Ramadan Series Day 22

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disliked action meaning you beautified your cake and then something happens and then oops the pin closes out

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or the release of chocolate is out so these excessive gaulding as recent

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tasting the food for normally then we just check monitor check Let me check and again kissing when there is you cannot control yourself wanting to gauge your fasting

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what absolutely abolish the fasting

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don't look Look at me

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eating and drinking in the tradition of

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eating and drinking intentionally because if you eat and drink and this data you forgot or referred you you're fasting is valid. So number one sexual intercourse vomiting intentionally pay attention to intentional

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and recent menstruation if you leave intention to make them to break the osteo fast is invalid

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so if I tell 12 You said you know what i have a huge class and I have an exam I don't think I'm going to do that I probably will I'm going to go and break my fast and then you said no, no no I'm gonna go and do

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your fasting

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because me remember what you said about intention to be really careful about that. Right? It's gonna come but you're gonna push it right away. No, no, no, Allah will make it easy. And if somebody rejected stones Powerball then the first thing is unacceptable by so we talked about eating and drinking deliberately. Absolutely. The first thing is going for get forgetful. Your mistake if you forget about that, I will mistakenly token then your fasting is absolutely right.