Dangers of Biddah

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Now what is the problem of

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many, many problems?

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One of the problems of better, that we don't really pay attention to, is that it's an insult to your sincerity.

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Many people think that sincerity and correctness are two separate realms are two separate conditions. They are not interrelated, they are extremely interrelated and interdependent, if you're sincere, then you would be trying to be correct. If you truly want to please a lot, then you want to please a lot according to what he desires, what he likes, not what you like.

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And if you want to know what he likes, then you must know it from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and it has to be in accordance with the way of the Messenger of Allah. So to claim sincerity, and to say that I am being sincere, without correctness is a paradox, because there could not be true sincerity. without, you know, the attempt, the effort can certainly

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allow me to kind of

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go beyond its capacity, what is required, the view is what the attempt the effort, you know, you you put effort into finding out the truth. And following the guidance of the premises of whether or not you arrive at it, you're safe, because you put the effort sincerely, and you wanted to follow the way of the problems or whether or not you arrive at your safe.

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So that is the first problem with innovations and not being very find in your worship. It is basically you're you're just collecting

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anything that shines and you think of everything that shines is a gym, the true gems are the ones that were prescribed for you by the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, etc. Not everything that shines in front of you.

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You know, something like someone wants to go and buy his mother a gift.

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You know, for instance, you want to buy your mother gifts for a lot.

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And then

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someone may be rich, he goes to Macy's, and he buys like the biggest thing that he finds in front of him, he doesn't have much time. So he walks into Macy's, and he bought he finds something that's big and expensive and so on. And he takes it grabs it and goes home, Mom, I bought this you know big

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without much thought.

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And different person may say to me sit down with himself and say, What was my what was my mother like the most? What would please her the most? What color does she have? Like? What this what that What? You know, and he tries and he you know, ask some drops in questions, you know, hints, very tries to figure out from her friends from her, you know, from his sisters, etc. to figure out what what would what would she like the most, and even if the gift is live, but that effort is an indication of sincerity. That's correctness. You want to please Allah subhana wa Tada. So you're working hard to figure out what would please him the most. And no one can tell you this better than

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the Prophet cyclebar is.

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The second thing. The second problem was better

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is that it means it's an insult to the

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mechanic mccammon

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to the station and ranking of the province of Southern it is basically a betrayal of his legacy. It's an accusation of the Prophet that he did not really convey the message completely, or that the message itself is incomplete.

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There is a very beautiful asset from Informatica Rahim Allah command came to an email and he said to him about the lab mean a natural color or above the level of the cornea vanilla Matic. So this man came and said to me mimetic lab of the lab, where should they make a gun from an Imam Malik said to him in the play from his or her masala from the saliva from where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam made her clarify in your head why not Rima men and mustard men undercover. I want to start my foreheads from the master they never lead by the grave of the prophets also call or close to the grave of the promises and this is where you want to start.

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So remember, it looks at him and says this

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found in the F Sarika fitness. Don't do with a fear fitna for you. And if you're the to me the team misguidance deviation for you.

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So the metals shock and set the nomadic Why do you fit within tipco? Here amihan azido, which we carry talking about when I'm adding to my shop, I am not subtracting from my home. I'm adding miles and making around before this home site. So what's the problem?

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So I'm going to give him a very beautiful answer, a very eloquent answer. And he said to him, What are you fitness in? Tell us where you fit nothing. October, man Enthoven, and like I said, a lot higher in Casasola.

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Which fitness greater to think about you beat the profits are selling for something good.

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He may have a big life.

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If you are doing it if you're if you're doing a little bit extra. To think of it. This is a more virtuous to do to do it before the ripple effect is that you're causing yourself to create fitna by thinking that you beat the professor or someone to something that's good, that he fell short.

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So that is the second problem was

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the third problem was better. Is that bigger? Is the antidote of Cerner.

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Bigger is the antidote of Cerner. No one of us, regardless of how great you are, and how pious you are, can do all of the sudden that the process of sudden used to do you think in like a book of a moment, or sorry, I'm going to do more labor actions of the day and night. And you acquaint yourself with effort was what the prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do.

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Not just the mere acts of worship,

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but also visiting the sick and helping the needy and doing all of these things. Because these are important. Because if you if you isolate yourself, and you just do the Quran, salah and cm, and you're not looking after your kids and their needs, you're not looking out for your neighbors, and you're not helping your society and so on, then that is certainly you're not being you're not you're not conforming to the way of the profits. But the sin of the promises are in the way of the promises that

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you know, it will take you 10 times your wife to just do nothing more to just do what he did. Forget about sincerity, we're not talking about you will never do it with the same dedication and devotion. But just to do the actions that he did, it will take you

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10 times your life. So now when you innovate anything, you're subtracting from the sun, because there is already limited time. So you either do this or do something else. So whenever that is why the righteous predecessors used to say that whenever a bit rises as Sundar dies, because there is really no time to do both, so you have to choose.

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Okay. The other danger of

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the other danger of weather is

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is that we can never, we would have never had have not been a huge emphasis on fighting beta and rejecting beta in the earlier generations, from the time of the prophet SAW said we would have never been here together. What we would have never been here together. Because during the time of the Sahaba, and the debate and debate and so on, Islam rule the Muslim state group

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from China to end the Newseum.

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No, no internet, no telephones, no Telegraph's no nothing. So if every people started to do their, their own thing, you know, which is a little bit different from the other people, we would have not recognized each other's Islam. Now to some extent that that happens at times that to some extent, but because of the emphasis on you know, the evil of devour and fighting during the earlier generations, from the time of the prophet in Southern Oregon, we are still protected to a great extent

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Have you done any religion shopping?

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Anyone have you converted to Islam after some revision shopping?

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But, but but anyway

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if you have seen that the

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The the amount of difference in practice and creed sometimes between the different denominations, in other religious groups, you will be amazed.

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Sometimes it looks like different religions completely, but we are still able to be in the same place and to pray together because of this, you know, emphasis that was made by the prophet sallallahu Sallam on the importance of following one way, one path, the path that he saw a lot of suddenly delineated for us very clearly and very beautifully.