Omar Suleiman – You’ve Never Let Me Down – Ramadan Nightly Reminders

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to Islam, including the use of "ham ham" to indicate frustration or desire, the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something, and the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something. The transcript also includes a video where a man named Subhan effort to remind his mother of his time in the military and says he wants to die as a needed man, and a man named Sayimim who gives quotes on the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something and the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something. The segment also touches on the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something, and the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something.], [The segment discusses various aspects of Islam, including the use of "ham ham" to signal a desire to do something, the use of "ham ham" to signal
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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blossoming, a ministry authority Mr. Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen were one Illallah Bala Meanwhile our people to limits have been Allahumma salli wa Salam o Baraka, avocado, suka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, already he was starting to sell him to him and cathedra so we've been going over the manners in which we make there and the ways that are there as gain higher potency and closeness to Allah subhanaw taala So we've covered quite a few things and hamdulillah during the summer, we've gone over unhemmed The idea of thunar, praising Allah subhanaw taala and what that looks like we've gone over, sending Peace and blessings on the messenger sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam and the implications of sending Salawat upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we've gone over responding to the call of iman so affirming Robina mana or Lord we believe in the importance of actually affirming our Imam, we've then gone over calling upon Allah subhanaw taala be a smart he will sleep that too he by His names and by His attributes and we distinguish between the two what it means to call upon Allah subhanaw taala by His names, and then to build upon the calling of those names with attributes. And then lastly, we talked about the idea of showing the situation demonstrating your desperation to Allah subhanaw taala had a to us so it Allah behind an attempt to

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show the situation that you are in to complain to Allah subhanaw taala in a way that is befitting to do not to blame Allah subhanaw taala nor to disparage oneself, but instead to present the hardship that you are in. As Pamela tonight I want to talk about something that is a small category once again but it has many implications it's actually something that we do in our Salah regularly and that's a tell us so it Allah be a family he Subhan Allah to Allah to call upon Allah subhanaw taala with his doings, meaning to actually cite Allah doing something in the past or in the presence as a means of asking him for something in the future. Now what do I mean by this? There's a tell us that

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the The lobby is not he was the party he his name is attributes. But then you know when you say his attributes you mentioned a natural extension of his name something that is true of him Subhana wa Tada but his efile what he has done in the past subhanho Tirana and citing that to say that you are calling upon him for that same doing we do it in our Salah actually every single prayer can anyone tell me where there's citing affair citing something that Allah does have it he in our Salah

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with someone said that what do you say?

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When we say Allah masala Allah Muhammad Anwar Ali Muhammad Kamal Selita Allah Brahim while earning Ibrahim, this is literally what this is, Oh Allah send your peace and blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and his family the way that you did upon Ibrahim en es Salaam and his family, this is actually what it is to us in Allah BFR Allah He to actually mentioned the doings of Allah subhanaw taala. Now there are two categories of this. There is mentioning what Allah has done with other than you and then mentioning what Allah has done for you. What Allah has done for other than you one of the most beautiful things that we find in your is when you cite, oh Allah you are

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the one who gave victory Yama, nassarawa Muhammad and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam unser OMA to Muhammad and al Qaeda. You are the one who gave victory to Muhammad Sallallahu Aeneas Nam over his enemies, Give victory to the Ummah of Muhammad Salah on Islam over his enemy, so you're citing something that Allah did for his beloved messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, or you're citing, you know, you who took Ibrahim alayhis salam, and J to whom Allah Now without a human and Otakar you're the one who took Ibrahim alayhis salam out of the fire. So you're mentioning Allah taking Ibrahim or Islam out of a difficult situation, or you who saved you and is it his setup? Or are you who

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responded to the call of Musa it is Salam when he was most desperate so really remembering and mentioning some of those things that Allah did for his prophets and then saying yeah, Allah do that for me to remember the cruel Rama Tierra betta. I have a daughter who is a Korea this is a mention of the Mercy of your Lord to His servant Zakaria as they say to let you know that Zakaria is your is your Lord when you call upon Him, you're calling upon him, the way there's a curiosity Salam did, you don't have to be of the level of Zakariya to make dua

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that defeats the purpose. Right? Allah wants you to know that you call upon him and he has the same capability in your life. So that's when you start to mention what Allah has done in previous times or with previous prophets and you ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you that same blessing to give you that same power so you look for you're in a moment of rescue for example, where you

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Meet rescue. What do you do? You mentioned Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as the one who rescues you call upon Allah subhanaw taala with one of his names that suggests that yeah, Jabba right? The one who compels

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and if you are feeling like you're not being heard, yes, Amir? In Mecca test metal, oh, in Mecca semi or do out you're the one who hears the All Hearing you hear this? Oh, you heard Eunice it has salam from the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, Allah hear me. I'm calling upon you. And forgive me. Oh, you who forgave this person? Right? Oh, you who redeemed this person. This is such a this. This is such an open door. Subhanallah because you mentioned what Allah did for his prophets. And then you bring it into your own life. Now what about in our own situations where we actually go back and we reference times in our life where Allah subhanaw taala saved us or brought us out of a difficult

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situation. Remember when Zeca Jonnie Hassan says, Well, I'm I couldn't be dry. It cannot be Sharqiya You never let me down before Oh, Allah. You've never let me down. Subhanallah How beautiful is that carry? It has Salam as he's in the midst of his you know?

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And he says, You've never let me down. I've never been deprived by you. I've never felt Shakti Shakti is someone who's deprived. Never felt deprivation free edamame, never. Right. So it's as their intimate say Allahumma Kyma center Ilya sabya Asante. Lila HCA. Oh Allah the way that you took care of me before take care of me now. Because I remember a dark time when you took care of me and you start to cite some of those moments. You see spalla look at the other Bindra the mannerisms and you don't blame Allah for the bad times. But you do thank him for the good times. And one of the greatest means of elevating your job is going through that and saying, I remember this time when

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this happened to me. And yeah, Allah I called upon you and yeah, Allah, this happens. And yeah, Allah, I'm calling upon you again. So you're citing something previous in your own life in who can be happy? Yeah. And this was the nature of the relationship when Ibrahim alayhis salam says to his father, that I'm going to depart now, and I'm going to call upon my Lord and know who cannot be heavier. Allah celebrates, my dear ALLAH SubhanA. WA has always graceful with me. I know when I call upon Allah, he's going to answer me. So I'm going to go to my Lord now Subhan Allah, I'm going to go back to my Robina This is despite Ibrahim is now having lived with nothing but rejection in terms of

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the worldly life, nothing but rejection and how does he describe the relationship with Allah in the whole count to be healthier? I'm gonna go back and call the last sentence out he's always always graceful with me when I call upon him. Can you cite specific examples of your own life? How specific can you get Do we have an example of a prophet in the Quran? Who actually goes back and recounts moments in his life and thanks Allah for them.

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Anyone know?

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A yovani his Salam not in this particular verbage

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use of it his setup is Pamela it's so beautiful because we hear use of it sometimes due at the end

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of the 20 Minute milk. He's looking around Yeah, Allah you gave me all of this. Right now that's the president blessing, telling me I'm welcome sitting on a throne. I have everything anyone could want in this dunya I have power I have authority I have respect to have honor. I have beauty right? He already had that from before righteousness but because it's an imminent will like looking around and saying yeah, Allah you gave me this kingdom. And then he went all the way back when I lumped money into Hadith. And you taught me the ability to interpret dreams so use of it Islam was able to connect the end incidents to the beginning incidents and always trace it back to Allah zone and

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thank Allah subhanaw taala for Oh Allah you did this for me now. Oh Allah you did this for me then. Yeah, Allah you gave me this. Yeah, Allah you gave me that thought it was similar. It was far too similar to a lot of the originator attributes philosophy, the Originator of the heavens and the earth until a li for dunya and akhira. You are my beloved one in this dunya you are my guardian in this life. And in the next telephony Muslim another Ask what I'm asking you for, I want to die as a muslim, and his name is Slava Hain and let me follow in the path of the righteous SubhanAllah. So he actually goes back and cites those moments. And this is not the only time so in your own dua one of

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the ways to personalize your DUA dig deep. You know, when we're in sun, we are forgetful. I'm assuming you're in San Alena see, right. You're only named in San because you forget so much.

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Sometimes we forget the favorites of Allah upon us like in times where we really thought we were not going to get out of something. And Allah azza wa jal has saved us. And sometimes going back and pondering that is a means of increasing your gratitude. And when the Instacart formula as he then Nicoma if you increase in gratitude, Allah increases you, your out will become more personal Gobo

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I look go back, dig dig, dig. Don't sit don't say well now it's expired. You know, I'm still miss mentioning these blessings 10 from 1015 years ago no, no keep mentioning the blessings from 1015 years ago. So yeah Allah I remember those moments as a means of making you remember. And you're calling upon Allah subhana wa Tada. Who is little Heyn Heyn Rahim.

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Imagine Allah azza wa jal listening to you, in a world where people forget him for the blessings right in front of him. Right people forget, forget mentioning Allah for the blessings right in front of them. And here you are this act of Allah saying, Yeah, Allah. I remember 10 years ago, I remember 15 years ago, I remember 20 years ago, I remember when you were there for me, when everyone else had forgotten me, and Allah is singling you out amongst the group, right amongst a group of people who the majority of them are not grateful. So go back and remember the times that ALLAH SubhanA helped you and go back and remember the times that Allah helped other than you, and then invoke that invoke

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that within your as you invoke your desperation, invoke the times that he got you out of your desperation. May Allah subhanho wa taala, who brought this ummah out of some of its darkest days, may Allah subhanaw taala, who liberated an axon after 100 years of its occupation liberated once again, may Allah subhanaw taala elevate this Ummah that has been through bloodshed? May Allah subhanaw taala elevate this Ummah that has been through the Crusades and been through the Mongols. May Allah subhanaw taala give us victory the way he gave our Prophet salallahu alayhi salam victory in the Battle of bedeutet in Ramadan Allahumma Amin Zachman, located on Santa Monica Robinson

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