Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – October 2, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The history and achievements of the first Canadian Muslims who were registered as Muslims in the late 1800s and early spring of their first year are discussed, including the birth of birth on a Sunday during the school year and the use of pointing fingers at older generations. The community is experiencing sad situations where children are missing and their families are screaming, while the loss of respect for Muslims and upcoming release of reports on their mothers in Ohio have been discussed. forgiveness and responsibility for one's actions are emphasized.
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whenever we go

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to sing

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when you have

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one minute or

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when I say

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come on

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on it was

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was coming

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what's up

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in northern Canada

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my brothers and sisters

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it's the month of October once again

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for us as Muslims here in Canada, October is known as the Islam Heritage Month.

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So there's a lot that we can learn from the Muslims of the past. And we can talk about them and be willing to highlight some of the things or some of the achievements that our Muslim fellow Muslims who are Canadian as well what they've achieved in the past. But we're also going to look at what we need to do for the future. Because every single one of us is currently making history. As we move through our lives, we are making history we are achieving things, reducing things, establishing things or maintaining certain things in our lives that will in the future be recognized by others.

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our children, our grandchildren, and so on and so forth.

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To begin, the year is 19, sorry, 1854 1854.

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When in fact we think of it 2020, and another 30 years, it would have been 200 years.

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So in 1854, the very first Canadian,

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was registered

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as being a Muslim.

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So the very first Muslim was registered at birth, and was a Canadian as well, was in 1854, by the name of James love, Jr.

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And I know for many of us when we hear this, maybe we never think if we were to read through a book and say James love Jr, was born in 1854, none of us really pay attention to it. When his parents were Scottish,

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muslin came to Canada, migrated here in 1851, I believe, and

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in Ontario's the first registered for this country, and

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the beautiful thing about this book is that we're looking a little bit about what happens when we look at our Muslims in establishing the southern over those years, from the late 1800s, early 1900s. And the first mustard being purchased the first mustard to us being purchased within Canada as much as in a sheet in Edmonton. And the money that was collected a total of $5,000 to purchase the property.

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That project was initiated by a Muslim sister,

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who assume right now is named after

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a school a public school is named after the sister who raised the money and got together to do bake sales on Sundays when people were going to church and to raise money so that the Muslims could buy a property to use as a hospital.

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For those of us who've never been there, but we've been to Cuba or Mexico, or we've been to Jamaica, in other countries on vacation, we should also be educating ourselves and our children about the systemic heritage.

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Yes, many of us may have come from other countries.

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But it's our children are born here. And our children need to know what happened on the ground here, moving forward.

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And the beautiful example again, about most of the machines and many massages, I managed to speak to one of the brothers, one of the first things of must have been a sheet at the time who's got a teenager

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and I managed to speak to one of them two years ago, and he was telling me that we used to have Juma on Sunday.

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We used to pray Juma. And we know that tomorrow translates in Arabic to Friday.

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And this is

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the prayer of a Friday, the Friday prayer they used to preach

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on Sunday, because it was the only day of the week that people have off from work. They couldn't get Friday's off.

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And many of them were to see us Friday often. So they used to still uphold or maintaining the Friday job earlier. But they would have it on a Sunday when everyone else was off from work. They used to at the beginning before they even had a Masjid. They used to go to the church. And when the mass was done at the church, the Christians used to let them use the basement to have their Juma prayer on Sunday, after the mess on something

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many of us didn't notice. Many of us still have never even heard of this. We may not have even witnesses. But there are many Muslims who are holds now very old in age who are still living in certain regions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia are pioneers that established

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us as bringing the community together. And one of the things that we made a mistake in doing is that we point fingers at the older generation. As the younger generation grows older, we continue to develop this trend of pointing fingers at older generations and all they want to do is build their voice for the next that's the end of it. And how can it other previous generations did and how do they know we have massages in fact when we think of ourselves here as Muslims and we even have counselors that are

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and inshallah one day one of those counselors will be the parent.

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And inshallah, one of these days our children will be those counselors as well. One of these days or one of the days of the future our children will be coming

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principals in the public schools

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and our children will find a place for themselves within this country. They don't already have one, but they will establish pillars within the society that we live in. For us as Muslims to fall back on to enjoy to relax.

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Once a Muslim is built in

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Milton because our counselors do a great job of that. We have teachers that

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we have lots of business people

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everywhere even have chicken being produced right here. And

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the question is, will we stand remain the future

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haven't had any

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more any

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sisters was

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highlighted highlighting the end of the life of Muhammad

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during the conquering of

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what we know is such

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such a muscle, wasn't

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when the victory

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comes, and the land is the land,

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and we have ease of life, or are you

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and you will see the people

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in large homes. And we're seeing that we're seeing people enter into STEM and large numbers. So how I was just at the prison the other day and and other

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people aren't something is done on the streets, people are suffering. People are accepting the standard, the hospitals are accepting the sound the prisons all over the place.

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that's important as

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well, when we become happy when we become at ease with our team. When we become comfortable with the situation that we're in. We start to back off, we start to be too relaxed, we start to say you know what?

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That's good. There's more that needs to come from.

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us coming here. Definitely just train

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our children to see how we behave when we come to the masjid. This is an important part of us.

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For those who are on their phones, get off your phones. For those who are not paying attention and falling asleep. Now's the time to wake up. There's only a few more minutes of the hook. But

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our children witness us my brothers and sisters when we stand outside and we are swearing and using foul language because we have to wait in line to come inside.

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And I'm going to be blunt and straightforward today. Our children will miss us when we are rolling down our windows and swearing and volunteers brothers may have given them set up a smile to our children. On our way out. We're rolling down the window and swinging.

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Left to get out of the park.

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brothers who are grown men, sisters who are growing, you know mothers and women were being you know, the rules were being told off by us as community members. And the sad thing is our children are witnessing this. And it's happening. It's happening here.

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What's happening when we're outside somewhere else. Our children are witnessing us on our phones in the hoop while they grow up. And

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in fact, they don't go up and just

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say to us not important like that.

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called me the other day. See, she says I understand. Children are grown up, they've graduated from university but they never go for job. And I understood that while you were going to elementary school and going to high school and while we were going to university, it's important for them to focus on their studies, but now that they're grown adults are going

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to attend.

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Our children are seeing what we do. And if we are not going to stand strong for the deen for the sake of Allah, the pioneers of the past that we're going to talk about in the next few weeks. They did not do what they did in order to be recognized on social media. They did not do what they what they did in order to become popular. They died.

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They did what they did to be recognized.

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And today we mentioned them on the member.

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Well, at a time maybe they were criticized by people, but they stood strong for the sake of us.

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And that's what we need to do.

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So our question to ourselves, my brothers and sisters,

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are we glorify Muslim?

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Are we asking for forgiveness? Are we too comfortable in the fact that we have everything that we need as Muslims here, and we're good to go. Because we have to remember that our children will grow up and fit in this world after

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we conclude my seven lessons,

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alumni event,

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the loss of our hearts to be the best Muslims that we can be. That's the loss of

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respect for one another, to treat each other right. And to treat each other with justice. As the loss of habitat in our parks to go and apologize to those who may

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escalate muscle can have more time for us to be able to wake up and pay for his business. He is the one who accepts.

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He is the one who accepts repentance as the last

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cure all of us that are going through hardship and difficulty. Towards the end of our downs list and mercy upon us today as of Friday, will be a day of change. The data can be created, either the Senate was created and sold was voted on this day. Ask us

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once again, like the date of the report from our mothers in Ohio.

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Show your

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cell phones on

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a wall

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a center

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I wouldn't say no.

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