Crusaders Waged a Holy War against the Muslims. This Religious Terrorism is Continuing for Centuries

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AI: Summary © A Christian discusses how the impressing message of their’s holy war on Muslims is a result of the use of the term "slay war" instead of the term "monster" in the Bible. He explains that the message is not about a whole "monster" but rather a combination of "monster" and "monster" in the Bible. He also mentions that the message is not about anyone being a Christian and that the message is not about anyone being a Muslim.
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Israel. My name is Laci Green, I am a Christian. And we are told that the Crusaders on the crusades, were waging a holy war. I am a Christian Sir, I'm a journalist. We were told that the Crusaders on the crusades, were waging a holy war. And now after seeing the film's we know how

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much terrorism they did to the innocent Muslims. And do you not think that this religious terrorism started from these crusades, and it is in another

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way it continues against the Muslims through all these centuries, the bill now this terrorism seems to be in another face and why this Western nurses are always

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after the Crusades continuing this sort of

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whether sorry, good question. He being a Christian, he says that, he was told that the crusade is a holy war and that for a total orientalist, use this word, holy war for jihad. It was nothing but the usage of holy war, rather than the need for crusade to see to it that everyone joins and fingers religious. And brother being a journalist and rightly said that now we realize that these crusades were nothing but terrorizing the innocent Muslims. I didn't say anything about this in my talk, because I came here to speak about the Islamic concept. I didn't touch on any religion negative point of any religion either do I want to touch? It is just I said that all religion prescribed

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fighting, let peace prevail, that for everyone does I never touched on any religion? That's not what I've come here for. But if you asked me a question, I have to say, Yes, you're right. That the crusade did terrorize innocent Muslims. And that's how it has continued. And now the same thing what they do, they are now saying the same thing to the Muslims, which if you analyze, you see in the world around you, you've seen the world around you that how many people are actually accepting today Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

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There may be still incidences somewhere in the world, there are black sheep in every community, but you will not be able to point out as a whole, that where in the world are people forcing other non Muslim to accept Islam? No way. In fact, they are getting harassed because they're Muslims. Now this thing can only be solved. If you go back.

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If you go back to the Bible, if you read the Bible, Jesus Christ peace be upon him. He said, it's mentioned the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five, was number 4041. He says that, if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, offering the other, if anyone strikes to on the right cheek, offer him the other, if someone asks you to walk one mile, walk with Him train, if someone asked for the shirt, you give him the clock. So Jesus Christ peace be upon him a message of Almighty God, he shows us how peace should prevail. He said, Love your neighbor.

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So if you analyze if you go back to the Scripture, I don't find any way where Jesus Christ peace be upon himself prescribed, that he should have as the Muslims. So therefore I tell all the human beings that go back the scripture which you consider to be the most holiest, whichever scripture you consider, at least go back to your scripture. As the grant says in Psalm Ron chapter three verse 64, tala will occur within Salah in binary novena can come to come in terms aspirin as in you, which is the first term I line up with the ilala that we worship men but Allah problem solution