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AI: Summary © The use of Arabic words, including Islam, to describe actions and events is important, as it is not narrow or narrower than a narrower definition. The importance of affirming one's beliefs and bringing out the light of God is also emphasized. The Bible is not atheology, but rather a simple and straightforward way of life. Prayer and making a commitment to receive guidance from Islam is crucial, and striving for a full commitment to Islam is necessary.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Welcome to the deen show Peace be with you. I'm your host Thank you for tuning in. We have back in the deen show studio with us Shay Karim and we're gonna be answering some of your questions here on the deen show. We'll be right back

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this is the

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please be with your salaam aleikum wa equals Salaam wa

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Alhamdulillah. All Praise be to Allah subhana wa tada you know, many people that are out there are tuning they want to know, because it's all over the news. You know, it's not Muslims and a lot of false things been attributed to Islam. So they heard an Arabic word Allah, can you go ahead and define you know what a law means? Because some people think that there's some foreign God that the Muslims worship, who's Allah? Well, let me start with by saying that we have out of Christians and Arab Jews. And we have the Old Testament and the New Testament in Arabic. You know that right? The viewers know that.

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Guess what, and the first page in the book of Genesis, the Old Testament and the Arabic version, Allah was used 17 times 17 times Allah, Allah.

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This is how we fear to kill that argument. Yes, we Yeah. without even having to go over Suzanne Cree who speak Arabic Read Arabic. Yeah. allows us allows us they know who Allah is not not nothing, not not Jesus. Not Jehovah. Jehovah, not but Allah. No, that's it. And it's in the place of God with a capital G.

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Not with a small g with a capital G. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. That's amazing. I mean, you you also you do some I've seen some of your, your debates dialogues with people of different religions as Christians. So I'm sure you're also well versed as a comparative student, also, of different religions a little bit, right. I strive. We strive to learn because, you know, we want the knowledge Have you seen anywhere else? That because, you know, to find the truth, some people make it seem like it's so difficult, like, all these religions are making the claim. But have you ever just with this one point, seen anywhere in the Bible or any Hindus or anywhere that the Creator is making

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himself known? So clearly saying, like we have in the Quran where Allah says, I am your Creator, I'm a law. I created you, this universe and everything in it. it's crystal clear. Do you see anything like that? Absolutely. I mean, there are some, if you approach any scriptural text, with any preconceived notions, yeah, you could always manipulate the text. But listen, token about people being gods

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are attributing divinity to people. That's how we like to put it. For example, Jesus alayhis salam peace be upon him, the Messenger of Allah. Listen, Jesus was born. This is just one fact. Allah has no beginning. Who will?

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He is the first laser kubla Hoshi none existed before him and amazing Subhanallah This is the first paragraph in the book of Genesis In the beginning it was God that begin when you say that somebody is born, for example, like Jesus or any other human being.

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That means he has a birthday. That's why I when I speak to Christians, I tell them God doesn't have a birthday. That's real deep, right? Yeah. Just think about it. He doesn't have a birthday. Another one right away is the fact that and this is this argument was actually addressed in the Quran. Look at this many mercy hug No. moriyama Allah Rasool Allah subhanho wa salaamu.

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Kula No.

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Look, look, the messenger, that Messiah the Messiah. Is Jesus peace be upon him. Came is a messenger came in a chain of messengers, after Moses Jani. And his mother is a truthful woman. Look at this. They used to eat food

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for them to survive. This is in the Quran. Now in the Quran. Do you need food? Yes, that means they need to sleep. That means they need they do need. God is free of need.

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Bathroom now that's really deep if you think about it.

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Yeah, I mean this is but Allah made clear food and free of leads. Yeah, they needed to sleep. They needed to sleep a lot of them sleep. Allahu La Ilaha Illa What are you lead? Who do who say no to Nola? No. Yeah, there is an author is really one of the Israelites which we do not believe we do not belie. There are things that we get from the People of the Book from the Christian and the Jews who accepted Islam and they bring some of the teachings into Islam. As long as it's not contradictory to our teachings. We do not believe it, we do not realize it, and we could not read it. That Prophet Musa alayhis salam asked Allah subhana wa Taala this question, how come Oh Allah, you do not sleep.

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So Allah subhana wa Taala wanted him to experience something. They say they stand up and he had him hold an object in his head. Stand up until I tell you to sit up and hold this hold. Yeah, yes, he stood up. You could try this at home right now. Right? Yeah, he can try this right now. A slumber of asleep. overtake it over to him. So he's standing up? Yes. holding something a cup of coffee is even a cup that weighs three ounces. Try it. Even the lightest, even the lightest, a slumber of asleep overtook him what happened to the object? He said by my mind, by my glory, if a slumber for sleep would overtake me, the heavens would crumble on earth. And this is in the Quran in Allahumma su casa

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now it will have the antigen, what Yun Susannah and the levy and he is holding the heavens not to fall down on Earth, the creator, the creator, except with His permission, which is in reference you can't say that God created the the the heavens and earth and six day and then rested on the seventh goes back what you're saying, you see AD AD. We are. I think this is what draws the line between us and Christian and Jews. You see Christians, Jews, Muslims, they speak of a God, but we differ on the concept who is the concern? You see, for me as a Muslim to say Allah has tested her. Number one in the viewers, we need to know that in Surah Kahf, Allah subhana wa Taala dismissed this totally. And

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he actually said do not say that while look at the verse in Surah Kahf while Hakuna Sana what you will have the honor that you know who Murphy said that the I am in one and a tsunami loop. Indeed I have created the we have created the heavens and the earth in six days and what's in between them in six days. And no fatigue touched on it. That's the word mess Center, the beginning of fatigue. Now if you say Allah rested, that means you're saying Allah gets tired,

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be careful. We as Muslims, we do not use these terms with Allah subhanho wa Taala we're very disciplined. Even when we negate things regarding Allah Subhana Allah, we only negate that which Allah negated. I cannot say for example, as a Muslim, Allah doesn't walk in the street while edible and I'm just doing this for Allah forgive me, I'm just doing this for the sake of education. I cannot say Allah doesn't go to the demo. I cannot say that. I only say negative. I say Allah is not blind. One I mean law is not one is in the law, he lays it out because it was established. So I negate and affirm the names and the attributes which are negated and affirmed in the revelation.

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We're very disciplined once we talk about Allah Subhana Allah and that's what draws the line between us and so nothing is said about the creator that he didn't say about himself so you can't make up things according to your fantasies because logically you haven't seen him Have you seen him? So pinata? No, no one no one can so how in the world do you speak? What are you here to never say?

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Be Masha, how in the world? You see there are two elements here. element number one that you have not seen Allah and no one can. So how in the world can you describe someone who you have not seen? Okay, number two, there is none like him. So that you can use as a major Yani there is none like him in the world. His he's not like his creations. His creations are not like him. So you cannot say okay, I'm gonna describe that creation because it looks like Allah. So those two elements are there. So you have to stick to what to what is what is b? Not look look. So you're sure that no one's seen guy? No one can no one can see Got you. Sure? Absolutely. Okay, you heard what he said. Because

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there's some people saying it it's all got this and we're gonna be right back to answer this question.

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We got it. We will be right back. We'll be right back to ask this question about Have you really seen God Some people say that have we read back here on the show? I want you to imagine you wake up and in front of you are about

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You guys running around, kicking a ball? No goals, no lines, no rules. What would you think?

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But is that your life? Surely every sport has its goal. Every game has its end. It has its objective, it has its rules. How about life? How about our life? Isn't there a goal to life? Isn't there a purpose and objective that we have to reach? We think so. The Quran tells us that we exist in order to worship God and worshiping God means knowing God as the core answers. When the HELOC tool general insert Isla Leah Buddha worship, though, is not some narrow, small thing. It's wide. It's vast, it encompasses everything that the human being does. Everything that you do everything that you think everything that you feel, can be done for said, felt in a way that is either pleasing

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or displeasing to God, the purpose of life is to try and do everything in a way that God loves and God is pleased with. That is your goal.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about a very important issue that you know, talking about the creator without knowledge is something that we don't do. So we have the verbatim Word of God God Almighty sent revelation throughout time. And the last and final revelation is the previous revelations were sent. We believe in the original Torah, the original NGO gospel that was given to Jesus peace be upon what was given to David of the Psalms, but these scriptures over time, they got corrupted, change. So God sent the last and final revelation to Qur'an. So when we get to talking to people, you know, when we do, then we give the invitation Islam is based on proof and evidences and

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we talk to people and we explain to them that Jesus, he never claimed divinity, nor did he talk Trinity, or calling people to worship himself alongside with God. And then it goes back and forth. And some people will say, and this goes back to what you were saying, they say, look, God spoke to me. He spoke to my heart, I saw him in a dream. So you said that no one saw God but they said those people and I've talked to him myself personally gonna answer this in a very interesting way. Go ahead. You know, we believe that there is a character who will emerge right before the Second Coming of our office, a solid, solid Prophet, Jesus, which is the Antichrist,

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the Antichrist, his initial emerging, emergence into emerging into earth, He will claim to be a prophet and then finally he will say, I am God. Now, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a very interesting comment when you say Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam. Now you talk about the last final question. Yes. Okay. Yes. When the Prophet Allah was talking to his companions, warning them about the Antichrist, he made that statement, you know, what they said, Alamo and nakulan, Corona, Rebecca Matata mo to the hurricane Elena Muslim, rest assured that you will never be able to see Allah unless you die, or until you die. So look at this now, the fact look at this

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now at the fact that the Antichrist is saying He is Allah, and you're still in this world. This is the first argument or the first point that that that dismisses the fact that he's got that I'm able to see you.

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The fact that I'm able to see you and you're supposed to be God, because I'm not supposed to see you in this world act to this is the defect in his face. You're the Creator. And you made me with two eyes, and you only have one eye. go fix your eye man. I mean, come on, you made me better than you. So the creation is better than the Creator. After this, we have a very interesting experiment. Which Prophet Musa alayhis salam went through, and it was recorded in Surah t RF or adna. Musetta Latina, a Latin word Magna

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Carta or binary the meaning of moosari salam, O Allah subhanaw taala

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the children of Israel By the way, the Jews during the time because they lived in Egypt so many times and the Egyptians used to worship idols they got contaminated by this the need to see God so they kept asking Musashi Salaam we will not believe unless we were padula not minella cotton our logic of saying the Moses yeah to Moses at a salon that we will not believe what you're conveying unless we see a lot lately. So Prophet Musa and in a way when Allah was speaking to him, Allah Allah Masha Allah Mussolini Katana Kala be areni under a lake. Oh Allah can you make me see you

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torani you're not going to be able to because the way that we're fashion ad that our body cannot handle it. The greatness of Allah subhanaw taala you just cannot be

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absorb the look of it No, no, no, that there is a veil between us and Allah if Allah removes that that veil does not prevent him from seeing and hearing us Be careful.

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Hadith masala Sharia and the Muslim in Allah Allah and while I am barilla Nina Allah does not sleep and sleep and it's not befitting for him to sleep your hospital Christopher fall he lowers people who put down people, your father your ama lab lab and in our our these are presented to him at night before the day and the day before the night. Hey Jabu No, there is a veil between him and his courage. Low kashia who if that veil is removed, everything will burn.

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Everything will burn for imagine this. But again, be careful that veil does not prevent a lot from hearing and seeing what what do you tell someone now let's say our brothers in humanity, the Christian

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Moser quickly in a minute or so allotted to me you're not going to be able to learn torani But listen, if you want to try this, let's do it. Well, epi number Ll Jabba the mountain is if you've been to Sinai of into Sinai, the mountains there are out of this world. I mean, huge mountains Ravasi you look at this mountain, I'm going to descend on this mountain. Of course, we believe that a lot of sense and in a way that fits his majesty, we do not reject the attribute of descending like people do. But we do not try to liken it to our descending. Lord, we try to visualize it or figure out how he descends later. Second cliche and at the end of the world. laya Lmk. For law, Elon Musk,

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define that word is the only one who knows how Allah is Allah subhanaw taala no one is like Allah Subhana Allah that nothing resembles nothing that resembles him. No rival resembles him. No one is like him. And so so we believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala he descends in a certain way, how he descends, I don't know. But I believe he descends. Should I strive to No, no, you should not. But you must believe that He deserves. So Allah subhanaw taala descended on the top of this mountain. Guess what happened to the mountain? crumbled? We cannot see. What would you say to our brothers in humanity who say the Christians many or many others who say look that Jesus came to me in a drink

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God came to me in a dream and told me to do things this way. What do you say you know, those ad who say that we we see in Allah we seen the message. I don't want to get into whether they saw or not. That's whether they even believe or not, whether they had will do or not, whether they pray five times or not, we could go attack the issue tackle the issue from there. But let's say that, that you seen a dream. Our Messengers told us Hi, this is Phil Phil bahariya Muslim that dream belongs to one of the following three categories whether it is howdy to nefs something that you're consumed with you're thinking all the day about

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you know, ice cream,

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it just you're consumed with it. You could see ice cream in your dream at night, had it because something, something that you're thinking about all the time your Nemesis is attached all the time, then you dream of it at night. Number two is from shaitan that shaitan comes and the devil now the devil yes Satan and that comes actually and reveals things do to scare you. Number three is from Allah Jani. It could be from Allah Subhana Allah. But let's say that you saw in your dream that someone telling you 80 you don't have to pray anymore. You're good. Let's say that and you're certain is from Allah.

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Can you implement that dream? No, you can absolutely not. You have to take this to the Sharia. If you see a dream get a kill your your your your neighbor, you go on and kill you can see it's no way for will discipline ad we go through the Sharia, the religion will go through it. So the Revelation says opposite. Now you can't go ahead and do the opposite to the revelation, whatever you see in your dreams has to be measured by the religion. Yeah. But it does not override the religion. You see that suspected Islam that gone astray in that field they say had definitely called Beyond Robbie, that I received my religion Street between me and Allah. My heart is connected with Allah, I don't

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have to go through messengers. And this is where I said at the beginning, that if you actually reject the message and the messenger ship, you go out of the fold of Islam. You believe that you connect directly with Allah subhanaw taala. Without a medium without the messenger, the way to Allah is the way of the message. And you heard that you can't reject any of the messengers. You can't reject Jesus, Moses, Abraham, or the last and final messenger set to all of mankind have profound peace be upon them, who called people to worship the Creator, not as creation. We right back with more here in the show.

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Back here on the D show with Shay Kareem tele shake, we're talking about, we're talking about the dreams. And some people will say they had this experience. Have you had any experience? Because you host the TV show called let's talk about it have any? None. Not yet Muslims called in or people. And they actually as soon as they say dreams, I say I don't turn with dreams. They asked you about interpreting dreams? I don't I tell them right away some callers they call she I saw method right away I actually get to be a specialist in that area or how is that? No is not that? You know, I'm not I'm I'm a guy who you know, who tells religious rulings based on the text? I'm not there to say

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your dreams mean, that would mean that in my opinion, in my humble opinion, actually. Yeah, you're right, you must have the skill of doing it. This is number one. But you should not do this in a show because a lot of people make a lot out of these dreams. And they have to be extremely careful. I mean, dreams in a way are a form of revelation from Revelation in the sense not literally. But Allah subhanaw taala is conveying a message to you, in a way.

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But we should not, we always have to take it to the religion, we have to take it to the dean. So I don't try to present myself to be that because people sometimes make a big deal out of those people. How we see that, you know, just from studying this way of life, Islam is the natural way cause you not to do anything that's weird out of this world, it's really straightforward and simple worshiping the creator and not as creation, establishing the prayer five times a day now because, you know, some people say, Well, well, why do I have to pray? You know, what does God need my prayer? You know, that's, that's something else. That some excuse some people would would would make, like,

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what's the point of prayer? But we know that okay, as Muslims, we have to pray that's for us to develop ourselves more. God consciousness keeps us away from evil. He's right. And so how can someone be certain now that, look, they come from a way of life, that everything's confusing, it's kind of makeup things as you go, everyone has their own opinion, you find 10 people in a room with 1213 different opinions, when you come over to Islam is straight cut is it's really simple. Understand? So what's the first step? Now? What's the first step then somebody who's Look, they really, you know, are searching, but they're coming from a land of confusion. Now, you know, you

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just throw in Islam in the buffet, just another religion. How do you I like I like what you said, You know, I heard you, I don't know more than one time I love that line that always seek guidance from him. Go down the ground and frustrate because if Allah guides you, no one can take you astray. Even if the whole world, gather that simple, simple. So let's just start start right now. Right now, right now, you know, you just not have you know, have known as innovations in your heart, whatever we show to be Allah, I will follow it. This is the first commitment that you should make, whatever, whatever we even if it is the way of the Muslims, I will follow it. Make that vow, make that

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commitment. And big him every day, every night.

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Go down, like Jesus peace be upon him a Saudi slammed it on your forehead and ask him You cannot imagine a lot of people who accepted Islam. They told me they love this. They told me they run this at night they would be crying and weeping and they are so distress, depressed. They are about to kill themselves, and they broke break in tears. And when you're at that stage, you really feel that connection between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and they go down in their forehead, and they prostrate and they request guide me, I want you I want to, that's what you need to do. That's the first initial step, the first initial then after that, if it is the way of Islam, which it is no

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question about it. Then begin learning Accra read, but begin learning La ilaha illAllah, pure monotheism? No Allah is. That is the first requirement that you need to know. Don't get indulged in all these details of the religion. You're going to be distracted. Get to do your Lord, get to know who Allah is. And this is what the messenger did with us harbor for 13 years as far as

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villamagna generates that all what we knew from the Quran is who Allah is Jenna and hell 13 years. That's what you need to learn. But of course, they still have to pray. And I'm not saying that they, they're gonna put Salah aside. Now that's not what I'm saying. But knowledge should be focused here knowing what is know the basics, how to pray, Al Fatiha, Jani, the Salah, and so forth. Now from the carry on, and take it easy. You see a big obstacle in the faces of those who accept Islam, that they look at the package in its totality. And they think they cannot do it. And that's why shaitan plays in them, are you going to do all of this, this is not going to work. You see what Allah subhanaw

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taala wants from you is to believe in him and make a full commitment in your heart that you will submit to Him. No reservation, and then factor columns, that strife, strife. If you fall short, or Allah forgive me, I can do this. Or Allah helped me to do this. If you fall into a sin, Oh ALLAH forgive me. And work Bill, Bill. That's how it goes. make strides each and every day. Don't give us a roadmap, roadmap slanza roadmap, yes. And at the end agenda, that's a paradise day. Thank you very much. We're out of time. Thank you very much again, the creditor that rewards you say thank you. And that's the first simple step that you can start with, because if you're on Xanax, if you're on

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antidepressants, and if you're looking for love in all the wrong places, with that beer bottle, you know that something's missing. So start, break down, shed one tear, or many of you have to, but ask the Creator, earnestly to guide you. Humble yourself, because death is a reality. And when it approaches, it's too late. And then all that stuff has been numbing your mind all that music and entertainment that takes you away from reality. But when death comes, then you're in the reality, and then it's too late Hellfire or paradise? And did you work hard for paradise? You worked hard for that paycheck, you didn't get it for free. So Paradise is not for free. You got to strive in this

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life to be the best that you can be. And you need the blueprint. You need the game plan, and you got to get it from the one who created mankind. That's the one God so start to ask him do that simple. That's the homework right now start to ask the Creator, your maker, my maker, the one who made everything in his universe for guidance, and give us a call one 800 662 Islam. We'll see you next time.