Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 24

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "the source of it" and how it relates to the topic of fasting and driving. They also mention a recent video about the "weirdly smile" effect of the sun being hot and on the Earth. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding extreme temperatures and the need for more practice in order to achieve good deeds.
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What does it remind me

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and now we're getting to the internal one on Milan its origin of it is Ramadan that's the source of it okay the root of it in Albion and I receive it and normal boys actually son with an excessive heat

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war it is a rain look at the two meanings or it's a rain that's come before the fall at the end of the summer

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so end of the summer, beginning of September still hot and the rain comes in and the rain comes in to find the land or the earth very hot or it is actually the sun itself when it gets to the maximum heat.

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So what does it do to me

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number one, they say it's called Roma long because the names of the months were called before Islam which was actually the 400 a year 412 and the reason it was called Ramadan because it came that time of the year was in the middle of the summer so they call it Ramadan and a lot chose that to be the month that we all know about. That's number one.

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The meaning of it the fasting person you see to the fasting person feel the heat and the pain of hunger.

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Especially at six, seven o'clock. I hope everyone in this room had fasted

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something after the last removal

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if this coming from would be your first day fasting since last year I feel for you.

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Because it is not it's gonna be exactly pain and the struggle of hunger. Now the heart I love these two. These are all scores looked at today. Inner meaning the hearts learn from the heat of reminders and admonition of the afternoon over Milan is about the

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reminders whether you are going Why are very hungry and thirsty because you want to please last pantalla it's nine o'clock or 10 o'clock and I'm running to the masjid although normally I am in my bed because it's on my lawn and I want to please Allah tada and then if somebody if the man gives you five minutes reminder, the Quran reminder it's all reminded about the alpha and the main reason is this proper Ramadan burns the semi

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Ramadan properly done properly,

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properly performed if I want to use this word, then absolutely it was the sense of luck.

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And also I saw to Sam said the following you probably most of you noticed how have you heard about it

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on a warm summer, or when you've got a wobble. Johanna was suing silletti shopping. When your Milan comes in the monitor from a woman comes in Gohan I mean started mainly the night before because again the month the lunar month starts the night starts from sunset. So the night of the 16 when Ramadan comes in, that's what's going to happen. Put your head above some of what you had

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in January actually, what are you at ababu Johanna and will you cut the doors off Jana has been multiple times closed only for those of you who know Adobe This is hyperbole sound

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meaning like you put one lock in one lock and one lock the doors for joining them will soon see that the shelving and that change the satins which I want is actually being changed. And if you look at this, what does that how does the doors of Jonathan's clothes

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you all know this Huggies right, you know the meaning of it? Yes. How many of you don't know this at all?

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What everybody knows the meaning of so how is that

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any the door agenda is locked.

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What does this usually tells you this now again, when you're talking about internal, you know,

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the chances of sinning in Ramadan is much harder than outside Ramadan, the chances, possibilities, opportunities to make good deeds in Ramadan multiple times, then the chances outside the door of general open waiting for you to come in.

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To get the point. That's why somebody who disobeyed your mind Ramadan, you really have to look at yourself. We have an issue to

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to look at, because it's very easy. You are spending all day especially in the summer. You're spending two thirds of the day in, in an act of Ibadan act of worship of Allah which is fasting and you're really controlling

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And then how much of the day and then you most of people, I really have seen somebody who does not do extra Salah in Ramadan in the masjid outside the magic doesn't matter but you do extra. I have not seen someone. If not, I wouldn't say for sure finish the Quran but at least we'll look at the Quran more in Oman through referrals. So the chances and opportunities for you to get closer to Allah Subhana Allah is much more in Ramadan

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