Nouman Ali Khan – My Thoughts On Paris Shooting

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of taking responsibility and avoiding confusion in addressing issues related to Islam. They stress the need for cooperation and collaboration in addressing these issues. The use of media and language to portray the message of Islam is criticized, as well as the use of negative language and the pressure to kill Muslims. The speakers also criticize actions of some Western world leaders and the pressure to kill Muslims. They stress the importance of showing ability to impress people with words and actions to avoid overwhelming them with false information and empower others to bring light to people's hearts and lead society.
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In Alhamdulillah

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Allah Xena moto who want to start you know who want to start a fiddle? Why not we will be here when at our q&a when our own will be human Judea and fusina woman sejati are Melina men yet the healer whoa fella mobile Allah ramen noodle fella howdy Allah when the Chateau de la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah what a pseudo Salah hola hota Allah Buddha de Lille Hara who Allah Deen equally Waka fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at asleep and concealing kathira from my bad in the US da Cunha De Sica tabula. Well, how long had he had you? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a short run ohmori mcdata to her were in Nicola Mahajan

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VEDA wakulla which is in Walla Walla Walla, Latin for now. Allah subhanho wa Taala poquito Karim

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Allah, Allah He ministry regime robina Lata Jana fit Natalie Latina cafaro Ilana robina in Naka, Intel Aziz Hakim Rama Shahi, sorry, were silly MD, rock data, Melissa Nia, Cody, I mean, you're behind I mean,

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inshallah, in today's world, what I'd like to share with you are some reflections from the Quran.

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But inspired really, by the events, the tragic events that have taken place in France, and apparently, in the news today continued to take, take place. These kinds of things, every time they come in the news, the Muslim mind almost freezes up, we get paralyzed, how are we supposed to respond to this, we are barely done dealing with one tragedy and another one hits in the news and another one and another one. And they are of different kinds. Sometimes these are events in which some things are done to Muslims, and other cases where Muslims have done some things to others. And in both cases, we are left completely baffled as to what an intelligent response is supposed to be,

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or how we're supposed to deal with this not only as individuals, but also as a community. And in the larger sense as an oma, the first thing I want to start with, I really have basically four or five things to share with you today in Sharla. And I hope, despite the frustration that you and I both feel about what is going on, that I hope they're able to be, you know, coherent and consistent in the ideas that I want to present before you. The first thing that I want to share with you is just a statement of fact, criminals are criminals. It doesn't matter what religion they have, when someone's a murderer, and they murder someone who didn't deserve to be killed. It does not matter

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that they're Muslim, or Christian or Jewish or atheist, the they are equal before the law and they're equal before the eyes of the Muslims. Just because someone commits a crime, and they are a Muslim, they are not any less guilty in my eyes or your eyes. That is not the case. Don't confuse the fact that in the moment, we know now, all believers are brothers, that that should somehow confuse your sense of justice. Actually, Allah azza wa jal in the Koran, very, very clearly tells us to stand by Justice Willow, Willow, Allah and fusi come, even if standing by justice means you have to stand against your own selves. When Muslims have done something wrong, then it is something

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wrong. And it's you cannot hide around it you cannot beat around the bush. And the easy cop out for a lot of people when it comes to justice, is they confuse justice with retaliation, Justice with retaliation, and what I mean by that is, when someone does something wrong, I'll give you a childish example. So this point becomes clear. When one of your kids does something wrong. And you tell them you've done this wrong. And they say, Well, my brother did it. Well, he did it too.

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You know what, anybody else doing something wrong does not justify your crime. You are responsible for your crime, and you cannot deflect and say, Well, what about them? No, no, no, we'll deal with them separately. That's a separate problem. Don't confuse their problem with what you've done. You know, so you are in a coma momentum. You You have to carry your own burden what you've been loaded on with.

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Allah azza wa jal doesn't allow us to take credit for other people's work. And unless that doesn't allow us to justify our misbehavior, given other people's misbehavior, he doesn't allow us to do it. The hamaca Sabbath welcome, Mecca. zepto. They have what they earned and you have what you earned. That's the first point that I wanted to make. The second is that these people they are in fact, an embarrassment people in the name of Islam or Muslims when they commit heinous acts, and they are an embarrassment to the Muslim community. But they are more than that. We are embarrassed and we are humiliated by what's happened. There's no way around it. And yes, I am not a criminal. I haven't

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done anything, but I do share something with them. These people are Muslim, or at least they claim to be right and they apparently done in the name of Islam or whatever it may be. So long as that claim is there I have something in common with them at least a word. At least a word and not enough is a humiliation. So now I want to address what what does that mean for you and

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The first first and foremost, we need to understand something, we have to take collective responsibility. And that'll be the last part that I talked about in my code. But today, what does it mean to take collective responsibility? The oma is in chaos and every single member, every single citizen of this oma, his and her responsibility is to do something to undo that chaos. We have to do whatever we can, in our capacity. Yes, we cannot get rid of chaos in the world. And we cannot get a get rid of fanaticism and craziness, we can't get rid of it. But we at least have the responsibility to do our part, at least our part. But know one thing for sure. One of the things that spreading the

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chaos and helping further this this craziness is that in the minds of some Muslims, these people are actually somehow justified. Somehow what they did must be in some sense, Islamic. And I want to just tell you, unequivocally without any confusion, or any shadow of a doubt, I've been trying to understand this Dean for well over a decade now. And I have no doubts or no confusion, in my mind. There's nothing Islamic about any of this. There's nothing even close to Islamic about any of this. As a matter of fact, I don't I personally give you the advice and I give my children the advice and I give my friends the advice. Don't watch those cartoons or those YouTube videos, or those

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disparaging comments or read those books. I don't ask you to read that stuff. I don't even want you to look at it, because it's not worth your time. It's not worth it. But I will tell you one thing, as offensive as those cartoons, maybe it is equally offensive to do something in the prophets name in this lambs name in a last name. So pride on what Allah that is against the teachings of Islam. It is equally offensive when they are spreading filthy propaganda against Islam. by insulting the religion, you're spreading another kind of propaganda against this by spies, you know, spreading hate and killing and you know, injustice and calling that the deen of Allah, that is also a crime.

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And we are equally offended by that too. That is a crime in and of itself. This is the second point that I wanted to bring to your attention. They have no justification. Some people like to quote the example of God being Ashraf, who was a famous poet at the time of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam, half Arab and half Jewish, who was actually extremely he had extreme animosity towards the Prophet of Allah sallallahu sallam. As a matter of fact, there are a number of occasions where he tried to corner Muslims and get convinced them to do exactly the opposite of what Allah would want them to do, or what the messenger would want them to do. So the Lahore audience, Adam, and I art

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came specifically about his conversations on multiple occasions. And this guy is so bad that his poison draw drew the attention of Allah azza wa jal, and I art came responding to him, he's just not, he's no ordinary enemy of Islam. And some people confuse his story because he was also a poet. And he made filthy poetry about the women, Muslim women by name, he would make filthy poetry about Muslim women by name, not just poetry against the prophets alone, which is bad enough. But on top of that, the women of the Muslims are you are you and I imagine if somebody made dirty poetry about my daughter, about my sister, about my mother, you know, how would we respond? And it's actually and

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then some people confuse his story and say, Well, that's because he made this poetry that the prophets lie Selim said, you know, mainly because who's gonna get rid of card for me, and then, you know, as a hobby got up, and then he was, you know, he was finally killed, he was actually executed. It's because he made poetry See, now we have justification that you don't have, you can just say whatever you want, this person made poetry and the Prophet sighs I'm commanded that he should be killed Hold on a second. This is the same man who actually attempt attempted to kill the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam by poisoning his food.

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And as a matter of fact, even the final attempt the idea of poisoning the food of the problem section came from him. And there are multiple occasions on which he has shown it, it has made attempts to assassinate the Messenger of Allah. So I said, I'm including as a secret conspiracy he had with Abu sufian, before he became Muslim, right after the loss of brother he met and had secret counsel with double Sophia, among other instances, so to take all of his career and all of his animosity against the Messenger of Allah. And by the way, when he's living in Medina, and he's attempting to kill the messenger, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. Any by any means, that you know what

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that means. That means he has attempted to assassinate the president. That is what you consider an enemy of the state. And then the penalty for that is death in any state. And to confuse that with this guy made poetry that's why that's why we have to kill it. And therefore anybody who doesn't who says anything about Islam, anything about the prophesized you know, anything about you know, the Quran, we need to kill them.

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This is craziness. And not only that, that's one story. But this actually, interestingly is an insight into how limited the thought process of the Muslim has become, because the Koran, and the legacy of all prophets is so huge, but you want to take one story, which you don't need

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fully understand, but use that to decide whether you can take someone's life. The entire legacy of profits is of them being made fun of. they're exposed to care shalom in public. messengers have been made fun of before you. When Allah says they were made fun of that must not be a small joke. There must be some disgusting things being said about messengers. Muslims have been made fun of before Yesu Muna, calm, there were dark black in your faces the expression in the Arabic suggesting one of the worst kinds of insults being hurled towards someone. You know, the one that has Amina Latina Otto kitanomine publikum Amina Xena Shaku as an kathira you're gonna get to hear a lot of painful

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things from the people of the book, and the people that have done schicke they're gonna say some hurtful things towards you a lot and what is the lowest response and by the way that I and Allah and Ron is after the Battle of Lord, and you're gonna hear horrible things coming from them. You're gonna hear insightful, hateful, ugly, disgusting speech coming from them. What should you do kill anyone who speaks out no one in hospital with a taco.

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If you could respond with someone and you could have Taqwa. So we were easy, easy to ignore the entire Quran. The entire legacy of all prophets are the hemos Salatu was salam, including our own messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was insulted and cursed to his face on multiple occasions, with him not losing the smile on his face, alayhi salatu salam, let's forget all of that all of that has been so because I want to kill someone. This is stupidity. And it's an insult against Islam. So I'm not talking to non Muslims here. I'm just talking to Muslims. If you have the bug in your head, that somehow what they did was Islamic, please get it out of your system. And maybe spend some time

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learning the book of Allah. Spend some time learning the seal of this messenger service alum on whose behalf you speak, because you clearly don't know who this man is that you're standing to defend. And you don't know what it means to defend him either. His Salatu was Salam.

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The SEC, the first point was criminals are just criminals no matter what. And even if they pretend to come up with religious justification, it changes nothing. changes nothing. This is not a this is not a debate in Islamic Studies. It's a non point, it's a moot point. There's no argument to be had. The third point that I want to make

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is that in fact speech, hateful speech, condescending speech, insulting speech, speech made against our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cartoons made about him or videos made about him, or things said about the Quran. These things are offensive. And any people, any people, including Muslims, when they are insulted, when things that they hold sacred or insulted, they have a right to be offended. They have a right to be insulted. That is part of our dignity. If it didn't hurt our feelings would mean we would have we have no dignity that somebody can say something about my mother. Someone can say something about my father, someone can say something about my messenger or

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at least Sato Salah, and it doesn't affect me at all. No, it affects me. it offends me, it angers me, I have a right to be angry. But those are two separate issues. And so what's happening in the media now is these two are being made into one issue. In other words, we are against those people being killed unjustifiably and therefore we are for free speech. So all of it should be celebrated. We are with them no matter what. No, no, no, no, no. For the Muslim. It's not that simple. These are two separate things. We are against people who are killed unjustifiably and we stand against those who killed them. unjustifiably? Absolutely, there's no doubt about that. But at the same time, we

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have a right and we will continue to have the right to be offended by that kind of ignorant and hateful speech. And we will speak out against it. And we will stand against it. There's a way to do it. There's a way to do it. But we're not going to pretend that for all free speech is lovely. And we're supposed to be able to accept it. No, it's a lot angered by the words of people have words of people in the Quran? Absolutely. Are the people I just mentioned the IoT, the believers are going to be hurt by the words of other people. The issue isn't whether we have a right to be offended or not we do the issue is how do you respond? How do you react? And that reaction determines everything

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because our reaction to all things has to submit to the guidance of a lion is messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is those feelings themselves. Those feelings are justifiable. But what happens after those feelings that may not be justifiable? That's where the problem lies. The final point that I want to bring to your attention in this hotbar is actually something that I personally feel we don't talk about enough. And I think that's the real problem. That's the real point. And the real point is why do people make fun of Islam? Why do they make fun of it anyway? Why are they insulted? Why are these cartoons being made? Why is there so much so much propaganda, and so much hate speech

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towards Muslims, even justified as journalism nowadays, massed as you know, editorial columns, pieces about you know, and the framing is become more and more interesting. So it used

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To be radical Islam, right, so they talked about radical Islam. And they talked about Islam that these fanatics believe in some crazy militant version of Islam where they just want to kill everyone and all this stuff. And they want to, you know, put women in garbage bags and all this stuff. But later or further down the line, the definition of radical has loosened up to the point where if you pray five times now you're pretty radical.

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You know. So now, radicals used to be really crazy. But now they're saying anything that if you can show Islam, if you look even Muslim too much, if you if a woman's wearing a hijab, she must be a radical Muslim. If the guy's got a beard, he must be a radical Muslim. We don't have it that bad in the United States. But in Europe, it is pretty bad. And I've been to Europe and I can tell you it is pretty bad. It is pretty bad. It is seen as very radical. But the question is why? We have this mentality that Muslims have developed this mindset. They're out to get us man. He's kofod. Man, they hate us. They keep making these cartoons against us. They keep doing this propaganda against us.

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They hate everything about Islam. They're coming after this, that they they they they they

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we don't have any time to look in the mirror.

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You know, the prophets I told you are the human Sato Salaam were also made fun of I told you that the Sahaba were also made fun of whereas Harun amin alladhina amanu syncron, they make fun of those who believed the kuffaar made fun of those who believed in the Quran. But the fundamental question is, why were they made fun of and why are we being made fun of Is it the same thing. And I argue it is not.

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Those people were made fun of, because that was one of the ways to shut down the work of Islam.

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One of the ways to stop Islam from spreading because they didn't know what else to do. Islam was so thought provoking. Islam was so eye opening song called for justice, it questioned injustice is happening in that society. And people were gravitating young people, old people were gravitating towards Islam, and they didn't know how to stop it. So they came out with the tactic of calling the messenger a liar. And that didn't work, at least to salon.

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Maybe we can mock these people and just laugh them off. So nobody thinks they're a big deal. That was one of their tactics. And when that didn't work, they resorted to other tactics. All of these tactics were there to stop Islam from spreading because it was too powerful.

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I don't argue that's the case with us.

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argue the the ridicule is being made of Islam because of how Muslims appear. How Muslims have been what Muslims have become, how we carry ourselves, what our societies look like, what our streets look like, in our neighborhoods, what our homes look like, when our businesses practice or like, what our governments are like, if you want to look at examples of corruption, if you want to look at the exact exact opposite of a civilized society traveled to the Muslim world, much of it

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hard for us to even be civilized in the parking lot of a machine for God's sake. The only time we're organized is when we have to be organized and so forth, once a lot is called. But outside of that, forget about it. Forget it.

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The worst kinds of just basic human decency, basic human decency, we don't possess, we don't possess. What is what is Muslim civilization. We love quoting our history. We love quoting when the Muslims were at the at the forefront of invention, when they were leading the universities of the world, when they were, you know, people would come from all over the world to study an element of God. And though the Europeans had lost their literature, and the Muslims had it, and they had to come to us to learn it. When Spain was a model for the world, we love quoting those things. What are you going to quote now? What have we done? What have we produced as a people? How have we

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contributed to the world? The only time we make it to the news is when we blow something up?

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Or when we're in some kind of chaos or another? This is why wouldn't look at it from the outside perspective. These people are crazy.

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These people are crazy. As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to point the finger at the Muslim world. You know, the rest of the oma let's talk about Western muslims for a moment.

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We come we come to these societies, and I've dealt with Muslim, the Muslim community in the United States for quite some time. I've had decent interaction with the Muslim community in England and in Australia. But let me tell you something. The things you see among the Muslims so holla

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I know Muslim business owners that lie on their taxes. Yeah, but I don't want to pay the coffee.

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Really, you don't want to pay the coffee, you're selling beer.

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That your Islam didn't show up then but all of a sudden you know what I am but I showed up when you have to pay your taxes.

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You know, this, this these Muslims today us, not these us, us. We have such low moral standards. such low moral standards. You have Muslim business owners that don't pay decent wages.

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They don't pay decent wages. They don't even give their wife their mother.

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They're complaining about injustice in the world. They don't even have justice inside their home, inside their home, why would somebody want to be attracted to this now, the idea that I want to share with you today is one of the scariest out in the Quran. When it comes to this oma robina Tatiana fit Natalie Latina cafaro areg do not make us a fitna do not make us a tribulation for those who have just believed. In other words, one of the meanings of that is Yama Don't make us so wretched. And so and so. So embarrassing people so far from the actual beautiful teachings of Islam that were non Muslim see us they say why would I want anything to do with Islam? Why would I want to

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be Muslim want to be like these people? This is what I want to be like.

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They are not justified in them poking fun. But we're not justified when we refuse to look in the mirror. We're not justified. We have to start looking in the mirror. We have to fix this problem. And it's high time we stopped complaining about what the world is doing against us. We are the people of La ilaha illa Allah, we have on our side, Allah azza wa jal, his help is greater than any problem. There is no problem bigger, big enough to not be able to be managed when you have a law on your side. The problem is, we don't want Allah's help. At least we don't we don't care to earn it. It doesn't just show up for free. It has to be earned. There has to be a transformation that has to

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happen inside my house. It has to happen inside my family. It has to happen inside my neighborhood.

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We are we are not a we have lost our moral compass. And I'm not talking about advanced knowledge of Deen and fifth concetti. I'm talking about basic morality people basic basic morality will have massage it in the United States and across the world, even when fundraising is taking place. And they're gonna they're gonna collect money and once they collect the money, they're gonna say, yeah, we should we should put this money towards this thing or the other. Well, no, you advertise that you're going to raise this funds for this project. But now you're putting it in other notes. Okay? It's okay. We have a fatwa.

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You have a photo to be dishonest. Where'd you get that from? But that's okay. We can do that. You know, we can we could lie even in the name of religion, lies of Allah.

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How could that be? how can how does it How does it get to that point? How does it get to the point where you have to argue in your home? You have to argue with your parents argue that dad really seriously? I really think we should give us a cot. No, no, it's okay. And there's an argument happening inside a Muslim home whether they should give us a cot or not.

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is happening inside the Muslim family?

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Why would allies help come to a people like that, that have been given the most beautiful Deen that have given the most perfect teachings? And they don't even look in the mirror for one minute for one day this? What am I doing wrong? You know, many of you are not orlimar you're not fuqaha you're not mathies you don't have to be but you know what you do wrong? I know what I do wrong. And we keep overlooking it. Allah will not change the state of this people. You know, Allah will not change the state of this oma? Nope, he will not he will not do it. Allah himself says people owe us code to the IRS or the ultimate reality. There is no greater reality than the IOD. There is no reality you'll

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find in physics and chemistry and biology that you will find in the eyes of the Quran. In Allah Allah you do not be comin Hatoyama be unfussy him, Allah will not change the state of people until they transform what is within their own selves. Nabil unfussy him there's something wrong inside of ourselves. Allah answer to what is wrong with the oma is something is wrong inside people. That is a less answer to what is wrong with this oma today.

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When he says what unto will Atlona in quantum momineen, you are going to be in the supreme position, if in fact you have true even if you are true believers, and I'm clearly we're not in the supreme position. So something must be wrong with the man. Because Allah is never wrong.

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Allah is just not wrong.

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This is a tragedy, one after another after another after another and it's not going to stop and we know it's not going to stop.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:36

We know it's not going to stop. The only thing we can do, instead of being overwhelmed by this flood of tragedy, and constantly just figuring out a way to justify to somebody, you know how we're not crazy, because by the way, they're gonna think we're crazy. No matter what

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they're gonna do, you can impress them. You could try messengers tried to,

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if messengers weren't good enough for them, were definitely not enough for them. Let me tell you, there is no way to impress them. No matter how, how we do, right, the people who hate will always hate. The people who make fun will always make fun, but we better give them the right reasons to

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Make fun of us. the right reasons are we stand by Islam, we are the people of reason. We are the people of intelligence. We are the people, the greatest threat of Islam was not its force. And this is a promise. This is my last point. The greatest threat of Islam was not its force was not the sword was not the weapon. The greatest threat of Islam was the power of its ideas, and how it challenged injustice head on, and how it questioned the integrity of other philosophies. Other ideas? How can you think like that? How can you act like that? How can you judge like that? I'm not gonna get up and veto soon.

00:25:33 --> 00:26:14

Why don't you think? How do you make your decisions? This was his vision. This is a religion of Allah, Allah basura. I call to Allah with eyes open a religion of thought, we are no longer a thoughtful people. So Islam is no longer what we think this the threat of Islam in the West, the threat of Islamic militancy, the militancy is nothing, this is nothing, the real threat to the crash course will rattled not at butter, but back in Makkah, they were shaken up just by the IR, the word of Allah was enough. It was it was enough to take a tradition that was there for 1000s of years. And it was rattled, just by a few words of Allah, just by a few words, something's something's happened,

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we're not connected with that word anymore.

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You know, when somebody wants to win an argument, when two people have an argument, and you don't have a response, then you get angry.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:31

And you start yelling. And when you start yelling, it is proof that you lost.

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When you when you in an argument, start yelling, it is proof that you lost because you don't have a reasonable answer left, and it frustrated you so you got angry. And when two people have an argument, and you lost and you hit the other, that is also proof that you lost, because you could not defeat him with words. So you figured you could try to defeat him with your hand.

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This is actually indication that you're not strong enough in what you have to say. My argument to you is our Deen, Allah has given us words, there are no stronger words, there is no stronger message.

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We don't have to resort to anything else. And when we do, it is as though we are admitting that this isn't strong enough.

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But it is we're not strong enough. Because we're not connected to this word enough. And we have to we have to be the people that produce the most intellectual responses, the most reasonable responses, the ones that don't, there was a challenge the morality of the world in the most profound and thought provoking way.

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Were the ones that are supposed to engage in the most deep conversation with the agnostic, the atheist with the Christian, with, you know, with all of them with all of them, their accusation against religion, you know what it is? It's been there for centuries in Europe now. And now all over the world. Religious people are closed minded. Religious people are fanatical religious people are intolerant, religious people cannot take criticism, religious people are not open to conversation. So if you get rid of religion, you'll have an open minded society where people can think for themselves. This is their accusation. And you know what it holds true for the Christian for the

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Christian dumb that had invaded Europe for centuries, it was true, but the Islam that Allah gave his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the exact opposite of that it is the religion that encourages dialogue, how to go to Hana calm in control, team, bring your evidences, why don't you give me all of your criticisms against the Quran? I would invite you to bring all of your criticisms. How is a book asking people not just to have faith, but to please collect all of your criticisms and bring them

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this is what you call open mindedness. The book is calling to open mindedness, we're the ones that are closed minded. We're the ones and we have to empower this oma again by opening up our minds by opening up this book and thinking the way it wants us to think to show that religion is not a way to close the mind and close the eyes and close you know, close the hearts. It is the way to open the mind and to engage in dialogue and to bring civilization to humanity. They think the solution is when you get rid of religion, and we're saying the solution is when you bring the true religion Yes, false religion will bring oppression, false religion will bring oppression.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:56

But when you bring the deen of Allah, it's a thing of beauty. If we don't show them that who will? That's why I love what you and me on this earth. To be members of this oma is an honor is not a small thing. We are carrying collectively, one fifth of the homeless population on our shoulders, the burden that was placed on the shoulders of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That is what you and I carry every single day, whether we admit it or not. And when we don't do something about that burden, and we don't show humanity what it is, we're, we're in trouble not just with the authorities or with the media, we're in trouble with Allah.

00:29:57 --> 00:30:00

I pray that Allah azza wa jal makes us the people of

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Hold on, once again, that teaches us not just that we learn to think the way Allah wants us to think and that we are able to represent in our character in our communities, in our business dealings, in our personal lives, in our speech in our demeanor, we're able to depict what makes this Deen so perfect. What makes it so beautiful? May Allah azza wa jal shine the light of this guidance into all of our hearts and keep it strong and make it stronger and stronger. And may Allah make the generation of young people, real leaders for this community that are going to bring an age of light out of this age of darkness. barakallahu li walakum feel caught on it Hakeem when a fan er can be it

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Explains his thoughts about charlie hebdo paris shooting in Jummuah khutbah.

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