Can Destiny Be Changed by Dua

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can be changed by bar

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could be changed by the law, but not all the studies. Why? Why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that we'll cover that

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cover understanding meeting measurements and you know,

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find each other until

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blocks cover to highlight the importance of the because there is there are additional levels of destiny, there are the weekly destiny, there is the weekly destiny and there is the annual destiny, the thumbs down in

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contender is the preserve tablet

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a lot of them are fools, the mother of the book or the preserve of tablet and the display in the preserve, preserve the tablet is the ultimate destiny. So, it will be written in the desert tablet that I am the animal destinies suddenly will will be destined for you, but it will be basically blocked by your God.

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So, why is all of this to show the angels to show human beings the power of God, but ultimately, in the free proceeding knowledge of Allah, he knew that you will make go up and he knew that God will block this thing. So the ultimate destiny in his ultimate knowledge and the preserve of

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his five

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all the details are written. But there are lots of

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you know shows the Angelus and the human beings that goes preoptic

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this this money

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making is inscribed in other than the preserve of

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lower forms of records could be changed so that people make that because of that what I've added that is worship