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I'm the lavender Catoosa in Sudan where you from and will begin in two minutes, two minutes

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sometimes and where are you from and we'll begin in two minutes

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cinammon Where are you from and we'll begin in two minutes.

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Ali can Assam Malika Messina

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we've got Hassan an automatic Messina that Nimrod ik Muslim Shahina Alec Messina

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Patricia Alec Messina machine is in Moscato Alec Muslim.

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Can't Pam. What does that mean?

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You're so handsome. Okay.

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Thanks, Kent. Mill go out to goma, Sadam Nimra and Buxton. I miss these hamdulillah

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we'll get started in one more minute

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to me now I think my Sam and Somerville where's that? Where's Somerville?

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I'm not a Malik in Michigan or like Muslim Burton in Denmark Wiley comma Sam.

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Like a Muslim smear

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got Farzana. odic Muslim in NYC

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Hamid Sayed. We will get started in 30 seconds

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like Muslim Tisha

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Nadia Abbas Nana, Haleakala Sinha.

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Nada is in Abu Dhabi Radek Muslim nada

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we will

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we are we're starting right now

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man Radek Muslim, take one. I said I'm on a guanabana below but I care to Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was on Nima wala and my bad

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so today, my reminder and the the thought that we want to that I wanted to share with you guys and pursue is that about Doha is not something that happens to you as a miracle. Like you make dua, you wait and then something happens you make dua for marriage and Prince Charming comes galloping at night to your home, or you make doc for a job and you know, all of a sudden you get this coincidental phone call that says hey, we got the best job in the world for you come and apply it and so on and so forth. Is it a miracle like that? Is that how dogs get answered? Or is it hard work such as somebody saying that you know what I made got

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I made up for you know, to run a marathon and I worked really hard and you know, it paid off and I ran the marathon. So inshallah Tada I heard some really interesting things this past week about this topic actually was last week about this topic and I wanted to share it with you. So ALLAH SubhanA data says in the Quran.

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One of these verses is inserted to queer verse 29. Less paradata says, I've been damaged upon him. One man attention.

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Owner INLA share

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more in law again, Alim and hacking.

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And so this first verse, Allah subhanaw

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The data says and it's an and you cannot will, unless Allah wills it. In Allah can I even Hekima that Allah for behold Allah is a Holleyman is all all knowing Hakeem and all wise. So you can't will except if Allah subhanaw. Donna wills it, which is actually interesting. Whenever we're going somewhere and we're doing something, and it seems to us, like, it's pretty obvious that we can execute it and we can get it done. We say in sha Allah or somebody says, You know what, tomorrow I'm gonna go and get a coffee. And then another person doesn't remember, say in sha Allah and the person thinking, wow, you know what, it's just a coffee, I can handle that. Yes. And this other verse,

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Allah subhanaw, Taala says, one edition, winner in

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sha Allah, hold on one, run and Nene. And it's an you cannot will, unless Allah subhanaw taala wills it or Bula Alameen, the Lord of the Worlds.

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So when I'm in Ramadan time, we teach a class called visionary teach people about dogs. And when I teach that class, I don't like to distract people. But the focus as I don't like to distract them or discourage them, that they're going to need to take massive action, that if they're making dua for something, they're going to have to take action on this thing. Now, when a person hears that in the beginning, then they think to themselves, well, oh, if it was always my responsibility, then why am I making doc. So I want to present something to you today. Because a lot of people think that as long as I put in the effort that I'll get whatever I want, I get what I deserve.

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And this topic comes from

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the admissions, the admissions process in the United States, you have some very serious competition to get into, like, let's say you're going into I don't know which universities you got Harvard or Stanford, you got these universities, and there was a scandal about that. Yes, there's a scandal about the application. So one of the professors was was presenting this week and idea that the application process should be done by lottery should be done by lottery. And then he was saying that a lot of people don't want to accept that their, their lot in life is based on lottery. But if you look at it, let's suppose there's 20,000 people apply for a position to become an astronaut to get

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into a certain class and a Harvard or Stanford or something like that, or to certain jobs, or to write an article for a prestigious newspaper or something like that. So imagine that you're the person who has to sift through these all these applications. 20,000 would be something 20,000 Oh, my God, that's a lot I was thinking 2000 20,000 stack of printer paper is, is 500 pages, and it's this thick. So imagine that you've got

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40 stacks, 40 stacks of printer paper, and these are all the applicants and they're actually all qualified. Now the problem is that, you know, one out of 20 gets accepted into Harvard or something like one out of 51 out of 101 out of you know more than that. The person who gets accepted might start thinking that I got this because I deserved it, which is interesting that our own

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who had a lot of wealth, Allah Subhanallah Dada, when people told them, thank Allah for this wealth that you have, he said, as Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, in nama ot to Allah eliminate nd that I was given this wealth, because I'm a really smart guy of knowledge that I had. So he thought that all his wealth, he didn't think it was you know, the grace from Allah subhanaw taala. And that Sophia from Allah, he thought it came from him. And so a lot of times when we see hey, this is a person who got published in a prestigious newspaper, or this person got selected to become an astronaut, or whatever happens in life, we start putting these people on pedestals, and we ask them

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this question. So how did you do it? When in fact, there's a lot of tofield that ALLAH SubhanA data will did that if it was actually in this person's hands, he probably wouldn't be there. Or it's just, you know, the flip of the coin flip of 100 coins? Yes. So

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I actually got the opportunity to speak to this thought leaders a professor, I won't mention his name. Maybe later I'll maybe I'll mention his name. But

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I said instead of saying that life is a lottery, why don't we say that it's Tofik from Allah subhanaw taala. Why don't we say that this is the placing the trust in Allah part of the action that we take, and this this author, he's not religious, so he was like, well, then we would have to start talking about spirituality and religion.

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Then and I'm not really he's more secular. Yeah. And he didn't want it, you don't want to go in that direction. But like what you're saying is a secular, the secular conclusion that this is all in the hands of Allah subhana data and people need to accept that this is all in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. And people need to not only put in the effort, but they also have to always be making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. So let's look at you know, this is actually, the example of the marathon is something that I usually refer to in class, as if it's a type of God that hey, that is in your control. How many people have the intention to run a marathon and never run the marathon?

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And how many people say that they want to run a marathon, but they only run a 5k fun run or a 10k run, but they've never actually run a real marathon. They just go around telling people that they ran a marathon but if you know marathons, they did not run a marathon. They ran the Fun Run. Yes. And so so few people, even if they made that intention, even though it's in their action, they haven't made it to that final line. And that's because it's not just what you will, it's what Allah subhanaw taala says. And so as a last point is that there's a beauty in that ALLAH SubhanA data says, one that to share when it Allah insha Allah Allah but Allah mean that you cannot will

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something except that ALLAH subhanaw taala wills it in Allah Khanna Lehmann Hakima. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is all knowledgeable, all wise. And so this is so anything that you do, whether it's a job or a marathon, or anything that you think is in your control, remember that it's not going to happen and the less the less amount of data we'll get to happen and our lives are more chance than we would like to admit chance but it's not chance when you turn your dog to Allah subhanaw taala so I wanted to end off in sha Allah Tada we have a dear brother who passed away actually just a few hours ago. And his his name is Imam Azzam, Riaz. And the last time I met with him was maybe like,

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2003 So it's a very long time ago, maybe 17 years ago. SubhanAllah. And you know, and today I just started pulling out these memories of times that you know, stories that he told me, and you know, things that he went through Subhan Allah He was, he was an imam in New Jersey, married had five children, and Subhanallah he passed away just a few hours ago. And I asked all of you to make dua for him and that alone when they are on your own May Allah subhanaw taala accept from him and raise him to the highest level of Jana, may he be united with the profits of the lightning center. So

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it's really interesting I had planned to make this topic and and somebody sent me a video of Imam Azzam Riaz. And in the video, it's actually a video from the Milgram Institute graduation, because he graduated from a Muslim Institute. When I started on my web Institute.

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I used to tell people that you know what this might take about 10 years before somebody graduates and somebody said to me used to tell me that you know what I want to graduate earlier than that, I want to graduate in four years. And then I would say to that person like that, I'm thinking of somebody in particular. I said, You know what, you want to graduate in four years. And when we come together, 10 years later, when we come together, 10 years later, you're not going to be graduated and somebody else's actually, who went consistently and did all the work, they're going to be the graduate. So stop saying that you want to do it faster, and just go consistently. So I'm awesome.

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The video that somebody sent me because I got lucky and Samir.

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His quote in the video was from the amalgam Institute graduation, it was in 2013. And this is what he said. He said, there were so there's 1000s of immigrant students. There's 1000s of Al Maghrib Institute students, and here I am 10 years later, being one of the few that graduated.

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And so this is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. And I thought just like you want to graduate from an Islamic education institute or you want to get Islamic knowledge or you think everything is in your will, we remember Imam Azzam and we remember what Allah subhanaw taala says, when not to shout una Illa insha Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Amin, and I hope in sha Allah Allah as you go through your day, remember this brother and remember that when you say to something in sha Allah say it from the heart because it is true that nothing is going to happen. unless ALLAH SubhanA Donna wills it is that normal height and Subhanak Oklahoma we have indica

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Should Allah Allah and suffering with extra money