Mirza Yawar Baig – The Baraka of Ittiba #1

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including recitation of the fruit of Islam and the connection between practice and learning. The speakers also touch on the importance of preparing ground and finding evidence of one's success, as well as the concept of the heart and its relation to one's energy and resources. The segment ends with a call to get close to someone with COVID-19.
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi lambier Eva mousseline, Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman cathedral cathedral

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to die that what matters are NACA Illa Rahmatullah Alameen.

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So doc, Allah Allah, The

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Mighty Brothers, sisters, elders,

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Allah subhanaw taala introduces the visa Lola Haile Salam is beautiful I tell Karima

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where he said We have not sent you except as a mercy

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to all the Alameen to all the words

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not Rama to lil Muslimeen Rama to delight me

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to all the worlds everything in fish

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so the single biggest blessing and the single biggest characteristic of the reservoir A salaam

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is mercy

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is Rama.

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I remind myself renew the role of an Oda

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not only mentioned but

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he reiterated emphasize his Niyama

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his blessing

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and Allah doesn't knock on Mon Allahu Allah meaning is Basa fee him Rasool Amin unfussy

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year to Allah Heemeyer de or user key him where you are Lee Mohammed Al Kitab al Hakim

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we're in Cairo min cabello the fee dollar le movie

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unless rather a cent which means very Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira who has blessed the believers?

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Almost every single thing we have is a blessing of Allah. Yes, our health, our wealth, our children, our families of spouses, places we live in and you name it, I mean everything.

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I remember doing a Zoom meeting with our interfaith group

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soon after COVID started

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in 2020, as of the 2019

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when there was a shortage of masks

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and people were my wife was teaching maths for people.

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So we had this meeting

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and all interfaith people sitting in this

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so we will say, you know, this is difficult, that is difficult, and so on and so on.

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So it was my turn to speak. I told them

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please take a breath. Breathe deeply.

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I'm asking you to breathe deeply. Take a nice deep breath.

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Then I said Now take another breath.

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Right. And I said to them, I'm saying to you, people died in COVID off

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by the encased in capability of breathing.

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The night because they couldn't breathe.

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You can breathe

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respiratory failure, right? They couldn't breathe anymore. So the right

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we can breathe

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Mercy of Allah. But Allah subhanaw taala did not reiterate he did not you know moodlemoot Adjara

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they catchy Japan tgz and ecology.

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You give something and usage you want to give you

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for us to do that is not good. We should not give somebody something hamdulillah

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but Allah subhanaw taala gave another reminder as it

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see what I gave you.

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On Allahu alayhi

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Allah Momineen

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is Basa fie him Rasool Amin unfussy.

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So it is the positive version or double whammy.

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The fact that is centered Rasool is one Yama and the fact that that Rasul is from among us is another.

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Allah did not send America he didn't send a Angel he didn't send some other Mukluk Allah said, he is from you.

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Imagine when the art was was revealed that can I

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She was even closer than us of course, as far as we are concerned that the connection of the Rasul is not because of ethnicity or because of tribal drive or something is because of event. But having said that,

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with the Sahaba revoir la era was fine with the whorish when they were not Allah said he's from you, it meant what he's from your own families. He's related to you by blood.

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Double and then

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned 14 To do what Allah has sent this Nabhi as an AMA forward and last month, I mentioned four things I want you to pay some attention to this year to Allah him it to recite

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to you his Kalam what Allah subhanaw taala reveals to him to recite this column to you yeah through Allah him

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Why use a key him to purify you to purify them

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while you are Lemo Hoval keytab and to teach them the book, what haga wisdom of practice for things

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inform. Prepare,

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what wisdom

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right practice

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what incarna mean? Kablo lofi Dali movie now as I said before that were misguided

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before that they were far astray.

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Now think about these four things.

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I always remind myself when you that Islam is the name of a practice. Islam is not theory. Islam is not.

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Mythology, Islam is not even theory.

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Islam is a practice like Judo or Karate or flying a plane, they practice medicine practice.

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You do something?

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So who is a Muslim?

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Muslim is a verb. The word Muslim is a word. Like the word Musa Li is our Buddha was only the one who prays. It's not somebody who knows about salah who's *

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the one who completes the

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garage who completes that. Not the bus driver of the Hotjar he's taking them from Mikado you know to Mira and towards the river and to our farther back you know he

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he did the whole thing he went with the images from point A to point Z but he's not happy because he's not doing that.

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Who the same the one who was fasting, not somebody who knows about fasting.

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So a Muslim is the one who practices Islam, there is no such thing as a non practicing Muslim. If you're not practicing your non Muslim simpler than

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a Muslim is the one who practices if you don't practice your non Muslim.

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So four things that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in connection with his practice, what are the four things

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and what have we done with them? I told you what these are

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the little Quran, right? This we have done today's world, this we have taken and we do it beautifully. We teach how to recite Quran with to start with, we teach different, rewired and different ways of reciting Quran as well. So

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now let's say user Keihin purification.

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Let's get to knifes. Internal purification.

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Buddha's here to just add external purification of the body.

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What does get to that purification of life?

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Well, let's get to akhlaq

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purification of our of our manners.

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This we have.

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And then the third one, you are about to get up teaching the book we have. So we have big jamiat and mothers and so on and so on. And we teach all kinds of different you know, schools or fear can zones. Oh, and the last one, but hikma

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the wisdom of practicing of the day.

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Again, we are live.

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And Allah said, these four things are what gives you that without these four things? They don't know that.

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Out of the four if you take two where are they there?

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Think about it like this. Think about it like a farmer. Supposing there is a farmer who has this seed

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which is fantastic see the best thing in the world which is going to give him the seed has the capacity to give him 10 times the crop, harvest that normal seed will give him say for example, wheat or nemid whatever

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So, if you are a farmer, what will you do? The moment you get the seed What will you do? What is the first thing you do?

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What you

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planted who said land

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then you are not a farmer.

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symbol. If you said planted you're not a farmer

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What do you do?

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Prepare the ground if you do not prepare the ground the best seed in the world will give you nothing, even if it germinates, it will die.

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It starts with preparing the soil.

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So, if you are a farmer you know this right.

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So, you plow the field winnow the field you check for pH value acidity alkalinity, you check organic matter content, detect for toxins, you check for pathogens, you treat all of this stuff.

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Then you make sure this field is properly fenced because you don't want after you get nice crop, next thing you know, all kinds of animals or whatnot according to the fields, you make sure the field is secure. If you live in a place where rain is an issue, then you make sure there is provision to irrigate the field or whatever sprinklers you name it. Once you have prepared all of that, only then will you plant the seed.

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Right. This is the nature of this the

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the kalam of Allah, there is nothing better than the love of Allah.

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Essential HEVC kita Allah Verheyden Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Vallee you said you said nothing better than this is the best

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but for that to take root

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the ground has to be prepared.

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What is the ground for the Kitab of Allah and the Sunnah or association? What is the ground?

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What is it

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hello right hello world was the mean hello buenas. Not only will see me today without the preparation of the ground

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that's why I advise you myself.

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Let us focus on our clue. What is the meaning of the skeleton of the ravine either have the time nor do I nor am I capable of doing anybody says guy just framework.

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What is the meaning of the skeleton of purification? That means what?

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What is the heart when you say the heart is not pure? What what is likely to be in it? What is the nature of the of the dirt in the heart? Maybe

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like what

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now? Hatred? Number one

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it eats so inside Yes.

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What is

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jealousy jealousy? You got it. Fantastic. Love it. Love it. Jealousy. What is

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Nirach hypocrisy?

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Yes. Arrogance Allah. That's a green slope to *

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grid, our grid

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How about hobo dunya love for the dunya possessions possessions possessions buy this buy this buy this buy this

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we call it retail therapy right?

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Retail therapy

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that's the example you asked COVID Send them into a COVID Ward and say get close to a person who has COVID and take some nice deep breaths

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you're already sick and you are take that sick person into a mall and so that is therapy

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in any layer in the layer so just think about it this is how we're gonna

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who are our influencers

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I know the names I don't want to say it from it from this place Believe me I know all the names

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and I also know that not one single of that influencers

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he's a person who is an alum of the obviously man or woman not even one

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then how do you what do you expect me to do in this world?

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Just get enough sleep purification of the heart is It is

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Easy to say hatred. But is it easy? If I if I don't like somebody if I hate somebody? Is it easy to stop hitting and say from now I am not going to hate you. I'm removing this hatred and I am going to love you. Is it possible?

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It is possible not not possible. How do you what's the evidence?

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So one thing I do I don't believe you I mean Why should I believe?

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Show me?

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Give me evidence proof whatsoever

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Mohammad Rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's the evidence.

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He is the evidence.

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Can you love an enemy? Can you love somebody who spent his whole life trying to murder you trying to kill you? Can you love somebody and be nice to somebody who

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managed to harm you in multiple ways?

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The answer is yes. What's the evidence? I'm also

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if you are sad and depressed,

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and you want to know what to do,

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study the life of Muhammad Salah Hasan.

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If you are deliriously happy

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and you want to know what to do, study the life of Muhammad Rasul Allah

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if you are believed he had seven children he lost all of them in his life except one who died after six months after he passed away.

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He buried seven children

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three sons three daughters for the daughter lived for six months after

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you want to know what happens now law protect you from this but if it happens, see the life of Mohamed Salah Hollins

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if you have no power no authority literally you're fearing for your life how must I deal with this situation where everybody the whole world seems to be against me. There's a price on my head what must I do? See the life of Muhammad Sallallahu said contrary to that I am now head of state I have the power of one Isha with one sign I can take off your head

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what do I do? See the life of Muhammad Sallallahu

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I have no wealth nothing literally. I do not have food to eat I come home and ask my wife is there anything to it? She says nothing to eat is a hungry lion firstly

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what must I do if I'm in that kind of hunger?

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We live in a country where we don't want one refrigerator is not enough right? You got a fridge in the kitchen you got other freezer in the garage plus you have a freezer

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see the life of one was awesome

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and when the opposite when you have heard him are coming from everywhere

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did he change your lifestyle after that?

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Do you know if you see the screen Do you see Narosa Salam has this you know fantastic clothes and gold and brocade and that now he's sitting on a throne is did it did anything happen? Nothing nothing

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the life of Mohamed Salah nowadays

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so we learn to recite Quran we need to focus on the skin. The aroma of the handler very important.

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But then what about the life of resources?

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