Should A Woman Cut Ties With Family Who Don’t Support Her Islam

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For new Muslims, it can be hard to be around their family who are not Muslims. What if a sister’s family is making it hard for her? Should she cut ties with the family to avoid the hardship?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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Should a woman cuts her ties with relatives who are not supportive of her Islam.

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If those relatives are Muslims, they have double rights, the rights of Islam and the rights of, you know, kinship. And if those relatives are non Muslims, they have one right upon you, which is the right of the kinship, that there are relatives that are related to you. And if they are being not supportive, negative putting pressure in you, when it comes to your religion and practicing your religion, my advice is not to cut ties with them. But to basically minimize the time that you spend with those people, especially if they are very negative, especially if they have a bad influence on you on your family, always put you down always make you feel bad about yourself. You know, my advice

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is to minimize the interacting with people like this. And that's not considered a rahem or cutting ties with their relatives with anything like that. And that's what while you minimize the time, what you can do, you can reverse the impact on i mean by that you the one who should encourage them to take religion more seriously encourage them to do good deeds, look for the thing that they can relate to, maybe they cannot relate to read the Koran, but you know, they can relate to hearing a good story that carry a good meaning or ethical, or a point about one of the companions, or the story of the prophet SAW Selim or one of the prophets. Also one of the things that you can do, you

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can involve them in something social that helps people you know, offering help to others, with your community. So that will bring them closer to the religion because a lot of people have very narrow minded when it comes to what religion or religious it really means. But if you open the horizon for them, they might change. Another tip for you, which is make them out for them. ask Allah subhana wa tada that Allah open their hearts and allow us to turn their hearts to love Islam to love religion, the way you love it. And remember, canonica clintonville come from an alcoholic, you used to be like that before and Allah have basically given his favor to you by guiding you to Islam by guiding and

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open opening your heart to accept the truth. So always pray for them. And finally, I would say give them the See, advise them, you know, and sometimes you should stand also for yourself. And you say, Hey, I don't think that's nice. I don't think this should not be set in a very respectful way. But and sometimes sometimes, you know, it became all with I did all this and is not working a sub patience. You know, a sub that's why I never saw Salah when a man came to him said Dr. Salah I have relatives, I'm good to them and he they are back to me. Should I cut them off? He said no. He asked him to be patient. And he asked him to continue to write continue trying to influence them in a good

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way. But if you see that there is a bad influence in you and you start losing your dean in your Eman in this case you distance yourself but not necessarily to cut them off.