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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan describes in this lecture a scenario what the Prophet ﷺ was facing in his life – Magic.

When he was delivering the message of Islam in Mecca, he was tortured, humiliated, ridiculed and made miserable by the political bigwigs and super influential people of Mecca. 

In Surah Al ‘Araaf, Allah says He is always present and is the constant Companion and Protector of Prophet ﷺ no matter the situation and also no matter the people surrounding the Prophet ﷺ to threaten him.

Another important facet that we need to ponder on is that the minute we start looking at protection from things, we begin to lose our connection from the idea that Allah Himself is the One who protects us from everything. We also have this wrong belief that if harm comes from unseen beings, then magic has been done on me.

Listen intently as Ustadh dissects this herd mentality as an aftermath of imbibing various things from other religions and also find out the practical approach one should have towards it.

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Let me show you sorry we are silly Emily rakata melissani okoli Allahumma sabitha endo multiball La ilaha illallah wa la la mina Latina Amano me know Sally had whatever so be happy, whatever so be sub mineable alameen.

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Allah azzawajal describes a scenario on comments on a scenario that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was going through. And I want to summarize just some highlights of what the prophet was going through at this time as he sought asylum. When our messenger was delivering Islam in the in the place of in the city of Mecca. Early on, he was met with ridicule. But later on, it wasn't just ridiculed. He was constantly being criticized, he wasn't just being dismissed. Now, he was also being attacked. Anybody who believed in him was also being socially isolated, boycotted, made fun of physically beat up at times insulted and humiliated. And the people who were doing that were some of

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the most powerful and influential people in Makkah. So it's not like everybody's doing it. But the people that are doing it are very, very powerful. So you, the normal people, the average people of Makkah, even if they don't like it, they can't say anything, because they don't want to mess with influential people. You see, because the bullies in this situation were actually pretty powerful and pretty influential. They had servants, they had entire clans under them, they had a lot of money behind them. And on the other hand, is the Prophet Alayhi. Salatu was salam, who has none of those things, he doesn't have a huge amount of influence, he doesn't have money, he doesn't have

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resources. And he's the one being degraded and humiliated all the time. And in such a scenario, you don't want to you feel unprotected. If you side with someone who doesn't have any backing, you know, the tribal wars were all about who's got a stronger back, right, and you want to be associated with people that have more protection. And so the people that were in leadership and Quraysh had more protection. And so you know, you don't want to mess with them. And clearly you don't want to side with the prophets lysozyme. Even people that were thinking about accepting the call of Islam had to think twice, because it's not just I accept these ideas, if I accept this, I'm going to be thrown

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under the bus like them, and I'll have no protection and even if I have protection now, if I have my family that respects me, and will take care of me and will spend on me now, if I accept Islam, I'll lose all of that, I'm going to lose that protection also. So actually being Islam was associated with being without any protection being open to attack. And in response to all of that Allah revealed in silico era of this remarkable Ayah he says to have the Prophet alayhi salatu salam declare, in Nova Li Allah, no doubt about it, my protective friend, who is always by my side is Allah. That's, I don't need your protection. I don't need any other manpower next to me, I don't

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need people next to me, I don't need money next to me. The word Wali in Arabic, which I'm translating here as protective friend, I added in the translation next to me, because when he comes from the verb whether or willy nilly, which means to be next to something, and from it, you also get the word Dolly, you know, the one that that's right after something, the idea that Allah is never absent, is always next to me, and is constantly there next to me, it's an ism. So far really, it's unfair in my constant companion and protector is in fact Allah. Now, I wanted to highlight that because we may not be in Mecca. And we may not be attacked by the crush. But there are times in your

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life in mind where you feel that you're being attacked by other people. And you feel that those that may be attacking you or those that may be insulting you or those that may be a threat to you have a lot more influence than you do have a lot more power than you do have a lot more reach than you do. And you feel unprotected. And it is in times like that. A lot of reminds you and me first and foremost, that my will is Allah, but it's not just about people attacking. What I wanted to highlight is a phenomenon in Muslim culture. That's actually a really, it's, it's a threat to our faith. It's a threat to our relationship with Allah Himself. One of the most fundamental components

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of my relationship and your relationship with Allah is that he is our protector, that he he protects us nothing else, no one else can protect us when a law protects us and nothing else can save us when Allah wants some harm coming our way. You know, when Allah azza wa jal wants good for someone, no one can stop it. And when he wants that something should be afflicting you, or laying you see Bana Illa Makita Bella hula hula molana

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he'll be say to what we declare nothing will strike us except for what Allah has decreed or written for us. And it's interesting in that if we didn't even say what he has written against us, we said what he has written for us. In other words, even a bad experience is going to have some good answers.

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Whether we get it or not, but we're going to attribute good to Allah. lama katapola hula, hula molana He's the one that's protecting us, guarding us securing us. Well, Allah he fully at our minion, and Allah alone believers should be placing their trust. So what is this threat that I'm talking about that can undercut our entire faith? What happens a lot of times in other religions, let's not talk about Islam for a second. In other religions, when somebody gets into trouble, they grab on an amulet, they grab on a crucifix or they grab on to a you know, some kind of a charm, some kind of a thing. And they say, well, this thing protects me this ring that I'm wearing protects me

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this, this this band that I have around my wrist, it protects me this locket that I have protects me. Or this, this book that I've put in my dashboard protects me, you understand. Or if I go and I do a sprinkle this kind of water on myself, that special water is going to protect me. There's physical things in other religions, physical things that people start attributing they have supernatural protective powers. And if I have those things that I'll be protected somehow. Now some of that made its way into even Muslim thinking that we started believing in objects that have special powers, which is why you find people go to ombre, and they go to Hajj. And there's this

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sneak in a pair of scissors. And when they get to the karma, they'll cut out a little bit of the cloth and bring it home. And every time they get, you know, sinus infection, you rub it on their forehead, because it's gonna get rid of all their problems. Now they're believing that because this cloth was touching the Kaaba, that somehow this cloth has supernatural powers, and it's going to heal them. The thing is, now you're looking at protection from things and you're starting to lose your connection from the idea that Allah Himself is the one who protects. And sometimes this this idea, instead of bringing and people do this thinking that they're doing something religious, but

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actually this is taking you away from the religion. This is taking you away from Innova Li Allah Mio only protector, the one next to me is in fact Allah, then a lot of times people start believing in, you know, harm that can come to them from the unseen. And there's an obsessive compulsive tendency among many Muslims, sometimes educated Muslims, well learned Muslims to believe if something is wrong with me, if I lost my job, if I'm going through depression, if I'm having trouble in my marriage, if I'm having if I got diagnosed with a disease, if this happened, this problem happened. That pump somebody did magic to me, I need to find out who did magic to me. And if the if they did

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magic, I need to find if they did some spell, I need to go to someone who's going to find me the you know, the prescription to undo that spell.

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And this happens in other religions all the time. But this kind of ignorant thinking has made its way into our religion, where people have started believing that they can go to certain people who will make them prescriptions, literally, hey, I'm going to write this word on this piece of paper, you fold it up, and you swallow it, don't ask questions, or dip it into your orange juice and then drink it, let the ink go in, and then drink it. And that's it, you will find your last motorcycle, it's going to come back to you it's going to drive on its own, it's going to be on your driveway. Before you know it. My problems are going to be solved somebody did somebody magically stole my

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motorcycle, and it's magically going to come back because I'm following this this prescription. And what's even crazier is a lot of times the people who make these kinds of prescriptions, they'll put it out of the Quran words from a laws words. And so the one who doesn't understand the purpose of the Quran thinks well, it has grown on it, it must have special powers. It has a last name on it. So this must be a good thing. Let me put this in. I've seen this in many people's homes, what will we do is to protect the house or something on the fridge, you'll have like a piece of paper, it has Alif laam Meem. How I mean, he has seen Baja, you know the names of sutras that begin with the

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letters there's a little you know, a chart with all those letters. And what's that therefore, so the bananas don't expire quickly, right so that the food will stay this this is going to make sure that this is preservative for your foods or protection for your house who came up with this. Let's take a step back for a moment. And by the way, the counter argument when you question something like that for you, and I'm not saying you go and start these fights at home. That's not what I'm saying. I want you to understand why this is. This is problematic, not because it's ignorant or evil or wrong. I'm saying why this is why is this problematic. It's taking you away from Allah. You're not

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realizing it's taking you away from that's the biggest harm. That's the biggest harm of all. The thing is when you start believing in these kinds of prescriptions. There's a really deep problem in the way you think about your faith and the way you think and

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Think about a lot.

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You see a lot holdest Womack and a lot who literally, listen to this carefully now, Allah will never tell you what's happening in the unseen,

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the world of the unseen. What are angels writing right now over here and over here? How many angels are in the presence of our audience right now? I don't know, when it's judgment day coming, I don't know, where are the jinn and what are they doing? I don't know, Allah did not give us access to the unseen, he didn't. He gave that access in a limited way in what he wanted to his messengers are the hemos salatu salam. So they would speak on behalf of the unseen, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam will sometimes be able to see Angel gibreel in the sky, everybody else around him is looking at the same sky, they see nothing. But he can see Angel jabril and his salon, because Allah

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has opened or remove the veil from his eyes, so he can see the unseen. Now again, that's the first point I made. That's not my point, my point is building up. The second point I want to make, if you have a bacterial infection, if you have a sinus problem, if you have a stomach issue, if you have a medical issue, and you go to the doctor, and they do a checkup, and they do an X ray, right, or they take your temperature, that's not the unseen, they can see the temperature is high, they can see the bacterial infection, they can see things on the CAT scan or the MRI, they can see it. And when because they can see it, they can try to give you a diagnosis and a prescription. So here's how you

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take care of this. This was not a matter of the unseen, this was a matter of the scene. But when you go to somebody and say, Hey, I'm having a lot of trouble in, you know, my marriage, or I'm having a lot of trouble with anxiety, I'm having trouble sleeping, or I can't concentrate in my prayer. And they say to you hold on a second. Let me let me access the unseen.

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And according to the unseen if you read this 37 times, and then do the hokey pokey and turn around in 360 degrees a few times, then sit on this couch and then on that couch, and then jump up and down and do this for 45 days,

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then you'll be fine. Or some lady goes to some people go to these places, I can't have children, or I only want sons another kind of ignorance, I only want sons, how can I make sure I have sons, Okay, I'm gonna write something down on this. And he literally he could be writing the alphabet. It could be whatever it may be, and he'll fold it up and put it on your arm. Don't take it off. If you take it off, you won't have a baby. And once you have a baby, never take it off the moment you take it off, baby's gonna die.

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And you have women whose sons are 30 years old, and they're wearing this thing, Muslim, believing this is somehow protecting their child believing these anecdotes are protecting our kids the or or protecting us in some way. And also for you to believe you know, when people have arguments in their homes, it is the most incredible kinds of ignorance that you I don't imagine even the people of sherkin makeover this ignorance and sometimes the kinds of ignorance you hear from Muslims, from Muslims that are supposed to be knowledgeable in their Deen knowledgeable in the Word of Allah. They'll say things like, you know, My son, or my daughter, or my whoever, they're not responding to

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me. Some, their wife must have done magic on them. She's putting magic in their food.

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And now they've changed. It may have nothing to do with the fact that you were abusive.

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It may have nothing to do with the fact that you insulted someone. It must be magic. And now all of a sudden, your son in law, your daughter in law, your nephew, your niece, they're sorcerers they're like the Sahara of Pharaohs time, and you got to stay away from them. If they say give you food, it might be poisoned. They may have blown something on it. And then when you eat that food, that's it, you're gonna get cancer, this belief that somehow someone else other than you, a human being has access to the unseen and can cause you harm. They can cause you harm. Is you contradicting the fundamental belief that your protector is Allah and no one can harm you. unless Allah wills that to

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be the case. And let's even for a moment, even though my hope is not about magic, but let's talk about that for just a second. The Arabic word

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actually has to do with manipulating someone's thoughts. It has nothing to do with someone hovering in the air.

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It has nothing to do with causing you cancer. Somebody did magic that's why a truck ran into me. No, no, no, no, no, no. Magic Are you Hi yellow Anahata Ivan Quran says. Quran says when the magicians did magic against Musa alayhis salam, it was made to appear to people, their thoughts were manipulated. The idea of magic is to actually influence somebody's thoughts. And there is no greater protection for the thought of a human being than the word of Allah, which is why the word of Allah did not come to be memorized, even though we memorize it. The word

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Allah did not come. So you take one word from it and you read it 1000 times. That's not why the word of Allah came. Allah did not say of Allah Tavon of Allah torajan. He said,

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Why don't you think? Why don't you don't you then think don't you don't think the word of Allah came so we can think about the word of Allah. But you know what we've done, we've committed this crime, like other religions may do this with anecdotes and other kinds of trinkets and things. We've done this with Koran, and we've turned the Quran into something we don't think about, we use it for everything else. Take an IRA, fold it up, swallow it, put it around your neck, put it on your arm, do this or that have an alert chain. I've got you know, you got you know, you have Christians, you know, young gang members who go rob a bank, but they're wearing a crucifix. Jesus is gonna protect

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me. I'll be alright. And the kisser before they go into the bank. And you got Muslim gangsters wearing jeans,

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you know, or ayatul kursi hanging from the dash, you know, the rearview mirror, because you don't have dual side airbags. You know, or you've got a copy of the Quran mini print copy of the Quran, you need a microscope to read this thing, you'll never read it. But is there why because you know, I cut a lot of red lights. So I need a I need a must have.

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This is this is what we've turned the Quran into. This is an insult to the word of Allah, the word of Allah came. So we find protection and and Now listen to this, either this, this ayah that I started with my protector is Allah, what's the rest of this? ayah and this was for the Prophet. So I said, I'm somebody who could say, well, Allah Clearly Protected his profit, but I need some special kind of protection. Where am I going to get protection? He says I levinas ll kita. Allah who sent the book down. Allah who sent the book down, what did he connect with his protection? His book, he was even more opening sort of calf he said, Well, Anthony them in dooney, him will Tada. You will

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not find any secure refuge other than Quran.

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When Someone's in trouble, they should be running to Allah book and thinking about what Allah says, not running to Allah s book and putting it in a shelf somewhere out mindlessly reciting it, thinking that that's the solution, or taking beginnings of Surahs and making grids on their fridge. Or, you know, coming up with these crazy prescriptions that somebody claims they know how to if this was actually a prescription that solved your problems, the one who would know it would be the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, because Allah informs him of solutions. If our messenger did not give those prescriptions, and then somebody be like, Well, you know, he did tell us to say Subhana Allah

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33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times he gave us numbers so we can come up with our own numbers. No, he can because Allah inspires him who inspired you? Where do you get these numbers from? Read this 50 times read that 75 times do this 20 times. Where did you come up with these prescriptions? And you know, the last part of this ayah that's the beauty of desire. It started with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam in Nova Li Allah alayhi wa sallam. Kitab

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he didn't even send us Allah Allah Al Qaeda Nasrallah, Al Kitab, who sent the book to me. He said he sent the book, he didn't reduce it to himself, which means Allah protects me but the book is for all and then he ends the ayah well, who are you at one last sorry him and he in fact is the one who continues to offer protection to good people.

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All allies asking for your you want special protection from Allah, you want us your all your problems to be dealt with and Allah never to abandon your side. Then all you need to do, all you need to do is hold on to Thomas book, and don't do messed up things. Don't back by don't slander, don't cheat. Don't lie. Don't hurt people. Don't do haram things. Get away from what you know to be evil. You get away from evil stuff, and you stay straight. A law protects. The secret ingredient is not some special potion. The secret ingredient is not some special kind of Vicar that will protect you. You live a good life and protection comes from Allah. You get away from evil deeds and

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protection comes from Allah. You learn from think about what a lie is saying and live by what am I saying? He's not asking for much. He's not asking for much. You will become a thoughtful grateful, you know, conscious believer and protection comes from a La Jolla, tala a family when you would think he protects people that do some special things. No, they just have to be good. That's all they have to be. And the less protection comes you see the religion of allies easy. And he and you will know that that the religion of Allah is clear. And it's easy and it's beautiful. If you actually let him teach it to you, in his own words, that's the Quran. But when you go to people, people will make

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the religion hard number one, and number two, they'll try to take advantage of you make money off of you, tell you that you have to go to them to solve your problems and they have a connection to Allah. They'll find out from the

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See what you need to do. Now your connection is not with a law. Now your connection was with a piece of paper or with an amulet or with something hanging in your mirror. Your connection is with these things not with a lie anymore. Have your bond your wilaya with a large origin and protection will come. And for those that ignorantly argue or attribute every problem they have to this one must be a magician that one must have done some kind of magic. This one is calling gins against me. This one's called stop that ignorance. This ignorance only happens this kind of thing only happens because you don't think and you don't think because you're not using a logbook to think about archelon May Allah

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azza wa jal make us people that are thinkers that we He wants us to be And may Allah azza wa jal protect us from ignorance. And may Allah azza wa jal protect us from saying these kinds of ignorant things about one another barakallahu Li walakum, fille, Quranic Hakim when a funny way it was declared Hakeem