Hatem al-Haj – 4 Ahadith on the Ettiquets of Social Interactions

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative consequences of social interaction, including anger and fear, and how it can lead to feelings of hopelessness. They also mention the use of negative language in American Abizaid, which is a source of frustration for some individuals. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning and finding the secret to one's social interactions.
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Yes, no, let him say good for stay silent.

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I'm not sure like the neutral is just a word that says that all of this is not acceptable. Because the conflict give us two alternatives you are under no, it's good for society.

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That's the first quality, the first virtue in this first copy. The second virtue is when customers don't want to compromise some part of someone being a good Muslim is leaving alone, that which which does not concern him.

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Imagine a society where people do not intervene in that which is not concerned people do not worry about that, which is not concerned that they completely shun that which does not concern them. Third is the sale of the prophet SAW seven lotto do not become angry, don't be angry, don't become angry. And certainly that means, you know, and if you have to be to be angry, then you have to explain yourself. Now, because there is anger is different faces.

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The last one is they had a female board enough, see, none of you will have complete faith and family loves for his brother, that he loves for himself.

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In some reports, you know,

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what they had been in this country he loves to the people that he loves for himself.

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So those are qualities in American Abizaid, one of the greatest American scholars

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that the the summarize, called the noble virtues. Basically the virtues, the advocates of social interaction, advocates of social interaction if you want to know you know, for our hobbies only that will guide you in your social interactions. Learn those four.

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One of you will not have faith in the Oxford scholar if you're not. That's number four. Don't be angry. That's number three. Number two, what someone can be the source of someone being Muslim is to leave a little bit which does not concern them. And number one, he believes that a lot to find out the

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secret, good or say sign for the phone.

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