can feed a child for a year on 500 grand. I don't know how they do it. But they said you want to donate feed a street child in Pakistan. 500 is enough for his meals for a year. It we spend that on one meal

00:34:42 --> 00:35:00

and rent ticket to the movies. You could buy a blanket for someone who doesn't have a home it'll keep it for the rest of his life. So every time we spend on the dounia know that there was a cost to someone else. And we speak to ourselves first all of us we have things that we more than we need and we don't want

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

To answer to although we don't want to ask the question we ask Allah safeguard us and lift the wealth. If the wealth is not good for Allah keep it away. The poor man, he will not be questioned about wealth because he didn't have it. But for us to have it, we need to prepare our answers for our last panel data. And if you're unable to give, if Still, we feel other other spin on my dunya then these things, that there's something wrong inside and brothers The more we give Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us back in return and he might not give you even if it's not material wealth, he won't make prosperous in your business in your work, he will protect our kids, our health, he will

00:35:39 --> 00:35:58

give us increase in life, the more we give, so we will shoot you know this we make the naseeha that the way we don't give everything don't into your bank account today. But give something more something one of these things I want to use wanna let you buy that well, it is for you forever.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:30

On your account forever. You sponsor that often. And our resources you will be like this with me in general. You didn't don't give all your holidays but say one holiday we were going to do this as a family instead let's invest it in a Masjid and that will be the flavor. So these are the ways in which we know these things and inshallah we will implement them have been added to the lumen Allah Do not turn our hearts away by the date and after You have guided us who are blind I mean let them go Rama and bestow upon us your Rama in our hub You are the one the best of those who gives.

00:36:31 --> 00:37:09

inshallah next week we continue with our series and will conclude in a week or two sometime next week we'll talk about hopelessness and the feeling of not feeling contentment inshallah that will be our topic next week. inshallah. We also need any further announcements Yes, we have the my contact details if you'd like the lectures you bring up you can get the slides and you can get the audio and we remind actually are 466 30 from now on the clause of the lock of the market on Tuesday evening. Of course six inshallah McRib is a bit early now. So of course six till about Asia, we will have the seal of the prophets of Salaam and inshallah we are discussing the Battle of boyhood please join us

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jazak Allahu wa Salaam satana. Mohammed Allah Allah He was a few Salam mousseline when hamdulillah blumen a cinematic library Katelyn

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