Complain To Allah, But Not About Allah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Needless to mention that humans are fallible creatures we are prone to error. We slip up in our words in our actions and a time in an outburst of an emotion. Now, Islam is very practical and user friendly. It allows us to vent our emotions which can be cathartic at times, and it also alerts us to certain limitations. And that is what I want to communicate very briefly, in juice 15 chapter 18 verse 62, when Musa alayhis salam had a bumped on the journey of knowledge with his servant you shall even anoon at some point they both were overwhelmed by tiredness and fatigue. So he said it Nevada Ana la de la Latina Minh suffering da da da Saba bring that food we

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both are tired and exhausted. In by no Quran it is written della Allah and Eva Hara highly him in El Mirage Murali when aqui la fille Kemal mousseline Salam was a prophet, and he was from the old ambia yet when he was tired, he said, I am tired I am exhausted. This is not against the station of piety or nobility in the 23rd Jews in chapter 38 say the night Are you building Salaam sprayer is mentioned Robbie and the messenia door? Oh my lord, I've been afflicted with pain. What are hammer Rafi mean you are the most GYN so you are allowed to express your emotion. The messenger sallallahu Sallam at the funeral of Ibrahim Ravi Alon who said in Elian attend ma the AI is steering while

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palombo Yak is on the heart is full of grief. And oh Ibrahim your separation has left us restless but the tongue will only add to that what which Allah is please. Ahmed bin Abdullah Tamimi used to say ilahi Halekulani be amrik. Allah You created me were you by your decree will accompany fee Bella Hadid dunya be mushy attic. Then you subjected me to the temptations around me by your will and your decree. Then you told me ystem sake, restrain yourself Do not succumb to these provocations. Okay, for a stomachache lm Tom sicne. Now I'm asking you Allah, if you're not going to help me, how am I going to accomplish this? So talk to Allah, communicate what Allah may complain to Allah, but don't

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complain about Allah.