How Do You Bid Farewell To Someone When They Are Leaving April 24th 2012

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of boosting connections and combining experiences to achieve goals. They stress the need for licenses and staying in hotels for a long period of time. Representatives emphasize the benefits of combining physical and mental health, including a stronger connection, and the importance of staying in hotels for a long period of time. The law of the traveler is discussed, but it is unclear if travelers will be considered passengers.
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Milan Milan salatu salam O

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Allah yaku

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the book of Goodman's from the outside in the chapter on what to say when someone is living journey, how do you greet them? How do you vet for someone who's living carnavon anacin radi Allahu Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Kala in a hurry to support him further when it came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he said, Allah I'm going on a journey so could you please the wooden means give me

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some sort of Zed Azad here basic means provision

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is can I get something for my journey?

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Because for the purposes that I'm giving it says what a kilometer for Allah provided with righteousness

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that doesn't go into the pockets right?

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But it goes into the heart chakra La Jolla Kala Sydney

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so the professor he told me salsola Can I have something more

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or something else

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for Adam melas path forgive your sin. That's very good.

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That you take into our from the profits that Allah said and so the money now is getting greedy. More. Give me more of this. That's That's very good. Carlos de la Salaam wa Salatu

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was on fire highter macoun and last panel with Allah facilitates for you the doing of good wherever you are.

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And that's really what you really need when you go on a journey.

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Because when you go on a journey, you tend to become a little bit relaxed, like no one knows you.

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When you're a stranger, business trip

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no one knows in the hotel right? chances to start misbehaving become greater when we know that no one knows notice, you know, and then and then never. But when you're around your people, you become more careful. That's why the profits are submitted to offer him so what a lot of tough work for them but what Yes, sir like a Syrah Hector makan. Allah subhanho wa Taala give you tough will provide you with tough one increase the tough one righteousness, a beautiful life.

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And those are four of them. But and forgive your sins. Because as you're traveling, you know, we make mistakes.

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And we go through hardship. So what do we need from Alaska to make this as an explanation for the sizzle we have committed before. And he said savasana was like a fire

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item icon, and facilitate good doing doing good wherever you go. And that's what you need. When you go and travel. Most people they travel therefore they go on a vacation. What does a vacation mean for them? taking any shortcuts and cutting corners? Even ever? that right? Yes, a handler is handler roofstock. It's a concession from Allah so that we shorten our Salawat from four to two and combine gotten also together out of inertia together. But sometimes we became when we get too lazy to pray on time, or over the Gema even though the messages across the street

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when you come to lazy, why I'm sorry.

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You're not necessarily not traveling. But when it comes to dealing with being on a journey, and sometimes you really need that

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boost, you really that stronger connection? Why? Because chances that you start losing it, because you're in a vacation. So sometimes we start doing things we're not actually happy with the result or the outcome of that. What level of data and

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what it's come to combining and shorten the salaat. All they all agree that is the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to shorten the Salawat when you're traveling all the time. But when it comes to combining, Anika Rahim Allah Allah does not do the combining between the satellite except during the Hajj. So when you're when you make the combining between the soul and its own investigation to the specific occasion, which is an art of understanding.

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The other four far

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they have the son of the Prophet so the last element many occasions when he combined on Shah salatu wa ceremony was traveling, what are the conditions, no specific conditions as long as you're traveling. If you're traveling you have the right to shorten or combine in between the Salawat depends on the need for that

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Let's say you're going to be spending three days in the hotel going nowhere. And doing nothing just chilling in the room, because it was snowing outside the storm, they canceled your flight, you're saying there's nowhere to go. So this was chilling in the hotel, there is no meaning of combiners.

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But if you're going to be traveling, going from one place to the other, visiting different locations and meeting different people and so forth, becomes hard on you to make the sort of at one time as being on a journey and being a traveler. So yeah, shorter you combine

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Russia, at the time of the the earlier one or the later, anytime in between, it will be fine. For those that have a lot of data.

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As long as you're a traveler,

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as long as you're considered traveler, then in this case, you're accurate, you have the right to take that concession law, no honeypot data, up to 15 days, the majority of the forefathers say up to four days and after that you've stopped dreaming becoming like a resident, unless you're a hopper, which means you don't stay in one place for very long, you'll go to Pakistan one journey, you have a lot of weddings, Mashallah to attend. So you go to your cousin's in the city in another city, and then you got a place to travel from one city to the other, you don't stay for days in one month less. In this case, you are actually a traveler all the time, you have the right to take that

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A weapon on his side.

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He has a licensed

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Islamic Lee there's actually there's nothing wrong with that. Eventually, many people in the past at the time of the prophet SAW the last time they used to have swords and

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eventually arrow arrows on on the backs. However, the property commanded them to take care of it as they move under the movement into between the people. However, it's a matter of that has to be activated by the law of the land. So if the law of the land does not allow this to happen, then they have to abide by now, my living in Texas people that are allowed to carry on that you know, would license of course, so if someone is licensed, that depends on the bylaws of the facility where they're coming in, I don't recommend people they come into the massage carrying weapons even if they have a license

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place of worship

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in Texas now, I'm listening right now to the opinions that then Texas people not allowed to enter places of worship carrying their weapons on them. So therefore they're living in their cars, or whatever they want it to be carried with them.

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So that doesn't justify the get that again to the massage.

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Now that's a lot of that's different. That's, that's in the battlefield.

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If you're going if you know that you're staying for 20 days over there, I can't remember honey for a whole lot. Another 15 days, you've introduced a more than 15 days right now. The phone call they say from day one, once you sell, you start your bigger frame like residence.

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But if you're saying less than that, then in this case you will be will be praying as a

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lot. So if you know you're staying more than 15 days, more than four days, then they want once you once you arrive and you settle, then for us, if you're still going through live jetlag then you're excused this case, we still have up to the full four days to shorten your Salah. And if you need to combine until you settle that says some people they're going to translate. They go to their let's say cousin's house for the first few days and then they go to their family's house where they're going to be spending the rest of their stay and not vacation. So once you put your luggage in the main location, we're going to be saying the rest of your stay. For us this case you become a

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president a lot other football like Mr. law, which is also adapting our opinion from the past, that as long as you're not back into the place of original residence, you are considered a traveler, even if you stay for five months.

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So you go there for three months. You are considered travel because you're not back home or where you have your main residence. If you have another residence in that place, like you have another house that you bought or whatever an apartment that you want, then you are considered resident in both areas. And your honor traveler in between. What

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if you decided to delay oscillator time and then you couldn't do it until it was close to amount of time? Can you combine also with Maverick? The answer is you cannot combine us with Maverick but if you wait until the answer expires

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You're going to be playing good football.

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It's not on the on time you've missed the salon. You have to put us put on La

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Oh be the traveler. Oh, if you being a traveler study afraid to even Yeah, because you know your fault as a traveler is to not fall

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prey for food.

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It's fine, it's not a honeypot, I have a lot of in particular four of the musafir to America. So even if you miss it, you make it actually two because this is the fault of the

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other four but I don't consider this as an obligation. Instead, it's actually just a recommendation like a mathematical

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or a MOBA is permissible. Either way you could do it for or to define.

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announcement for tomorrow Shall we have the woman's woman's woman session in Sharla, Georgia will be at 1230 1230 to 130 inshallah, the understanding of principle will come and Marsha two very interesting topics right now. Our session tomorrow will be about the for the for an as the book of law, how they understand the law and the film. From the Quran how the Quran is concerned and authority on these rules in sha Allah will be our session tomorrow. And after Malaga Charlotte sibility program will be continuing our book study on math to

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the next talk. And in this this time we shall we'll be discussing the incidence of the elephant How would happen and why the loss of power went to Allah. He added the pagans against the Christians.

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Why is the loss of Panama to Allah He gives support to the pagans of Mecca against the Christians abroad Have a seat. And as we hear the answer shall lead to more Samana