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Can I Work In A Restaurant Where They Serve Pork And Alcohol

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Is working in a place or restaurant where pork is sold as well as alcohol permissible? What does our Shari’ah say about this?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers.

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Can I work in a restaurant where they serve alcohol and pork?

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Our shediac does not allow us to carry alcohol transport alcohol, sell alcohol serve alcohol, we really, really, really have to get out of those jobs unless there's no alternative. And you're literally going to be on the street unless you have this job. In which case we say temporarily do it, but try your best to get out and find another job. Otherwise, it is not allowed to serve alcohol or sell alcohol or be involved with alcohol. As for pork, suppose a restaurant has port but not alcohol, it is still how long but the level of prohibition is much less than that of of alcohol. So the same thing applies, we will say try to find an alternative job, but the level of prohibition is

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less. So there's a little bit more leeway in that regard. And it's not as dire. So perhaps if life becomes difficult, but not impossible. We will say in this case, you may work in this restaurant for a period of time that has pork but not alcohol. But you still have to intend to find a restaurant or to find an alternative means of income because essentially it is not allowed to to be involved in nudges or in what we would consider filth and giving it to other people. But the prohibition of alcohol is much worse than that of pork. And that's really the point that I'm trying to convey here.