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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled How to Love the Prophet by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.


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The importance of showing love towards Prophet Muhammad through actions and words is emphasized, as it is not offense to see his teachings. Prayer should obey what is taught and not just pray for their family. The importance of praying in a way that is easy for everyone is emphasized, as it is not harmful. Prayer should follow the Prophet's guidance and not obey the commands of the Prophet. The need for everyone to practice behavior and obey is emphasized, and following the Prophet's teachings is crucial to show one's love for the Prophet.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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To feel

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a bit late, I mean surely unforeseen a woman say, Dr. Medina, Mia de la Philharmonic Lana, one minute will follow her do a shadow ILA in non law, what I should do?

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm your brother in Islam hussaini and kadin. from Malaysia

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insha Allah, we are tried to share with you the important topic about how to love prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam

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we believe that every Muslim left Prophet Mohammed, Mombasa, no more steam will hit Prophet Mohammed, even people who are not yet a Muslim, who know about Prophet Mohammed, they will love him.

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But what I'm trying to share with you today is a lot of people love Prophet Muhammad, not in a way that the Prophet want you to show your love towards him. Not in the way that Allah one has to love his messenger, but maybe in our own way, in our own traditional way. Our our way Do not contradict with the teaching of Islam and the teaching of Prophet Mohammed no problem you can carry on. But if what we are trying to show is against the Sunnah of the Prophet, then we should try our best to live it and badly not to uphold something even as a tradition we know but they're not supposed to uphold something that is not right. That is not following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Now you remember

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the person who would love Prophet Muhammad dearly when he was born, his his uncle Abdullah

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Abu lahab is one of the uncle of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he loves him so much to the extent that when he was born, he free his ladies live call for waiver.

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And also, he prepared a big face for the people of Makkah as a sign of happiness, because he got an F.

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Muhammad bin.

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He celebrate his birthday.

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But later on, the one who go again the teaching of Prophet Muhammad is also a Buddha,

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the one who celebrate his birthday is he, the one who gives he he also is a Buddha.

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Now what we learn from this,

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now, if you say you live the Prophet, the prophet, to not say that you should celebrate his birthday, but you should love him in the way he wants you to love him.

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It gives you certain example.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam said, les you mean who

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had the akuna la he mean no Wally de la Lee, he won na ch mine. Now the Prophet is telling us now you look at what the prophecy is not what I see.

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None of us can be a true believer

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until we live Prophet Muhammad samama salaam more than our own children, our own parent and all mankind

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do we live Prophet Muhammad in that manner?

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And again, the prophet SAW Some say

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to Omar in the hot tub one day, when Omar came to him and say you're awesome, I love you more than everyone else, except myself. And they say the Prophet said that had this.

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Now you know how to go Hata akuna Hubba Ilya Mean while he while he would message him and you cannot be a true believer until you left me more than anyone else, even to yourself and Omar said, I love you more than even myself. Then the process is you have a sound Eman. Why must we live the Prophet so much?

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Because Allah love him. And Allah put a condition if you sit you live the Prophet Muhammad, you must follow his teaching. Not do what you want, do what he wanted.

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In Serato Ali Imran Ahmed

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Say that very clear, could in

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fact be owning your

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in an accurate meaning, oh Mohammed

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say to the people who said he loves Allah. Now Allah is telling, whoever said he live Allah. Whoever said he loved him, our Creator Allah, he must love and follow you. He must follow your teaching, but only

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Allah say you must, then only I will love you back. You can say you love him. But what is the sign? How can you prove you love the Prophet? The Prophet said again, that you had to come HA

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HA HA HA, HA Toby. If you say you love the Prophet, then a prophecy. You cannot be a true believer until you have control upon your desire.

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And you command your desire to follow the teaching that I brought to you.

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You know how loving the Prophet is towards his ummah, every day he pray for us. To the extent one day was the word he was with his companion, he said aloud, oh my lord, oh my lord. When can I see my family matter I'll call

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the companions was a bit shocked and supply and the sector the profits of masala are less than one Okay, so are we not part of the family? Your family, oh, Prophet Muhammad, Allah. The Prophet said unto us happy,

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you are my companion, because you live in my time. You believe in me, by seeing me following me, obeying me. But there will come a time. When as you may know be Allah Moroni, there will come a time, the group of oma who believe in me the prophecy without seeing me. Who are they? They are we? We are the one because we believe in the Prophet Muhammad in his teaching, without being present in his time. And because of that, the prophet said, whom honey, they are my family. You see how loving our Prophet is. He always represent us. He remember, even before he went to pass away, he still pray for his mama, he do not just pray for himself or his immediate family only to the companion. But he

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also pray for all his oma including us, fellow brothers and sisters. If you really say that we love the Prophet, we must prove our love to him by just obeying what he wants you to do. It's as simple as ABC. But if you try to show your love to the prophet in your own way, by doing a lot of thing, that the Prophet also do not recommend us. Neither any of the companions who love the Prophet so dearly, more than any one of us, who are prepared to die for the profit by Abubakar you know how his left of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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Allah, Masha Allah is chairman he traveled with the Prophet. If he feel there's a danger coming in front, he quickly will move in front to make sure if anything happened, he will face it for us to protect the profit. If you feel that there's some danger coming from the back, immediately he'll move backward, to make sure no harm come to the profit. The same go to the right and left. You see how the left has performed. They don't even want anything to happen to the Prophet, any harm to crush the Prophet, and none of the companions who love the prophet will do something that the Prophet do not want them to do anything to do with Islam, they will only do it when the Prophet

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commanded them. If the Prophet don't say anything, especially about the ibadah they will never create their own ibadah and none of them involve in any form of VEDA in the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed Salah Lhasa, everything to do with Islam, they will refer to him

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they will refer to him and get the final verdict.

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Because they know that Allah subhanho wa Taala have reminded us we few of the verses in the Quran. One of the verses is Allah said,

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What can it mean in one minute it is a Kodama hora suwama akuna la tierra de

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la hora to la de la la la la la Vina

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is not permitted.

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Siebel is not allowed. It's not right.

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For anyone who claim that he is a believer, or she is a believer, he or she, male or female, when Allah and the Prophet have something for them to do in the form of a bad act of worship,

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they say, Miss Okay, I will look for another option. They mean they have another option.

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Whoever do that, Allah say, indeed, they have this obey Allah and the prophet and whoever this obey Allah and the Prophet

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they have done as a fellow brother and sister, have we been trying to do what the prophet led us to do to please Him? All we have been doing a lot of VEDA and we said that we left our Prophet I feel very selfish time when I see people who like to go and visit the graveyard of Prophet Muhammad Salah in Medina, because they say they love him so much.

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Now what did the Prophet said about visiting his grave? You come to see him give Salaam and move. You solando back and oma and then while you want to pray, you, pray to Allah. don't pray through Mohammed, II don't allow that to happen, even the grace yet have performed. You can go and pray to Allah facing the gliffy of Prophet Muhammad. How about the graveyard of just any Muslim? No, some Muslim are very fond to go to the graveyard

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and asked how esta was sold.

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But this is not the way to show your left the Prophet Mohammed. Whoever left him just follow his teaching. There's how simple it is. Follow his teaching. That's what he want you to do.

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The prophets Allah was sent by Allah to show us all the good example like prayer. If Allah say a key Masada establish a prayer. How do you perform your prayer? Allah described for you in the Quran. How many Raka when you start your prayer,

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Allah never explain, but He sent His messenger Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to teach us how to pray. And after the Prophet Samba have learned from Angel Gabriel, now even the Prophet he didn't form or create his own way of bringing he gotta wait for Angel giveaway to come in addition, now we were talking about how the Prophet when he received the command of Salah in Israel in a rush, but the Prophet son lost an arm was not taught by Allah when he was in Sin City Atlanta.

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How to perform the prayer only the gift of sada but how to perform the Salah.

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Amongst panel thus in Angel Gabriel, to teach the prophet and after the Prophet learn from Angel Gabriel, then the Prophet taught his oma. And then he explained everything from A to Z. Every movement in your prayer in the salado comes, is being explained by our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the book of Hadees. That Sahih Bukhari Muslim, all the other kotoba Sita is known to the scholars of Hadith. Now, the strange thing until today, people who say the left of Prophet do not even know how do the Prophet performed his prayer. They don't even bother to us how did the Prophet perform his prayer when the prophets make it very clear, said Luke Kamara eight to Mooney was

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totally, you should perform your prayer the way how you seen me perform, we don't live in a time of the Prophet. Now. Nobody said that he lived in a tent of Prophet in our time. But at least all the evidence is been recorded in the book of Hadith that the Prophet has shown us how he performed his prayer from before he started his prayer, how he took his ablution his would do was soul or tie among, and then how he performed his prayer, if he perform it while standing, or if he's not learning how he performed while he was sitting, or how he laid down and what his prayer even to the extent that every movement in the prayer, he explained to us how it's how to raise up your hand,

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where to put your hand, the right on the left on the soldering. Everything is being explained by the prophet. How your Morocco where do you put your hand? Yeah, when you make the Morocco, everything, the sudo and the salon, but a lot of Muslims still is very ignorant about the Prophet, we are praying, but we said we love him. If you love him, do what he want you to do. And prayer is something that

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Hit manual. That means they don't give you a choice. As long as you pray. No, he said, Sonny Lou. Solomon, you must perform the prayer the way you seen him. Mine he spent his time to explain everything in detail for what is to make things easy for all of us. Still, we are so stubborn. We ignore his sadhana. We don't think it's important. We think we can do anything we like.

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Please, rather than Sr. Have pity to yourself will worry if you do think that we like to do at the end of the day. We will be in the hotties from Asia Hello Anna saying that the prophecy man Amina Armand Lisa and I here am Runa hora, whoever egg an egg adits that was not commanded by Prophet Muhammad some some, neither he teaches to do it. Neither he called One has to do it. Then all that this even your thing is good will be rejected.

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So please don't do things according to our liking, but do it in a way the proper one has to do that will be the best way to show our left towards prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam but we just love him by celebrating his birthday, but you ignore his teaching.

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Then we are not far from Abu lahab Abu lahab celebrate his birthday but go get his teaching

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was the difference between he and us in that aspect, but if you love him follow his teachings how the companies show their love towards Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, every single word that a prophet enter every action of the Prophet has been observed

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by all of them, and they tried their level best to follow the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam especially a bother because ibadah nobody can do anything without

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the example of Prophet Muhammad. If you do it.

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It's a waste of time.

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And know that we like to get involved in a lot of ibadah but there is no good if you try to do it not following the Sunnah of the Prophet salaallah alayhi salam, that's why the Prophet also remind us by saying that Manya ismene combine the fissara 11 era la cabeza knotty vasana to qualify he or she didn't mean by the Fatima Saku Bihar Waldo La Habana wages, a prophecy any one of you will survive after me. They assure to experience this split among the oma into so many, many groups. When this fitna

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then you must hold fast to my sadhana, the prophecy my sooner and follow the qualify Rashidi not just follow the llama. First you must follow our kunafa Iranian Kurdish people is being guaranteed by the prophet that the people of the people of Paradise so if you think you want to go to Paradise, then you should follow them, because the Prophet have guaranteed them as a people agenda. So they go to Jana, because of that this, if you follow the same kind of this, you will go to john.

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There shouldn't be a problem. And then the prophecy

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for the Master cobia You must hold firmly to my way and the way of my clutha Rashidi not just any way, but his way, we like to do a lot of things in our way. So it's time for us to

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humble ourselves.

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It's time for us to come and say to Allah and the Prophet, some of some, some inner wattana remember what the prophets say kulu Amati yet

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landmann. Other

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call? Well, my Biafra sudama call me up Bonnie. The halogen

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one man asani.

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One day the Prophet was addressing his oma and he said to them

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on my own. This is the wish the prayer of the prophet will enter Paradise.

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He loves us he wants all of us to go to Paradise, except those who refuse

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the companion workshop

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who refuse Jana.

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You have such kind of people who do not want to go to gentlemen to paradise. So they asked the Prophet

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called Oh my by Rasool Allah,

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Who is the one who refuse to go to Paradise. We believe none of us do not want to go to Paradise. But you see what the prophet says.

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The Prophet say,

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Who ever obey my teaching?

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Man, or Annie, the halogen?

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Who ever obey my teaching? Follow my son.

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He will go to Paradise, one minute sunny Kakinada.

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This haddish is very authentic from Buhari,

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but who every fuse is a person who go against me. The person who does obey the way of the Prophet, the prophet say this, he do that. If you keep on doing things, again the saying and the instruction of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, there is not a sign that you love the Prophet, there is a sign that you disrespect Prophet Muhammad, you didn't obey His command,

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and you are not going

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to paradise. It was your How can you see I'm not good. I didn't say that the Prophet said,

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except those who refuse who mamasan is those who obey His teaching. What do you mean by this obey? The obey mean? If the Prophet have said this, don't say something else? If the Prophet said, obey me, don't obey anyone above Prophet Mohammed because Allah again,

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Amanullah to cut the movie near the levels Who are you who believe, never put the string of anybody ahead of the sake of Allah and the sake of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, la Toka demo one day in a time of

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Abu Bakar

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and the oma and all the complainant was still alive after the death of Prophet Muhammad Abbas came to a group of people who want to perform high

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and he said to them, You perform hygiene.

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Perform hygiene Mata because the Prophet commanded us to do so. Even he don't have the chance because he brought with him some sheep. Yeah. Then he said to him say whoever do not bring any sheep with them change the intention from hydrocarbon to hatch d'amato and he said that I will be given a chance to perform harsh

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in the coming year

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insha Allah I will perform Haji tomahto until the day of Yama

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hashtag the Prophet highly irregular agita Mata not Kiran.

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Then when a boss say this to the group who wants to perform Hajj

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some people respond and say we will see what our back end and Omar do. They are referring to Abu Bakr and Omar who are there. This is the most beloved people by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. Even if the Abbas made a comment, you Shaka tangela alaykum. Hey Jara teunissen aku Coronavirus Rama, Mama Ali was wakawaka una Kala Abubakar Roma. He said, the punishment of Allah

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Yeah, screen to be found on all of you,

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like the stone that fall down from the sky, because I say do what the prophet want you to do. And you are telling me, you will see what Abu Bakr and Omar say for the sake of ignore above is to tell us, you are not supposed

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to put the same of even the companions of the Prophet, ahead of the saying of the Prophet, if the saying of the Prophet is clear, meaning if that particular issue of particular ibadah is been instructed by the prophet to do so and so, you cannot entertain the saying and opinion of anyone else.

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But if the Prophet gives you a choice, then of course, you can exercise, anyone have it. But if the Prophet has commanded you to do something, that means you are not given a choice to choose. Now this is very important, not the Muslim I'm aware the important to follow the teachings of the Prophet so that you really love him. But a lot of people say I love the Prophet so they have celebration after celebration, to prove that they live but in the same time, they go get the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. To all the sister.

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I'd like to remind you, if you see your lead the Prophet, please encourage your husband to live Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam if your husband on OkCupid

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don't call them to shave their beard.

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That means you dislike the Sunnah of the Prophet. You must

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Be happy if your husband who is trying their best to follow the way of the profit, but the attention must be important. They keep their big because they want to follow the sooner not just a trend. Yeah not the fashion, the intention must be important. I just gives you one of the example there are many other example because the Prophet is the best example for all of us. So if anybody wants to follow the sooner you should encourage them, welcome them, be pleased with them. Tell them I love you, my husband, because you love the Prophet some of our Salah is how you should respond, to show your love towards prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah open our heart and make us the people

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who really live the Prophet, not by word, but by action by following and obeying the command of the Prophet Muhammad salam wa salam and do what he wants us to do not do what we want to do. What Billa Hippo 51 accurate that one and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah who Monica? eyeshadow Allah Illa Illa de esta de Furukawa to boo la assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.