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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Congressional laws and secession, including the history of the Seder medium and Al Aqsa. They also touch on the importance of finding the church's main entrance to worship and avoiding discomfort and friendships in the spiritual world. The speakers also discuss the secret of "vanishing" and how individuals can achieve their goals through actions, including a daily devotional, private worship, and private talks.
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This is something that you have to have you have to have between you and Allah subhanho data what color fill kita be Mariana is

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fat Delphi That to me is doing free Java for almost

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a year now Hannah Fatima Salah Bashara said we

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Whack a Mole Melco Lee

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Allah Subhana Allah says

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when with good Phil Kitab Imodium interpret that mean anywhere McCann and Shakti

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Fatah that mean doing him hijab, Allah says and remember in the book medio

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when she took from her family when she separated from her family, a place towards the east, muddy MIT is set up is in a chamber in her prayer chamber in a mystery that OXA worshiping Allah Subhana Allah and she is holding it down for many years. She's one of the few who hasn't been corrupted. She's one of the few who still worshipping Allah subhanaw taala at an incredibly high level. And even then, she still separates from her family to find seclusion with Allah subhanho wa Taala further seclusion with Allah, she goes somewhere to the east, whether it's east of Jerusalem, some of the scholars have said East even within an MST than Arkansas, but she had on the line hmm May

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Allah subhana Dawn it has said on May Allah subhana, Dallas peace be upon her. She shows us this idea of separation. She shows us this idea of separation, there's a spiritual health in separating from people, the Prophet sallallaahu Selim before he became a prophet, He would eyeshadow the line he says in Hadith of piety right at the beginning, she says that he used to go to about hell on it. Hence, he used to go and worship Allah Subhana Allah and one of the one of the indications of prophethood, or one of the precursors of prophet hood, that Allah subhanaw taala inspired in him is that solitude became beloved to him. And so it was sort of loss of a lightness of muse to go into

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that cave and he used to worship Allah subhanaw taala for extended period of time, and then he would go back home, just to get more supplies to go back and worship Allah subhana wa Tada some more, he would be alone with his Lord. And we're all in need of this we're in need of disconnecting from people to connect with Allah Subhana Allah hamdulillah Welcome to the rain in quotes hamdulillah and we are at the birthplace of a Seder medium. This is currently a church where and it's the Church of St. Add, which is Miriam's mother, and when you get a idea of the distance, so this is the house of Adam Ron, this is where they resided, and it's around 60 steps to administer that officer. We're

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going to turn around the Charlottetown and we're going to show you unless you're the officer and then we're going to walk in the rain insha Allah Allah to where Maria Medina said I'm used to go and seclude herself in sha Allah. Okay, so you see the bricks over there. That's especially the lochsa so this is the house. Maria Maria has said I'm used to come and she used to walk towards the Masjid. This is the eastern part of MST that OXA and obviously there weren't all of these buildings and parking lots and all of that. So she used to walk a straight walk to the masjid and she used to serve the masjid and how did she used to serve the Masjid? She used to clean the Masjid. She used to

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perfume in the masjid. She used to secure water for the masjid. And she used to secure food for the Masjid. So that was her service of a message that upset as well as her own seclusion and worship of Allah Subhana Allah data. Now what we're going to do is we're going to try to sneak in and see if we can find the house or any of the actual what

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The old structure is in this place, and then we'll go find where maybe mid Amsterdam used to secure herself. As you can see,

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as far as the most of the locks, so this is the Lions Gate, or it's called Viva la spot. This right here is called the Sabine of medium. It was a public water fountain built in the 16th century, also known as the Seville of Samaria. It was built during the Ottomans, of course, and this gate, which is called Bible us, but was also called the gate of medium the gate of medium to enter into an Masjid that offsite. And so as you can see here to the right, this is an Masjid Al Aqsa, that's the main gate. And right here is the house of medium.

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So they're very close to each other. And now we're going to go towards the east.

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In Tibet, that means early

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McAninch Sharqiya. So we're gonna go east, and inshallah we're going to follow in the footsteps of midium it has set up. So the message of the locks was to her right. And that is the that's the we're already in the eastern side of the masjid. And she would walk down this hill for seclusion to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Not just worshiping in the masjid, but finding her own solitude and finding her own Hello, with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So we're going to walk down here, and we're going to see

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the area, or the location where many MIT has set up was in seclusion, when she was visited by the angel Djibouti, I didn't set up so you can see,

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looking down, this must have all been a hill. I mean, it's still a hill, but this must have all been greenery. So one thing that people don't really appreciate about full steam coming here, until they come here is how lush, and how green and how beautiful everything is, the purpose of seclusion is to have something between you and Allah subhanaw taala that nobody knows about. And one of the great acts of worship is difficult to Falco is to contemplate the creation of Allah. And that is one of the things that we suffer from living in urbanized communities. Everything around us is man made, we don't wander

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the trees we don't see the might of the mountains, we don't see the change in seasons. All of this is that all of these are signs, biological kind of data. And Allah mentions them as signs for people who reflect all of the time. So what happens to people who don't see the science, that's a surefire way for a dead end heart.

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It's a recipe for a dead end heart. So now we're coming down the hill, we're at the base of the hill here, which is just kind of being stared at but let's cross the street.

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And so,

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Maria, Maria Salem, in this region over here, is where her seclusion was.

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And this is only a five minute walk from her house. It's not that she necessarily went very far, but she's able to leave the area of the message, she's able to leave the area of her house.

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And down this hill, is where she would worship. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah, or upon her be peace now?

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In this section here, Allah Subhana Allah says, but does that mean doing him? Hey, Java, she took between her and her family, a job, a barrier. What is that barrier? The barrier is that mountain.

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So she had this mountain in between her and her family, we just descended down the side of this mountain. So now she's got this mountain between her and her family there on the other side, you don't see anything. And amazingly, this mountain there's nothing been there's been nothing built on it in 2000 years, it's just been left as is. And Allah subhana diocese, but does that mean Dooney and hijab, for our sadhana la how Rohana. And so we sent our messenger. And so while she was here in seclusion, with this mountain as a barrier between her and her people, she is surprised by the visit of the angel. And then of course, the story continues. Welcome. You crossing the street, okay.

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And then, of course, the story continues, where many MIT has set up is visited by the angel, and then she becomes impregnated. And she then after that, for habita to fonteva that behave McCarran Garcia. So where does she go?

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she becomes pregnant with the baby.

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And she then secludes herself a second time as she goes to a far off place. From here, she takes this pathway down to Bethlehem.

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So this is Miriam's world. That's her message and message to the lochsa.

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That's her message it. Behind that mountain is her house. That's the mountain. This is where her place of seclusion is.

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And that's the lady. That's the valley that took her to where Eastside is set up, would be born.

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Mediums entire world is in this area right here. I didn't have set up.

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As for where she died.

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Let's come up here.

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As we come up here, as where, to where medi MIT has set up. It said to have passed away. It is down at the bottom of this hill. You see this church.

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And so where she's born, there's a church. And where it said that she passed away. There is a church as well. It has set up so birth, to service to death, and everything in between. Other than going and giving birth in Bethlehem. This was her general world. And Allah subhana data knows best. I want you to separate between physical seclusion and spiritual seclusion. Physical seclusion is what we're all going through. People just want to sit in their rooms and scroll through social media and not really interact with people because interacting with people is kind of toxic or difficult or challenging, or boring or inconvenient. I have a poem about inconvenience that goes,

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people don't want to get married anymore.

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People don't invite each other over anymore. When was the last time you invited someone over to your house, I'm talking before the pandemic. There's a level of intimacy and vulnerability and inconvenience. That's it.

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We don't ever want to be inconvenience and relationships are full of inconvenience. And deep friendships where people are committed to each other and carry each other's burdens and go through the tears of life together is inconvenient. It's just easier to swipe left or to share that to care. It's easier to just skim on the surface of everyone's existence, never to be inconvenience. But the cost of that superficiality

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is depth and meaning and love. Those things are paid for by lifetime of inconvenience and sacrifices. And those that opt out of payments will get loneliness for free. And there's plenty of that to go around. So that's not what

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physical seclusion we're talking about. We're talking about spiritual seclusion, and spiritual seclusion is that a person sits at home? And yes, they might be by themselves. But they're not engaged in devices. They have no devices other than their heart and their tongue and connection with Allah subhanho data in conversation with ALLAH SubhanA data and no one else. I have a question for you that I want you to comment on. I want you to you know, let's, and I look forward to reading these comments, I want you to ask yourself the question, what is the longest that you've gone recently? Recently, not before you ever got a cell phone in 2003? I'm talking about now, what was

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the most recent time what was the longest time you went through recently without a device without your cell phone without your even if it's just been 30 minutes or an hour but something that you disconnect and you're comfortable with you don't reach out to your phone, you are able to sit and be introspective and reflective or maybe journal or contemplate with regards to ALLAH SubhanA data. And even those who teach and preach by the way are in need of this. Sometimes we spent more time talking about Allah subhanaw taala than talking to Allah, there was a man who became very successful in his community giving Dawa. And when he was asked like, so what are your tools and tricks? Like? Is it

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just you know, your Is it your interpersonal skills? Is it your knowledge, what is it and he said, I talk to my community about Allah subhana data. And I talked to Allah about my community. A person has to have what's called a wit, a daily devotional. People have to have wicked, they have to have worship, they have to have something. Not just that a daily devotional, but there also has to be acts of worship, that are private, between you and Allah subhanaw taala and nobody knows about it. Nobody. And if in that solitude, you have a moment where you're I was up with tears, then that tear becomes so beloved to Allah subhana data that the prophets Allah lightest and them told us that

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there are seven who are shaded in the shade of Allah on the day where there is no shade except for his and one of those

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groups of people categories of people is a person who remembers Allah subhana data in solitude, and a tear falls their eyes well up, but not just that, that spiritual solitude with Allah Tapana data can be one of your most, if not your most pleasurable experience in this world. I'd fellated Niyati said that if the sons of Kings knew if the kings and their sons knew the pleasure that we had meaning in that, that connection with Allah subhanaw taala they would have fought us over it with swords, they would have tried to snatch it away from us if they could, if they could take it from us. They would have taken that away from us to even Taymiyah Rahim Allah He said, famously, you

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know, his famous quote, he says, What can my enemies do with me? My Paradise is in my breast. It goes with me wherever I go, my my being executed as martyrdom. And my expulsion my being expelled from a land is tourism. So what can my enemies do? They kill me, I'm a murderer. If they kicked me out, it's more of Allah subhanaw taala has learned and he says my imprisonment is solitude with my lord. Okay, there you go. What can my enemies do with me, but I want you to realize also, that he didn't just that doesn't come out of a vacuum. He trained himself to that level, he trained himself to be able to exercise that even when he was free, and so it was said that he used to go out and

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outside of his his neighborhood, you still walk outside, walk away from people basically. And he used to say, Well, what do you mean being in booty Lynnae used to say, What do you mean being and beauty law and Annie had the uncanny ability? Hylia he said, and I exit your sites, this poem, and this poem was originally the poem of Majnoon Leila, and it says, I exit from my houses in the night, perhaps that I may speak about you to myself alone. Like um, I just want to talk to myself about you. So he wants to go out and remember Allah Subhana Allah Allah, the Medina and of Laila. Of course, literally Majnoon means insane. He's there's a poet named the Minoan of Leila because he was

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completely insanely in love with Leila, okay. And he wrote that verse about her that he used to go out just so that he can mention his, you know, his the object of his love by himself. You wanted to talk to her like a madman or talk about her to himself like a madman. They've been Tamia appropriated that verse to Allah Subhana Allah data that he wants to speak to about Allah. He wants to speak to Allah subhanaw taala by himself.

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That verse the verse of image noon of Laila, Laila means night, okay. Leila means night, so he says, delay delay lettin What did he do that delay idea? What do you mean being a booty Eleni had the swanky unnecessary lady Hylia Ronnie is so late to your mountain our hobby which he went kind of masala Yeah, well maybe is rocking, rocking bahawa optimal Joah is Toby but muda we're Hebrew minute asthma in my wife is Maha Shiva who Oh can I mean who Medallia so Leila means night right? The so because he plays a lot on Leila and ARD and these words that mean night. So I translated as I count the nights one after the other. And I spent a lifetime never counting nights in this way. And I

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leave the neighborhood so that I can remember you in the night alone. My thoughts replay and I find myself turning my face in her direction even if the cable is behind me when I pray and I'm not committing *, but it's just her love. And I'm so Ill even the doctor sick in disarray. I love names that match hers or resemble it or are near in any way.

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I mean, there's a reason why they call him the manic the monsoon of Laila, not just the guy who's got a crush on ley lines because of verses like this and more. The difference between those who seek privacy to remember Allah subhanaw taala. And those who seek privacy to transgress against the loss of Hannah to Allah is like the difference between night and day. So we asked half ourselves, which one are we, the one who remembers Allah subhana, WA, tada and solitude?

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What an excellent, excellent state they're in. And the one who seek solitude, so they became violently sinned against the law. The province of Elias M says, in a terrifying Hadith, that they're going to people they're going to be people on the day of judgments will come with mountains of good deeds, Salah fasting, all of that. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will turn it into scattered dust, and people will say,

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are the Sahaba of the land whom they actually asked. They said, Yeah, to sort of Allah like, Who are these people? And he said, You saw Luna come out to saloon where Luna Milele come at Hulu and they pray in the night like you pray, and they they they they pray in general like you pray but what's the difference? What makes their their deeds scattered like that? He says, They were a people, either

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Hello behind him in law, they are a people who if they are alone with the transgressions of Allah as soon as that last person leaves the house as soon as they feel that they are private.

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The Hello beam had him in law in

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the in the hack literally means it's got like this this aggression, like they are so willing to transgress against the limits of Allah as soon as as soon as they're by themselves. The difference between these two is night and day. And so we have to make sure that we're in camp number one, and we have to make sure that we repent and protect ourselves from being captain number two.

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The last thing that I want to mention

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is that seclusion, powers, a really beautiful act of worship, which is called contemplation to record.

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And that can happen whether persons in the privacy of their house, or whether a person is traveling or the persons out in nature, the signs of Allah subhanaw taala, inform us to reflect on Allah. And Allah subhana data mentions His signs throughout the Quran, the interchanging of day and night, the descending of the rain, the creations of the heavens and the earth, the interchanging of the seasons, the earth coming back to life, life growing again, winter that turns into spring, the animal kingdom safe passage on ships, birds flying through the air, like all of this are from the signs of Allah. And Allah always says, or continuously says, for those who think for those who

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contemplate for those who reflect. And so actually going out and engaging the senses engaging that intellect engaging that reflection, becomes this great act of worship, something that is powered by a person just enjoying stillness, cutting themselves off from distraction. And I remember traveling one time and thinking to myself, How do I fall to the illusion of this manmade world? You say, we see we traveled the world, which means that I went to the airport, I got onto a flight. I sat in a seat in the air. Everything about it is man made. And I fell asleep for six hours or seven hours or 12 hours or what have you. Maybe ate some food, maybe watch some movies. And then I land in another

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man made airport. And I say I traveled the world, right? I traveled halfway across the world. I want you to imagine this travel is so much different than a person who is seeing the mountains. A person who's looking up every night and seeing the vastness of the sky. A person who's seeing the greatness of the desert, a person who's seeing the vastness of the oceans, these people are witnessing the signs of Allah. A lot of times we don't see any of that even as we are traveling through the Earth. Isn't that a short recipe for a hardened heart? Madame had secluded herself for all of these meanings and more. And it's in that state that the angels arrived to tell her what the next chapter

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of our life will be.