‘Who Are Those Whose Hearts Are Inclined Towards Islam’

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Could you just explain the when it comes to the term those peoples whose hearts are inclined towards Islam, or the religion? Who does that include that category of people. This is the fourth category mentioned the Quran in Surah Tauba, chapter nine, verse number 61, the football club, those whose hearts are inclined towards Islam, the various categories that can come in this, for example, can be used for propagation. Those who are newly converted Muslims, or other the word reward is the right word that rewards Islam. And to stand in their faith, the money can be used, it can be used for the propagation to see to it that non Muslims are given knowledge of some sort that has come close

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toward Islam. And there's a hadith which is mentioned in a Muslim woman number two, in the book of Zakat added number 2318, Hello, Dolly my life with the Tim, he sent some golden nuggets to the Prophet, which along with some dust particles, to the Prophet gave it to four different people of different tribes, the people of tribe of Quraysh, they felt a bit bad. The Prophet was a bit partial and didn't give it to any of them. But you have to the tribe. The Prophet said, The reason I gave it for reconciliation, I wanted the heart to be stenden towards Islam. So prophet use that to give it a particular group of people so that they come closer to Islam. So this is one of the ways that that

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can be used for getting people closer to Islam, whether it be towards new converts, or those also who may be moving away from Islam for use that money for that the thing is stagnant. For example, there's a revert to a newly devoted to Islam. You may have social problems, you may have economic problems, you can use that money to settle them to buy for him a house he doesn't have. If he doesn't have a business, you can start a business with that money, so that he's secured and he feels happy coming in the new faith. Thank you very much for the answer.