Duaa Prayer for fear

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Santa Monica, everybody. So a very quick story that I was just reading yesterday about one of the great companions with another fairy, who was known to be a very like, you know, straightforward abrasive kind of companion. What was right was right what was wrong was wrong. And one day a man comes and tells him Yaba, your home has burned down. And he says, No, it has not. He says, your home has burned down. He says, No, it hasn't. He said, I just came from your neighborhood and the entire neighborhood has burned down. He said, No, My house has not burned down. He says, What makes you so sure? He says, come with me and I'll show you. So the companion goes with it with another fairy and

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he goes, and he finds all the houses around his home were burnt down, except his. So he tells him how did you know that your house wasn't burned down? He said what Satan Mohammed Salim taught me that if I said nothing can harm me that day, and the DA is Bismillah Hila de lado de mas me shameful. aardwolf is someone who was semi Alim Bismillah Ulladulla yodel mas me shameful Outdoor Life Summit was similar, in the name of Allah with whose name nothing in the heavens or nothing is harmed in the heavens or the earth. And he's the all seeing the own knowing. Subhanallah such certainty. The reason I'm sharing this is because I mean, Hamdulillah this is part of our daily

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victory for me and my family. But last night, something was left in the oven all night Subhanallah and it got really burned to hamdulillah our house did not catch on fire. And I think honest to god, it's just the funnel or the virtue of that job. Make it a habit if you're afraid of any kind of harm, or we see this Bismillah he lives in LA yada reminds me shameful or whatever Summit, who is similarly stay safe for everybody and have a great day. Insha Allah cinematical.