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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves on verse 103 of Surah Al-Nisa, where Allah asks the believers to establish prayer.  

We as an Ummah have learnt the importance of performing Salah time and time again. There is no concept of Islam without Salah. Iman is connected to Salah. The Messenger ﷺ was called before the Almighty to reveal the revelation of Salah as opposed to the rest of the revelations which demonstrates its importance.

Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA was stabbed while praying Salat ul Fajr but he did not leave the Salah. This is his mindset even as he is facing certain death. What level of importance should we then lay on the establishment of Salah? 

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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was off by a woman. Voila. I'm about. In today's recitation, we recited one of the most important verses about this Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Joakim was salata in sila Turkana, Thailand meaning Nikita makuta and established the prayer for indeed the prayer is a matter that has been ordained Kitab in here means it has been made fold. It has been made obligatory mo OTA in various timings then the time slots that Allah subhana wa tada has pre ordained for the Salah. Now brothers and sisters, we have heard many multiples, many gurus many lectures about the sutra and the fact of the matter is that we as an

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oma are still struggling to perfect our solder. So many times we have heard the ayat and a hadith about the importance of Salah. In fact, when we learn in the Sierra, the very next day after Yeah, you Hellmuth death, Phil, the very next day gibreel came and taught the Prophet sallallahu I sent him how to do we'll go and how to pray. And if you remember the conversion of Allah rhodiola one, how did I do the long run, convert? He was seven years old, he entered into the house and he saw the Prophet system and Khadija praying and he said, What are you guys doing? And they didn't respond when they finish. Then they said we are praying one day after his crop Well, not after your craft.

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And with that said the second revelation, as we know that there was a timeframe one day after certain wood dusted came down. In other words, there is no concept of Islam without salah and that is why if you look at even the previous prophets, Ibrahim alayhis salam when he's building the Kaaba, and he's making that heart that heartfelt from his heart, what is the job or Abidjan, de Mogi masala tea woman variaty think about that. What is on his mind? Oh Allah make me and my children amongst those who establish the salah out of all of the doors Ibrahim Ali Salaam is thinking of this is what's on his mind. Oh Allah make me and make my children of those who establish the salah Moosa

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and he sees the burning bush and he's walking on put a sign up and he climbs the mountain. He tells his wife I'm gonna get just a piece of fire. Let me come back to get some firewood for you. And it turns out it is not a fire It is Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah spoke to Moosa directly What did Allah say in the first conversation on to the Cena yeah Musa in the anara book fackler and alayka in the COVID word in mocha De Soto. Well, Anna Tara to confess Tammy Lima you are I have chosen you almost listen to what I'm going to tell you in any and Allahu La Ilaha Illa Anna far Bodine was a famous solitary victory. The first commandment to Musa Musa doesn't even know he's a prophet yet.

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And Allah is telling him I am your Lord. You need to worship Me and establish the salah to remember me by what a famous solitary victory recently his Salaam his mother Imodium becomes pregnant she doesn't know what happens in Djibouti and says it's a miracle from Allah go away from your people then come back once the child is born, but you can't speak for three days. So she comes with the child. She doesn't know what to tell the people so she simply points she doesn't know what else to say. And lo and behold, he says speaks he's barely one day old. What does he saw from his mother's arms as a newborn baby? What does he say? in an abdollah? He Tandy l kita Baba Giada Nina BIA was

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agony Mubarak and aina macoun what else Ani beside it was Kati margem to hire, I am Allah servant and I'm Allah's Messenger. And Allah has inspired me with book and the Wisdom and Allah has commanded me to pray and to give charity as long as I live. Can you imagine the newborn baby and he is telling the people I am Allah servant, I am ullas a messenger and Allah has commanded me to pray for as long as I live, and of course our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we all know I just told you the first commandment was the Salah. There was no Islam without sign up, you will say wasn't Salam made obligatory? indystar and mirage. their responses No. Salah was made obligatory five times

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a day in a stolen Mirage before that, Salah was still obligatory, but the timings and Baraka had not been specified. So before installing Mirage, the Muslims would pray. We have studied the Sierra how many times we have heard of the Muslims praying, reading the Quran, praying in public being persecuted for that Salah was established the second day of Islam

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But in Israel in Mirage, an amazing thing happens. And we have said this again many times in our scholars have mentioned that the only commandment that Allah subhana wa Taala did not reveal in the Quran. rather he called the prophets or something up to him. gibreel did not come down with the quantity with the number of record with the obligation of five Do you believe did not come down for that? Rather, no messenger of Allah came down the messenger was called up to the Divine Presence. The messenger himself was granted an audience and for what reason? What was the commandment we all know that commandment was I have legislated 50 Salawat upon your people every day, and we know the

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back and forth that took place and we know that Moosa interceded and Moosa said break bring it down, bring it down until finally the profitsystem said not more than this, and Allah said it was five I had intended five but I will give you the reward of 50. So the whole point was to demonstrate to us we have been created to perfect the setup. That is why we are here. Brothers and sisters in the Quran. We read that when the angels asked the people of jahannam all who masala comfy soccer, how did you end up in jahannam? The number one thing they're going to say all alumna colmenar, mousseline, we will not have those who used to pray and on judgment day when Allah azza wa jal

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mentions the people who are punished and the people asking them Why aren't you praying? Allah says ye that clean alohomora Carew now your Quran, when they were told to doodle core in the center, they would not do to record meaning they would not pray. So the number one reason that Allah subhana wa tada mentions the punishment for those who have rejected is the prayer and not having prayed. And of course, to complicate things even more, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given such explicit Hadith about the importance of sada he said, and I had already been in Albania who masala, the promise that I have with my people. The treaty that I have is the Salah, from Antarctica, half

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of Africa for whoever leaves the Salah, essentially, he's broken the treaty and the word used for the Kaffir. And you all understand fatca for what does it mean, he has committed Cofer and because of this phrase and many other evidences, some of our great scholars like you might not have been the humble like shareholder, some even taymiyah they held a position that is very strange for some Muslims to hear. They held the position that the one who says by the tongue he's a Muslim, but he doesn't actually pray that this verbal testimony means nothing in the eyes of Allah. Of course, we will accept it because we're not gonna monitor do you pray or not? We will assume you're a Muslim if

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you say you're a Muslim, but these callers said that the one who does not pray in the eyes of Allah is not a Muslim might as well be worshipping an idol because our Prophet system and the Quran and the Sunnah have clearly linked a man with salah and there are many, many verses of them as sort of Dhaka we recited a few days ago, where when the Qibla was changed from Jerusalem to Makkah, some of the Sahaba said O Messenger of Allah, will Allah accept our Salah that we pray towards the wrong table, it was the other Qibla will Allah accept our salah and Allah revealed in the Quran, one makanda la julio de he man come, Allah will not allow your Eman to go to waste. So he called there

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Salah, there he man and there is no other deed there is no other action that has been equated with the entire concept of E man other than Salah Allah will not allow your E man to go to waste. And so brothers and sisters, so da, da da, da the last words that came from our Prophet systems mouth before he left this world the last phrases as he's lying on his lap, Asana, Asana with a lot of human medical Mr. Newcomb, a solid, a solid and fear Allah with regards to the servants whom you are going to be asked about on Judgement Day, the week the people that are not powerful will ask you about them. But the last phrase is a seller a seller what a lot of humanity emoticon. final point

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brothers and sisters remember them. Bob is stabbed and you know he was praying collateral. He was stabbed to death. And they pulled them out and they tried to stop the blood. He hadn't prayed budget. He's bleeding to death. The doctors are called they tried to stop the wound. The wound is still bleeding, and Omar is forcing himself to come up to come up and Abdullah his son says yeah, Bertie, you are bleeding just lay down here and the doctors have told him he's gonna die. Do you know what Omar one of his last phrases was? He forced himself to stand up or at least sit down excuse me and he prayed sitting down and he said I'll slow down I have to pray for in the hula have

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Islami lemon taraka Salah, the one who leaves Salah has nothing to do with Islam. This is Bob and he's about to die. He's been stabbed but he says I cannot leave the salah and final point brothers and sisters this phrase that we just recited in the salata.

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At Alamo Nikita makuta. Do you know which context it occurs in? It occurs in the context of wars taking place, and Muslims cannot fight cannot pray because they're in the actual battlefield. And Allah gives a detailed description that okay if you're forced to one group will fight, one group will pray then you're going to swap over then you're going to do this there's detailed commandments on the battlefield in the middle of an actual war. And Allah azza wa jal says you still have to pray in Masada tukana Mini Nikita makuta What about us when we're not on the battlefield? What about us when our excuses are merely my work, people are gonna look at me this and that. Brothers and

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sisters, it's the month of Ramadan, enough is enough, every one of us not tomorrow, not at the end of this month, right here and now we're going to make a commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala right here and now that we're going to try our best to establish the sight of what to pray them within those timeframes. If we're praying the five prayers do the sooner if we're praying the sooner increase more however much we're praying, the quality is something we all have to work on our smaller or smaller, it is the most important pillar of our religion. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us of those who establish the salah us in our children after us was set on why they are loyal

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