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After praising Allah subhanho to Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them continuing our journey looking at bad moral habits, or sins which are common inside our society, whether it be Muslims or non Muslims. And it's very important to know that all these various things that we were mentioning that some of us may think that scenes don't have no impact on the world, we can begin to visualize now. What they say is the snowball effect of every single small impact of ice or snow turns into a great big Lord snowbowl. Even before that, we find the parable, or better parable of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam who mentioned about sins is like each one of us collecting a twig or a branch of a tree and bring it together to ignite the pot. And from that pot, it begins to boil and we begin to eat our meal. That is the impact of sins every single sin, clustered together put together as a big impact upon the individual and the wider society around them. Thus continuing that journey of the sins, we're going to touch upon the sins that we're living in today or the impact of the senseless spread upon the face of this earth. In today's Hadith, we find my ESL orajel ESL nurse had yet to Yama Yama, while a few YG he was was added to Lachman in the hadith of a Muslim find a man

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continuously ask people until he comes in a day of judgment, and a piece of his flesh is missing from his face is disfigured meaning that he's shown on the day gentlemen, this is a person who disfigured asking people in the face of this earth. In another Hadith we find men suddenness and well known the Catherine whoever asked people wealth to increase his own wealth, for a number yes algebra and folio stuck alone Leah stuck here also in a headed motion, but you find that person actually asking for coal and the the emblems of jahannam person asking for the rocks of jahannam, to be given to them, that a person or the increase in their world for what the individual decrease, it

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has no, no difference whether that person becomes rich or poor, via begging.

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Before we come to the modern interpretation of begging, it is important to understand what is begging because this is a time for all of us, to begin to ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah, that is the inner lesson that we can extract from this, that all of us individually that we find we should be asking Allah Subhana Allah does we find a hadith which is very strange, Madam, yes, Allah Jakub Allah He, whoever doesn't ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah gets angry with an individual, unless you find some of the Arab poets who wrote lines of poetry about person, if they keep on pushing and asking individual, eventually, one day the person will get angry with them. That how much you're

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going to ask for me. But the opposite is for Allah Subhana Allah that Allah wants us to ask more and more every day, Kula Yeoman who aphasia and everyday he's in, as I've described in a fear of responding to every single individual who asked him subhanaw taala and does not get tired, or the concept of fatigue or tiredness tired this cannot be attributed to Allah subhanaw taala as simply life is what we recite at least 17 times a day. He cannot Buddha Yeah, canister in does if I'm able to pay more Josie wrote a whole book, a magnimous book just on one ayah that's the minimum I've mentioned. If you understand this one verse inside the Quran, you've understood the whole of Islam.

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You alone we worship and You alone we seek assistance, assistance and aid from an Eastern belay. Subhana Allah that's in a hadith that had been abuzz around the a lot of humor, whereby the Prophet Allah Islam is riding with him. In a bus riding close to the Prophet Allah is not Salam. And he says to him, yeah, Hello, I'm in need for animoca Kalamata. Oh, my young boy, I'm going to teach you some words. I'm going to teach you some words, that you can learn from me and benefit from me. Eventually a headache continuously comes to what he does. First addenda Why do you stand to fester and belay subhanaw taala. If you ask then only ask Allah Subhana Allah, if you seek aid and assistance, only

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seek it from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's what is a Holic? What is the creator, he went from a supernova that you find in the end of sort of 30 or 51st chapter or on one molecule general insert inlandia Budo man already minimal risk in my array to a moon in Allah who was a powder coating machine. I created the gene and the human being Dr. Boone. Some of the facility has mentioned leeway due to singular only Allah subhanaw taala for worship

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Merida Minami. rescreen I don't want any provision, any food, any water for my servants. Allah is the one who's the one powerful the almighty one, the one who provides and gives food and sustenance to his people. This is what Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah wants from us a better biLlahi Subhana Allah, even we go to one of the shortest sutras inside the Quran in surah coresh What did Allah Subhana Allah want from the tribe of courage? Quite simply, he just said to them faryab Buddha, rabadan bait and Lady army coming during Amano, Minho. Fun, yeah, Buddha had a date. Allah said that just worship the Lord of this house. That's what Allah Subhana Allah wants, then he will deliver to

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us, give to us, give us food, give us sustenance, take away our fear, give us hope. Give us a good feeling. But we find that unfortunately, this concept of worship, in a state of humility that a person devotes himself to Allah Subhana Allah, their own selves, meaning that they see the signs of Allah Subhana Allah, they recognize that a bed that belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, and they begin to worship him. But certain times, we find that man has to be compelled. Just like you find that Islamic law at times, it compels people to worship Allah Subhana Allah amania tune, for in delight Subhana Allah externally, they may be praying, they may be fasting doing everything. But they, they

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Assad, the hidden affair is only known by Allah Subhana Allah. And Assemblymember explained a hadith that a person who leaves or towards the end of their life, they become a disbelieving individual, even though that's not common. But some of them I mentioned the reason for this, this sickness inside the heart, that the beer, the environment they were living in, they didn't really want to worship Allah Subhana Allah, they never had that yearning desire. It's just because they were compelled people around them culturally, or the environment around them, teaches them or encourages them to do certain actions. The minute they removed from that environment, they disobey Allah

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Subhana Allah. So Allah takes their life once in a state of disobedience. So maybe all their life they've been worshipping Allah Subhana Allah, but the end of their life is a soul hakima so some of us may find that very strange. How can you treat a person in that manner. And that is one of the explanations given by Redeemer of Hadith, that in turn, this person never really wanted to worship Allah Subhana Allah, they were never given opportunity to come out that environment. The minute they came out of that environment, they disobeyed a muscle penalty and as Allah took them, because that was their real intention, that they're frustrated. They don't want to serve Allah Subhana Allah in a

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state of humility, to be debased, to be lowly as they say, in front of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah, sometimes he forces us or compels us, to worship Him, to recognize him to submit to Him, even though we find that many people today or we can say many of the non Muslims still don't recognize Allah Subhana Allah, even after all, this calamity, this hardship, very few of them that you find them saying that this is possibly a punishment from God, or from God, or God is not happy with us. Maybe we need to reflect inside our lives that disruption, that calamities, the oppression, the plundering, the looting, the sins devices that we do. They're not saying using such words for

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them, that their mind doesn't seem to comprehend. The hearts don't seem to understand. Because they have hearts that don't seem to see their hearts they don't seem to hear don't seem to understand. That is a loss panda does when he sees a person hot day, then life becomes deaf, dumb and blind, doesn't become receptive to the science of Allah Subhana. Allah will occur on a Sunday morning publica. Indeed, we did send nations before you forget down below, but say, da, da, da, da, da da da own. We sent upon them afflictions and calamity, that they may do what? loosely translated as humble themselves, be full of humility. In so you find inside the Quran when Allah mentioned I call upon

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Allah and Allah, in a state of humility, in a state of devotion. So Allah sends afflictions and calamities, that we may humble ourself, that the human being begins to recognize this is far beyond our scope, far beyond our power Far, far beyond our ability to control this, or to remove this falola Jerome, but sooner to rule. If only when a calamity came upon these individuals, they began to become humble in front of Allah subhanaw taala Well, I can posit kulu bohan Look how strange the Quran is. How he speaks the language what we see at the moment. Well, I can posit coloboma there their hearts became harsh, became hard. Was the you know, misshapen American. We are Manon and

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shaytaan beautifies for them, what they want to carry out what they want to

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inside their lives, Fela manasu Mizuki Ruby Santa Ana alum of Weber cliche, that when they begin to forget about Allah Subhana Allah, forget about returning to him. Look again The strange thing, Allah doesn't immediately take them. Allah mentions for de la Ababa cliche, Allah opens up the doors of everything for them. This inside the terminology is known as known as an estate Raj, Allah in easy terms, releases the rope, leaves them alone to begin to enjoy this dunya leaves them alone, to carry on whatever they're doing inside this life. For a barber cliche, everything of the dunya is given to these individuals had either 30 who until they begin to rejoice, begin to enjoy themselves begin to

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become content with their lives, forgetting a loss apparently, Anna had either 40 habima, who had known buckton for either whom mobile he sold, then we let them enjoy themselves with what's been given to them. Then when we when we snatch them, we take them away for either who mobily soon, they're full of sorrow, and regret, and weeping and crying now. That's what I lost ground at this gentleman Allah mentions for Kuta de comida de novo Namo Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen then Allah Subhana Allah, He ramps out, stumps out takes out every single route of people who disbelieve destroys them totally. And All praise belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, not that we wish that for

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society. But this will happen to society when they begin to fail to recognize a loss of panatela and a strange thing that the desired inside sorted and that's the least that we can do inside this moment of self isolation. This sutra is nothing less but tawheed read through the whole list Sora first read the actual source then we did the fear of all the iron inside the surah you'll find nothing but the the heat of Allah Subhana Allah again and again mentioned, encouraging the person to recognize to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala then we find again inside the sorter that we find or prior to that we find that many of us we fail to understand about being enfocado in Allah subhanaw

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taala being in a state of need. Allah subhanaw taala does not need a birder does not need a worship does not need the action is clearly visible today. masajid a closed jamara is stopped, we don't know what's going to happen in Ramadan. We are seriously in a state of loss in a spiritual loss. That if this continues in this manner, we can see what will happen to the masses of people that we need to in secrecy and in it within our own selves and encourage people this moment of time to remember lots of penet Anna yeah you are nurse and turmel fukuro who de la will la huella honey your Hamid Allah you hottie buenas Allah doesn't say oh believers here. Allah say yeah, you a nurse and toombul

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fukuro in Allah, O mankind. All of you up here are poor, impoverished, are beggars. You have nothing in front of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the one who is all rich. He is one who possesses everything I'll be the one who deserves all praise, English YouTube Kumbaya TV, Hulk and JD Wimmer, the liquor and beer Aziz. Hey, Allah mentions a lot can bring out a new creation. He can wipe out everything on the face of this earth brings out a new creation and new people and new gene, a new generation who begins to worship Allah Subhana Allah liqueur and Allah Hebei Aziz and that is not something which is difficult. There is something easy something simple for lots of penalty and an

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AMA biocare fee when new code for your code B and it is just that we are visualizing today. Many of us we had this old facade is taught inside our mind that last Ramadan if we don't deal with it, we're going to come to Ramadan none of us imagine a calamity like this. None of us imagined one or two humans again that this occurred this will happen that this will be this will be the end of a bear that is the end of us coming frequenting the whole world never imagined that the world will come to a standstill regarding this will Lola honey you want to mold for Cora, Allah is rich and all of you are poor in front of Allah subhanaw taala likewise define what a boo Kalani you the Rama,

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Allah is the one who is own rich, the one full of mercy and compassion, the beneficence one, this way whereby the believer, he turns to the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, He asks Allah Subhana Allah to remove this calamity to remove this difficulty, who else is going to do that? Who else is going to die except for the Muslims? who worship Allah Subhana Allah in an orthodox manner, who are going to call upon Allah Subhana Ghana, but even that is diminishing amongst us in calling and asking Allah subhanaw taala and akula Kohli Harada was totally welcome when he met a Muslim enough. astok Pharaoh who in

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Who will vote for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad. While earlier he was a happy woman, Temasek abyss una de la you're meeting your meeting number that we find many a hadith and many of us may read in the 21st century, that sometimes we can't seem to, to comprehend these a hadith. And that's not something strange even previously, you find that in classical times, a certain animal read certain Hadith, and they wouldn't seem to comprehend or understand them at that moment in time for math, and we finally are yet cast yet address by yet naked, there would be many of them, I read the explanation ahaadeeth at that time, that they understood it to mean that the

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woman would be maybe possibly dressed in this world by exposed inside an era that should be exposed. That's how they interpreted this hadith. Even though today we can understand what this hadith means that the type of clothing that we will be wearing, will be dressed by the same time revealing their bodily parts, etc, that we find. So this isn't something strange, that sometimes we can read certain headings that we cannot relate to them, we can't seem to understand them, what will take place, just like this hadith that some of us don't seem to understand the concept of begging is the people that beg is modern day slavery is modern day what we find that laziness lacks in us inside Muslims that

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we find inside the approach towards their Deen towards their life towards towards the world is always understanding it, the world that we find, like was a part on the plague that if I may be in history that we read about it in books of 35 Arabic a theater and we die when you hire a theory and studies theory as well person may read about it, the How did the world come to a standstill, or the Spanish influenza the flu, some 101 or so years ago that were by approximate 500 people they died. So sometimes we think these things are buried far away, but now we're living it. This is history for us that may if we survived this, by the creation of a lot of the latest data, we could tell our

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graduate tell them this is something that we went through. And that's what you find that 30 they say it repeats itself that some of the some people tried to say these are some major signs of de judgment. These are as relevant major could be signs that are repetitious in nature,

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or to sort of minus or the day judgment, they can be repeated many many times again, they don't exist in one timezone they can come at one era come again returned once again. But this could be a form of purification, cleansing the earth, or showing us the the greatest signs that when there will be Mohammed Cobra, the final war, that Armageddon, how the nuclear weapons that people claim to possess, how weaponry, how armory, how it will be dismantled. This can be assigned to how Allah can dismantle everything in the face of this earth, and return it back to the modern or the original form of warfare that would exist when people begin to fight with this space and their swords. So

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this could be a form of a visualization for us a depiction This is how the world can return back how Allah mentioned it inside the Quran. And even more so on the on the tip of the tongue of the prophets on the lower audio system. We find that

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work and Amman is a birder. We can see how Muslims are lazy, look at these non Muslims that they're rushing to help people help society not say Muslims are not doing it. Whatever they intend, maybe they're doing it. But Muslims have always a lexical approach towards life. We find that this lexical approach in front of one of you to go out and gather firewood and place it on his back and begin to sell it is better for person to go and ask people, whether they give it or they don't give it to him. It is an element of shame for a person not to work with their own hands and make that extra effort with their own hands. Likewise, you find the one of the best days of a burden that we find

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the best form of a better yoga mat that we find for either coup de Sala to fantasy roofing, worked a woman for the law, that when Salah is finished, go out in the land go out in the earth. What does that mean for the lawyer go and seek from Allah Subhana Allah your sustenance, your risk, your provision, go and seek it via tearing up the means that you need to do make the effort musasa romney's state of hardship for sakalava Mathematica 11 he gave it to these two daughters amongst the opinions of Mr. Darcy, the two daughters of Schreiber and a seller. And then he began in he rested underneath the shade. So he made that effort he helped these individuals eliminate the fussy they

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mentioned that just to move that rock on the top of the on top of the world would take any ROSPA take a good seven to 10 strong men to push it by musasa even his state of fatigue and tiredness. He had such strength that he uncovered the rope and he pulled out the water for these two individuals and he rested underneath the shade for color of be in dilemma and felt a bit higher in focus.

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So he made his effort, his extraction that we can highlight from here. He made this effort then he rested underneath the shade. He said, oh my lord, whatever you send down upon me, I'm in a state of impoverished state in a state of poverty. And I needed whatever you sent down upon me that I'm sure most of us are familiar with a kisser that they returned back. They want to reward musala Salah another example of making the effort for the women folk that we find in sort of medium that we find speak about Miriam and a salon. Well, who's the LA ke budget enough to solve it Aliki? Ruben geneia, Allah Subhana, Allah could have just given a water given her the dates, two interpretations given of

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this via the realm of deficit. One is to take away the pains of child labor. Because he said he had a teeny bit to

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go upon If only I died because of the pains of child labor. So one view is that she held it the trunk of the tree, she grasped it, so it was easy for her to deliver the baby to deliver the child. The other view is that Allah Subhana, Allah still wanted her to make the effort to shake the tree. And then you find root open Genia, that fresh dates will begin to drop upon her drink from the stream that's next to you, and eat from these fresh dates after making the effort even if dire need and was telling us to make the effort. Every slave who opens the door to begging a lot opens up the door for poverty for that individual had eaten soon enough amounted muddy whoever abstains from

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asking people inside the cinnamomum tirmidhi as well allow make the individual to make the individual to be content. And in conclusion, when can we ask people this is not forbidden to ask people. But when you can ask a person is to ask a person to make the earth obviously not how people understand make data that you're getting to the machine. To perform your salon a person sees you as is oh pray for me as well. What is preventing you from coming to the machine? What is preventing you praying and asking Allah Subhana Allah? Yes, a few of these people, they may be sincere, they may be trapped, they may find difficulty but massive amount of people nothing is stopping them to come to

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pray and to ask Allah Subhana Allah what he does Allah kariba de Anita in new Karim ijebu directed there either the answer yesterday believer you know, Bill, Adam, your shoe dude, Allah says asked me seven asks about me for any Karim. Allah doesn't say what type of Muslim, bad Muslim, a good Muslim is sinful Muslim, a pious Muslim Empire Muslim, a wicked Muslim. Allah says any, any anybody anybody asked me I'll respond to that individual. But if in general someone asks you make the other maybe getting through some hardship, or some difficulty and they know that you're you're regular in praise and asking Allah Subhana Allah How did you know harmony in reminding them you ask us whether or not

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asked for you for a lot to remove this hardship from you. Likewise, to help a person feed

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the quadratic fee in your ability to in your capacity to help someone, someone asked you to do something you know that you can do that action for them was in your capability, then there's no harm in helping that individual. And likewise, which may sound very basic and elementary to ask a living person. You know, for some of us It may sound once again very strange. But you find that people yes, saloon and and what? They asked the dead people, they come to the moon, they come to the graves, they come to the shrines, they asked the dead inside the graves to help them. Once again, it may sound very far away by traveling through some of the Muslim lands. And you'll see that people come

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to the dead individual. And they asked them to help them for how they're a new ship belay. Subhana Allah, this is amongst the elements, core elements of ship beliefs of Hana data, to ask the dead, to ask the deceased person to help you to take away calamities, to deliver you to give you a child to take away your bad state. And this is rampant. What do you mean axon belait 11 machico most people believe in Allah subhanaw taala by the committee should Allah co define if a person asked you what is known as a rookie Sharia person is in dire state dire need. Even though this has become a business in itself, the people they just go around, just carrying out doing Rokia whatever it may

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be, but it was a genuine person that you know, a family member person that was in dire need and they asked you there is no harm in to help and to assist that individual using the words of a loss of 100 as long as you remind that person as she felt mean Allah Subhana Allah, a cure is from Allah subhanaw taala These are only kremerata law These are words of Allah grant that I am going to recite, and Allah may please cure. Why am I recited upon you so don't place your trust upon the person who recites the words, place your trust,

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where you place your trust upon the EverLiving Allah subhanaw taala And likewise, the person is in it once again a state of debt and dire need a person has the monetary means whatever can help that individual to come out of their debt that we find

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DFE Amalia Akuma loon this le wild mushroom, those individuals who have a right to your wealth, and had never mentioned those who may ask this any wild mushroom, those who are who are forbidden to ask meaning who may silently ask, secretly asked or those who may have physical disabilities, those people need they need to be helped inside society. They're not begging individuals, is the role of society to go out and help them. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all a trophy and ability. First is we began to beg, to beg and to ask Allah Subhana Allah to remove this calamity, to remove this hardship, this difficulty, this disease, this virus that we're facing at the moment is spreading,

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that there is only one that could remove it. There's only one that who places these diseases, these sins on the face of this earth, and it's only one that can remove it. And that is a loss of panel data. And as we should be hopeful that for every single disease, a large place to cure, and if there is no cure, then a person dies in a state of contentment in a state of peace. That's where all of us should rectify our affair with Allah Subhana Allah, that if one of us is afflicted with this disease, with this virus, may Allah forbid that inside our hearts, we're in a state of contentment, that our heart is still living in remembrance in calling upon and asking Allah Subhana Allah and as

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we should rectify our face with the people around us, returned back whatever belongs to people, apologize to people in need be do whatever we can to have, as they say, a clean slate, because the way that this is spreading and none of us knows which one of us could be contaminated with this virus May Allah protect all of us.