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When you come to the ministry number one where do you start? Where do you stand? You're the first person to come into the masjid you stand exactly behind the Imam. So the masjid is empty. Nobody. When will the man stand? You stand there.

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So usually you stand behind the mccobb as we call the heart behind the place where the non normal so you come and stand here. So I come second, where will I stand

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on your right side, okay, and then you come third on the left, then you come forward on the right, so you always made the two sides equal

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till you finish then if the first row is awful, where will I start the second row in the middle, okay, and the middle that's number one. Number two, which I don't know why it is so hard for us women. Men are much I think because men are more

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more comfortable with Salah in the masjid. Make sure your roles are strict. And you are praying next to each other I saw people now ladies are on the chairs medo and the ladies are not on the chair Maduro normally what you do he see people who have already made because of the chairs you as a person who doesn't prey on the cheer you come and play next to them. How many suffers who saying they complete the role. Please remember this third one, they must start seeing a level there's two possibilities either you're not joining us and that's a choice you make then you don't be in the software

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because you're breaking the software you're breaking the rope if you're not joining them the drama absolutely a choice you you like to make that's your choice you move way in the back way in the back because I saw somebody I don't know they were praying sooner they were doing alone It's very confusing when the mountains are standing and that person is incident.

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Number four if you are doing your job sooner and the man started you finish your singer very quickly some scholars will tell you you break your you you stop because fourth came in the obligation came in so please remember it's as simple things but it's very important for us. So when you get into the masjid you stand in the middle you're the second person you go to the right third person you go to the left and you keep doing this till the first row is full. Then you go if you come in and the first row is filled in come in the middle Don't be here Don't be there in the middle and then the roll will be like that you will come in and there is a lady in the back which is very common in

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every message message. There is ladies who are on the cheer and you are that's where you're gonna be standing those times here. There is space between them the cheer is oh so you come as if the person who

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was not praying on a cheer When you stand next door so you come and stand next to the person and with the cheer. If you come in and there is one person in the chair you go back and make a soft with a cheer so nobody pray alone It's this like to pray alone in a jungle your your your comment and you don't want to pray in July again that's your choice Don't be in the soft

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leave the soft go back and pray the way you want it

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if you were in the sooner you finish your sooner very quickly and if it is the first look I just started your soon and they must have a lot more you stop yourself. If it is left from it maybe you know you're like in the last record or you are just doing your show that's fine hopefully finish it and get up because you need it mama so we always hear this muscle movement amongst us he was

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completely completing perfecting the rules is part of the completion of the congregation's so don't take this lightly and pay attention to this it would be very good to review the rules of Jama of salah and congregation before

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that's one of the you got to go there and you're gonna do it. And then last thing which we didn't do it today because we're not but I see this a lot in the massage and when the mom says a lot about a farmer, you stand up. I see this reading the Quran. And the leader in me says hi Allah, Allah to Salafi leading up or on then comes in install and now she's not the mountain and the software is not right. So once you say

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the response you have to the event and the farmer tells you and me and us how much you glorify

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because a lot of what it means what was the greatest There is nothing more greater than one I don't have my cell phone, nor the microphone, nor my friend nor not even the Quran, although it's his words. But now Salah is a word, you stand up like what like what Allah

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Allah has has the the

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logic was more vulnerable, but like when you are in the army, and the general comes in everybody stand up right away. nobody's looking at their phone. So what

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The mom says a lot when you stand up. You stand up I mean, the latest scholars tells you and when the mom says automaticity you have to be that's the latest. Why do you want to be the latest? Why don't you be the first one and the cloth taught last pantalla makes you get up so please remind each other of this handled I always say it's good to make mistakes, because that's how we learn

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things. So now you'll finish your sooner quickly. Or, or if you are in the first to call the sooner. And the mom started, you're sorry, you break yourself. And then you rejoin. I don't know who was it. There's somebody I was in the second to Kashi student person.

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You break the rule. And this is the problem. It's not about you. It's about the other slot. So the person who's standing next to you, their wall has been broken because you're not yet part of us. I'm sure you didn't know this, but to come to know we are learning so please play. Pay attention to this.