Dunia Shuaib – The Beloved Sinner

Dunia Shuaib
AI: Summary © A woman named Moosa talks about how her salon in Masada was hit by a drought and everyone was suffering because of her. She talks about how she asked Allah to allow her to come back to her but he didn't. She describes how Moosa's desire to forgive her and expose her identity from the crowd.
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During the time of Masada, his salon there was a major drought. And Benny's youth came to Sally salon and started begging him pleading to him or Moosa, our children are starving, the elders are suffering, the animals are dying, the vegetation is all dried up, make that supplicate to Allah so that he can send us rain and relieve us from the suffering. So he gathered all the people, all the men, the women, the children, the elders, and he made that a law and they all begged and cried to a las panatela to give them rain. But Allah didn't. So Moosa asked Allah, Ya Allah, why are you not answering our door app? And Allah answered him and said, Oh Moosa, there's a servant of mine among

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you, who has been disobedient to me for 40 years, tell him that I'm not sending rain because of him. So Moosa calls out and says, Allah said, there's a person here who has been sitting for 40 years, and Allah watts and the rain because of this person, whoever you are, please leave our gathering. Go far away, have mercy on our congregation.

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As we're all suffering because of you saw that man looked right and looked left. And he saw, there's a large group of people around him, but no one else was leaving. So he knew it must be him. And he thought to himself, whoa, to me, all of this is because of me. And he realized what he had done. And he was so overwhelmed because he sinned. But he was also overwhelmed because his people, his people were suffering because of him. At the same time, he knew that if he left, everyone would know for the rest of his life, and he would be known as the sinner who because of him, people suffered. So we covered his face with his shirt. And he said, from his heart, all love, please forgive me. I'm so

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sorry. Your love Forgive me. He was so remorseful. He begged Allah, Allah forgive me, please don't expose me don't announce me to everyone.

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I didn't realize what I was doing, I'm sorry are up and tears came down his face.

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As soon as those tears hit the ground, rain started pouring

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from above the skies, and everyone was so happy and celebrating. But Moosa was confused, because no one left. And so he wondered, how was it raining all of a sudden? So Musa alayhis salaam asked Allah What's going on? no one left your A B. And Allah responded before, it wasn't raining because of that person. And now it's raining because of that person. I sent rain because of that same person because of his repentance, because he turned back to me, and as a result, because of my love for this person. And so mosa asked, Allah show me him Who is he? Allah said almost for 40 years, he disobeyed me and I covered up his sins.

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And they disclosed his identity. And now he has repented. Do you think that I'm going to show you who he is and expose him? This is our relationship with Allah. This is the love of Allah.

Abu Hurayrah relates that the Prophet ﷺ said, “Everyone is forgiven in Ramadan except one who refuses [to be forgiven].” Abu Hurayrah was asked, “Who would ever refuse?” He responded, “One who refuses to ask to be forgiven.”

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